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S P EC - Yamaha Triples

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SPEC I FICAT IONSA.GENERAL SPECIFICATIONSBasic colorDimensions:Overall lengthOveral I widthOverall heightSeat heightWheelbaseMinimum ground clearanceCaster (steering head angle)TraiIWeight:NetEngine:TypeBore x stroke x cylindersDisplacementCompression ratioCompression pressure (warm engine)Crystal Silver2180mm (85.8 in.)835mm (32.9 in.)1150mm (45.3 in.)810mm (31.9 in.)1465mm (57.7 in.)145mm (5.7 in.)27 110mm (4.3 in.)229 kg(505 Ibs.) D.O.H.C., air-cooled, triple68mm x 68.6mm x 3747cc8.5: 1142 Ibs in² ( 14 Ibs in²)Lubr ication :Lubrication systemDelivery pump typePressure lubricated, wet sumpTrocoidCarburetion:ManufactureType, I.D. No., QuantityRated venturi sizeMikuniBS34, constant velocity, 1J701, 3 pcs.34mmAir filterDry foam rubberIgnition:TypeSpark plugChargingTypeManufacture, I.D. No.Maximum outputBattery typeBattery K BP-7ES, Champion N-7YThree-phase, regulated alternatorHitachi LD120-0214.5 Vo lt/l8 amp12 volt14 amp-hour134 x 166 x 89mmHitachi TL1Z-80Stanley DE-4404, Silicon, full waveTransmission coupled kickMitsuba Electric SM-224CPrimary driveTypeTeeth, ratioClutchHy-Vo silent chain45/271.666Wet, multiple disc.

Transmission:Teeth, ratio, overall1st2nd3rd4th5thConstant mesh, 5-speed, drum 06911.0955.95522/230.9565.201Secondary Drive:Shaft driveTransmission 0utput :Type, teeth, ratioMiddle gear caseType, teeth, ratioFinal gear caseType, teeth, ratioChassis:FrameSuspension:Front (type, travel)Rear (type, travel)Tires:FrontRearBrakes:FrontRearFuel tankWheels:FrontRearSpur gear, 34/32, 1.063Bevel gear, 19/18, 1.056Bevel gear, 32/11, 2.909Tubular steel double cradleTelescopic fork, 175mm (6.9 in.)Swing arm, 75mm (3.0 in.)3.25 H 19 Bridgestone4.00 H 18 BridgestoneDual hydraulic discSingle hydraulic discUS gal.) Regular leaded or unleaded1.85 x 19 Cast Aluminum2.15 x 18 Cast AluminumB. MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS1. EngineEngine Oil Capacity(3.7(3.4 US qt.)(3.0 US qt.)Oil and filter changeOil changeR ecommended Iubricant :If temperature does not go belowSAESE motor oilSAESE motor oilIf temperature does not go above

Middle gear case capacity:Final Gear case capacityRecommended Iubr icantIf temperature does not go below5 C (40 F)If temperature does not go above15 C (60 F)A II weather375cc ( 13 oz.)300cc ( 100 oz.)Cranking pressure (at sea level)Maximum difference between cylinders10 1 kg/cm² (142 14 psi)1 .0 kg/cm² (14 psi)SAE 90 Hypoid gear oil, G L-4SAE 80 Hypoid gear oil, GL-4SAE 80W90 Hypoid gear oil, GL-4CamshaftsIWear I im itAExhaust BCCamshaft bearing surface diameterCamshaft-to-cap clearance :StandardMaximumCamshaft runout limit8.018mmm28.285 0.05mm36.303 0.05mm24.97 24.98mm (0.9830 0.9835 in.).020 .054mm (.0008 .002 in.).160mm (.006in.)0.1 mm (.004 in)IValvesINNERIOUTERINTAKEOUTEREXHAUSTDIRECTION OF WINDINGS(TOP TO BOTTOM)IINTAKE/EXHAUSTFree length35.6mm39.9mmSpring rate (kg/mm)K1 1.84K2 2.36K1 3.32K2 4.1831.5mm34.5mmInstalled length(valve closed)Installed pressure(valve closed)17.5 0.75kg17.5 1.2kgCompressed length(valve open)23.0mm26.0mmWire diameter2.8mm3.9mmNumber of windings7.756.4Winding O.D.15 0.3mm021.6Valve stem run-out maximumValve seat width standard/maximumIIOUTERINTAKE/EXHAUSTALLOWABLE T I L TFROM VERTICAL-------------28.13mm36.15mm 0- 0.3mm1.03mm (.0012 in.)1.3mm (.050 in.) / 2.0mm (.080 in.)

C Iea rance(Cold engine)0.1 6 0.20m m"A" head diameter36 0.2I "B""B"face width2.26 0.57mm"C" seat width1.3 0.15mm"D" margin thickness1.2 0.2mmStem diameter (O.D.)7 .010mm-.025mm7 .019mm-.010mmGuide diameter (I.D.)I Stem-to-guide clearance I0.020 0.041mmIEXHAUSTCylinder and PistonCylinder materialCylinder linerStandard bore sizehtandardmaximumCylinder taper limitCylinder out-of-round limitPiston clearancehtandardmaximumPiston RingsDesignEnd gap (installed)Side clearanceCIea rance(Cold engine)0.2 1 0.25mm"A" head diameter31 0.2mm"B" face width2.26 0.57mm"C" seat width1.3 0.15mm"D" margin thickness1.2 0.2mmStem diameter (O.D.)7 .025mm-.040 mmGuide diameter (I.D.)7Stem -to-guide cleara nce0.035 0.059mm .019mmAluminumPressed in; special cast iron68.00 68.02mm / (2.677 2.678 in.)68.10mm (2.681)0.05mm (.002 in.)0.01mm (.0004 in.)0.050 0.055mm / (.0020 .0022 in.)0.1mm (.004 in.)Oil-0.4mm0.04-0.08mm-0.4mm 0.2 0.9mm0.03-0.07mm

Crankshaft and Connecting Rods:Main bearing oil clearanceRod bearing oil clearanceMain journal run-out (maximun)0.022 0.044mm (.0009 .0017 in.)0.032 0.054mm (.0013 .0021 in.)0.03mm (.0012 in.)Oil PumpHousing-to-outer rotor clearanceOuter rotor-to-inner rotor clearance,090 .015mm (.0035 .0059 in.).03 .09mm (.0011 .0035 in.)ClutchFriction plate thickness standardminimumClutch plate warp maximum3.0mm (0.12 in.)2.8mm (0.11 in.)0.05mm (.002 in)Clutch spring length standardminimum42.8mm (1.685 in.)41.5mm (1.634 in.)Clutch push rod run-out maximumClutch lever freeplay (end of lever)0.4mm (.016in.)13 26mm (0.5 1.0 in)Transmission shaft run-out maximum.08mm (.001 in.)Middle gear case lash0.1 0.2mm (.004 .008 in.)2. CarburetionIManufacturerMikuniFloat level26.5 2.5mm (from gasket surfModel, I. D. No.BS34,1J701Pilot screw2¼ turnsMain jetNo. 145Air jet, Main1 .0mmNeedle jetY-2Air jet, Pilot1.6mmPilot jetNo. 17.5Throttle valveNo. 140Starter jetNo. 45Inlet valve size2.0mmJet needles / Clip position4H11/3Engine idle speed 1050 1150 r.p.m.

3. ChassisWheels and TiresRim run-out, verticalRim run-out, horizontalTire pressure, front, normal ridingHigh speed or with passengerTire pressure, rear, normal ridingHigh speed or with passenger2.0mm (.080 in.)l.0mm (.040 in.)1.8(26 p.s.i.)2.0 kg/cm2 (28 p.s.i.)2.0 kg/cm2 (28 p.s.i.)2.3 kg/cm2 (33 p.s.i.)BrakesRecommended fluidMinimum boiling pointDOT No. 3240 C (464 F)5.5mm (0.18 in.)0.15mm (.006 in.)6.5mm (0.26 in.)5.0 10.0mm (0.2 0.4 in.)5.0 10.0mm (0.2 0.4 in.)Pad thickness wear limitBrake disc maximum deflectionBrake disc minimum thicknessFront brake freeplay (end of lever)Rear brake freeplay (end of pedal) Front forksSpring (upper) free lengthpreload lengthSpring (lower) free lengthpreload lengthSpring rate (0 100mm travel)(100 175mm travel)Fork oil capacity (each side)55.8mm (2.2 in.)50.8mm (2.0 in.)448.3mm (17.65 in.)423.3mm (16.67 in.)0.5 kg/mm (28 Ibs/in.)0.6 kg/mm (33.6 Ibs./in.)170cc (5.75 US fl. oz.)Rear shock absorbersSpring free lengthSpring preload lengthSpring rate (0 45mm travel)(45 75mm travel)253mm (9.95 in.)228 mm (9.0 in.)1.9 kg/mm (106 Ibs./in.)2.6 kg/mm (145 Ibs./in.)10 @ 1100 rpm38.5 1.5 @ 2,900 rpm1550 200 rpm0NGK BP-7ES or Champion N-7Y0.7 0.8mm (.028 .032 in)Ignition timing retardedadva ncedadvance startsSpark plugElectrode gapSpark plug cap resistanceI5.0 K ohmsContact point gapSpring tension0.3 0.4mm (.012 .016 in)750 100g (26.5 3.5 oz)Condenser capacityInsulation resistance0.22µF 10%10 M ohms or moreIgnition coil typeSpark gap 6V12VPrimary resistance (20 C)Secondary resistance (20 C)H itachi CM11-52A6mm @ 100 rpm7mm @ 5,000 rpm4.0 0.4 ohms11.0 1.1K ohms

Starter motor typeArmature coil resistance (2O C)Field coil resistance (2O C)Brush length standardminimumBrush spring pressureArmature mica undercutMitsuba SM-224C0.007 ohms0.01 ohms12.5mm (0.5 in)5.5mm (0.22 in)620 60g (22.0 2.0 oz)0.5 0.8mm (0.02 0.03 in)Battery typeCharging rateYuasaYB 14L1.4 amps for 10 hoursGenerator typeNo load voltageField (inner) coil resistance(20 C)Stator (outer) coil resistance (20 C)Hitachi Ld 120-0214.5 0.5V4.04 0.4 ohms0.48 0.05 ohmsRegulator typeRegulated vo It ageCore gapYoke gapPoint gapHitachi TLIZ-8014.5 0.5V0.6 1 .0mm (.024 .040 in)0.9mm (.035 in)0.3 0.4mm (.012 .016 in)Starter relay switchCut-in voltageWinding resistance (20 C)Hitachi A104-706.5 V3.5 ohmsLightingHeadlightTa iIIight/stop I ightLicense lightFlasher IightFlasher pilot lightMeter IightsHigh beam indicator lightOil pressure warning lightNeutral lightSealed beam12V 8/27W12 v 8W12V 27W12V 3.4W12V 3.4W12 v 3.4w12 v 3.4w12 v 3.4w12V50/40W(two bulbs)(four bulbs)(two bulbs)(two bulbs)

C. Torque SpecificationsIIEngineSpark plugCam cap nutRod capStarter clutch boltShift cam locating boltDetent assemblyTransmission bearing capsCrankcase bolts 8mm10mmClutch holding nutClutch spring screwsMiddle gear case mounting screwsRotor holding boltBearing housing boltOil pipe union boltOil pump drive gear nutCrankshaft turning nutCylinder head 8mm10mmCylinder holding nutsCamshaft cap nutsEngine mounting bolts 10mm12mmEngine oil drain plugOil filter mounting boltMiddle gear drain plugChassisFront axle nutFront axle holder nutsRear axle nutRear axle pinch boltBrakesCaliper support boltCaliper mounting boltBrake hose union boltDisc mounting boltFront fork pinch boltSteering stem top boltSwing arm pivot lock nutRear shock absorber nutI1.5 2.5 m-kg (11.0 18.0 ft-lbs.)0.8 1.O m-kg (6.0 7.0 ft-lbs.)3.8 m-kg (27 ft-lbs.)2.8 3.2 m-kg (20 23 ft-lbs.)1.3 2.1 m-kg (9 15 ft-lbs.)4.0 4.5 m-kg (29 32 ft-lbs.)1.8 2.2 m-kg (13 16 ft-lbs.)2.0 rn-kg (14 ft-lbs.)3.7 m-kg (27 ft-lbs.)8 m-kg (58 ft-lbs)0.8 1.O m-kg (6.0 7.0 ft-lbs.)2.0 2.5 m-kg (14 18 ft-lbs.)3.0 4.0 m-kg (22 29 ft-lbs.)2.0 2.4 m-kg (14 17 ft-lbs.)2.0 2.2 m-kg (14 16 ft-lbs.)8.0 12.0 m-kg (58 87 ft-lbs.)1.5 2.9 m-kg (11 21 ft-lbs.)2.0 m-kg (14 ft-lbs.)3.5 m-kg (25 ft-lbs.)2.0 m-kg (14 ft-lbs.)1.O m-kg (7 ft-lbs.)5.0 6.0 m-kg (36 43 ft-lbs.)8.0 11.0 m-kg (58 80 ft-lbs.)3.9 4.7 m-kg (28 34 ft-lbs.)3.0 3.4 m-kg (22 25 ft-lbs.)3.9 4.7 m-kg (28 34 ft-lbs.)7.0 10.0 m-kg (50 72 ft-lbs.)1.3 2.3 m-kg (9 17 ft-lbs.)12.0 18.0 m-kg (87 130 ft-lbs.)0.45 0.75 m-kg (3.0 5.0 ft-lbs.)1.5 2.0 m-kg (11 15 ft-lbs.)4.5 5.0 m-kg (28 35 ft-lbs.)2.3 2.8 m-kg (16 20 ft-lbs.)1.7 2.2 m-kg (12 16 ft-lbs.)1.3 2.3 m-kg (9 17 ft-lbs.)6.6 10.5 m-kg (48 76 ft-lbs.)8.0 10.0 m-kg (58 72 ft-lbs.)2.3 3.7 m-kg (20 27 ft-lbs.)1

Components should beroom temperature.500 - 600

SPECIAL TOOLSValve guide removerClutch holding t o o lFinal drive gear holding t o o lValve guide installerClutch plate installation t o o lMiddle and final gear holding t o o lValve spring compressorClutch lock nut wrenchDamper special toolValve seat cutter setCam chain cutterRotor pullerTappet adjusting t o o lSlide hammerRotor holding t o o lGear lash measurement t o o l(middle gear)Gear lash measurement t o o l(fin al gear)Vacuum gauge

d. Turn petcocks to "prime" position.e. Start motorcycle and allow it t o warm up for2-3 minutes. The warm-up is complete whenengine responds normally t o threttle opening.f. Adjust damping valve on each vacuum gaugea. The engine must be warmed up before settingidle speed.b. Set engine idle speed by turning the throttlestop screw in (to increase engine speed) or out(t o decrease speed).until the needle flutters only slightly. Thegauge needles must respond quickly to rapidopening of the throttle.Standard Idle RPM1,050 - 1,1 50rpmg. Each gauge will indicate the same reading i fthe carburetors are synchronized. The left andright carburetors are to be synchronized t o thecenter carburetor, which has no synchronizingscrew. Turn the l e f t carburetor synchronizingscrew until the gauge reading is the same asfor the center carburetor. Repeat for the rightcarburetor.B. Air Filter1. Removala. Li f t the seat and remove the air filter case capby removing the pan head screws (2).- -SYNCHRONIZING SCREWS3. Idle speed adjustment.NOTE: Carburetors must be synchronizedbefore setting final idle speed. The idle speedadjustment i s made b y turning only onethrottle stop screw.

b. Pull out the element.C. Engine/Transmission Oil1. Oil level measurementa. T o check the level, warm the engine up forseveral minutes. Stop the engine. With theengine stopped, screw the dip stick completelyout and then rest the stick in the hole.2. Cleaning methoda. Tap the element lightly t o remove most of thedust and dirt; then blow out theremainingdirtwith compressed air through the inner surfaceof the element. I f element isdamaged, replace.NOTE: When checking engine oil level withthe dip stick, let the unscrewed dip stick reston the case threads. Be sure the engine isstopped and the machine is positioned straightup and on both wheels.b. The dip stick has a Minimum and a Maximummark. The oil level should be between the two.If the level is low, add sufficient oil to raise itt o the proper level.2. Engine/Transmission oil and oil filter replacementa. Start the engine. Allow it t o warm up forminutes. Stop the engine.b. Place an oil pan under the engine and removethe oil filler cap.c. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil.b. Reassemble by reversing the removal procedure. Check whether the element is seatedcompletely against the case.c. The air filter element should be cleaned oncea month or every 1,600km (1,000 miles). Itshould be cleaned more often i f the machineis operated in extremely dusty areas.without the air cleaner element installed. Excessive oil contamination and engine wearmay result.

d. Remove the oil filter bolt and filter element.e. Reinstall the drain plug (make sure it istight).4.0 4.5m-kg (28.9-32.5ft-lb)f. Install the oil filter element andcover. Tightenthe oil filter bolt.NOTE: Make sure the " 0 ' ring is positionedproperly.h. After replacement of engine oil, and/or oilfilter, be sure t o check the oil pressure and oilleakage. The oil pressure indicator lightshouldgo of f afte r the engine i s started.CAUTION:If the "Oil" indicator lightremains on, immediately stop the engine.Refer t o lubrication information in Sec. 3-5D. Middle Gear/Final Gear Oil1. Oil level measurementa. Place the machine on a level surface and placeit on the center stand. The engine should becool ( at atmospheric temperature). Allow 2minutes for oil t o drain t o bottom of cases.b. Remove the oil filler cap. Check the oil levelwith level gauge (from tool kit) as shown.The correct oil level i s between the two markson each end of the level gauge. Use end ofgauge marked "REAR" for measuring therear (final) gear case. Use the end markedmeasuringthe middlegear case.NOTE: Middle gear and final gear oil can bechecked with same level gauge, which is inthe owners tool kit.g. Add oil through the dip stick hole.Oil quantity:Periodic Oil Change2.8 lite r ( 3 US qt)With oil filter change:3.2 liter (3.4 US qt)Recommended oil: except in cold weatherYamalube 4-cycle or SAE 20W40 "SE"(see page 8 )

d. Fill the gear case(s) up to specified level.CAUTION: Take care not to allow foreignmaterial t o enter the middle and/or finalaear case.2. Gear oil replacementa. Place an oil pan under the transmission forthe middle gear and under the final gear case.Oil Capacity:Middle gear case: 375cc (12.7 U S . fl 02)300cc (10.0 U.S. fl 02)Final gear case:Recommended oil: (see page 8 )e. Reinstall the filler cap(s) securely.NOTE: After initial 250 mile oil change, iti s normally not necessary to change middleand final gear oil more frequently than theindicated service interval of 6,000 miles.E. Clutch Adjustmentb. Remove the middle and/or final gear oil fillercap(s) and the drain plug(s), and drain the oil.not to allow foreign material to enter themiddle andlor final gear case. Do not allowthe gear oil to contact the tire and wheel.c. Reinstall the middle and/or final drain plug(s).This model has a clutch cable length adjustor and aclutch mechanism adjustor. The cable length adjustor5are used to take up slack from cable stretch and toprovide sufficient free play for proper clutch operationunder various operating conditions. The clutch mechanism adjustor is used to provide the correct amountof clutch "throw" for proper disengagement. Normally, once the mechanism i s properly adjusted, the onlyadjustment required is maintenance of free play atthe clutch handle lever.1. Free play adjustmentLoosen either the handle lever adjustor locknut or the cable length adjustor lock nut.Next, turn the length adjustor either in or outuntil proper lever free play is achieved.

1. Remove the breaker cover2.Remove the cam chain tensioner cover.2. Mechanism adjustmentThe second adjustment is located behind theadjusting cover. Removing the cover willexpose the adjusting set screw and lock nut.Loosen the lock nut and rotate the set screwin until it lightly seats against a clutch pushrod that works with the set screw to operatethe clutch. Back the set screw out ¼ turn andtighten the lock nut. This adjustment must bechecked because heat and clutch wear willaffect this free play, possibly enough t ocause improper clutch operation. Recheckclutch cable adjustment a t handlebar afteradjusting.Loosen the tensioner stopper bolt lock nutand then loosen the stopper bolt.4. Slowly rotate the crankshaft counterclockwiseseveral turns. When the tensioner gets deepestinto the tensioner holder, tighten the stopperbolt and secure it with the lock nut.F. Cam Chain AdjustmentThe cam chain becomesstretched with use, resulting inimproper valve timing and engine noise. To prevent thisthe cam chain tensioner must be adjusted regularly.S

5. Reinstall the chain tensioner cap and the con-Exhaust valve clearance (cold)0.21 - 0.25mm (.008 -.010")tact breaker cover.Intake valve clearance (cold)0.16 - 0.20mm (.006 - ,008")G. Valve Clearance AdjustmentNOTE: Valve clearance must be measured withthe engine a t room temperature.Adjustment1. Remove gas tank.Valve clearance is adjusted by replacing the adjustingpad on the top of the valve lifter. Adjusting pads areavailable in 25 thicknesses ranging from No. 200(2.00mm) to No. 320(3.20mm) in steps of 0.05mm.The thickness of each pad is marked on the pad facethat contacts the valve lifter (not the cam). Adjustmentof valve clearance is accomplished as follows:2. Remove air scoop on cylinder head3. Remove cylinder head cover and breaker pointcover. Care should be taken to not scratch ordamage gasket sealing surfaces.4. Turn crankshaft with nut on l e f t end ofcrankshaft to turn cams. The proper position of thecam when measuring valve clearance is withthe cam lobe directly opposite the valve lifter.1. Determine valve clearancemeasurement.(feelergauge2. Remove adjusting pad and note number.3. Select proper pad from appropriate chart(intake or exhaust chart).4.Install new pad and check installed clearance.Procedure1. Measure valve clearance. I f clearance is incorrect, record the measured amount ofclearance. This must be measured carefully.2. There is a slot in the valve lifter. This slot mustbe positioned opposite the blade of the tappetadjusting tool before the tool i s installed.3. Turn the cam until the lobe fully depresses5. Insert a feeler gauge between the valve lifterand the cam heel.the valve lifter and opens the valve. Install thetappet adjusting tool as shown to hold thelifter in this depressed position.AD JUST INGTOOL,CYLINDERPAD REMOVALSLOT

NOTE: The tappet adjusting tool is fastenedto the cylinder head using one ( 1 ) allen screwsuch as one used t o install the cylinder headcover. Make sure that the tool contacts thelifter only, and not the pad.CAUTION: If th e cam lobe touches th e tappetadjusting tool, th e stress may fracture thecylinder head. DO N O T A L L O W TH E C A MT O CO NTAC T TH E TAPPET ADJUSTINGTOO L.EXAMPL E: Exhaust valve, installed pad:No. 250 (read down)Measured clearance: 0.32mm(read across)New pad number: No. 260(intersection o f d o w n & across)NOTE: The new pad number is to be used asa guide only. Verify the correctness o f thischoice in the following steps).7. Install the new pad in the lifter. Install thepad w it h the number down.8. Remove tappet adjusting to ol.4. Carefully rotate the cam so that the pad canbe removed. To avoid cam touching adjustingtool, tu rn cams as follows: (view f r o m leftside o f machine)Intake: Carefully rotate CLOCKWISE.Exhaust: Carefully rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE.5. Remove the pad fro m the lifter. There is aslot in the lifter. Use a small screwd

F ina lgear case Ty pe , tee th , ra tio C ha ss is: F ra me S u sp en sio n: F ro nt (type, tra v e l) R ear (ty pe, tra v e l) F ront R ear Br a ke s: F ro nt R ear F u e lta nk W he els: F ront R ear T ires: C o n stan tm esh,5-spe ed , dr u m sh ifter 32 /1 3 2 .4 6 1 1 3 .2 85 27 /1 7 1 .5 8 8 8 .636 26 /2 0 1 .3 00 7 .0 69 1 1 .0 9 5 5 .955