Globus Toolkit: Authentication And Credential Translation

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Globus Toolkit: Authenticationand Credential TranslationJET Workshop, April 14, 2004Frank Copyright (c) 2002 University of Chicago and The University of Southern California. All Rights Reserved.presentation is licensed for use under the terms of the Globus Toolkit Public License.See l for the full text of this license.This

OutlinezzzzzzzzzGlobus Alliance & Globus ToolkitThe Grid “problem”Globus Security Infrastructure (GSI)Public Key Credentials Proxy-CertificatesSSL, GSSAPI/GSI and DelegationKx509: Kerberos PKPkinit: PK KerberosGridLogon: username/password/OTP PKFutures and ConclusionJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation2

The Globus AllianceMaking Grid computing a realityzzzzzArgonne, UC, USC/ISI, EPCC, PDC, NCSAClose collaboration with many scientific and commercialGrid application and infrastructure projectsDevelopment and promotion of standard Grid protocolsto enable interoperability and shared infrastructureDevelopment and promotion of standard Grid softwareAPIs and SDKs to enable portability and code sharingThe Globus Toolkit software: Open source softwarebase for building Grid infrastructure and applicationsJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation3

LHC Data Distribution PBytes/secOnline System 100 MBytes/sec 20 TIPSThere are 100 “triggers” per secondEach triggered event is 1 MByte in size 622 Mbits/secor Air Freight (deprecated)France RegionalCentreSpecInt95 equivalentsOffline Processor FarmThere is a “bunch crossing” every 25 nsecs.Tier 11 TIPS is approximately 25,000Tier 0Germany RegionalCentreItaly RegionalCentre 100 MBytes/secCERN Computer CentreFermiLab 4 TIPS 622 Mbits/secTier 2 622 Mbits/secInstituteInstitute Institute 0.25TIPSPhysics data cacheInstituteCaltech 1 TIPSTier2 CentreTier2 CentreTier2 CentreTier2 Centre 1 TIPS 1 TIPS 1 TIPS 1 TIPSPhysicists work on analysis “channels”.Each institute will have 10 physicists working on one or morechannels; data for these channels should be cached by theinstitute server 1 MBytes/secTier 4Physicist workstationsJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation4

Multiple Security DomainsCompute FacilityRawDataData SourceInputDataBandwidthSvcComputeFacilitySvcData SrcSvcOutputDataSchedulingSvcBandwidthSvcRequester Each Organization is “independent” Each Organization has its own AuthN mechanismsResultData Each Organization enforces its own access policy User needs to delegate rights to broker which mayneed to delegate to servicesSvc XPost-ProcessingFacility QoS/QoP Negotiation and multi-level delegationJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation5

Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)zBased on standard PKI technologies zCAs allow one-way, light-weight trustrelationships (not just site-to-site)X.509 Certificates for asserting identity zSSL protocol for authentication,message protection GSSAPI-mechanismfor users, services, hosts, etc.Proxy Certificates GSI extension to X.509 certificates fordelegation, single sign-onJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation6

Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)zUse GSI as a standard mechanism for bridgingdisparate security mechanisms zzDoesn’t solve trust problem, but now things talksame protocol and understand each other’sidentity credentialsBasic support for delegation, policy distributionTranslate from other mechanismsto/from GSI as neededConvert from GSI identity to local identityfor authorizationJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation7

Grid Identity, Local PolicyMap tolocal name In current model,all Grid entitiesassigned a PKIidentity. User is mapped tolocal identities todetermine localpolicy.GridIdentityLocalPolicyMap tolocal name.LocalPolicyJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation8

Use Delegation toEstablish Dynamic Distributed nJET Workshop 2004ComputeCenterGlobus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation9

X.509 Proxy CertificateszGSI Extension to X.509 Identity Certificates zzEnables single sign-onAllow user to dynamically assign identityand rights to service zOn RFC trackCan name services created on the fly andgive them rights (i.e. set policy)What is effectively happening is the user iscreating their own trust domain of services Services trust each other with user acting asthe trust rootJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation10

Proxy CertificatesCreateF1ServiceCN Jane DoeX.509 IdcertificateX.509 ProxyDelegationCN Jane Doe/9874Rights:Can access file F1,Service S1, X.509 ProxycertificateUse delegatedrights to accessresources.S1JET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation11

Goal is to do thiswith arbitrary tionSAMLAttributeJET Workshop 2004X.509ACComputeCenterGlobus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation12

Kerberos to GSI GatewayzTo use Kerberos, a Kerberos-to-GSIgateway translates Kerberos credentials toGSI credentials to allow local Kerberosusers to authenticate on the Grid. zKx509/KCA is an implementation of onesuch gateway.Sslk5/pkinit provide the oppositefunctionality to gateway incoming Gridcredentials to local Kerberos credentials.JET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation13

Local Identity,Grid Identity, Local PolicyMap tolocal 5ResourcesJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation14

GridLogon:Credential Wallet/ConverterzGridLogon (MyProxy) allows users to store GSIcredentials and retrieve them With username/password or other credential Integration with One-Time-Password (OTP) Systems zCan act as a credential translator fromusername/password to GSIUsed by services that can only handle username andpass phrases to authenticate to Grid Services limited by client implementationszzE.g. web portalsAlso handle credential renewal for long-running tasksJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation15

GridLogon: Passphrase-X.509Federation ServiceGSI GSIDelegationUsername &pass phraseRequestorWeb Browser requestWeb Portal/ServerGSIGrid ResourceJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation16

One Time Passwordsand Restricted elegationMap tolocal DelegationKRB5ResourcesJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation17

GSI ImplementationSSL/WS-Securitywith ProxyServices (runningCertificatesAuthz Callouton user’s behalf)AccessComputeCenterRights’’CAS or VOMSissuing SAMLor X.509 ACsVOUsersRightsLocal Policyon VO identityor attributeauthorityJET Workshop 2004VirtualOrganizationGridLogonRights’Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential TranslationKCA18

Grid Evolution:Open Grid Services ArchitecturezGoals zRefactor Globus protocol suite to enable common baseand expose key capabilitiesService orientation to virtualize resources and unifyresources/services/informationEmbrace key Web services technologies for standardIDL, leverage commercial effortsResult standard interfaces & behaviors fordistributed system management built on Webservices Standardization within Global Grid Forum and OASISOpen source & commercial implementationsJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation19

OGSA Security iceAudit/Secure-LoggingServiceService e ainJET Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation20

ConclusionzThe Globus Toolkit is sophisticated, secure middleware zMultiple AuthN-mechanism support zthrough use of proxy-certificateNext generation GT based on Web Services zPlus “translation” servicesSecure Delegation of Rights support zDe-facto standard for Grid applicationsStandardized in Global Grid Forum & OASISGlobus Toolkit provides a working, evolvingimplementation for “secure” Grid protocols Downloaded 100k times already ( Workshop 2004Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation21

JET Workshop 2004 Globus Toolkit: Authentication and Credential Translation 2 Outline zGlobus Alliance & Globus Toolkit zThe Grid “problem” zGlobus Security Infrastructure (GSI) zPublic Key Credentials Proxy-Certificates zSSL, GSSAPI/GSI and Delegation zKx509: Kerberos PK zPkinit: PK Kerberos zGridLogo

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