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WORKFORCE INFORMATIONPresented by: Paula Hickel & Susan OgurekJob Service North Dakota

JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTAOur Mission: Meeting Workforce NeedsOur Business: Providing Workforce & Unemployment Services Resource Centers Workshops Job Fairs / Hiring Events WIOA UI Insurance Labor Market Information Employer Recruitment Job Searching Social Media job promo Local Offices & State

AGENDA Job Opening Info Effect of Oilfield Wages Quality of Life Issues


NWND CURRENT JOB OPENINGS1435 Jobs1% from 8/1911% from 9/18Average Wage 29.28/hrND Average Wage 26.70/hr80% pay 20 COUNTIES: Divide, McKenzie & Williams

NCND CURRENT JOB OPENINGS1418 Jobs7% from 8/1911% from 9/18Average Wage 25.39/hrND Average Wage 26.70/hr60% pay 20 COUNTIES: Burke, Bottineau, McHenry, Pierce,Mountrail, Renville & Ward

TOP 3 NWND OCCUPATIONAL GROUPS42% of Openings (609 jobs)1. Transportation & Material Moving 257 openings (18% of all) 10% since 8/19 - 7% since 9/182. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical 180 openings (13% of all) No change since 8/19 -19% since 9/183. Installation, Maintenance and Repair 172 openings (11% of all) -4% since 8/19 -32% since 9/18

TOP 3 NCND OCCUPATIONAL GROUPS46% of Openings (652 jobs)1. Sales & Related 257 openings (18% of all) 81% since 8/19 19% since 9/182. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical 227 openings (16% of all) - 4% since 8/19 - 4% since 9/183. Installation, Maintenance and Repair 112 openings (11% of all) - 2% since 8/19 - 7% since 9/18

ENTRY LEVEL WAGES OF JOB OPENINGSNWNDNorth Dakota0%63% - 25 NCND.8%45% - 25 44% - 25


ACTIVE IN-STATE RESUMESND:More Jobs than Job Seekers in Every Occupation GroupNWND: More Jobs than Job Seekersin Every Occupation Group, Except Office and Administrative Support (1:1 ratio) Life, Physical and Social Science (nearly a 1:1 ratio)NCND: More Jobs than Job Seekersin Every Occupation Group, Except Office and Administrative Support (nearly 2:1 ratio) Management; Construction/Extraction; Production (nearly a 1:1 ratio)All 3: Most Scarce Category of Job Seekers (in comp to Openings) Healthcare Practitioners & Technical*For every Active Resume there are 12 Job Openings

DRAWBACKS OF HIGH OILFIELD WAGES1.Increased Cost of Living2.Work/Life Balance Issues3.Difficulty FillingNon-Oilfield Positions

INCREASED COST OF LIVING5 Highest Cost of Living Counties in com

INCREASED COST OF LIVINGJob Service ND Williston Facebook Page CommentsOilfield Worker:Disability Income:

WORK/LIFE BALANCE ISSUES LONG hours with little time offfor family or self-care At-home parent overwhelmedOilfield Worker:

DIFFICULTY FILLING NON-OILFIELD POSITIONS1. Non-Oilfield Companies Struggle to Compete withOilfield Wages2. Oilfield spouses often stay home rather than working High Daycare Costs Oilfield spouse works long hours No bussing in Williston3. Difficult to Recruit due to High Cost of Living

QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES School Overcrowding Medical Provider Shortage Bare shelves at Walmart Daycare Shortage Lack of Affordable Housing

CONCLUSIONWestern ND’s job seeker market will: Continue to provide tremendous career andfinancial opportunities related to Oil & Gas,while Presenting ongoing ripple-effect challengesfor everyone in those regions.#NDJobs

Paula Hickel, Williston Workforce Center / 701-774-7911Susan Ogurek, Minot Workforce Center / 701-857-7544

Effect of Oilfield Wages . *For every Active Resume there are 12 Job Openings. DRAWBACKS OF HIGH OILFIELD WAGES 1.Increased Cost of Living 2.Work/Life Balance Issues 3.Difficulty Filling Non-Oilfield Positions. INCREASED C

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