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5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois 249620173,200 lb. 3-Stage Electric Narrow Aisle Double Reach Forklift, 252" Reach Height446-18-1121320184,775 lb. 3-Stage Electric Riding 3-Wheel Forklift, 188" Reach HeightPE4500-806A29370320118,000 lb. Electric Riding Double Pallet JackFORK LIFTS, ELECTRIC NARROW AISLE 1Raymond750-DR32TTFORK LIFTS, ELECTRIC RIDING 1Raymond4460C35ELECTRIC PALLET JACKS, DOUBLE 1CrownSTOCK CHASERS 1Taylor DunnSC1-591107151,000 lb. Capacity Electric Stock Chaser, 30" x 48" Bed1Taylor DunnSC1-591107121,000 lb. Capacity Electric Stock Chaser, 30" x 48" BedFLOOR SCRUBBERS 1Factory CatXR 46-C64480Electric Riding Floor Scrubber1Factory CatXR 46-C64481Electric Riding Floor Scrubber (needs repair)CHARGING STATIONS 1EnersysEIP3-JN-4YOEnforcer Impaq Charging Station, 4-Module1EnersysEQ3-10-1EQ3-W10-1Y036-Volt Charging Station1EnersysEQ3-6-3JE8296324-Volt Charging Station1DouglasDLG1B12-60030008456Legacy 24-Volt Battery Charging Station1DouglasDLG1B12-60030008457Legacy 24-Volt Battery Charging Station1DouglasDLG1B12-60030008455Legacy 24-Volt Battery Charging StationCASE SEALERS, TOP & BOTTOM 13M-Matic8000 A/32014Adjustable Top and Bottom Case Sealer with Power Side Belt13M-Matic700A2011Adjustable Top and Bottom Case Sealer with Power Side Belt13M-Matic700A2011Adjustable Top and Bottom Case Sealer with Power Side Belt13M-Matic700A2011Adjustable Top and Bottom Case Sealer with Power Side BeltHYDRAULIC PALLET JACKS 30Hydraulic Pallet JacksDIGITAL SCALES 1Pinnacle ScalePage 1 of 8PS3000AE1501875059Digital Weigh Indicator with 4' x 4' Remote Platform

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois 60638Qty:Mfg:Model:S/N:Year:Description:BACK-UP GENERATORS 1Generac35 Kw Natural Gas Backup Generator with Auto Switch (on Roof)CARGO VANS 1ChevroletExpressCargo VanAIR COMPRESSORS 1QuincyQT10Qu110120008410-HP Horizontal Tank Mounted Reciprocating Air Compressor1Speedaire5F231B98-016735-HP Vertical Tank Mounted Reciprocating Air Compressor with Air DryerINSULATED ROOM PANELS Lot75' x 220' Insulated Room Panels, 5' Wide x 24' High Panels, (6) Save-T Screen-ProAutomatic Roll Up Doors, (4) Personnel DoorsELECTRICAL FEED RAILS & CORD REELS 400 ft.400' of Electrical Feed Rail with (30) Pro-Reel 40' Tri Tap Cord ReelsMETAL DETECTORS 2GarrettPO-6500iWalk-Through Pinpoint Metal DetectorCOMPUTER SERVERS 1LenovoSystem x3650 M5: [8871AC1]-J11ET0TServer1LenovoSystem x3650 M5: [8871AC1]-J11ET26Server1LenovoSystem x3650 M5: [8871AC1]-J11ERTFServer1LenovoSystem x3650 M5: [8871AC1]-J11TDZEServer1LenovoThinkSystem SR530 [7X08CTO1WW]-xxxVMware Server1LenovoThinkSystem SR530 [7X08CTO1WW]-J1005F9MVMware Server1LenovoThinkSystem SR530 [7X08CTO1WW]-J10019CAVMware G6Server1LenovoThinkServer RD450MJ0465KHServer1IBMSystem x3650 M3 [7945AC1]-KQ81K8VServerPage 2 of 8

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois 60638Qty:Mfg:Model:S/N:1IBMSystem x3550 M2 [7946E2U]-99C7520Server1IBMSystem x3550 M2 [7946AC1]-KQXHNXGServer1IBMSystem x3550 M2 [7946AC1KQXHNWYServer1IBMSystem x3550 M3 [7944AC1KQ882CZServer1IBMSystem x3550 M3 [7944AC1KQ905APServer1IBMSystem x3550 M2 [7946AC1]-KQYFHNLServer1IBMX3550 M4- [7914AC1]KQ0NR89VMware Server1IBMIBM System x3550 M4Server -[7914AC1KQ2LC08Server1IBMIBM System X3250 M4 - KQ0W7XV[2583AC1]-Server1IBMIBM System X3250 M4 - KQ3D18P[2583AC1]-Server1IBMIBM System x3250 M4 - XxXxXxX[2583xxx]-Server1IBMSystem x3250 M3 [4252AC1]-KQ62N3MServer1IBMSystem x3250 M3 [4252AC1]-KQ88A7VServer1IBMX3550 M2-7946E2U99D6399VMware Server1IBMX3550 M2-7946E2U99D6414VMware Server1IBMeserver xSeries 346 [884035U]-KQPT341Server1IBMSystem x3550 M3 [7944AC1KQ22Z5YServerPage 3 of 8Year:Description:

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois ackardProLiant DL360 G5MXQ902A4RSServer1Hewlett-PackardProLiant ML310e Gen8v2MX252200ACServer1Hewlett-PackardProLiant ML30 Gen92M2829014CServer1Hewlett-PackardProLiant ML310e Gen8MX23240172Server1Hewlett-PackardProLiant ML310e Gen8MX2324017JServerCOMPUTER PRINTERS inter1Hewlett-PackardLJ 4350Printer1Hewlett-PackardLJ 4350Printer1Hewlett-PackardLJ tt-PackardLJ ewlett-PackardM601PrinterPage 4 of 8

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois r1IntermecPX4iPrinter1IntermecPM4iPrinterPage 5 of 8S/N:Year:Description:

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois eld ScannersSCANNERS 14IntermecCOMPUTER ACCESS POINTS 28Motorolaap6521Access Points14Motorolaap6532Access Points11Extremeap7532Access Points6Extremeap7532Access Points12Symbolap5131Access Points4Symbolap5131Access Points1EngeniusEAP-2000Access PointsCOMPUTER BACK-UP APPLIANCES 7Backup Appliance1UnitrendsRecovery-713713-106-50203Backup AppliancePage 6 of 8RF Controller

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois 60638Qty:Mfg:Model:S/N:Year:Description:COMPUTER FIREWALLS COMPUTER INTERNET SECURITY 1Untangleu150081750A0001344Internet Security1Untangleu50071730A0001262Internet Security1Untangleu50Internet SecurityCOMPUTER LOAD BALANCERS 1BarracudaLoad Balancer ADCLoad Balancer1BarracudaLoad Balancer ADCLoad BalancerCOMPUTER SWITCHES and ROUTERS 1IBMStorwise V3700-[207224C}7810352SAN1IBMB24 2498ALJ2550H0DKSAN Switch1IBMB24 2498ALJ2550H0FASAN Switch1IBMStorwise V3700-[207224C}7823971SAN1IBMDS34001IBM102976LSAN Switch1IBM102976NSAN SwitchPage 7 of 8SAN

5020 W 73rd Street, Bedford Park, Illinois hRouterFTX1232WOL9RouterCOMPUTER WORKSTATIONS 1Hewlett-PackardHP 280 G1 MTMXL61231WYWorkstation1Hewlett-PackardHP 505B Microtower PC MXL13827JXWorkstationWORK STATIONS LotWork Stations with 6' Wood Table, Desktop Computer, Monitor, PrintersMISCELLANEOUS LotMiscellaneous Office Furniture Throughout Facility including, Desks, Chairs, FileCabinets, Bookcases, Conference Tables, TV's, Hutches, Lunch Table, Cloth OfficeCubicles, Refrigerator, Etc.Contents of Maintenance Shop including Shelving, Shop Vac, Heaters, Taylor DunnCart, Air Compressors, Work Bench, Grinder, Wire, Drain Cleaner, Bandsaw,Generators, Ladders, Knaack Gang Box, Drill Press, Power and Hand Tools, MachineParts, Lights, Fans, Hand Truck, Brooms, Flammable Storage Cabinets, Spreader, MopBuckets, Forklift Work Cage, Etc.LotLotMiscellaneous Equipment Throughout Facility including Brooms, Shovels, Lift Table,Pallet Racking, Shelving, Warehouse Ladder, Carts, Trash Cans, Tables, Floor Mats,Refrigerators, Fans, Ladders, Etc.Column Mounted Fans21Page 8 of 8

Intermec PM4i Printer: 1 Intermec PM4i: Printer 1: Kyocera FS-4300DN Printer: 1 Kyocera FS-4300DN: Printer 1: Sharp MX-M453N Printer: 1 Sharp MX-4101N: Printer 1: Sharp MX-M465N Printer: SCANNERS - 14 Intermec: . Parts, Lights, Fans, Hand Truck, Brooms, Flammable Storage Cabinets, Spreader, Mop

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screw jacks hydraulic jacks lever jacks high lift jacks pantograph jacks (scissor jacks) caravan/trailer jacks. Vehicle jacks are also categorised as specific vehicle and general purpose jacks. This mandatory standard does not apply to: jacks designed to

Sidewinder Mini Jacks 5 - 20 167 Low Profile Bottle Jacks 12, 20 & 30 168 Portable Hydraulic Power Bottle Jacks 2 - 110 169 Telescoping Bottle Jacks 6-13 170 J Toe Jacks 5.5, 11 & 27.5 171 Economy Toe Jacks 2.5 & 10 172 RJ Portable Railroad Edition Jacks and Accessories 100 173-174 JE / JA Portable High Tonnage Railroad Jacks and Accessories 55 .

When Pallet A is on the table, M33.1 will STORE Pallet A and LOAD Pallet B. If Pallet B is at LOAD position (on machining table), M33.1 will verify Pallet B is at LOAD (on machining table). No movement will occur. Note: The table move to the pallet position may be stopped with the SLIDE HOLD button. The pallet movement to and from the stored .

This manual is intended for basic service and maintenance of the Crown pallet jack. The pallet jacks you are servicing are tools that make moving products easier. Operating pallet jacks with rusty, broken or worn parts makes usage and maintenance more difficult. Pallet jack parts are inexpensive and easy to replace. To ensure maximum life of .

turn Screw (9) slightly counterclockwise, then try the pallet jack again. Continue to adjust until pallet jacks holds steady after rising. If the pallet jack is unable to lower, turn Screw (9) clockwise slightly, then try the pallet jack again. Continue to adjust until pallet jack lowers when pulling trigger (8) upward. Figure 1 Figure 2

PALLET DESIGN SYSTEM Version 5.2 Pallet Specification Sheet All dimensions in inches Customer: Company Name of Customer Address of Customer Prepared by: Pallet Professional and NWPCA Member Licensed to Perform PDS Design Work PDS License: 50 Printed: December 03, 2015 Pallet ID: Stringer-Class Pallet Example

The most widely used pallet type is the four-way wood pallet which accounts for 86% of the pallet production worldwide and the most common pallet size is the Euro Pallet. . Life cycle assessments of one way and pooled pallet alternatives. 16 4.2. Paper 2: Comparison of environmental impacts between

be fed with an ordinary hand pallet truck. Simply pick up the palletized load (on any type of open-bottom pallet or skid), raise the pallet truck and roll the load into position. The pallet moves over the Roll-In while the pallet truck rolls in between the outside platform and center support beam. The load is uniformly positioned and the pallet