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Operation Guide for the Mercedes-Benz GLA/CLAThis is a basic operation guide for those who are driving the Mercedes-Benz GLA/CLA vehicle for the first time.Please read this guide before you leave the rental office if you are not familiar with operation.For more information about the vehicle, please read the instruction manual.

Basic Operations to Note Before Driving the VehicleStarting the EngineIndicator and Windscreen Wiper LeverRightWhile pressing the brake pedal, push the Start button.Left Stopping the engineWhen the engine is on,push the Start buttonwhile pressing the brake pedal.②①* The navigation screen will automatically turn off when you open the door.ETC DeviceLightsThe ETC device is in the dashboard.Insert your ETC card with the IC chip facing up.The lights can be set by turning the switch underneaththe fan outlet on the right side of the driverʼs seat.We recommend 4. Auto Mode for regular driving.① ② ③ ④ ⑤The lights cannot be turned off manually. You can turn off thelights when it is light outside by using 4. Auto Mode.* Please have your ETC card.Gear Shift LeverThe gear shift lever is on the right side of the steering wheel.Lift up: R (Reverse) Lift up slightly or push down slightly: N (Neutral) Push down: D (Drive) Press the button on the tip of the shifter: P (Park) Once each mode is set, the gear shift lever will immediately Gauge clustergo back to its original position.The currently selected gear is displayed on the gauge cluster.The currently selected gear is shown with a box ( ) around it.Parking Brake⑥ ⑦⑧1. Left parking light2. Right parking light3. Sidelights4. Auto mode for the head lights5. Low beam/high beam6. Rear fog lamp7. Fog lamps (CLA only)8. High beamHigh beam activates by turning the switch to 4 or 5 and pushingthe indicator/windscreen wiper lever forward.Trunk RoomThe button to open the trunk room is near the cup holderon the driverʼs door.You can also open the trunk by pushing the buttonnear the rear emblem.The lever for the parking brake is underneath the light switch. Push the lever down to activate it.on the instrument cluster will glow.Pull the lever to deactivate it.on the instrument cluster will turn off.* There are times when the parking brake may not function due to the batteryvoltage. * The electric parking brake regularly performs function inspections whenthe engine is off. Although it makes a noise, this is normal.Fuel InletThe cover for the fuel inlet will open when the vehicle isunlocked and pushed by hand.* When the vehicle is locked, the fuel inlet will also automatically lock.* Use high-octane gasoline.

Comfortable DrivingDrive ModeChanging Gears(Manual Mode)You can set your desired drive modeby using the DYNAMIC Select switch located betweenthe driverʼs seat and passengerʼs seat.You can check the drive mode on the instrument cluster. Drive Mode (you can check it on the instrument cluster)C Comfort:A comfortable and economicalS Sports:A sporty driveIIndividual:Individual: Individual settingE Economy:A very economical driveThe engine will automatically turn off when the vehicle stopsif the ECO Start/Stop Feature is set.The engine will automatically startwhen you press the accelerator.The switch is between the driverʼs seat and the passengerʼsseat, and you can set and cancel it by pushing the switch.You can set cruise control (Distronic Plus)by using the lowest lever on the left sideof the steering wheel.WarningMake sure to read the warnings in the InstructionManual before using this feature as you may causean accident depending on how you use it.* Do not use cruise control on city streets or curving highways (the ShutoExpressway and the like) if you are unaccustomed to using this feature as it is verydangerous.Speed LimiterOther FeaturesSpeed LimiterThis is an accessory that automatically engages the brakeso that the set speed is not exceeded. 1. Push the tip: Turns the Speed Limiter on and off2. Push up: Increases the set speed3. Push down: Decreases the set speedWhen the Speed Limiter is turned on,4 will glow and the set speed on thespeedometer will glow in red.Set SpeedOn the steering wheel, if you pressorselect "Assist", you can set various features.SpeedometerandLane Keeping AssistThis feature recognizes lane lines and makes a warning soundwhen the vehicle drifts away from the lane lines.Parktronic ④Cruise Control (Distronic Plus)When the ECO Start/Stop Feature is set,on the instrument cluster will glow in green.You can set the variable speed limiter with the lowest leveron the left side of the steering wheel.③In Drive mode M (Manual), you can use the paddles behindthe steering wheel to the left and right to change gears.In Drive mode E (Economy) or S (Sports), you can pull thelever to use Drive mode M (Manual) for a set period of time.If you set Manual mode, the currently selected gear, and tothe right of that the recommended gear, are displayed on the ①②If the currently selected gear is "D" and you pull 1, the gear shifts down,and shifts up when you pull 2.To cancel Manual mode, set Drive mode to E (Economy) or S (Sports).ECO Start/Stop Feature②①This feature will turn the warning light on and make a warning soundif obstructions are detected around the vehicle.The warning light may not glow if the distancebetween the vehicle and obstruction is less than shortest distance.* To prevent accidents, always keep this feature turned on.

Volume Adjusting the volumeTurn the volume dial to the right or left.:Increases the volumeTurning it to the right:Lowers the volumeTurning it to the leftVolume dial Adjusting the volume of the voice navigation.Set the destination , slide the controller down to switch tothe Main Menu Bar. Select "Voice Navigation" andadjust the volume while the voice is playing.Mute button To mute the volume, push.

Operation Guide for the Mercedes-Benz GLA/CLA This is a basic operation guide for those who are driving the Mercedes-Benz GLA/CLA vehicle for the first time. Please read this guide before you leave the rental office if you are not familiar with operation. For more information about the vehicle, please read the instruction manual. Basic Operations to Note Before Driving the Vehicle Starting .

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