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01Nextiva Packages UpdatesWhat we’re doing with our packages:N E X T I VA P A C K A G E S U P D AT E SWe're making two major changes:We’re adding value with morefeatures in all packages. A keyaspect of the new packages is thatEVERYONE who buys Nextiva willhave access to an application thathelps them work remotely. EVERYcustomer will have access toteam collaboration tools they canuse anywhere.wWhat We’re Not Doing:Changing the price. We’re adding more value to all of ourBusiness Phone Service packages to make them evenmore relevant to the current demands of customers withneeds such as work-from-home functionality such asremote work applications and team collaboration, butwe’re not raising the price.wWe’re adding Pro back to the lineupof visible packages. We can delivervalue for every business, and thesepackages are built to do that.wWhy We’re Changing Now:Businesses need Nextiva capabilities now more than ever. e current environment has placed more stress onbusinesses to work from home than most thought they’dever see. We’re responding with packages that help themmaintain and improve their productivity, regardless ofwhere employees are working. By including Caller AI (CallPop), we’re also building a bridge for these customers tobegin to experience the benefits of NextOS.What you need to do to prepare:Read this document, review and understandthe changes to the packagesLook for an updated features brochure in thecoming daysAsk questions of training and supervisors onhow the packages work and when to use them

02Key Changes to Business PhoneService Packages:PN E X T I VA P A C K A G E S U P D AT E SPackage name changes:Nextiva Office, or our VoIP packages,are now called “Business PhoneService”BCustomer Relationship Suite is nowcalled “Sales and Service CRM”Cospace is “TeamCollaboration and Video”Business Phone Service PackagesAll PackagesProfessional (previously 'Pro Plus')Nextiva Mobile App IncludedGo Integrator included (excludes custom integrations)Free toll free minutes are includedCall recording includedGo Integrator Lite includedCaller AI (Call Pop) includedVoicemail to text includedPro is now named 'Essential'EnterpriseGo Integrator included (excludes custom integrations)


04Business Phone Service PackagesNextiva Highlighted FeaturesProfessionalEnterprise4 participants40 00 pops250 popsunlimitedpops4 participants40 00 pops250 popsEssentialUnlimited calling within the USA and CAUnlimited conference callsUnlimited video conferencing (peer-to-peer)Team messaging, collaboration, and videoFree local & toll-free numberN E X T I VA P A C K A G E S U P D AT E SToll-free minutesUnlimited business SMSCaller AIVoice AnalyticsVoicemail to text/emailIntegrations with MS Outlook, Google Contacts, & Lotus Notes24x7 customer supportExtended integrations with most popular CRM and customer facing appsUnlimited internet faxCall recordingAll Voice FeaturesUnlimited calling within the USA and CA**Unlimited conference callsUnlimited video conferencing (peer-to-peer)Free local & toll-free numberToll-free minutesUnlimited business SMSCaller AIVoice AnalyticsCall management and phone system administrationPhone rental options: desk and conference phonesNextiva App for iOS and Android High-definition (HD) voiceVoicemail to text/emailTeam messaging, collaboration, and videounlimitedpops

05Business Phone Service PackagesAll Voice Features ions with MS Outlook, Google Contacts, & Lotus Notes24x7 customer supportProfessional implementationCall log reportsCall recordingN E X T I VA P A C K A G E S U P D AT E SUnlimited internet faxAuto attendantMulti-site supportExtended integrations with most popular CRM and customer facing appsReal-time system status alertsProfessionally recorded greetingScreen sharingPurchased devices availableHold musicFree number portingRental phone availableVoicemail transcription013

Nextiva App for iOS and Android High-definition (HD) voice Voicemail to text/email Team messaging, collaboration, and video All Voice Features 4 participants 40 participants unlimited participants 1,000 2,500 10,000 100 pops 250 pops unlimited pops 4 participants 40 participants unlimited participants 1,000 2,500 10,000 100 pops 250 pops .

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