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SKTH. SIXTH UNITED STATES ARMY AREALAMBDA IMMINISTRATIOH CENTER, 2155 WEBSTHI STREET. ALAMEDA, CALIF (11) (TQMG)AL. BENICIA. CALIF(OOFORD)Benlcia Arsenal (9307)Benlcia Ordnance Arsenal (4400)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class EK)34th Ord Pet (Explo DspoJ49th Ord Pet (Explo Dspo)Alameda Administration Center (5495)Oakland Region. US Army Military subsistence supply Agency(5461-08)Quartermaster Quality Control Agency (General Supplies, Equipmentand Parts). Alameda Office'- (54.50)Sixth US Amy Central Dental LaboratoryULAMEDA j CALIFORNIAI US Army Instr Op (JR ROTC), California, Alameda High School(6052-10) (Walnut St & Central Ave)ALBANY PREGONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (PO Bldg. Rm 225)IT HAMRRflCALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (6 H Garfield1 Ave)AHAHKM, CALIFORNIACSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (106 South Los Angeles St)BERK EL ET CALIFORNIAUS Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), California, University of California"(6052-07)USA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (PO Bldg. Rm 201) ', .--I n I.TT r. .rmnt n?!!1 :. l' .IV "I V *-" I.4th Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULEg), 67thArty (LessBtrys A, B, d & D)(Site SF-09) (San Pablo Ridge, PZ 8)BILLING , M3NTANABilliniss Subsector Comd, Montana Sector. X US Arimr Corps (6051-02)(1430 Broaduater Ave)USA Recruiting Station (6040-04) (2514 First Ave, N)IBIRMING \x ARMY HOSPITAL (INACTIVE), VAN mns. CALIF (n)1st Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULES). 56th Arty—Btry C4th Msl Bn (KIKE-HBiCBLES), 65th Arty (Less Btrys A, B & C)ASTORIA, OREGONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (Rm K, PO Bldg)AUBURN I EPOT ACTIVITY (ACTIVITY OF UTAH GENERAL DEPOT, US ARMY, UTAH), AUBURN,WASH II ACTTTTQMG)uburn Depot Activity to be inactive eff 31 Dec 60)Auburn Depot Activity (9192)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class EXUS Army Dispensary (H) (6362-01)JFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (125 E Foothill Blvd)USA Recruiting Station (6040-10) (14 Naco Rd)IBOISE. 31DAHDFilm & Equipment Exchange (Class D) (USA Recruiting Main Sta. 217'NCapitol Blvd) (I Act)Boise Subsector Goad. Idaho Sector, X US Army Corps'(6051-01)(410 Fort Street)I Idaho Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-01) (410 Fort St)US Army Advisor Gp (NGUS), Idaho (6062) (e/o State AG. Box 1098)US Army Instr G p (JR ROTC), Idaho, Boise Hi h'School (6051-12)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-05) (217 H-Capitol Blvd)USA Recruiting Station (217 N Capitol Blvd)(IBAKIK, C tEGOHUSA Recruiting Station (6040-05) U935 First St)BAKER, ?BT (SOB IKSTALLATION OF PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO). SAH FRANCISCO.CALIF (PO SAUSALITO. CALIF) (I SUB)Hq, 6th Region, US Amy Air Defense Command (7806)Sixth PS Army Medical Laboratory (6024)2nd Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULES), 51st Arty (Less Radar Sec and Btrys C & D56lat Engr Co (Fort Cons)iBOZEMAN MONTANABozeman Subaector Cond, Montana Sector, X US Ariny Corps (6051-02)(PO Box 330) *-BfliHaii 'Li"*RROTC) i Montana, Montana State -College (6051-08)ptr USA Recruitingiting Station 6040-04) (US Natl Guard Armory24 W Mendenhall;IBAKHISF ELD, CALIFORNIABakersfield Subsector Comd, Southern California Sector, XV US ArmyCorps.(6052-03) (4101 Chester Ave)USA Recruiting Station (6040-07) (1706115th QIC Gp—Sixth US Army Intelligence Field OfficeBRAWLETPARRY, )RT(i sir ), WASHINGTONBremerton Subsector Comd, Washington Sector, X US ArDy Corps (6051-05](PO Box 750)USA. Recruiting Station (6040-01) (533 Pacific Ave)(SUB ISSTAU.ATIOM OF PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO), SAUSALITO. CALIF'2nd Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULES) , 51st Arty—Radar Sec(To air' from Fort Baker, Gal)40th rty Bde (AC)—Hq & Hq Btry (Less 5 Radar Sections)/(Radar Sees to move to ELmira, Fort Cronkhite. Lake Chabot./Milagra & San Rafael)BEAVER J RHY TERMINAL. CLATSKANIE. ORE (II) (COFT)Beaver Depot Activity (7566)US Army Transportation Terminal Unit, Beaver (7565)BEAVER] 8. OREGONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (928 HW Tualatin TaUay Hgwy)3ELLINGI SM. WASHINGTONUSA Recroltlpg Station (6040-01) (Ralshan Bldg, Cornvfall & Magnolia)BEND. OfEGONTJSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (111 Minnesota Aye)- 483 -CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (Plaza Center. City Hal,l)BURBANKIBUTTE,CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (241 E Olive St)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class E) (TJSA Recruiting Main Sta, 41 WPark St) (I Act)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-04) C41 W Park St)USA Recruiting Station (6040-04) (121 West Park St)CALDWEII . IDAHOUSA Recruiting Station (6040-05) (113t S Kimball Aye)CARSONrrr, NEVADAUS Army Advisor Gp (NGUS), Nevada (606?)CENTRAL!A, WASHINGTONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-01) (105 N Tpuer St)- 434 -

fl BSIXTH UNITED STATES ARM! AREA.@ML5i - , -CHAfsWOJ fflrSfSoliSffi47th Arty Bde (AD) —Radar Sec (Site LA-88C)(To arr from Fort MacArthur, Cal)FfimNlCT. [WASHINGTON" . .US Army TC Railway Equipment Utilization Survey Team, Western (7409'T. - ��——J- —— J DS tony Instr Op (SR ROTC), Washington, Eastern Washington Collegeof Education \6051-ll)1 CHICO. (jfilFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (126 West Second St)1r .SIXTH UNITED STATES AHMI AREA—————— WNET, CALIFORNIA' ' ————————:—USA Hecruitine Station (6040-09) (11206.S Brookshlre Avei Men's College (6052-O7)COEUR D ALESE, IDAHO(214 Coeur d'Alene Are)US ArmvTraisfer Point !1503)I'COMFTONj CALIFORNIAUSA Recruitinff Station (6040-09) (329 East Compton Blvd)46th Cml Co ( Smoke GenrL\ CONCORD , CALIFORNIA'iEAST L0 !ICOOLIDGI , ARIZONAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-10) (543 N Arizona Blvd)EUORAj 3ALIFOHNIA——————————;l.COOS BA' , OREGON" USA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (566 S Broadway).; [——— .To arr froaJaEL arry. CalJEL MONTEUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (l08 Monterey Aye)',:CORVAU4S, OREGON[1 US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), Oregon, Oregon State College (6051 '-&))————i. ORBOT CRONKHIT E, FORT (SUB POST OF PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF), SAUSALITO,CALIF (I SUB)40th Arty Bde (AD)- ladar SecUSA Recruitimr Station 6040-O6' — " FDAVIS, CjALIFORNIAii Film & Equipment .Exchange (Class EX) , West Coast Relay & Radio' Transmitting Station (net fa}US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), California, University of California]College of Agriculture (6052-07)West Coast Relay & Radio Transmitting Station (Det #7) (6423-O8)" IIi——————Film & Equipment Exchange (Class 3B)Salt Lake City Branch, US Army Audit Agency, Western Region.(Bldg 100)(Bldg 32)US Army Fort Douglas Communication Station (6300-03)Utah Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-04) (Bldg 100)US Army Advisor Gp (NGUS), Utah (6064) (PO Box 2691)US Army Dispensary (Ft Douelas) (6001-01)US Army Garrison (Transfer Point) (6001)US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC) . Utah (6051-10)US Anay MI CIC Gp Augmentation (115thJ (6001-04)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-08) (Bldg 108)(VfJ "H" St)!tjswauaT,DESERT R OCK, CAMP (SUBINSTALLATION OF CAMP IRWIN, CALIF) , INDIAN SPRINGS, NEV.(PO i S VEGAS, NEV) (I SUflJ-.US Army Garrison (Camp Desert Rock) (6019-03)DOUGLAS.-US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC) . Oregon. Universitv nf OnSOmJflm .Q9lUSA Recruitine Station (6040-03) (Rm 10, PO Bldg)197th Ord Det (GM DS NIKE), DALI CITY, CALIFORNIA '1USA Recruitine Station (6040-06) (6705 Mission St) Navajo Ordnance Depot (See Nava o Ordnance Depot)USA Recruiting Station (6040-10 (108 N- Leroux StJfFRESNO, ICALIFORNIA:--.,., ,Fllm & Equipment Exchange (Class D) (USA Recruiting Main Sta. 1830H St) (I Act)(6052-03) (910 W Kearnev Blvd)USA Recruitine Main Station (6040-07) (1830 H St )USA Recruiting Station (Em 11. PO Bldg)Glasgow Subsector Comd, Montana Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-02)3LENDAU , ARIZONAUSA Recruiting Station (60 O-1Q (17 So 2nd Ave)- 436 -

SIXTH UNITED STATES ABUT AREASIXTH UNITED STATES ASHY ARE6.FORT (Contd);Signal Corps Meteorological Team. Huachuca (64.70-09)(6372)US Amy Electronic Proving Ground Historical Museum (64.701PS Army Electronic Proving Ground (6470) (II Act.) (C3IOO)US Amy Electronic Proving Ground Ln Gp of the US Anny Intel AgencyUS Army Electronic Proving Ground Procurement Office (6535-03)PS-Army Electronic Eroving around -IroopVAC Co (64.70-15)PS Army Enlisted Student PetUS Anmr HQSDlta [637jj-Ql)PS Army Security Agency Operational Center (93187 (ASA)nafer Point (6372)PS Ar16th Sig Bn (Cabt Area) (Army)36th Army Bang.56tb Sig Co (Fwd Sup & Malnt)(To move OA 25 Sen 60 to Ft68tn Slg Co (CJibt Etf) (Inf)72d Slg Bn (Cmbt EtfJ (Corpaj—pq & Hq Pet73d Slg Co (Cmbt EH) (Armd)93rd Sig Bn (Cmbt Area) (Army)232nd Sig Co (Spt)«3l6th US ASA Bn—Co Cil6th Sig A-gn Co512th HP Co (Src)CALIFORNIAITS Army Ipatr On (JH ROTC1. California. Glendale School District(6052-10) (411 E Wilson Ave, PZ 6IISA RBcrultlngStation (6040-09) (1O4 S Maryland Aye)ttumj, uaxiiornia, gram Military Academy(6052-10) (19125 Sierra Madre Aye)SDWHtptr.iECT MLITARr R.ESHt7ATIOH (SDB-IHSIALLATION OF FT ORD, CALIF), JOLON.(I SCBTUS Armr Garrison. Hunter Liggett Military Reservation (6003-11)Hq Co. US Anror Garrison. HUffi (6003-11)19th Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt)(To rtn to Ft Ord. Calif)HDHTINGl 3K PARK. CALIFORMAUSA RecT-uitlng Station (60 0-09) (6550 mils Aye)IIDAHD FJOS. IDAHOUSA Recruiting Station (6040-08) (410 Broadway)Corps of Engineers Ballistic Hissile Construction ut'l'lce(II Act) (CofEpgrs) (9620 Bellanea. AveJUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) Q12 S Market St)IRWIN. C IMP. BARSTOW. CALIF (I)Camp Irwln (6019)US Army Armor and Desert Training CenterUS Army nosplt&lUS Amy Transfer Point 16019)5th Med Tk Bn (Patton). tflth Armor16th Armor Qp— Ho ft Ha CoPet (Air Target). 65th Arty17th HP Pet (Crla Invea)53rd Trans Co (Med Irk Cargo)378th Ord Co (GS)Arm-Band526th Ord Co (Gen AutmSubsector Comd, Montana Sector. X PS Amy Corps (6051-02)(FO Box 131)- 488 -

SIXTH UNITED STATES ARMY AREASIXTH UNITED STATES ARMT AREAiHIMGTON (PO FORT LAWTON. WASH)4th Hal Bn (SIKE AJAX). 60th Artv—Btry DKENT,LEWIS, 1 3RT (Contd);2nd How Bn 18"). 18th Arty1st How Bn (155mm) , 30th Arty2nd How Bn (155mm), 35th Arty2nd Ener Amph Spt ComdComd Hq, 2nd Rngr Amph Spt Comd560th Engr Amph Eqp Co, 2nd Eagr Amph Spt Comd592nd Svc Spt Bn, 2nd Engr Amph Spt Comd793rd Engr Amph Co. 2nd Ener Amph Spt Comd th MI Det (Div4th Infantry DivisionKLAMATH FALLS. OREGON.tt3Ti g Station (60AO-03) (417 Main Street).GHJ IOT. CALIPORNIA40th Arty Bde- (AD)--jtadar ggc(To arr from Fort Barry. Cal)LAKE MEABASE. LAS 7EGAS. NOT (II) (DASA)Hq 6 Hq Co1st Battle Gp, 8th InfLAKE YOtKGS. WASHINGTON4th Msl Bn (HIKE-AJAX). 60th Arty—Btry B (Site 33)1st Battle fe 12th Inf (less Plat)(Flat to rtn fr ihule RID, Greenland under Shipment #R8496) ,.1st Battle Gp, 22nd Inf2nd Battle Gp, 39th Inf.2nd Battle Gp, 47th Inf. ,4th Engr Bn (Inf Div)1st Medium Tk Bn (Patton) , 34th Armor.2nd Recon Sq, 8th Cav:. .124th Sig Bn (Inf Div, .4th Inf DiVArtyHa & Ha Btry——— '-faTotTfc 'U6SASS«m), let My "A MESA CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (b040-0oj (820O Alllson St;CALIFORNIAANCASTIl. ALUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09; (44829 "Qrth Sierra Highway)Camp Desert Rock (See Camp Desert Rock)ad Base (See Lake Mead Base)Las Vegas Subsector Comd. Nevada Sector. XV US Army Corps (6052-O/.1(PO Box26l5, 2901 E San Francisco Aye)USA Recruitine Station (6040-08) (224 N Second St)LAWTON,6th How Bn 105/155mm j 29th ArtyORT, SEATTLE, WASMPO FT LAWTON, WASH) (I)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class 2B)Hq. X US Army Corps (6051)W H *" 105/155mnJ FJ. 77th. ��.lBt RVt Hm.r Bn fHnrmnt. .Tnhn. B"l . .ZQUUrtiir————————— ——.4th Inf Div TrainsHa & Hq Det4th Inf Div BamLl th Trans Bn (Inf —,————————————-Seattle Subseetor Comd, Washington Sector, I US Army Corps (6051-05;Senior Advisors, General Officer Commands (USAR) (6051-06)US Army Element, Armed Forces Public Information OfficeUS Army Garrison (Transfer Point) (6013)WAC DetUS Anw Hospital (Fort Lawton) (6013-01)US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC). Washington (6051-11)US Army MI CIC Gp Augmentation (115th) (6013-03)US Army Missile Master Maintenance Det (6013-04)US Army Personnel Conduct & Security Det (Ft Lawton) (6013-03)Washlngtin Area Commands (USAR Advisor Gp) (60S1-QS)4th Msl Bn (HIKE-HE-tCULES). 4th Arty—Btry D21st HP Det (Grim Inves)26th Artv GP (Air Def)—Hq & Hq BtrrUSth.CIC Gp—Region III191st Sig Det (Radar Maint) (Type E)16th Det (Air Target). 43rd Arty ————————————.——— ——.LETTERMA1 GENERAL HOSPITAL, PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF (II ACI)(TSG)Letterman General Hospital (3415)LEWIS, DRT, TACOMA. WASH (PO FORT LEWIS. WASH) (I)Madigan General Hospital (see Madigan General Hospital)Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot (see Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot) j*Um & Equipment Exchange (Regional) (Class.4B)Fort Lewis (6006)Aggressor Force, Exercise ELK HORN (Prov)Aviation Det. Exercise ELK HORN (Prov)Dental Svc Det (6006 02)Hq, Exercise ELK HORN (Prov)OS Army Alaska Classification & Assignment Team (1703)ITS A-rmy TH apmaary (6006-Ql)'— H7ih Cml Plat (Onbt dpi)Element. Armed Forces Police Det (6006-06)US ArUS Army Garrison (Transfer Point) (6006)US Army MP CID (61st) (6006-OAUS Army Veterinary Food Inspection Det (6006-03)«m tM Co (GS) �—.——————————— ———.- 439 - -.'.-440-.''Mi

SIXTH UNITED STATES ARM? AREA« ��————i]LEWIS, 30RT (Contd):549th Bier Det (Sp Eap Maint)55.4th Bier Co (Fl Bre)55&th Trans Co (Med Trk) (Petrl)557th Eogr Co (Lt Eqp)575th APU (Type W) '576th Ord Co (Ammo)629th Ord Co (Fid -Sup).' LEWIST01*. IDAHOUSA Recrultlne Station (604O-02) (523 Main St)47th Arty Bde (AD)—Hq & Hq Btry (Less 3 Radar Sections)159th MP Det (Grim Inves)64th Slg Det (Radar Maint) (Type E)70th Ord Det (Explo Dspo)72nd Army Band77th Ord Det (Explo Dspo) 108th Arty Gp (Air Def j—Hq & Hq Btry (To be Inactivated QA 25 Sep 60) 198th 0rd Det (NIKE DS)LYKWOOD. WASHINGTONNorthwest Radio Receiving StationLODI, C LIQORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (US Post Office)11!TAHIILOGAN,1LONGVEEV '. WASHINGTONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (1428 Fourteenth Ave)f!!HI, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF (II) (COFT)US Army Air Traffic Coordination Office (7530VUS Army Oversea Supply Agency, San Francisco (7531)US Army Transportation Terminal Command. Pacific (7530)--j———.Hq:* , .,'''.97th MP Det (Grim Inves)OR FORCE BASE. TACOMA, WASH (USAF ————— —7th Reeion. US Army Air Defense Comd (7807)US Armv Air Traffic Coordinating Office (7530) (II Act) (COFT)1Medford Subsector Comd, Oregon Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-03)USA Recruiting Station (6040-03 (PO Bldg, Rm 1)-1,,JALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-0?) (Merced Theater Bldg, 315 W 17th St) HDDLETC N, CAL1KIRNIA,West Coast Radio Receiving Station. GLAGEA, CALIFORNIA(To arr from Fort Barry, Cal)iI West Coast Minor Relay Station (Det #9) (6423-10) '(1405 Federal Bldg. PZ 12).i, CALIFORNIAPasadena Area Support Center (see Pasadena Area Support Center)Army Education CenterXV US Army Corps (6052-03) (Bldg 950, Upper Reservation)" . US Army Garrison (Fort MacArthur) (6004)WAG DetUS Army Hospital (Fort MacArthur) (6004-01)'- 441 -'"IARISVII ,Ej CALIFORNIAUSA Recruitina Station (6040-06) (419 Fifth St)USA Recruiting Station (Federal Bldg, 312 N Spring St),'- Madiean General Hospital (3411).MALIBU I 54CH, CALIFORNIA3rd Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULES) , 57th Arty—Btry B (Site 787(6052-10) (1901 Venice Blvd, PZ 6)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-09) (1031 So Broadway)———I'USA Recruiting Station (6040-07) (PO Bldg)III LOS ANGfcES, CALIFORNIAjArmed Forces Radio and TV Service (9856-01) U016 N Macadden PI. PZ 38) Film & Equipment Exchange (Class 4B) (1418 Federal Bldg) (I fat) 'Ho. Los Angeles Region, US Army Military Subsistence Supply AeencvI(5461-04.) (929 South Broadway; PZ 15) (II Act) (T(J!G)!Northeast Los Angeles Subsector Comd. Southern California Sector,XV. US Army Corps (6052-03) (Bldg S-330, Cheli AFS, Bell, Calif) US Army Engineer District, Los Angeles, South Pacific Division (PO j1Box 17277, Foy Station, PZ 17) (751 S Figueroa St, PZ 17) (II Act) ;!(COFENGRS)Office, Los Angeles Branch (9862) (6087 Sunset,j —————— US Army Information .Blvd) (ll Act) (CINFO)US Army Instr' Gp (SR ROTC), California, University of California1(6052-O7) (405 Hilgard Ave, PZ 24)1 (TSG)MADIGAN 5ENERAL HOSPITAL, FORT LEWIS, WASH (PO TACOMA, WASH) (II ACT)IILONG.BEA'CH, CALIFORNIASoutheast Los Angeles Subsector Comd. Southern California SectorXV US Army Corps (6052-03) (3800 E Willow St)US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC), California, Long Beach High Schools(6052-10) (16th Street & Atlantic Ave)USA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (Rms 503,505, 507, & 509. fO B djgjDistrict (6052-10) (1200 Cornuell St)'':ALIFORNIAMADHIA,ITS Awmr Inst.r Rn (SR ROTC) i Utah. Utah State Universitv (6051-10)US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC), Utah, Logan High School (6051-13)USA Recruiting Station (6040-08) (151 N Main St)r — —————US Any MP Det Id) Augmentation (59th) (6004.-03)1 Los Anseles Area Branch. Western Traffic Region, MTMA (7684) 11 Act)(COFT)StLSSQULj . MDNTANAtIM-.nJIUS Army Instr. Gp (SR ROTC), Montana, Montana State University. .(6051-08)USA Recruiting Station (6040-04) j,Fed Bldg Annex) -L**.'i- HKI

' SIXTH DNHBD STATES ABU AREASIXTH UNITED STATES AHHI AREA'FCRT, MISSODLA, MONT (Installation rpr AH Activities;Missoula Subsector Goad, Montana hector, A ua Army uorps toQ51-02;(FO Box 11031Montana Sector, I US Amy Corps (6051-02;gm jjgug jjgxana auosec'cor Uoma. northern California Sector. XT US Army .Corps"(6052-02?- (Bldg T-590)—-—--, ,liaison urrioe r/yoo;uenter 1602O) u Act)CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (60.40-O7.)iMDSES I iKE, WASHINGTONBx, Vaat m frmffln Baglnn. DS 1-IIDAHOUS Army Inatr Gp (SR ROTC). Idaho, University of laaho (6051-07)(University Station, PO Bo . PRESIDIO OF (SUB INSTALLATION OF FORT ORD). M3NTEREI, CALIF (FOHtESIPlb OF MONTEREY. CALIF) (I SOB)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class D)US Amy Language School (6302-00)US Army Leadership Human Research Unit (8209) (PO Box 787)MOUNTAIN HOWAIR FORCE BASE, IDAHOMODMTAI] Vila, CALIFORNIAPS Army Signal Electronic Research Unit (6560) (PO Box 205)RJfaMER ORDNANCE DEPOT. FORT LEWIS, HASH '(PO TACOMA, WASH) (II ACT)ailtanr Man US Amy Eeturnee- teaselgnment station (6020-02)TranflTer Station 16020)30th Trans Pet (Tech Intel Rseh)Utah General Depot, PS Amy (see Utah General Depot. US Army)PS trig- Instr Gp (JR ROTCJ, Utah, Ogden High School (6051-13)USA Recruiting Station (6040-08) (Rm 286. PO Bids)T3ffi Llaiaon Office. Ogden AHA (9ZtO)(Ii:Act)-4GQgT) . -(Hill AFB) OLIMPIA WASETHGION ;Olympia Subsector Cond, Washington Sector, X PS Any(Rt 8. 921 S 4th Aye)USA Recruiting Station (60AOK)1) (205 E 4th AveJFilm & EqulHaent ExchangeUW IC1(Class Eg)Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot (AA56)US Army Dispensary (H) (6354.)MOUNT VfflUSA Recruiting Station (6040-01) (716 First St)-iURRAI.TAHUSA Recruiting Station (6040-08) (5030 S State St)see Hunter Uggett Mil Reaerrotlon)Film & Equipment EicchanggHq US Army Training Center. Infantryving Company, US Arg Training Center, Infantry 6003US Army Combat Development Experimentation Cente NAVAJO dRDNANCE DEPOT. BELLEM3NT. ARIZ (PO FLAGSTAFF. ARIZ) (II)Film & Equipment Exchange (ClassHaya.lo Qrdnaace Depot (.U.58)US Army Hospital (6356)NORTHUS Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC), California, Harvard School (6052-10)(3700 Coldwater Canyon Road)USA Recruiting Station (604P-09) TMaln Po"OAKLANDCALiroRHUOakland Army Terminal (gee Oakland Arny Terminal;Filmm&Equlgaent Exchange (San Francisco OnJ District, 1515 Clay StPZ 12) (Class EX;''"*US Army, Ordnance District. San Francisco (4500) (1515 Clay St. PZ 12)(II Act) (COFORD)'PS Army Chemical Corps District, San fyanclsco (1632) (1515 Clay St.PZ 12) (II Act) (CCIMO)Army instr Gp (JR ROTC), California, Oakland Public Schools(6052-10) (900 High Street)US Army Loglstica Inspector General Field Office, San Franeiaeo (4582(Rm 811, 1515 Clay St, PZ 12) (II Act) (DCSLOG)'""USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-06) (1515 Clay St)USA Recruiting Station (200 13th StUSA Recruiting Station (5311 Foothilljjg jjrmj Training Unit—Pet #1115 QIC Bp—Region I (1515 ClaylitTgaentation-(Fielist Brigade (RFA Trainine)7th Avn Co (Flaed-WIng) (Lt Tran17th Sig Plat (Regtth Ord Co (Dir Autmv Spt(To rtn fr Hunter Liggett IBqitary Reaerration. Jplon. Calif'26th Irans Bn (Trk)—8q & Hq Pet- 448 -

SHTH UNITED STATES ARMY AREASIZTH UNITED STATES ARM! AREA3RD,FAULSBO. H6.SHINGTON28th Army Band33rd Traoa Co (Lt Hel) (H-21)34th Armor—Co B41at Slg Bn (Cmbt Area) (Army) (Less Co AJ47th Med Plat (Air Amb)4th Msl Bn (NIKE- HERCULES). Ath Arty—Ha & Ha Btry (Less Btnrs A.B. C & D)PENDELTCN. OREGONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-02) (FO Bldg)50th Gal Plat (Cmbt Spt)52nd Amy Band52d Avn Op Pet52d Trans Bn 1 JTans Ad t j —nq a nq53rd QM Co (Subs Sup)PHOENIX, ARJZOHAArizona Sector. Xff US Army Corps (6052-01) (2246 N 64th St)I Film & Equipment Exchange (Class D) (USA Recruitins Main Sta. 7O7 UWashington St) (I Act)rnoerux aupsector Loma, Arizona Sector, XV US Army Corps (6052-O1)(2246 N 64th St)US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC). Arizona. Phoenix High Schools (6052-09)(415 E Grant St)US Army Advisor Gp (HGUS), Arizona (6060) (747 Van Buren St)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-10) (707 H Washington St)USA Recruiting Station (701 W Washington Aye)(To rtn OA 29 Aug 60 fr Cp Robert3,'Calif)Co (Fud Sup & Maintl(To arr Q& 2S Sen 60 fr ft Huaehuca rlzl58th Med Bn (Sep)—Hq & Ha Peti9th EngrMP Pet (Or 1m Inves)2ndjdjS.—— M.nBBdvnMBMMM Mal!th Avn By Bn (Cons)248th Ord Plat (PS)FITTSBUIG, CALIFORNIA293rd MP Co (Post. Cp or Sta)115th CIC Gp—Pittsbure Field Office. Regional Office #1298th HP Co (Post. Cp or Sta)542d Med Co (Clr) (Sep)FOCATEI1 1, IDAHOPocatello Subsector Comd, Idaho Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-01J544th Engr Pet Sp Bap Maint)56lBt Med. Co (Amb) (Sep)Hrd Trans Pet (Cargo Hel Fid Maint)(Bldg 513 Phillips Field)US Amor Instr Gp (SR ROTC). Idaho. Idaho State College (6pgL-OZLUSA Recruiting Station (6040-08) (325 W Lewis St)Lizes(To rtn OA. 15 Sep 60 fr Cp Roberts f Ca31EGON CCTY. OREGONUSA Recruiting Station ( 6040-03 j) (1506 N WashingtonDXNARDjFT VICE! TE, CALIFORNIA47th Arty Bde (AD)—Radar Sec (Site LA-55C)(To arr from Fort MacArthur. CaltT.TFQimiAUSA Recruiting Station (frUO-oq) (Rm 207. FO:ALIFDRHIAUSA Recruiting btation oU4D- Jv; 1160 W Third StjT 1RPNAHCE STEEL FOUMDRY (INACTIVE), PITTSBCTRG, CALIF (II) (COFORP)USA Recruiting Station (,60Afifl6)*Tft?PORTLANI, OREGONFilm & Equipment Exchange (Class D) (USA Recruiting Main Sta. 425 SWlaylor St. PZ 4) (I Act)US Army Engineer Division, North Pacific ( 45b;(210 Custom HousePZ 9; ) (II Act) fCOFESGRSlUS Army Engineer District, Portland, North Pacific DivisionPittock Block, SW, 10th Ave & Washington St, FZ 5) (II) (COFEMGRS)USA Recruiting Main Station (6040-03) (425 SW Taylor St. PZ4)USA Recruiting Station (WAC-MAF RS) (US Courthouse,(Old;;USA Recruiting Station (531 SW Third Ava)US Army Transportation Terminal Unit, Portland (7530)PARKS,, JAMP (INACTIVE), .f-HiAiSAHTOH, GALJJPASADENjCALIFORNIA US Army Ordnance District, Los Angeles (4492) (55 S Grand) (II Act)(COFCRP)Sub-Office (Rocket) (CaliforniaResearch & Pevelopment Servicervice Suby, PZ Institute of Technology,US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTCJ, California, rasaqena High Bcnool(1570 E Colorado)USA Recruiting Station (o04O-09) (129 H Marengo Aye)Liaison Office, US Amy Sijjnal Equipment Support A encjy (6400-08)(125 S Grand A-re. FZ 2)FRINEVIILE, OREGONHq. Prineville Area Comd. Oregon Sector. X US Army Corps (6051-03)JFROVOt PAHWestern Regional Office. US Army Signal Supply Agency (6535-06)(1355 N 2d W)USA Recruiting Station (6040-Qgj tRm 4, PU Bldgj(II Act) (CSIGO) (125 S Grand Aye. PZ 2)115th GIG Gp—Region II (125 S Grand Ave)PTJENTEPASADH1A AREA SUPPORT CmTER (SUBINSTALLATION OF FT MacARTHIIR. CALIF). 95 SOUTHGRANT AVHTOE. PASADENA 2, CALIF (I SUB)Meat Coast Office. US Army Signal Research & Pevelopment Laboratory(6400-03) (II Act) (CSIGO)1st Hal Bn (MIKE-HERCULES), 56th Arty (Less Btrys A. B, C &D)Btry B (Site LA 09)Btry D (Site 04)12th Arty Gp \&ir Per)—Hq & Hq BtryPASCO, V LSHINGTONPaaeo Subaeetor Comd. Washington Sector, X US Any Corps (6051-05)(Bldg T-l. Paaco Eng Pep)USA Recruiting Station (6040-02) (319 W LevAs St)- 445 -ri.T,, CALIFOttMA1st Msl Bn (HIKE-HERCULES), 56th Arty—Btry A. (Site 29 LA)PULLMAN WASHINGTONUS Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), Washington, Washington State University(6051-11)PUYALLU!WASHINGTONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-01) (106 W Main St)REDDING. CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (1330 Market St)WASHINGTON jfO BOX 664J4th Msl BnoUtn Arty—nq « Hq Btry (Site 13)

-.iifc-r.SIXTH TOTTED STATES ABMT ARES. ng'"E CITY, UTAHFort Douglas (see Fort Douglas)US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC) , Utah, University of Utah (6051-10)US Army Instr Gp (JH ROTC), Utah, Salt Lake City High School(6051-13) (Bldg 100, Fort Douglas, Utah)USA Recruiting Station (6040-08) 428 S Main St)ARDINO, CALIFORNIAkan Bernardino aibsector Comd, Southern Calif ornia Sector, XV USArmy Corps (6052-03) (296 E 3rd St)USA Rfspruitinp Station (6CUD-O9) (327 Court St)D, CALIFORNIASan Diego Subsector Comd, Southern California Sector. XV US ARMYCorps (6052-03) (Bldg 140. Ft Rosecyann)"STORAGE AREA, RIO VISTA, CALIF (n) (COFT)7ZT iI———(6052-10) (4100 Normal St)USA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (1027 First Ave)UmO, CALIFORNIA4th Msl Bn (NIKE-HESCULES) , 65th Arty—Btry A (Site 94. Los Pinetos)Btry B (Site LA 98, Magic Mt)RIVESBA C ORDNANCE PLANT (INACTIVE), RIVERBANK, CALIF (II) (COFORD)RIVERSI(6052-10)USA Rocruiting Station (6040-09) (Rm 216. PO Bld,gjROBERTS,3S8 FRA1 Gistx , CALIFORNIAFort Mason see Fort Mason,CAMP (INACTIVE) , SAN MIGUO*, CALIF (i)US Army Garrison and Logistical Spt Cpg Element Cp Roberts (6003-09)53rd QM Co (Subs Sup)(To rtn OA 29 Auf 60 to Ft Ord, Calif)573rd Ord Co (DS)75,8th AFU (Type U)(To rtn CA 15 Sep 60 to Ft Ord, Calif)US Army Audit Agency. Western Region (9106) (180 New Montgomery St,US Army Engineer District, Sacramento, South Pacific Division L2098th St. PO Box 1739. PZ 8) (II) iCOFENGHS)USA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (PO Bldg, 8th & I Sts)US Army TSMC Liaison Office, Sacramento AMA (9240) (II Act) "JcoH"3ACRAMEN 0 SIGNAL DEPOT, FRUITRIDGE ROAD, SACRAMENTO 14. CALIF (II) (CSIGO)Film & Equipment Exchange (Class EX)Sacramento Signal Depot (6507)Sacramento Subseetor Comd, Northern California Sector f XV US ArmvCorps (6052-02] JPO BoxJJ , Sacramento Calif)US Army Dispensary (0364)US Army Signal Inspector General Field Office #3 (6695)216th Sig Dep (Base) —Hq & Ha Co22lst Sig Co (Base Dep)504,th Sip Co (Baae Maint)"' " '—riy — - """"""" '"'-.-.-.(2747 Mission St)Arty—Btry D (Site CL-91, Angel Isl)Arty—Btrys A. B & C (Site 25-T)CALiF (to F IM 6V §iN HUllduJOu,Fort Baker see Fort BakerFort Cronkhite(see Fort Cronkhrte)Letterman General Hospital (see Letterman General Hospital)Hq XV US Army Corps (6052)Presidio of San Francisco (6002LPresidio of San Francisco Support Gp (6002-09)Northern California Subsector Comds (USAR Advisor Groups). XV US AfmvCorps (6052-02)Northern California Sector. XV US Army Corps (Bldg T-911)San Francisco Subsector Comd. Northern California Sector. XV US ArmvCorps (6052-02) (Bldg T-902)San Francisco Bay Area Industrial Security Field Office (6002-09)' Senior Advisors, General Officer Commands (USAR) (6052-05)Sixth US Army Central Film & Exchange (Class A3B)Sixth US Army Recruiting District (6040 Salem Subsector Comd, Oregon Sector, X US Army Corps (6051-03)(775 Airport Rd SE)US Army Advisor Gp (NGUSJ, Oregon (o063) (2150 Fairgrounds Rd. HE)USA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (125 High St, NE)1- 447 -(6052-07) (2130 Fulton St)US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC), California, San Francisco High Schools.(6052-10) (135 Van NessUSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) ———— 2nd Msl Bn UlKE-HJBCTJLES) , 51sti — 4th Msl Bn (NIKE-HERCULES, , 67th————""N m» CISCO. PRESIDIO OF. SAN IHANCisCO,SALEM, ' IEGONSAUNAS CALIFORNIAUSA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (12 West Alisal St)US Army Engineer Division, South Pacific (2460) (PO Box 3339, RinconAnnex. PZ 19) (US Appraisers Bldg, 630 Sansome St) (II Act)(OFENGRS)US Army Engineer District, San Francisco, South Pacific Div (180 NewMontgomery St. PO Box 3050. Rinoon Annex. PZ 19) (II) (COFENGRSlUS Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), California, University of San Francisco"1JROSEBURI , OREGONUSA Recruiting Station (6040-03) (Rm 209. PO Bldg) 3ACHAMEI TO. CALIFORNIAUS Army Advisor Gp (NGUS) , California (6061) (2520 Marconi Ave, POBox 4385. PZ 21)US Army Instr Gp (JR ROTC), California, Sacramento High Schools.Hq"""" " 'i BBH

SHCTH UNITED STATES ARMT AREASAN FiuuIISCO, HIESIDIO OF, yConta;iSixth US Army (6000)SIXTH UNITED STATES A!Mt AREASANTA KtHq & Hq Co. Sixth PS Army Sp Trps (6000-01)Sixth US Army Flight Det (6ODO-O2;Sixth OS Army Communication Operations Agency (6300)Hq(TAG!PS Army Courier Transfer Station (9514) (IIOS Armr Eleaent. Armed Forces Police Det t6002-05J.sary (6002-01)US Army Dispensary(6002)on (&US Army GarrisonPS Army Data, Processing Unit Augmentation C56thl (6002-061PS Army CIO Apg Gp (115th) (6002-08)US Army MP Det (CI) Aug (60th) (6002-04JUS Army Training Go (6091US Army Veterinary Food Inspection Det (6002-O3)6th Army Band16th BPO (Type 0)636th PS ASA Pet (9316)56th Data Processing Unit IType60th MP Pet (Grim Inves)87th Ord Pet (Explo Dapo)102ndInd Data Processing Unit [Trj)e Z l115 MUMP* (Less Regieons;163rd MP Co (Post, Cp or Sta)199th MI Det (Bioto Intpr)548th Ord Pet (ExplP Pspo Con).CALIK1RNIASan Jose Subaeetor Comd, northern California Sector, IV US AmyCorps (6052-02) (155 W Rosa St)[ PS Amy Inatr Gp (SR ROTC), California, San Jose State College(6052-07)USA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (54 Almaden Are)SantaIna siibseetor Comd, Southern California Sector, XV US Army" Corps 16052-03j UOJ2 U Uaip sirUSA Recruiting Station (6040-09) (622 N Main St)"Santa Barbara Suhsector Comd Southern California Sector, Xg US Arm—————— Corps (6052-03) (3227 StateSlT)US Army Inatr Gp {JRROTG), California. Santa Barbara Hlefa Sehnrn"J6052-10)USA Recruiting Station (6040-06) (FO Bldg)' 'SANTA ClfaA"CMjroRNIA! US Army Instr Gp (SR ROTC), California, University of" Santa16052-07]H/RIA. CALIFORNIAiSI.9 M BS3ldsntRegional Office #2SANTA M SIU, CALIHIRNIANorthwest LOB Angeles Subaeetor Comd,, )! :rn California AV ua Army uprps-O3) (2802 Ai

Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot (see Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot) j*Um & Equipment Exchange (Class.4B) Fort Lewis (6006) Aggressor Force, Exercise ELK HORN (Prov) Aviation Det. Exercise ELK HORN (Prov) Dental Svc Det (6006 02) Hq, Exercise ELK HORN (Prov) OS Army Classification & Assignm

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1. Lambda service polls the shard once per second for a set of records. Then synchronously invokes the Lambda function with the batch of records. 2. If the Lambda returns successfully, the Lambda service advances to the next set of records and repeats step 1. 3. If the Lambda errors, by default the Lambda service invokes the

Sororites: Alpha Sigma Rho, Delta Phi Lambda, Delta Phi Omega, Lambda Theta Alpha, Sigma Sigma Rho, Theta Nu Xi Fraternities: Delta Epsilon Psi, Lambda Phi Epsilon, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Lambda Theta Phi, Sigma Beta Rho, Xi Kappa. GREEK ALPHABET & TERMINOLOGY ACTIVE: a fully initiated member of the fraternity

Sororites: Alpha Sigma Rho, Delta Phi Lambda, Delta Phi Omega, Lambda Theta Alpha, Sigma Sigma Rho, Theta Nu Xi Fraternities: Delta Epsilon Psi, Lambda Phi Epsilon, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Lambda Theta Phi, Sigma Beta Rho, Xi Kappa. GREEK ALPHABET & TERMINOLOGY ACTIVE: a fully initiated member of the fraternity

AWS SAM-Lambda-Beispielvorlage . 183 Anwendungsfälle . 184 Beispiel 1: Amazon S3 pusht Ereignisse und ruft eine Lambda-Funktion auf . 185 Beispiel 2: AWS Lambda ruft Ereignisse aus einem Kinesis-Stream ab und ruft eine Lambda- .

AWS Lambda in (a bit of) theory and in action Adam Smolnik . A bit of a function theory The term Lambda (λ) originated from Lambda calculus - a theoretical universal model for describing functions . AWS Lambda service Enables implementations that are able to react quickly to events

or ASTM D 2155. Both standards have now been'withdrawn by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM); ASTM D 286, many years ago and ASTM D 2155, as of November 1980. ASTM D 2155 has been replaced by ASTM E 659, Standard Test Method for

AWS Lambda in Action Dr. Tim Wagner, General Manager AWS Lambda August 19, 2015 Seattle, WA. Two Minute AWS Lambda Origin Story. Evolution of Storage Data Center Disks Objects (files) Evolution of Storage: Cloud Store Amazon S3. Sharing Lower Costs Amazon S3. Evolution of Storage Compute Data Center

2.1 ASTM Standards: 2 E 178 Practice for Dealing with Outlying Observations E 867 Terminology Relating to Vehicle-Pavement Systems E 1364 Test Method for Measuring Road Roughness by Static Level Method F 457 Test Method for Speed and Distance Calibration of a Fifth Wheel Equipped with Either Analog or Digital Instrumentation 3. Terminology 3.1 Definitions: 3.1.1 aliasing—in the context of .