Redefining Laboratory Coagulation Roche Becomes A New Player

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cobas t 411 coagulation analyzerDriven by commitment, powered by Roche

Redefining laboratory coagulationRoche becomes a new playerRoche began its journey in the area of hemostasis withthe CoaguChek meter, which today is the most widelyused point-of-care device for warfarin monitoring inthe world. For many years, Roche has forged strongalliances with external partners in the areaof central coagulation laboratory market and has a market leading position in many countries. Today,Roche is developing its own comprehensive portfoliofor the central coagulation laboratory that will beavailable globally. The portfolio will provideoutstanding productivity while reducing complexity byaddressing current and future testing requirementsacross a broad range of customer segments.Consistent with current Roche portfolios and drivenby commitment to deliver customer focused, qualityoriented and cost effective products, Roche will enterinto a new era of testing solutions for coagulationlaboratories.

cobas t 411 coagulation analyzerProviding safety, efficiency and productivityThe cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is the newestmember of the Roche diagnostic portfolio and beginsa new era for Roche in the world of coagulation.Best-in-class reagent, sample and cuvette storagecapacity means the analyzer is not only easy to usebut also requires minimal interaction during daily use.Covering the diverse needs of today’s coagulation labs,the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is ideally suitedfor maximum flexibility and efficiency. The cobas t 411coagulation analyzer is designed for the low to mediumthroughput laboratory.The cobas t 411 analyzer is designed with a uniqueset of enhanced safety features to ensure robust andhigh quality patient results, every time.A host of other innovative features includeautomated, multi-vendor cap-piercing, maximizedreagent utilization and integrated barcode scanningfor samples and reagents.

cobas t 411 coagulation analyzerDynamic workflow, safety and reliability17352641Cuvette compartment 240 cuvettes 4 channel cuvette racks Continuous loading2Sample area 100 samples on-board Dedicated STAT port Continuous loading via 5 position racks3Cap-piercing Multi-vendor compatibility4Software Linux-based operating system Comprehensive QC program includingLevey-Jennings Full result traceability function User-definable protocols5Reagent compartment Up to 70 vials on-board capacity Continuous rack-based loading withLED status indication Extended routine menu including: PT,APTT, FIB, TT, AT and DD6Reading station Slide in reading position SW guided reagent management7Measurement position 140 tests/hr (PT) 100 tests/hr (mixed mode) 4 position LED measurement system w ith405 nm and 620 nm Unique opto-mechanical measuringprinciple Clotting, chromogenic, immunoturbidimetric assays

cobas coagulation analyzersDriven by commitment, powered by RocheResponsive roadmapDesigned with and for global customers,the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzeris the first member in Roche’s new seriesof coagulation analyzers.Quality and reliabilityProven premium Roche quality meansthe cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer isreliable and robust with minimum downtime.Combined with an established,experienced global support network Rocheensures maximum up-time.Workflow dynamicsFeaturing continuous loading of reagents,samples and cuvettes, the cobas t 411coagulation a nalyzer ensures m aximumproductivity for demanding laboratoryworkloads.Premium safetyAutomatic cap piercing for all tube typescombined with positive s ample identificationwith automatic, on-board barcode scanningensure patient and operator safety are notcompromised.

Maximizing productivity and efficiency, the cobas t 411coagulation analyzer ensures optimization of workflowprocesses in the coagulation labDriven by commitment, powered by RochePassion for dynamic workflowWith flexible, continuous loading of samples, reagentsand cuvettes at any time in combination withlarge onboard storage capacity, walk-away time ismaximized and hands-on time minimized.A dedicated port is always available for STAT testing.Multi-vendor compatible, automated cap piercingensures maximum flexibility for efficient workflow inthe busy laboratory.

Patient and operator safety are paramountDriven by commitment, powered by RochePassion for premium safetyAutomated cap-piercing and positive samplemanagement via the integrated automatic barcodescanner means patient and operator safety are nevercompromised. Patient safety is further ensured viathe unique opto-mechanical detection system and‘measurement readiness’ check.Patient results are fully traceable utilizing a featurethat allows the user to check which calibrator, controland reagent lots were used to obtain the result.

Serviceability by design, the cobas t 411 coagulationanalyzer from Roche is built to, and s upported by,exacting quality standardsDriven by commitment, powered by RochePassion for quality and reliabilityDesigned for superior serviceability with a dailymaintenance time of just 5 minutes, premiumreliability is achieved.Furthermore, only one preventative maintenanceper year is required. With Roche’s extensive globalsupport network and its established experience incoagulation, maximum up-time and cost efficiencyare assured.Reliable hardware ensures continuous operation.All of this in combination means better costeffectiveness for the laboratory.

The cobas t 411 is the newest member of the Rochefamily series of Coagulation analyzersDriven by commitment, powered by RocheResponsive roadmapRoche has taken a proactive, responsive approach tothe design of the new coagulation portfolio. Designedbased on global customer input, Roche’s pipeline forthe future in hemostasis is well defined.The cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is the powerfulfirst member of the new coagulation series.Roche’s next generation platforms will offer trulyground-breaking, innovative automation features andwill set new standards in lab coagulation.

Passion for hemostasisHelping to improve patient care and diagnostic efficiencyConsistent with a world-wide presence and commitment in offeringtotal testing solutions, Roche’s new coagulation product portfoliowill be available globally. Roche’s distinctiveness and uniquecapabilities, combined with a broad array of technologies, enableRoche to further strengthen its leadership position and delivervalue to its customers and patients worldwide.Self- & professional monitoringMolecular and plateletfunction testingcobas IT solutionsLightCycler InstrumentMultiplate analyzerCoaguChek XS systemCoaguChek XS Plus systemCoaguChek XS Pro systemLaboratory automationcobas p 512 and cobas p 612 pre-analytical system (former RSD pro)cobas 8100 automated workflow seriescobas p 501 and cobas p 701 post-analytical unitRoutine and specialty testingcobas t 411 coagulation analyzercobas t 511 coagulation analyzercobas t 711 coagulation analyzer

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the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is the first member in Roche’s new series of coagulation analyzers. Quality and reliability Proven premium Roche quality means the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is reliable and robust with minimum downtime. Combined with an established, experienced global support network Roche ensures maximum up-time.