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AmericanAcademy ofBalletMignon Furman, DirectorSummerSchool ofExcellence2009Purchase College SUNY,Purchase, NYJuly 5 –August 16, 2009

AmericanAcademy ofBalletWelcomeSummer Schoolof Excellence 2009Great Facultyat Purchase College SUNYPurchase, NYMignon FurmanDirectorBrian LoftusAssociate DirectorPrograms6 weeksJuly 5 - August 165 weeksJuly 12 - August 163 weeksJuly 26 - August 162 weeksJuly 12 - July 261 weekTechnique IntensiveJuly 5 - July 10Why our Summer Schoolsare so great.I have organized 28 Summer Schools in thepast, and each one has been a success.I always invite a Faculty which is at the topof the teaching profession. Many teacherson the Faculty have danced with famousinternational ballet companies, and all have acomprehensive understanding of instructionfor students. Their many years of teachingexperience are an assurance of the highquality of instuction that is characteristic ofour Summer School.Great ProgramsBallet is the main focus: technique,repertoire, pointe, pas de deux andvariations. There are also classes in Jazz,Modern, and Character. All these programswill challenge and stimulate the dancersto develop a flexibility of style that is soimportant in today’s dance world.Great PerformancesI realize that the purpose of dance trainingis performance, so I have organized sevenperformance opportunities over the six-weekperiod. See “General Information” for details.Great SupervisionThis will please the parents! Campus security isprovided by the College. In addition, we haveour own housemothers and student counselors.A registered nurse is in attendance to takecare of any aches and pains. The students arerequired to observe a high standard of socialconduct, and a diligent approach to theirclasses. They are also required to conform tothe rules for the day-to-day organization of ourprogram. Our summer school is not a “playcamp” but a serious school whose aim is toimprove the dance abilities of the students in anurturing and positive manner.Two Special ProgramsThese have been devised especially tomeet the needs of students. They are thePerformance Awards and the TechniqueIntensive. See “Special Programs” for details.MusiciansI believe that music is an important partof ballet education. We maintain a rosterof fine musicians who will accompany theballet classes.Great ExperienceThe experience of our Summer School isunforgettable. For this reason, so manystudents return again and again to realizethe sense of achievement that comes whenchallenges are met and personal best setsnew levels of excellence. One-third of ourenrollment consists of students who haveattended in previous years. There is noSummer School that is quite like a SummerSchool of the American Academy of Ballet.About Mignon FurmanMignon Furman has, over aperiod of years, organized noless than 28 Summer Schools.She has been teaching ballet formore than 40 years. She wasthe Director of the Universityof Cape Town Ballet Schoolwith special responsibilityfor teachers’ training. At theUniversity she formulatedthe programs to be used by80 trainee teachers and 400students. She was nominatedfor the Distinguished TeacherAward from amongst the entireUniversity faculty of 1,500. Sheis a choreographer and educator,and has studied or been guestteacher in New York, London(England), Tel Aviv, Paris, andCannes. She has served oncity, state, and federal arts andeducation committees.

Program Classical Ballet Pointe Pas de Deux Repertoire Variations Special Male Classes Character Modern Pilates Jazz Stagecraft Special ProgramsA Typical Day.MorningBreakfast2 hour ballet technique class1 hour Pointe Work orRepertoire orVariations orRehearsalLunchAfternoon2 classes e.g.: Pilates or Modernand Jazz or CharacterDinnerEveningOptional Ballet Class orPerformance Awards CoachingClasses are held6 days per weekImprove yourtechnique andperformancebeyondrecognition.Performance AwardsThis program is the unique concept of theAmerican Academy of Ballet, and is partof the regular curriculum of many teachersthroughout the United States, Japan, SouthAfrica, Spain, Bahamas, Mexico, Holland,Ireland, England and Israel. Students receivespecial instruction in the program whichconsists of several short dances. These aredanced as solo dances by the students duringthe Summer School Awards Nights, atwhich medals and certificates are awarded toeach student. The program is a remarkableincentive to enhanced achievement. It isoptional and additional to the scheduledclasses. Students benefit tremendously if theyparticipate in it. No other summer school inthe United States offers this program.One WeekTechnique IntensiveThis program is intended to improve thefundamental basis of the classical ballettechnique: turn-out, port de bras, footwork,placing, elevation, pointe, pirouettes, andpresentation. Students will develop selfconfidence and style in their dancing,knowing that their technique is sound.The admissions are limited, and will bestreamed into seven levels. Teachers, highlyexperienced in the teaching of technique,will give the classes. Many advanced studentsalso enroll in this program to give finesse totheir dancing.FeesResidential Students The fee includesclasses, housing, 3 meals a day, outings andother events.6 weeks5 weeks3 weeks2 weeks1 weekJuly 5–August 16July 12–August 16July 26–August 16July 12–July 26July 5–July 10 5,100 4,575 3,070 2,050 1,020Day Students The fee includes classes,lunches, dinners, outings and other events.6 weeks5 weeks3 weeks2 weeks1 weekNotes:July 5–August 16July 12–August 16July 26–August 16July 12–July 26July 5–July 10 4,000 3,500 2,200 1,470 730(1) Payment is due in full by May 15, 2009.If payment is received after this date, add 50.(2) If payment is by a credit card, add 3%.You will notbelievethe progressthat youwill make.You willreturn homea confident andinspired dancer,dancing withrenewed energyand purpose,and withenhancedartistry.

FacultySusie Cooper(Classical Ballet, Creative Dance &Choreography) Danced in severalcompanies in England. Tutor at theRAD College in England and Head ofDance at The Urdang Academy, London.Olga DvorovenkoSara Knight(Character) Trained at the RoyalBallet School and at the VaganovaSchool. Danced with the Eifman BalletCompany in St. Petersburg and theNorthern Ballet Theater in England.Now teaching in Connecticut.(Classical Ballet & Repertoire) Trainedin the Ukraine. Now teaches the StudioCompany of American Ballet Theater.Lucia KuimovaMignon FurmanSean Lavery(Repertoire & Classical Ballet) WasDirector of the University of Cape TownBallet School in charge of teacher trainingand Founder-Director of its Youth balletcompany. Now Director of the AmericanAcademy of Ballet.Nadiene Gibney(Classical Ballet) A graduate of theTeacher Training program of theNational Ballet School of Canada.Now teaching in Toronto.David Howard(Classical Ballet) Danced with the RoyalBallet (soloist). Now teaching in NewYork. An international guest teacher andguest teacher for ballet companiesworld-wide.Jay Jolley(Classical Ballet) Was principal dancerwith the New York City Ballet and theRoyal Ballet. Now Assistant Director ofthe Royal Ballet School.(Character) Was trained in Russia. Nowteaching in Louisiana.(Classical Ballet) Was Principal Dancerwith the New York City Ballet. Nowassistant to Ballet Master-in-Chief,Peter Martins.Janet Lindup(Repertoire and Pilates) Was principaldancer with Capab Ballet. Now teachingin Cape Town.Brian Loftus(Classical Ballet and Pas de Deux) WasDirector of Dance for the Arts EducationalSchool in London. Danced with SadlersWells Opera Ballet, and La Grand BalletClassique de France. An internationalguest teacher.Lonné Moretton(Floor barre) A graduate of universitiesin San Jose and New York. Has taughtand choreographed for many universitiesand ballet companies in the USA,Stockholm, Lisbon and Tokyo.

Megan RichardsonRebecca Tsivkin(Physical Thereapy) Certified throughPolestar Education. Currently on staff ofthe Harkness Center for Dance Injuries.(Classical Ballet and Repetiteur)Graduate of the RAD College, London.Now teaching in New York.Steve RooksViolette Verdy(Modern Dance) Was a PrincipalDancer with the Martha Graham DanceCompany. Now an international guestteacher and Assistant Professor of Danceat Vassar College.(Classical Ballet) Was a principal dancerwith The New York City Ballet anddirector of the Paris Opera Ballet.Now teaching at the University ofIndiana at Bloomington. Internationalguest teacher.Stephanie Saland(Classical Ballet) Was Principal Dancerwith the New York City Ballet. Nowteaching in Seattle.Galina Samsova(Classical Ballet and Repertoire) Trainedin Kiev. Was Principal Dancer with theSadler’s Wells Royal Ballet and LondonFestival Ballet. Now an internationalguest teacher and répétiteur for manyinternational companies.Merle SepelDean Vollick(Classical Ballet) Has danced withseveral companies in the USA andCanada. A graduate of the TeacherTraining Program of the National BalletSchool (Toronto). Teaches at BostonBallet School.Septime Webre(Classical Ballet) Director of theWashington Ballet and School inWashington, DC.(Classical Ballet) Director of AmericanPacific Ballet Company and Academyof Dance California. On faculty of theCalifornia State University at Fullerton.Heather WhiteMarion TonnerNote: Subject to change when(Classical Ballet) Danced with theCamargo Ballet, and the MarylandBallet, she was on the faculty of theUniversity of the Arts, the Miami CityBallet, the Boston Ballet, and is now aninternational guest teacher.(Jazz) A graduate of the University ofSouth Florida. Teaches at her ownschool in Florida.necessary. Additional faculty to beannounced. Not all faculty will bepresent for all six weeks, but at thetime of going to press, dates were notfinalized.

Audition RequirementsIf attending an audition: The auditions takes the form of a class. Nosolo variation is required. Please arrive and register at least 30 minutesbefore the scheduled time. Neat ballet attire to be worn. If on pointe,bring pointe shoes. Please bring a small head shot. A schoolpicture or regular camera shot will suffice. Please bring an audition fee of 30.00in cash. All dancers will complete the fullaudition class. Notice of acceptance will be mailed withintwo weeks of the audition date.Audition Times & LocationsSun, January 11 Purchase, NY12 pm 11-13 yrs2:30 pm 14 & upPurchase College SUNY735 Anderson Hill RoadSat, January 17 Mahwah, NJ2 pm 11-13 yrs4 pm 14 & upAngelica & Russ Perf Arts CtrRehearsal Room BC216Ramapo College505 Ramapo Valley RoadSun, January 18 Saratoga Springs, NY2 pmNational Museum of Dance &Hall of Fame99 South BroadwayIf mailing a video or DVD: Videos must be VHS or DVD format. Print name, address and age on the label ofthe video or DVD Notice of acceptance will be mailed withintwo weeks of receiving the video or DVD Videos or DVDs must be received beforeMarch 31, 2009 A 30.00 audition fee should accompany thevideo or DVDFri, January 23 Dallas, TXIn the video audition, no barre work should beshown. Please show:1a. 1st arabesque a terre and en l’air1b. A la seconde position tendu a terre anden l’air.2. An adage combination to include a balance,arabesque line, and a developpe.3. A pirouette combination4. Petite allegro combination5. Grand allegro showing moving steps.For girls:6. A still position showing the feet en pointein a la seconde.7. A pointe combinationSat, January 31 San Francisco, CA7 pmTexas Ballet Theater School2379 PromenadeRichardsonFri, January 30 Seattle, WA7 pm2 pmPacific Northwest BalletSchoolThe Phelps Center301 Mercer StreetSan Francisco Ballet455 Franklin StreetSun, February 1 Santa Monica, CA2 pm 11-13 yrs4 pm 14 & upWestside School of Ballet1709 Stewart StreetSat, February 7 New York, NY3:30 pm 11-13 yrs5:30 pm 14 & upSchool of American Ballet70 Lincoln Center Plaza(165 west 65th Street)Sun, February 8 Washington, DC4:30 pmThe Washington Ballet3515 Wisconsin Ave NWSat, February 14 Boston, MA2 pm 11-13 yrs4 pm 14 & upBoston Ballet School19 Clarendon StreetSat, February 21 Long Beach, CA1:30 pmCalifornia State University1250 Bellflower Blvd.Sun, February 22 Chicago, IL2 pmHubbard Street DanceLou Conte Dance Studio1147 West Jackson Blvd.Sun, March 1 Inverness, FL12 pmSchool of Dance Arts301 North Apoka Ave

How to Apply1. Attend an audition,or mail your video. See“Audition Requirements.”2. You will be advised ofthe results of the auditionwithin two weeks.3. If accepted, you will bemailed an application form.4. Return the applicationform, together with yourcheck(s) or credit carddetails. It is suggested thatyou return this as soonas possible. In past years,the applications of manystudents were returned asthey were received after theenrollment was full.5. You will then be givena link online to travelinformation and details ofcheck-in, a list of what tobring, and forms to befilled out.General InformationHousingAn entire dormitory building on thePurchase College SUNY campus isallocated to Summer School. The studentsare housed in double rooms. All roomsare air-conditioned. Housing, meals,laundry and outings, etc. are included inthe tuition. Three meals daily are providedon campus.hard work in a marvelous productionthat includes excerpts from the classicalballets and specially choreographeditems that are rehearsed during SummerSchool in addition to the regular classes.Costumes are supplied at no charge tothe students. Each student receives acertificate. Scholarships and prizes areawarded to students who have excelled.Campus FacilitiesAge and AdmissionPurchase College SUNY is well-knownfor its performing arts programs. Thedance building has nine beautifullyequipped air-conditioned studios.Among other facilities, there is an ATM,a general store and art gallery. Thetranquil surroundings provide an idealenvironment for the students.SupervisionHouse-mothers and student counselorswill supervise the students. MignonFurman, the Director of the AmericanAcademy of Ballet, will also be present oncampus. A registered nurse and a certifiedphysiotherapist are also in attendance.PerformancesThere are several theaters on the campus.A small theater–the Dance Lab–willbe used for the Performance Awardsand other events. Every student hasthe opportunity to dance in severalperformances, depending on theirlength of stay at Summer School. Thereare two Demonstrations; two sessionsof the Performance Awards; and threeperformances. Parents and friendsmay attend these events. The GalaPerformance in the large theater is alwaysso exciting! It wraps up the weeks ofStudents must be between the agesof 11 and 22. A minimum of 4 yearsballet training is required. Admissionis by audition or video. (See “AuditionRequirements”)PlacementPlacement classes will be assessed byseveral faculty teachers to place studentsin levels which will be most advantageousto them. This assessment is reviewedafter two days. The Faculty has hadmany years of experience in assessingstudents and will not discuss placementwith any parent or teachers of thestudents. Parents and teachers must beconfident that students are given muchconsideration and opportunity in theplacement process.Day AttendanceStudents who live near the campus mayattend Summer School without livingon campus. A reduced fee is payable. See“Fees” schedule.BoysPaymentPayment may be made by credit card orcheck for the full amount or by not morethan three installments by post-datedchecks or credit card. In this case, at least1/3 of the full amount must be paidwith the completed application form.Post-dated checks must be included withthe application. The final payment mustbe dated before May 15, 2009. A chargeof 50 will be made for unpaid checks.A surcharge of 3% will be made forcredit cards.Refund PolicyNo refunds will be made of any amountspaid unless a medical doctor’s certificateevidencing the inability of the applicantto attend Summer School is submitted.The certificate must be received beforeJune 15, 2009. In such cases, a refundless 30%, will be made. No refunds willbe made if the application for a refund isreceived after June 15, 2009.Arrival by airStudents travelling by air may arrive atWestchester airport, La Guardia, JFKor Newark and must make their ownarrangements for transport to PurchaseCollege. The name of a reliable car servicewill be supplied on request to the office.Westchester: This airport is about 10minutes by car from Purchase College.La Guardia, JFK, & Newark: Theseairports are about 1 hour by car fromPurchase College.Boys will have instruction in specialclasses in addition to joining in thetechnique classes.Photos by Costas.Brochure by Matthew Fass.

Where Are They Now?Some of Our AlumniStella AberaAlex DutkoFuzuki IshizakiMaya StorsethABT SoloistHong KongBalletMartyn GarsideSan FranciscoBalletJoseph CalleyBirminghamRoyal BalletSoloistThomas ForsterABT CompanySabinaWestcombeRoyal BalletRie IchikawaBoston BalletSoloistDanny ScottWas BostonBalletKevin EmertonRoyal BalletMiami City BalletNorwegian BalletOr SagiTrocaderosAviad HermanGothenburgBalletJordan MoserAustin BalletRyan CarrollWas in “Fosse”TouringCompany nowTeachingKate ReiglerTexas BalletTheaterAlpha NgSingapore BalletTheatreLucas JerklanderSlovenia BalletQuotes From Faculty Teachers“The whole program is absolutelyirresistible. Not only is it the perfectorganization, but there is a respect,care and knowledge that surrounds andacknowledges everyone involved, fromthe teachers to the helpers and all of thedancers. The working conditions and thelodgings are extremely good for everyone.The fact that all of the different groupsperform is remarkable, but even more sois how well the choreography is adapted tomake all of the students feel recognized andlook their best. It is a source of delight tosee the result and the tone of the programfor the dancers.”Violette Verdy, was Principal DancerNYC Ballet and Director of the ParisOpera Ballet, now on the faculty of theUniversity of Indiana, Bloomington“The best teachers can be found at TheAmerican Academy of Ballet’s summerprogram. Mignon Furman directs thegreatest program every year with aworldwide faculty. AAB will give you thebest summer experience.”David HowardInternational Guest Teacher“Working with students at the AmericanAcademy of Ballet Summer School is ahighlight of the year for me. There is a greatsense of camaraderie not only betweenthe students but also the faculty. It is agreat pleasure to be part of this wonderfulprogram.”Jay Jolley, Assistant Director ofThe Royal Ballet School“The opportunity for students to work withsuch renowned teachers and accomplishedmusicians will broaden horizons andenhance their futures. The inspiration of thedirector, Mignon Furman, coupled with herprogressive innovative ideas make this a trueSummer School of Excellence.”Brian LoftusInternational Guest Teacher“Working with a faculty of such a highcaliber is an inspiration both to me as wellas to the students. My admiration andthanks go to Mignon Furman for havingthe vision and knowledge to bring suchwonderful people together.”Merle Sepel, Director of the AmericanPacific Ballet Company and facultymember of Cal State University atFullerton“It is a joy to teach at the AAB SummerSchool of Excellence. The students arewonderfully responsive and I am proud tobe part of such an illustrious internationalfaculty which Mignon Furman has gatheredtogether. There is a great sense of artisticendeavour at the highest level and it is also alot of fun!”Susie Cooper, Head of Dance at UrdangAcademy, London“I highly recommend The AmericanAcademy of Ballet’s summer school. Theinternational faculty and the training andcare each student receives makes for asummer of learning and fun.”Sharon WagnerArtist ServicesQuote From a Dance Teacher“My students arrived back, inspired with stronger technique. Thank you!”Nancy Whyte, Bellingham, WAFor FurtherInformationAmericanAcademy ofBallet250 West 90th Street, #3ANew York, NY 10024Tel: 212-787-9500Fax:

Danced with the Eifman Ballet Company in St. Petersburg and the Northern Ballet Theater in England. Now teaching in Connecticut. Lucia Kuimova . Training Program of the National Ballet School (Toronto). Teaches at Boston Ballet School. Septime Webre (Classical Ballet) Director of the Washing

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