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EMPLOYMENTSKILLS LDEPURPOSEThe Employment Skills Leadership Development Event is designed for FFA members to develop,practice and demonstrate skills needed for seeking employment in the industry of agriculture.Each part of the event simulates, as closely as possible, real-world activities that are used by realworld employers.ELIGIBILITYThe participant must be an active member of a chartered Florida FFA Chapter and enrolled ingrades 9, 10, 11 or 12. Participants can not participate in more than one LDE (ExtemporaneousPublic Speaking, Prepared Public Speaking, Creed Speaking or Employment Skills) at StateConvention. Each chapter may enter one participant.EVENT PROCEDURESFFA members are to wear INDOOR FFA Official Dress, and will be scored accordingly.All written materials, including cover letter, resume, etc., will be the result of each participant’s ownefforts.Job description, cover letter and resume must be uploaded by the designated deadline.The event is developed to help participants in their current job search (for SAE projects, part-timeand full-time employment). Therefore, the cover letter and resume submitted by the participantmust reflect their current skills and abilities and must be targeted to a job for which they wouldlike to apply. In other words, participants cannot develop a fictitious resume for a fictitious job.Instead, they are expected to target the resume towards a real job that they qualify for.EVENT MATERIALSMATERIALS STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE: PencilsMATERIALS STUDENTS MAY BRING: Blank paperFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE80

Employment Skills LDE ResumeCover letterList of referencesBusiness cardsPadfolioTHE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT PERMITTED: Letters of referenceSamples of workPicturesPersonal pagesEVENT SCHEDULEPRELIMINARYThe preliminary event will consist of: Job Description (not scored, electronically submitted) Cover Letter (electronically submitted) Resume (electronically submitted) Job Application (electronically submitted)The top 20 finalists will be determined by the combined cover letter, resume, and applicationscore.FINALSThe state level event will consist of: Phone interview (conducted prior to State Convention) Personal interview Follow up letterThe top three from each flight at State Convention will then participate in a final round of personalinterviews.INDIVIDUAL PRACTICUMSWRITTEN PRACTICUMSBy the deadline listed on the official FFA Calendar, the participant will electronically submit thefollowing in PDF format:JOB DESCRIPTION The job description is required in order for the judges to score sections of the event. Thejob description will not be scored but is a required submission.Participants who fail to submit this component will be subject to disqualification.The job description should include a description of the position the student is applyingfor, desired qualifications and work experience.Sources for job descriptions can be found by looking in the newspaper or online throughjob search websites and company websites.COVER LETTER The cover letter is to be typed, one page, single spaced, left justified using Times, TimesNew Roman or Arial 10-12 point minimum font. The letter is to be dated for the first day of the state event and addressed to:Job Interview CDE SuperintendentFlorida FFA Association5600 SW 34th StreetFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE81

Employment Skills LDEGainesville, Florida 3260RESUME The resume should not exceed two pages total.Resume must be non-fictitious and based upon actual work history.The resume should be generated from the resume generated from the resumegenerators at FFA.org.APPLICATION Students will complete and submit the provided job application.At convention, the following written practicums will be completed:FOLLOW-UP CORRESPONDENCE Participants will submit follow-up correspondence after the interview. Participants will beprovided with necessary information to compose a follow up correspondence.Correspondence may include, but is not limited to, one of the following: e-mail, handwritten note or typed letter. Participants will be informed of the type of correspondenceafter their interview. Participants will have 30 minutes to complete the follow-upcorrespondence.Correspondence is to be addressed to “Employment Skills LDE Superintendent,” andshould be a response to their most recent interview.PERFORMANCE PRACTICUMSPHONE INTERVIEW The initial telephone contact will last three to five minutes.Students will be assigned a call time after the announcement of the top 20 finalists.The potential employer may ask questions regarding aspects of the participant’s resumeStudents are to position themselves so that they obtain a personal interview with thecompany they are applying. Student should interview with the thought that the companyhas already received their cover letter and resume.PERSONAL INTERVIEW Each student will interviewed by a panel of judges with interviews that last no longer thantwenty idualWrittenCover Letter100WrittenResume200WrittenElectronic EmploymentApplication100Total400STATE FINALS - PRELIMINARY ROUNDPracticumActivityIndividualWritten (score from preliminary)Cover Letter/Resume/Application400PerformancePhone Interview50PerformancePersonal Interview500WrittenFollow-up Correspondence50FLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE82

Employment Skills LDETotal1000STATE FINALS - FINAL ROUNDPracticumActivityIndividualWritten (score from preliminary)Cover Letter/Resume/Application400Performance (score from preliminaryround)Telephone & Personal Interview550Written (score from preliminary round)Follow-up Correspondence50PerformancePersonal Interview500Total1,500Participants shall be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined byeach judge without consultation. The judges’ ranking of each participant shall then be added, andthe winner will be that whose total of rankings is the lowest. Other placings shall be determined inthe same manner. (low point method of selection)TIEBREAKERSIn the event of a tie, the participant with the highest personal interview score shall receive thehigher rank. If a tie still exists, the highest resume score will receive the higher rank.AWARDSAwards will be presented during a designated session at the annual State FFA Convention and Expo.Awards will be presented to the top five individuals at the state finals based upon their rankings.Awards are sponsored by a cooperating industry sponsor(s) as a special project and/or by the generalfund of the Florida FFA Foundation.REFERENCESThe list of references is not intended to be inclusive. Other sources may be utilized and teachersare encouraged to make use of the very best instructional materials available. The following listcontains references that may prove helpful during event preparation. Previous event materials maybe available on the Florida FFA Website. Past CDE materials and other resources FFA.org Open Colleges – How to Write a Resume. -to-write-a-resume 8 Subtle Ways to Ace the Interview. http://www.businessinsider. com/subtle-ways-to-acethe-interview-2015-2 Killer Questions Candidates Ought to Ask the ller-questions-candidates- ought-ask-interviewer/ 9 Keys to Telephone Job Interview Success. http://www.job-hunt. org/job interviews/telephone-interviews.shtml Sending Your Thank You After the Job Interview. http://www. job-hunt.org/job interviews/job-interview-thank-you.shtml Accepting a Job Offer? AskingThese 10 Questions First. http:// -these-10- questions-first FFA resume generator FFA.orgLeadership: PersonalDevelopment and CareerSuccess, 3rd EditionCliff Ricketts John C.RickettsISBN-13: 9781435492882640 Pages 2011 PublishedFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE83

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE12DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsCover Letter Rubric100 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERINDICATORFormat andGeneralAppearanceIntroductoryParagraphSkills andExperiencesSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsDoes not exceed onepage withoutovercrowding; marginsare acceptable; font sizeand style is readable(10-12 pt); usesappropriate businessformat, date andaddress at top;addressed toappropriate person;appropriate signatureblock.Does not exceed onepage withoutovercrowding; marginsare acceptable; font sizeand style is readable(10-12 pt); usesappropriate businessformat, date andaddress at top; notaddressed toappropriate person;inappropriate signatureblock.Exceeds one page;margins areinappropriate; font styleis unreadable; font sizeis too small or too large;no signature; no date oraddress; no insideaddress; not inappropriate businessformat.Identifies position theyare applying for; stateshow they heard aboutthe position; states whythey are interested inthe position; useswording to attractreader’s attention.Identifies position thatare applying for; doesnot state how theyfound the job; vaguelydescribes why they areinterested in the job;introduction is blandand not attentioncatching.Does not clearlyidentify position theyare seeking; nodescription of how youheard about theposition; does not grabthe reader’s attention.Identifies two to threestrongest qualificationsfor the job; indicateshow education hasprepared them for thisjob; states why you areinterested in theposition; skills andexperiences areconsistent with resume;makes reference toresume.Identifies one to twoqualifications for thejob; indicates howeducation has preparedthem for this job;provides a vagueexplanation of whyinterested in the job;skills and experiencesare somewhatconsistent with resume;makes reference toresume.Does not identifyrelevant qualificationsfor the job; does notindicate how educationhas prepared them forthis job; does not statewhy they are interestedin the job; skills andexperiences are notconsistent with resume;does not LORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE84

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE13DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsCover Letter rammar/PunctuationVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsThanks reader fortaking time to read;provides appropriatecontact information,makes appropriateprovisions for follow up.Thanks reader fortaking time to read;provides contactinformation, but makesreader to assume afollow up.Does not thank reader;does not mention aplan for follow up; doesnot provide any contactinformation.Spelling, grammar, andpunctuation areextremely high qualitywith two or less errors inthe document.Spelling, grammar, andpunctuation areadequate with three tofive errors in thedocument.Spelling, grammar, andpunctuation are lessthan adequate with sixor more errors in thedocument.PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsX3X5TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE85

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE14DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsResume Rubric200 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERINDICATORSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsContactInformationIncludes name, address,Name does not standemail, and phone number;out; email is too casual.name stands out on resume;provides professionale-mail.Missing name, address,email, or phone number;email used isinappropriate orunprofessional.EmploymentObjectiveFocused objective thatstates how employee willhelp company achieve itsgoals.Focused objective thatstates what you wantfrom the company.No objective identified.Education orRelevantCourseworkContains completeinformation (listed in reversechronological order) withrelevant courses listed, datesformatted correctly, GPAlisted in correct format (ifappropriate), includesappropriate honors andawards.Contains information(listed in reversechronological order) withrelevant courses listed,dates formatted correctly,may show gaps in workhistory; inappropriateGPA listed, includesappropriate honors andawards.Information not listed inreverse chronologicalorder, importantinformation missing,information not listed incorrect format.PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsX2X2X7FLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE86

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE15DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsResume RubriccontinuedINDICATORRelevantExperienceand SkillsVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsEntries are listed inreverse chronologicalorder; entries have apattern of one type oferror; action verbs areweak; verb tenses areinconsistent; bullets arenot concise or direct anddo not indicate impact;bullets are written incomplete sentences.Entries are not in reservechronological order; mostentries do not includecompany name, dates,location, or position title;bullets are written incomplete sentences; verbtenses are inconsistent;bullets are wordy, vague,or do not indicate one’simpact; bullets are notlisted in order orimportance to the reader;results are not quantifiedwhen appropriate;irrelevant or outdatedinformation is listed.Appropriate and relevantachievements and honorslisted; achievements andhonors related to careergoal; lacks specific detailsfor related toachievements andhonors; listed in reservechronological order.Achievements andhonors not listed inreverse chronologicalorder; inappropriate orirrelevant achievementslisted; no achievement orhonors are listed.References are listed butnot all may beappropriate or not allcontact information forreferences is included.Inappropriate referencesare listed; no referenceslisted; no contactinformation listed.Entries are listed in reversechronological order;company name, title,location, and dates areincluded; strong actionverbs used with correctverb tense; personalpronouns and extraneouswords are omitted; bulletsare concise, direct andindicate one’s impact/accomplishments; resultsare quantified; bullets arelisted in order ofimportance.Achievements Appropriate and relevantachievements and honorsand Honorslisted; achievements andhonors related to careergoal; provides specificdetails for related toachievements and honors;listed in reservechronological order.ReferencesListed appropriatereferences and providecomplete contactinformation for references.Spelling/Grammar/PunctuationSpelling, grammar, andSpelling, grammar, andpunctuation are extremelypunctuation are adequatehigh quality with two or less with three to five errors inerrors in the document.the document.Spelling, grammar, andpunctuation are less thanadequate with six ormore errors in thedocument.Format andGeneralAppearanceDoes not exceed two pageswithout overcrowding;margins are acceptable;font size and style isreadable (10-12 point);headings reflect contentand content substantiatesheadings; resume istargeted to job.Exceeds two pages;margins areinappropriate; font styleis unreadable; font size istoo small or too large.Does not exceed twopages; appearsovercrowded; marginsare acceptable; font sizeand style is readable(10-12 point); headingsdon’t necessarily reflectcontent and contentsubstantiates headings;resume is targeted to job.PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsX9X5X2X5X8TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE87

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE16DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsElectronic Employment Application Rubric100 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsName, education,experience and otherpersonal informationmatches informationprovided on resume.Name, education,experience and otherpersonal informationgenerally matchesinformation provided onresume.Name, education,experience and otherpersonal information donot match informationprovided on resume.Grammar/Punctuation/SpellingSpelling, grammar andpunctuation areextremely high qualitywith two or less errors inthe document.Spelling, grammar andpunctuation areadequate with three tofive errors in thedocument.Spelling, grammar andpunctuation are lessthan adequate with sixor more errors in thedocument.FormCompletedEntire application wascompleted with “N/A”indicated whereappropriate.Majority of theapplication wascompleted with fewblank fields.Several blank spacesand missing information.OverallImpressionApplication wasconsistent andappropriatelyhighlighted candidatesqualifications for theposition.Application wasconsistent and generallyhighlighted candidatesqualifications for theposition.The application was notconsistent and did nothighlight candidatesqualifications for theposition.INDICATORConsistentwith ResumePointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsX4X6X4X6TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE88

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE17DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsInitial Phone Interview Rubric50 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERINDICATORFirstImpressionResponse toQuestionsSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is present5–4 pointsModerate evidenceof skill is present3–2 pointsWeak evidenceof skill is present1–0 pointsIntroduced self whenanswering the phone. Spokearticulately with nohesitation.Appropriate tone,speaks at right pace to beclear, pronunciation ofwords very clear and intentis apparent. Confident tone,no nervousness.Incomplete introduction.Speaks articulately, but withsome hesitation. Appropriatetone is usually consistent,speaks at right pace, butshows some nervousness.Pronunciation of words isusually clear, sometimesvague.Did not introduce selfupon answering thephone, Appropriatetone, but frequentlyhesitates, Has difficultyusing appropriate tone,pace is too fast,nervous. Pronunciationof words is difficult tounderstand or unclear.Confirmed date, time andlocation along with contactperson/information.Did not confirm all neededinformation for interview.Caller had to offerinterview and provideinformation.Provided complete,accurate and conciseanswers. Sold themselveswithout being pushy. Usedcorrect terminology.Communicated knowledgeof the related industry. Usedtime efficiently.OverallImpressionExhibited poise (cool underpressure). Was pleasant,professional and courteous.Ended call appropriatelyand smoothly (thankedcaller, said good-bye). Didnot have distractingmannerisms that affectedtheir effectiveness.Provided some answers,some incomplete, rambledoccasionally. Seemedoff-putting at times in anattempt to sell themselves.Some question as to correctterminology. Seemed tohave holes in knowledge ofrelated industry.Seemed nervous underpressure which impactedpoise, pleasantness. Usedincorrect grammar whichdistracted from interview.Mannerisms distracted frominterview (use of “ums” andyou know”). Ended callwithout thanking caller orsomewhat appropriately (notsure what to do).Unable to answerquestioned asked.Off-puttingpresentation (tried tosell self too hard). Usedincorrect terminologyfor event. Did not havea firm knowledge ofthe related industry.Very nervous, notpoised (cracks underpressure). Ended callawkwardly andabruptly, did not thankcaller or say good-bye,just hung up.Distracted frominterview bymannerisms (excessive“ums” or “you know”).PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsX3X5X2TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE89

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE18DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsPersonal Interview Rubric500 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERINDICATORAppearanceSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is present5–4 pointsProfessional dress/groomed: Followsstandard dress code,polished shoes, clothespressed, conservativeaccessories.First ImpressionGreeting: Appropriatesalutation and firmhandshake.Introduction: States nameand state association.Body language: Smilingand pleasant, does not situntil invited, confident inmanner.Response toQuestionsUsed appropriatelanguage for career:Cited relevant examples,evidence knowledge ofcareer field (talk the talk),knows education andexperience required forposition, discussed skillsgained through school orpast jobs and how they arerelevant to positionapplied, abilities describedmatch the resume,responses concise andlogically communicated,responses do not sound“canned” providedin-depth description ofskills, not just a list,provides in-depthresponse to questions, notyes/no responses doresponses providedestablish a “theme” thatoverall describes theirabilities.Moderate evidenceof skill is present3–2 pointsWeak evidenceof skill is present1–0 pointsDress appropriate: Justnot as professional and“put together”, shoes clean,but not polished.Very disheveled: Dirtyshoes, not wearing blackshoes.Greeting: Confident butuneasy, soft handshake.Greeting: Does not usesalutation, very informal.Introduction: States nameonly when asked.Introduction: Fails tointroduce self, fails toshake hands withinterviewer.Body language: Rarelysmiles, cologne or perfumeis distracting.Seemed to know termsassociated with career:Some holes, cited severalrelevant examples, but listincomplete, knew aboutcareer, but conveyedincomplete picture unsureof education or experiencerequired for position ,incomplete list of skillsgained through school andpast jobs and relevance toposition applied, abilitiesmostly match resume,Responses seemedrehearsed and somewhatdisorganized, providedsome depth to descriptionof job skills, some listing,provided some depth toresponses to question,some yes/no, was able totie some abilities togetherto form a picture ofqualifications.PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsx 10x 15Body language:Obnoxious cologne orperfume, chewing gum.Knew some of thelanguage of position, butused incorrectly or didnot show understandingof terms: Unable to cite orfew relevant examples,position education andrequirements not knownor do not match applicantsskill set, unable to relateskills learned in school orpast jobs and relevance toposition applied, abilitieshardly match resume,responses seemed“canned” with little logicalprogression, mainlyprovided list of skills withlittle explanation, providedyes/no responses, unableto see an overall theme ofpersons abilities.x 30FLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE90

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDE19DEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021Employment SkillsPersonal Interview Rubric continuedINDICATORCommunicationSkillsVery strong evidenceof skill is present5–4 pointsModerate evidenceof skill is present3–2 pointsWeak evidenceof skill is present1–0 pointsPersuasive: Led theinterview in a directionthat enabled them toexpand so their skills wereexpressed, took initiativeto add information beyondquestion asked.Persuasive: Was able toexpand somewhat on skillsthat are a fit for theposition, volunteered someadditional information toquestions asked.Persuasive: Answered yesorno to most questions,did not expand on skill set.Confident: Exhibitedconfidence in self withbody language andverbally.Appropriate volume:Spoke with proper volumefor room to be heardclearly; not too loud, nottoo soft.Enunciation/grammar:Avoided words like “git”versus “get and “agin”versus “again”, usedproper words whenspeaking (didn’t use 10dollar words when a fivedollar word will do).Concise: Avoided run onsentences and answeredwith logical and organizedthoughts.Sincere: Expressed trueinterest in the positionthey are seeking.Poise: avoids distractingmannerisms such asdrumming fingers oroveruse of “uhm” and “youknow”.ConclusionConfident: Exhibitedsome nervousness, butcovered well, voice andbody language showedsome uncertainty.Appropriate volume: Didnot modulate volume toexpress answers, couldhear sometimes, but quietwhen unsure of responseand hard to hear,Enunciation/grammar:Some language notappropriate for positionapplied, used some slangand exhibited some“dialect”.Concise: Some questionsanswered in a ramblingfashion, but point was ableto be made. Thoughtswere logical, butsomewhat disorganized.Poise: Seemedcomfortable with somenervousness, caught selfbefore exhibitingdistracting mannerisms,rarely used “uhm” or “youknow”.Discretion/Tact: Sharedappropriate informationand did not create anawkward situation throughresponses.Discretion/Tact: Mostprofessional in tone andshared information thatcreated little if anyawkwardness.Posed appropriatequestions of interviewer:Questions posed weresomewhat appropriate:e.g., when notification ofselection will occur andhow. Clarified next steps,inquired as to next step ininterview process e.g., ifthere will be additionalinterviews, etc.Appropriate thanks andexit: Asked for businessSome had no relevance tointerview, Incompleteinquiry of the next steps inthe interview process,Asked for business card,thanks interviewer andshook hand but seemeduncertain how to end theinterview and exit.PointsEarnedWeightTotalPointsConfident: Did not appearcomfortable, nervous,slouched in chair.Appropriate volume:Hard to hear answers orvolume too loud for room.Enunciation/grammar:Used overly complex orsimplistic language,sprinkled in words like “git”versus “get” and “agin”versus “again”.Concise: Rambled andused run on sentences.Answers were poorlyorganized and thought notclearly expressed.Sincere: Seemedx 30uninterested in theposition and distracted,Poise: demonstrateddistracted mannerismssuch as tapping foot,drumming fingers,cracking knuckles, etc.,Excessive use of “uhm” and“you know”.Discretion/Tact: Sharedinformation that may beseen as personal aboutsomeone else creatingawkwardness, appearedunprofessional.Asks no questions:Questions asked (if asked,have no relevance to nextsteps in the interviewprocess, Ends interviewabruptly or awkwardly,exits without thanks orshaking hands.x 15card, thanked interviewer,stands and shakes handsprior to exiting room.TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE91

NATIONAL FFA CAREERAND LEADERSHIPEmploymentSkills LDEDEVELOPMENT EVENTS HANDBOOK 2017–2021 20Employment SkillsFollow Up Correspondence Rubric50 pointsNAMEMEMBER NUMBERCHAPTERINDICATORFormatSTATEVery strong evidenceof skill is presentModerate evidenceof skill is presentWeak evidenceof skill is present5–4 points3–2 points1–0 pointsPointsEarnedWeightThe document wasdirected to theappropriate personwith an appropriateaddress and salutation.The level of formalitywas appropriatefor the type ofcorrespondence.The document wasdirected to theappropriate personwith an appropriateaddress and salutationwith minor errors. Thelevel of formality wasgenerally appropriatefor the type ofcorrespondence.The document wasnot directed to theappropriate person. Noaddress or salutationwas included. The levelof formality was notappropriate.Effectively expressedappreciation andappropriately reiteratedtheir qualities.Expressed interest andappropriately statedprovisions for followup.Attempted to expressappreciation andgenerally reiteratedtheir qualities.Generally expressedinterest and attemptedto state provisions forfollow-up.Did not attempt toexpress appreciation.Did not attempt toreiterate their qualities.Did not attempt toexpress interest or stateprovisions g, grammar andpunctuation areextremely high qualitywith two or less errorsin the document.Spelling, grammar andpunctuation areadequate with three tofive errors in thedocument.Spelling, grammar andpunctuation are lessthan adequate with sixor more errors in thedocument.X2OverallImpressionWriting (whenappropriate) was legibleand length wasappropriate.Writing (whenappropriate) wasdifficult to read andlength was generallyappropriate.Writing (whenappropriate) wasillegible. Length wasinappropriate.ContentTotalScoreX2X3TOTAL POINTSFLORIDA FFA COMPETITIVE EVENT GUIDE92

COMPETITIVEEVENT POLICIES &PROCEDURESPHILOSOPHYThe National FFA Organization and Florida FFA Association are dedicated to organizing experiencesthat will meet the future needs of students while accomplishing the current purposes of agriculturaleducation.The primary goal of career and leadership development events is to develop individual college andcareer readiness skills through personal growth and premier leadership.Individuals will be challenged to develop critical thinking skills, effective decision making skills,foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition andindividual achievement.The activities in each event: Include problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills, where appropriate. Encourage appreciation for diversity by reducing barriers to participation amongmembers. Develop general leadership and recognize individual and team achievement. Promote concentrated focus on future needs of members and society.Career and Leadership Development Events should reflect instruction that currently takesplace in the entire agricultural education program, including classroom instruction, laboratoryinstruction, instruction in leadership and supervised agricultural experience. Events are intendedto be an outgrowth of instruction. Also, it is appropriate for the national organization and thestate association to develop events and awards that stimulate instruction in emerging areas thatreflect both current and future community, national and global workforce needs. Those eventsshould be developed with significant input from FFA members, teachers, partners, respectiveindustry sponsors and others involved in agricultural education. The National FFA Organizationand Florida FFA Association continues to encourage accessibility and provide opportunities forachievement and recognition for students with div

EmploymEnt SkillS lDE loiD COPETITIE EENT GIDE 82 Gainesville, Florida 3260 RESUME The resume should not exceed two pages total. Resume m

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