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Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroZotero for LATEX UsersMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentJohn Burtburt@brandeis.eduBrandeis UniversityMarch 7, 20191/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling the SoftwareInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument2/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersInstalling ZoteroJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentFind the application at http://www.zotero.orgfor MacOpen the .dmg you downloaded and drag Zotero to theApplications folder. You can then run Zotero from Spotlight,Launchpad, or the Applications folder and add it to your Docklike any other program.for WindowsRun the setup program you downloaded.3/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling Zotero on LinuxInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentDownload the tarball, extract the contents and run zotero fromthat directory to start Zotero.For Ubuntu, the tarball includes a .desktop file that can beused to add Zotero to the launcher. Move the extracteddirectory to a location of your choice (e.g., /opt/zotero), runthe set launcher icon script to update the .desktop file for thatlocation, and symlink zotero.desktop into/̃.local/share/applications/ (e.g., ln ions/zotero.desktop). Zotero should thenappear in your launcher.4/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtBrowser ConnectorsInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentThese will automatically find the citations when you arebrowsing library web pages, databases, or articles.You can find the connector for Chrome and other browsers at:https://www.zotero.org/download/5/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareFinding the Better BibTeXPluginReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentYou can find info on Better BibTeX for Zotero plugin texThe link for downloading and installation instructions lation/This will install a file calledzotero-better-bibtex-(version number).xpi on your harddrive.6/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersInstalling the pluginJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocumentOpen Zotero. In Zotero do the following:1In the main menu go to Tools Add-ons2Select ‘Extensions’3Click on the gear in the top-right corner and choose‘Install Add-on From File. . . ’4Choose .xpi that you’ve just downloaded, click ‘Install’5Restart ZoteroThe plugin will then generate unique BibTeX-safe cite keys foryour entire library, and will create unique BibTeX-safe cite keysfor new items.7/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtConfiguring the pluginInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument In Zotero’s Preferences you will see a new preference tabfor Better Bibtex. Under the “Citation Keys” tab set “Quick Copy Format”to LaTeX to drag and drop inline LATEXcitation commandsinto your LaTeX editor. Set the “LaTeX command” field to cite or citep orautocite, depending on which citation command you use.8/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersReview of ZoteroJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument9/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtCreating A New CollectionInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument10/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroPopulating A New Collection(1)Do a subject search in Brandeis OneSearchMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument11/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroPopulating A New Collection(2)Click to “Save to Zotero” button at the top right of browsertoolbarMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument12/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentPopulating A New Collection(3)Make your selections, and voila!(Actually, you will have to massage them a little before usingthem.)CompilingThe LATEXDocument13/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareExport Collection as BibLaTeXRight click (or command click) to export a collectionSave it with your LATEX document (or in your search path)Review ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument14/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareExport Collection as BibLaTeXOr export your whole libraryReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument15/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersExported BibTeXJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareExported File should be a BibTeX database(works with BibLaTeX)Review ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument16/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareMaking a LATEX Documentwith ZoteroReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument17/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersLATEX DocumentJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentNotice the commands to set up BibLaTeX in the preamble.The biblatex command is set for Chicago author-date style.The commented-out command is set for MLA-8.LaTeX will expect a bibliography database called “cassirer.bib”CompilingThe LATEXDocument18/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroAdding Citations to DocumentDrag and Drop individual citations from Zotero into your LATEXeditorMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument19/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtResult of First LATEX runInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument20/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroCheck the BibTeX EngineBe sure that you are using biber, not BibTeX, if you are usingBibLaTeX (if your LaTeX file uses biber)Making theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument21/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersRun BiberJohn BurtInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument22/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtResult of Biber runInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument23/24

Zotero forLATEX UsersJohn BurtNow run LATEX AgainInstalling theSoftwareReview ofZoteroMaking theLATEXDocumentCompilingThe LATEXDocument24/24

Software Review of Zotero Making the LATEX Document Compiling The LATEX Document LATEX Document Notice the commands to set up BibLaTeX in the preamble. The biblatex command is set for Chicago author-date style. The commented-out command is set for MLA-8. LaTeX will expect a bibliography database called \cassirer.bib" 18/24

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Chapter 1: Getting started with LaTeX Version Release Date LaTeX 2.09 1985-09-01 LaTeX 2e 1994-06-01 Section 1.1: LaTeX Editors While you can create LaTeX documents using any editor and compiling using the console, there exist several plugins for widely used editors to simplify creating LaTeX documents, and there are specialized LaTeX editors. An

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Brandeis University. This report also includes in stitutional policies concerning campus security, such as those regarding sexual assault, alcohol, and other drugs. Brandeis University distributes a notice of the av ailability of this Annual Security and Fire Safety Report by Oct. 1 of each year to each member of the Brandeis University community.

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