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TheREGISTERWinter 2014Selective Service Teams with VA for VetsTo assist veterans seekingemployment, the SelectiveService System (SSS) joinedotherfederalagenciescommitted to taking extrasteps to hire them throughthe Department of VeteransAffairs’ (VA’s) VA for Vetsprogram. This program alignswithPresidentObama’sexecutive order establishingan interagency council onveterans’ employment topromote opportunities forveterans and meet the federalgovernment’s staffing needsfor highly skilled individuals.“I am proud that SelectiveService and VA have joinedtogether in advancing VA forVets. VA’s leadership of this effort across governmentis making it easier for more agencies to hire veterans –this is the right thing to do. I applaud Secretary Shinseki,Assistant Secretary Farrisee, and the entire VA team fortheir commitment to this important effort,” said SelectiveService System Chief of Staff Joel C. Spangenberg.Mr. Spangenberg and Associate Director for Public andIntergovernmental Affairs Richard S. Flahavan joinedDepartment of Veterans Affairs’ Assistant Secretary forHuman Resources and Administration Gina Farrisee andSpecial Assistant for the Veteran Employment ServicesOffice Dadrian Brown in signing a memorandum ofunderstanding (MOU) between the two agencies onJanuary 8, 2014.This understanding seals Selective Service’s partnershipwith VA in supporting their VA for Vets federal platformfor promoting veteran employment opportunitiesavailable throughout the federal government and nonContinued on Next PageJoel C. Spangenberg, Chief of Staff of the Selective ServiceSystem, signs the MOU supporting VA for Vets with GinaFarrisee, Assistant Secretary for Human Resources andAdministration, Department of Veterans Affairs, January 8, 2014Agency News1Milestones7Contributors13

profit organizations. The MOU defines its purpose asforming a cooperative and collaborative relationshipwith VA to efficiently and effectively use VA for Vetsservices to increase the number of veterans employedat Selective Service.Currently, over 45 percent of Selective Service’s fulltime civilian workforce is composed of veterans. Thisworkforce works in concert with the Reserve ForceOfficer cadre that drills with Selective Service acrossthe country. As an independent government agencyunder the Executive Branch, Selective Serviceremains as a strategic source of manpower backingup the Department of Defense’s Active and Reservecomponents.Veterans and transitioning military service members canaccess the VA for Vets website, which offers assistancein helping them to begin or continue federal or non-profitcareers. The VA for Vets Career Center provides themeans to translate military skills, build federal resumes,and search and apply for open positions. VA for Vetsis the flagship initiative of the Veteran EmploymentServices Office (VESO).Selective Service now has the opportunity to leverageVA’s VESO network and VA for Vets program in hiringskilled veterans to meet the agency’s staffing needs.VESO fulfills its goals in increasing the number ofveterans employed by the federal government. Veteransalso have access to a unified resource to successfullyfind employment opportunities.VESO supports veteran recruitment, retention,and reintegration through the development andimplementation of the innovative VA for Vets program.The program offers the most advanced online integratedmilitary skills translator and career assessment tool onthe market; a resume builder that tailors resumes soveterans can more easily compete for open positions;and avatar-based technology that connects deployedmilitary service members back to VA during theiroperational missions. For more information on VA forVets, please visit their website: Romo Addresses LULACMr. Romo was invited tospeak at the League ofUnited Latin AmericanCitizens(LULAC)conference in Puerto Ricothis past January. TheDirector told the attendees,“The Selective ServiceSystem is an inexpensiveinsurance policy with itsprogram of draft registrationfor America’s 18-year oldmen, ensuring that anyfuture draft, if needed,would be fair and equitable. Since 1980, our Nation’syoung men have overwhelmingly complied with therequirement to register. At least 92% of men 18 through25 are registering. 6,500 young men a day turn 18 yearsold in our Country. By law, we register all young men,to include undocumented, and legal residents andU.S. citizens. With the close of the war in Iraq and theplanned draw-down of our standing military, the needto preserve this historic link between the all-volunteermilitary and society-at-large becomes more important.On a daily basis, the Selective Service System directlysupports the all-volunteer recruiting effort of our militaryas a part of its draft registration program by informingyoung men that they can serve America today in the2US Armed Forces.” Mr. Romo asked LULAC for theirhelp in ensuring a high compliance registration rate forPuerto Rico. He asked the attendees to please helpget the word out for all young men to register whetherundocumented, carrying green card or a citizen. Mr.Romo explained that Selective Service does not collectany information which would indicate whether or notmales are undocumented. He wants to protect males forfuture U.S. citizenship and other government benefitsand programs by registering with Selective Service.Mr. Romo, Director SSS and Honorable Pedro Pierluisi, ResidentCommissioner of Puerto Rico, U.S. House of Representatives

IMIS DeploymentSelective Service System’s IT office deployed the newIntegrated Mobilization Information System (IMIS)during February 2014 to replace the old IMIS “Band Aid”system in use for that last six years. The new IMIS returnsthe Agency to a fully functional system used to managethe Agency’s mission of supporting local boards, RFOs,and state directors. IT staff, Irina Dikasova, Laiqun Mao,and Robin Shaw worked tirelessly to replace the oldsystem, and the team is to be commended for its effortsto update this critical support system. As most usersknow, the old “band aid” system had limited functionality;however, the new IMIS restores full capability to this vitalpart of the Agency’s infrastructure needed to manage apossible military draft. The new system was developedcompletely in-house with government employees doingthe programming. “This accomplishment demonstrateswhat government employees are capable of doing”,said Jerry Klotz, CIO. “Earlier, we requested a bid forproposal from a number of private contractors, andthose bids came in at around 4 million dollars. Thein-house team accomplished the work for considerablyless.”Irina DikasovaFor the rest of February, the team will continue to supportthe new system while improvements are implementedpost-rollout. After that, the team will tackle the remainderof the Central Registrant Processing Portal (CRPP),which provides needed post-mobilization support. Thatwork is currently scheduled to be completed by the endof FY2014. “The IT department would like to thank allthose who assisted during testing of the new system.It could not have been done without the help of theRegion HQ staff and all those who helped us developthe new system”, added Klotz.Laiqun MaoRobin Shaw3

Region II New Officer State Director Training and Distinguished GuestsRegion II’s final FY 2013 New Officer StateDirector Training (NOSD), to include an InitialBoard Member Training (IBMT) session, forFY 2013 was held at the RII Headquarters inSmyrna, Georgia onNovember 16, 2013. Members of GeorgiaDetachment 2-7 conducted NOSD for newlyassigned National Guard and ReserveForce Officers from throughout Region IIand attendees from National and RegionHeadquarters included Director Romo,Region I Director Thomas Kenney, Region IIIDirector John Wilber, Matthew Tittmann fromPIA, Vince McClure and Danae Tuley fromOperations. At the conclusion of the NOSDtraining, an IBMT session was held for fournewly-appointed Board Members from withinthe state. We are honored to have these newBoard Members serving on local boards inthe State of Georgia.From Left to Right: Region II Director Keith Scragg, Director Lawrence Romo, Georgia State Director Larry Stewart, and newlyappointed Georgia Board Members: Floyd Alves, Roger Smith, Ramona Walasek, and William McGlamery.4

Board Member Receives MedalSSS Board Member Mark Eutsler from Linden, IN, wasawarded the Agency’s 20-years of service certificateand medal. Brig. Gen. J. Stewart Goodwin presidedover the ceremony at the Indiana War Memorial onOctober 31, 2013. In attendance were representativesfrom Senator Donnelley’s and Senator Coats’ offices,Mr. Eutsler’s wife, Therese Eutsler, son Andrew anddaughter Abigail. Congratulations and thank you Mr.Eutsler for all of your work and dedication!General Goodwin Reading the Certificate of Appreciation forMark Eutsler’s 20 Years Service to the Selective Service SystemBoard, Therese, Andrew, and Abigail Eutsler Listen.Board Member RecruitmentDet. PA 1-14 Commander MAJ Drew Techner withRegion I did a tour of duty in Allentown, PA for BoardMember recruitment at the VFW American Legion Post576.From Left to Right: Commander MAJ Techner and CommanderMelvin T. DeisenrothCaptain Brent Taylor Newly Elected MayorCaptain Brent Taylor, Utah Army National Guard,Detachment Commander UT3, was elected Mayorof North Ogden, Utah in November, 2013 beating hisopponent handily with 57% of the vote.He has a history of public service as a City Councilmanand Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran. He is a BronzeStar and Purple Heart recipient. In his civilian life,he is an office manager at IXL Premium LubricantsIncorporated in Roy, Utah. He lives in North Ogden withhis wife Jennie and their children.Captain Taylor Briefing Fellow New Officer State DirectorStudents in Denver, CO During the July 2013 NO/SD Class5

Mayor Garcia Appointed to CouncilSSS Board Member and Mayor of Brea, California, RonGarcia has been appointed Vice Chair of the MilitaryCommunities Council, National League of Cities 2014Leadership Team. Mr. Ron Garcia continues to activelywork for the passage of Driver’s License Legislation inCalifornia. Congratulations Mayor Garcia and thankyou for your continued service to our Nation.Mayor GarciaCalifornia Driver’s License Registration UpdateAssemblymember Rocky Chavez is drafting legislation to make California the 41st State to link registration toDriver’s License Applications. This is especially good news because California suffers from the highest number ofnon-registrants. The Agency receives thousands of Status Information Letter requests annually from Californianstrying to reclaim benefits they lost by not registering. If enacted, this bill will help ensure California men have accessto loans for higher education, Cal Grants, job training, federal jobs, and other positions. Importantly, it will openpathways to many immigrants to become citizens and it will bring millions of dollars to the state and its supportinginstitutions. Finally, it will help ensure that the nation’s emergency response capability achieves its highest level.Note: We have received inquiries from organizations and individuals to find out how they may support this initiative.Letters of support for California Driver’s License Legislation may be addressed to:The Honorable Rocky ChavezState Capitol, Room2170Sacramento, CA 94249Fax 916-319-2176 orEmail attention: [email protected] letters should have a full name, address of the organization or individual, and must not be completedduring work, government time, or use equipment. If you have questions call PIA at 703-605-41036

Julie Lynn Named SSS California State DirectorMs. Julie Lynn has been named California State Directorfor the Selective Service System. State Director Lynn isan airline pilot with a major commercial air carrier. Shehas extensive military experience with varied positionsincluding as Director, Air Force Academy AdmissionsLiaison, Area 54, Northern California; Deputy Director,Area 54; Admissions Liaison Officer; KC-10 FlightExaminer; KC-10 Instructor Pilot, Training Officer; KC-10Squadron Mission Controller; Chief Scheduler; 19ARWExecutive Officer; 19ARW Public Affairs Officer; C-130Aerospace Engineer.Ms. Lynn’s military decorations, civic service andawards include Region V, USAF Academy LiaisonOfficer Director of the Year ‘12, USAF Academy; Area54, Deputy Director of the Year ’07, ALO of the Year’04, ’05; 9th Air Refueling Squadron CGO of the Year’98; AFROTC Distinguished Graduate; MSM, 3 OLC; AirMedal, 4 OLC Aerial Achievement Medal, 1 OLC; AFCommendation Medal, 1 OLC; AF Achievement Medal;Combat Readiness Medal, 1 OLC; National DefenseService Medal, 1 OLC; Armed Forces ExpeditionaryMedal; Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal;Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; Armed ForcesService Medal; MilitaryOutstanding VolunteerService Medal E M T tecertified; Firefighter ICertification; AmericanRed Cross Volunteer,Logistics; Oiled neRed Star EmergencyResponderState Director Lynn has a Master’s Degree in LogisticsManagement from Georgia College; and a BS Degree,Aerospace Engineering, San Diego State University;Air Command & Staff College, USAF.Welcome to the SSS team Ms. Lynn!Mike Gomski RetiresThe DMC’s Mr. MikeGomski has retiredafter working 39years and 5 monthsintheFederalsector. He workedas a ManagementAnalyst at the DMCsince March 1984.Mike landed hisfirst civil servicejob in July 1974at the VeteransAdministrationDowneyHospitalin North Chicago,IL. He worked there for six years, holding positionsas Messenger, Special Messenger, Mail Clerk, andAccounting Technician. He transferred to the VeteransAdministration Data Processing Center in Hines, ILwhere he worked in various positions until 1984 as aManagement Assistant, Administrative Officer, andChief, Records, Security, and Micrographics Section.In 1984, the Data Management Center hired Mike as aManagement Analyst.While at the DMC, Mike assisted in evaluating andimproving internal controls, and coordinated many highprofile projects. It is there, where he met his wife Tabra.Mike leaves the Agency with the intent to continueworking. He also plans to remain active in hiscongregation, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church inAntioch, IL. Mike’s main interest is reading and studyingthe Holy Bible, including the research of ancient MiddleEastern culture and history.Mike Gomski and his wife Tabra have two children, Vickyage 21 and Adam age 19. We wish Mike continuedhealth and happiness as he starts this new chapter ofhis life . We will miss him.7

Theresa R. Wood RetiresTheresa began working for the Selective ServiceSystem in September 2002 as a contract specialist.She had “cradle to grave” purchasing responsibility forthe agency. She was responsible for inspecting andpurchasing services and supplies requested by eachdirectorate and office within the agency. Also includedwas the processing of purchase orders for all SSSregions and the Data Management Center. In all thatshe did, she always exemplified outstanding customerservice.Mrs. Theresa Wood, born in Washington, DC, began herfederal government career with the General ServicesAdministration. In the early 1970’s, fresh into her careeras contract specialist, Theresa was responsible for theground-breaking purchase of the very first paraplegicvehicle for disabled veterans for the veteransadministration. She undertook the responsibility toresearch and contract with a vendor who could designa motor vehicle that would allow a paraplegic the abilityto drive and continue a life of independence. Thisinitiated government procurement activities for severelydisabled veterans vehicles.Charles Plummer Joins ITMr. Charles Plummer joins SSS as an IT specialist atNHQ. Charles comes from the Raytheon Corporationwith twenty-eight years of IT experience in the militaryand the civilian sector. Originally from Dublin, GA, hehas a BA degree in Criminal Justice from Fort ValleyState University and an Associate Degree from StrayerUniversity in Computer Information Systems. Hobbiesinclude running, working with computers, and traveling;and he retired from the Army Reserves as a LTC in2010. He’s been married for over thirty years to his wifeRhonda, and they have three adult children, Charles,Ebony, and Jasmine. We are happy to have Charles jointhe SSS family!8Theresa had experience and professional training asan EEO counselor, Chief Union Steward, and officemanager with the government and private industry. Allof these positions helped Theresa to excel as a leader,co-worker, and confidante while at SSS.Theresa has been married for 37 years to Robert P.Wood, and they have a daughter, Robyn Wood, whois currently engaged to be married later this year.She intends on dedicating her time to planning herdaughter’s wedding, continuing to volunteer for variousorganizations in her church, and maintaining her activesocial life. We will all miss Theresa and wish her and herfamily continued health and happiness!

Karen Gill Joins Logistics StaffMs. Karen Gill was born in Pensacola, Florida andearned a Bachelor of Science degree in InformationSystems Management/Computer Science from theUniversity of Maryland where she graduated with aGPA of 3.9. Prior to that, she practiced as a licensednurse for 12 years and served in the United StatesNavy where she received several Good ConductMedals, Meritorious Service Medals, the NationalDefense Service Medal and an Honorable Dischargein 2002. She started her career as a Contract Specialistat the Naval Sea Systems Command’s Supervisor ofShipbuilding, Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP) at theWashington Navy Yard through the Naval AcquisitionInternship Program. NAVSEA awards multi-ship, multi-option contracts that allow the Navy and contractorsto establish long term relations between the ship andthe contractor that help to maximize public/privatepartnerships, industrial efficiency and fleet readiness.Karen also worked as a Contract Specialist for theNavy Engineering Logistics Office and the DefenseAdvanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Sheserved as a Contract Specialist at the U.S. ArmyContracting Command (ITEC-4) where she was taskedwith providing direct support to Afghanistan and whereshe specialized in telecommunications systems,services, and IT supplies and services. Karen held aDisaster Contracting Officer’s Warrant at the FederalEmergency Management Agency where she was alsothe recipient of the 2010 Department of HomelandSecurity, Federal Emergency Management AgencyAcquisition Management Division, GEM (Going theExtra Mile) Award in recognition of extraordinary work.Most recently, she served as a Contracting Officer atthe United States Institute of Peace where she wascredited with signatory authority for the majority ofthe contract work accomplished by the Institute. Shewas responsible for over 800 other contract actionsincluding BPA’s, Firm Fixed Priced Contracts, Time andMaterials Contracts and modifications to contracts.Karen developed a revised Procurement Guide forUSIP and initiated, developed, and institutionalizedthe Contracting Officer’s Representative Program andHandbook for USIP. We welcome Karen to the SSSfamily!Travis Marcus Joins SSS TeamMr. Travis Marcus, Program Support Specialist, wasrecently hired in the National Headquarter’s Logisticsoffice. Travis is a native of Atlanta, GA. He comes toSSS from Department of Commerce where he internedin the Office of the Secretary directly supporting theAssistant Secretary of Administration as his ConfidentialAssistant. He has over 12 years of Federal service withvarious agencies. We welcome Travis to the SSS Family!9

SSS Welcomes New Human Resource OfficerMs. Vernetta M. Fields possesses over 20 years ofhuman capital management and military personnelexpertise. She has an excellent track record oforganizing, managing, and implementing humancapital programs to improve the quality and efficiencyof work products and services.Vernetta has worked for multiple Federal agenciesas a Manager of Human Resources. She started hermilitary career as an enlisted Personnel ManagementSpecialist and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer –Military Personnel Technician in 2004.Vernetta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in BusinessManagement from the University of Maryland UniversityCollege, and is currently pursuing a Master of BusinessAdministration (MBA) at Webster University. We arehappy to welcome Vernetta to the SSS family!Cassandra Williams Joins SSSMs. Cassandra Williams joined the NationalHeadquarters of the Selective Service System,Arlington, Virginia as the Human Resources Specialistin December of 2013. She has a combined total of20 years of federal government service with variousagencies including the Civilian Human ResourceAgency in Aberdeen, MD and in Fort Detrick, MDand the United States Army Medical Command, FortJackson SC. Cassandra attended Coker College andearned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. In 2006 shegraduated from Webster University with a dual Master’sdegree in Human Resources Management and HumanResources Development and in 2009 she graduatedwith her Master in Business Administration (MBA)from Webster University. In her spare time she enjoysreading, traveling and spending time with the family.Cassandra is married with four daughters and one sonin-law. We welcome Cassandra to the SSS family!10

Region II Welcomes New Administrative Officer Ryan StewartRegion II Headquarters welcomes Mr. Ryan Stewartas the new Administrative Officer. Ryan is a nativeof Talladega, Alabama and joined the United StatesMarine Corps in 1990 as an enlisted service member.In 2003, Ryan was selected as a Warrant Officer andretired in 2012 as a Chief Warrant Officer 3, servinghonorably for 22 years. He briefly worked with theFederal Aviation Administration as an AdministrativeOfficer prior to joining the Selective Service System.Region II welcomes Ryan as part of our team!Region II Welcomes New Operations Program AssistantAngelica CurryRegion II Headquarters welcomes Angelica “Angie”Curry as the new Operations Program Assistant. Angiecomes to Region II from the Internal Revenue Serviceand has previously worked with other federal agencies,such as the Federal Aviation Administration. She hasa daughter, Aubry, who is five, and keeps her busyoutside of work. Region II is very excited to have Angieas part of our team!11

In Memorium - Colonel (Ret) James A. KlynstraMichigan State Director, Colonel (Ret) James A.Klynstra, the youngest of five children, died 31 January,2014 from kidney failure.Colonel Klynstra, Michigan State Director and NationalGuard (Retired) was a quiet, soft-spoken man. He grewup on his family’s farm ln North Blendon, played varsitybaseball at Hudsonville High School, and worked atHerman Miller Office Furniture assembling chairs. Heespecially enjoyed attending Michigan State Women’ssporting events with Joyce, his wife of 49 years. Jamesand his wife Joyce had a son Alan and a daughterLaura.Klynstra’s greatest happiness in life was his fivegrandchildren. Alan had four children - Joseph,Megan , Matthew, and Levi; and Laura had one son- Leo. They called him “POPEYE” when he romped onthe floor with them. They loved this playtime and lovedand admired him.Klynstra began his military career in 1964. He retiredfrom the Michigan National Guard in 1994. He servedhis country well during his 30 years with the NationalGuard. He chose to continue his service to the State ofMichigan and to its citizens on February 24, 2002, whenthen President of the United States, George W. Bush,appointed him the Michigan State Director for SelectiveService.Klynstra was a leader. He had two Selective Servicemilitary training detachments under his command madeup of National Guard and Reserve officers, they workedas a team to accomplish their mission. His leadershipand mentoring skills extended to these assigned officersleading to their promotion and continued success in12their services. With his leadership and mission focus,they maintained a 100% District Appeal Board Memberassigned rate and a 93% assigned rate for Local BoardMembers surpassing the National averages.As a seasoned State Director, Klynstra worked with theMichigan Governor’s office and the state legislature towrite, introduce and pass Drivers License Legislationinto law on December 14, 2006. This law directlyincreased and sustained the registration rate amongdraft eligible males in the state of Michigan.His relationship with the governor’s office was alsoessential in order to get board member nominationletters.Klynstra’s leadership and visionary administrationwill be remembered from his over 13 years with theSelective Service System.

ContributorsMany Thanks to:Jennifer BurkeMario CamposMark EutslerVernetta FieldsDick FlahavanKaren FraleyRon GarciaKaren GillMike GomskiThomas J. KenneyJerry KlotzTravis MarcusRon MeilstrupCharles PlummerJoel SpangenbergBrent TaylorRene’ ThompsonMatt TittmannRob VaccarellaBrett WilliamsCassandra WilliamsTheresa WoodThe Register is an unofficial publication of the Selective Service System, National Headquarters, Arlington,VA 22209Viewpoints herein do not represent official policy.Editor: Betty Lou WingoDesign and Layout: Art-Z Graphics Inc.The Register welcomes any news of interest to the Selective Service System employees. Send articlesubmissions to Editor, The Register, Selective Service System, National Headquarters, Arlington, VA 22209242513

the market; a resume builder that tailors resumes so veterans can more easily compete for open positions; and avatar-based technology that connects deployed military service members back to VA during their . an airline pilot