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:TriStar Arms1816 Lim St.North Kansas City, MO 6416INSTALLATION OF MAGAZINE PLUGSome Federal, State and local hunting regulation may require that a shotgun belimited to a maximum shell capacity of three (3) rounds.Your shotgun has been packed with a magazine plug for this purpose.Installation:1. Remove the forend screw cap, the forend and the barrel.2. At the threaded end of the magazine tube (where the forend screw cap fits)you will locate a black snap ring.3. A large blade screw driver should be used to remove the snap ring.CAUTION: The snap ring will be under pressure from the magazine spring.Do not remove the snap ring in a manner where the ring could fly out and strikeyou or anyone else causing injury, particularly to the eye.4. Compress the magazine spring into the magazine tube, and insert the magazine plug (small end first). Push the magazine plug and insert the snap ring sothe snap ring end is flush with the end of the tube.THANK YOUThank you for purchasing a Tristar shotgun We are sure this gun will bringyou years of hunting and/or shootin pleasure. Your satisfaction is the key to oursuccess. Please let us know if we can be of service and please relay any observations about your guns performance or appearance.PURCHASER'S RECORDModel NumberPurchase DateGauge or CaliberSerial NumberPurchase PriceStore Name17

BE COURTEOUSWhen shooting or hunting always acquire the permission of the landowner. Respect the land. Do notlitter, use gates when possible, leave open gates open and closed gates closed. Dirive vehicles onlywhere advance permission has been granted and always express gratitude for use of anotherpersons land. offer your labor or game as repayment for the privilege of use. Remember you arehelping develop a reputation for all sportsmen/sportswomen.

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Shotgun Shooting - Merit Badge Workbook Page. 4 of 11 2. Do ONE of the following options A. Shotgun Shooting (Modern Shotshell Type) OPTION A a. Identify the principal parts of a shotgun, action types, and how they function. Part Name Function b. Identify and demonstrate the rules for safely handling a shotgun.

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ABOUT YOUR SEMI-AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN Your Toros Arms Shotgun is gas operated. The gas created from ring a live shotshell operates the action. Once the rst shell has been red, the next shell in the magazine will automatically cycle into the chamber, and this cy

Rem 1100 Notes_ Rev with Pix of Disassembly.doc 01/21/06 Page 2. REMINGTON 1100 – AN INTRODUCTION The Remington 1100 shotgun was introduced in 1965 as a 12-gauge semi-automatic. Since that introduction, the 1100 has been manufactured in many different gauges and configurations. It is usedFile Size: 409KBPage Count: 39Explore furtherRemington 1100 Owner’s Manual Download (PDF)www.rem870.comRemington 1100 Parts List Schematic Numrichwww.gunpartscorp.comRemington 1100, 1100 Special Field Schematic W/ Parts List .www.gunpartscorp.comRemington 1100 Shotgun Parts for sale eBaywww.ebay.comRemington 1100 Full Disassembly - to you based on what's popular Feedback

national shotgun competitions. 1.2 To participate in international and national shotgun competitions. 1.3 To develop skills and knowledge of the shooting sports. 1.4 To provide a set of standard national shooting rules which will guide competitors and assist competition organisers in the orderly and consistent management of shotgun competitions.

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