Norwood Celebrate A Goal Against Glenelg In Round 9

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Norwood celebrate a goal against Glenelg in Round 9

CONTENTSPresident’s Report5-7Player Profile10-12League Player Profile (HARRY BOYD)10Reserve Player Profile (ZAC RICHARDS)11Under 18 Player Profile (TYSON WALLS)12Ladders16-17League Table16Reserve Table16Under 18 Table17Last Round’s Results17Run Home (League)17Fourlegs20-21Events23Dom Barry wearing the2021 Norwood Football Club Indigenous Guernsey

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021PRESIDENT’S REPORTPaul Di IulioRichard douglas gets a handball away against Port Adelaide in Round 14As we enter the last month of winter, it is a great opportunityreflect on the season so far, both on and off the field. Until therecent state-wide lockdown the season has progressed relativelyfree of any interruptions however it seems like the comingweeks may throw some challenges at us. As we embrace thesechallenges, I ask for your patience and understanding as wework through each issue as it arises. I can assure you that JamesFantasia and his staff will provide you with as much informationas possible as soon as it becomes available.encourage you to get behind this event and show the rest ofthe league how strong our love for our footy club really is!SENIOR FOOTBALLThe season has had its ups and downs however overall, I believewe are tacking in the right direction under new coach JadeRawlings. At times we have played some amazing footy howeverat other times we have underperformed. One good thing aboutthis season is that our defensive structure has significantlyimproved and at this stage of the season, after 14 games, wehave conceded the least number of points. The challenge nowis how we become more potent in attack, so we can maximisethe great work that we have been doing defensively.FORTIS IN PROCELLAThere is no doubt the success of the Fortis in Procella campaignsignificantly assisted the club through the darkest times ofCOVID-19, last year. The support, passion, and care from so manymembers and supporters was truly amazing and something asa football club we were very proud of. Without your assistancethrough these very tough times, I am unsure if we would havesurvived. All going well we will be celebrating the success ofthis campaign with a march to our beloved home ground,Coopers Stadium before our last home game of the season. Asthe date gets closer further details will be made available and IThe other great thing about this year is that Jade and thecoaching group have been able to blood several youngsterswhich will only strengthen our club going forward. Theinconsistency in our performances is reflective of a very younginexperienced group however we have already shown that ourbest is good enough however we must perform at that level forlonger in games. I am very excited about our future, as there is5

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021WHEELCHAIR FOOTBALL TEAMsignificant upside in our playing group and when you comparethe number of games played by our players compared to theteams around us on the ladder you get a real appreciation ofhow young and inexperienced, we really are.I am very excited to welcome the newest team to our greatfootball club and that is our wheelchair team. This is a newinitiative of the SANFL and at this stage there are four clubsinvolved. In line with our value of being inclusive there was nodoubt that we wanted to be one of the four clubs with a team,and we could not be prouder to have them on board.As we enter the last four weeks of the minor round, I amconfident that we continue to improve and look forward toplaying deep into the finals series. So, get behind the team asthey make us proud!The team is being Captain-Coached by Grant Leonard. The teamincludes the following players;WOMEN’S TEAMWell, the season started slowly however under the mentorshipof new coach Mat Creeper the women went on a winningstreak that set up their very successful minor round season. Asyou would be aware the team finished minor premiers howeverlost both their finals to finish third. Like the men’s team, Mat andhis coaching group have unearthed several very good youngtalented footballers that are going to ensure our team remainsvery competitive for many years to come, I have no doubt wewill be challenging for ultimate glory next season and beyond.Richard DavisAshlee GouldDavid GouldHolly GouldDanielle HaleSimon HingstonDanny LeonardWayne McNamaraThe teams can be mixed gender and include a blend of playerswith and without a disability, ensuring the sport is attractivefor energise to participate. What is special about our team isthat Captain-Coach Grant Leonard gets the opportunity toplay alongside his son Danny and 4-time para-Olympian andbasketball gold Medallist David Gould gets to play alongside histwo daughters Ashlee and Holly. Furthermore, Ashlee also playsfor our Women’s team and this year was awarded the CoachesAward for her great season with the Women’s Team. This is anexciting new initiative, and I would encourage you all to goalong to Lightsview Community & Sports Centre on a Fridaynight and support our newest team.I would like to congratulate Mat on a very successful first yearas our Women’s Coach, which led to him being named Coachof the Year in the SANFLW. Mat has recently agreed to a two-yearextension as our Women’s Coach, and I look forward to himcontinuing the journey he started this year to bigger and betterthings in the coming years.I would also like to congratulate all the award winners andespecially acknowledge Sophie Armitstead on winning hersecond consecutive Best & Fairest, after another amazing yearwith the Lady Legs!Image Left. Sophie Armitstead shows her second consecutive Best & FairestImage Right. Norwood Football Wheelchair Team6

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021community, it’s their family!WOLF BLASS COMMUNITY CENTRESPONSORSI would like to acknowledge and thank all our partners as withouttheir continued contribution we would not be able to operate asa football club. Although there is too many to mention, I wouldlike to specifically acknowledge our major sponsors Apelle, IWS,Coopers, Barossa Boy (who have just committed for another 5years), Paradise Mazda, Findex, Schiavello and People’s Choice.The support these companies provide us is truly amazing and Iencourage all members to support these companies wheneverpossible.The Wolf Blass Community Centre is finished and fully operational!This new facility has provided us with the opportunity to recreatewhat we used to have in Woods Street, our club our home. Iwould encourage everyone to come along to a club Function inthe new Wolf Blass Community Centre or simply visit on matchdays as it is a great way for the Norwood Family to reconnectand provide strong support to all our teams for many years tocome. This building would not have been possible without thegenerous contribution by so many donors and on behalf of theBoard and future generations of the Norwood Football Club Iwould like to again thank everyone who has donated to date andespecially acknowledge and thank Wolf Blass for his significantpersonal contribution of 1 million to this development. I wouldalso like to acknowledge and thank Jo and the late Bill Cooperfor their enormous contribution which is now up to 250,000.What I love most about these contributions is the why, bothWolf Blass and Jo Cooper have made it abundantly clear thatNorwood is much more than a Football Club to them, it is aVOLUNTEERS, MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERSOn behalf of the Board I would like to say thank you toour wonderful Volunteers, Members and Supporters whocontinually support our great football club through the goodtimes and bad times. We have been fortunate over the years tohave far more good times than bad and there is no doubt thecontinued support that you all provide throughout the seasonis a big factor in helping us be successful.In closing, we are always looking to improve our football club soif you have any ideas or would like to discuss any matter, pleasegive me a call on 0418 856 085.7

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021LEAGUE PLAYER PROFILEHARRY BOYDBest set shot at your club: Richard Douglas.Most underrated SANFL player: I hate to say it but Nik Rokahr.My coach often says: Keep working on your craft.Best advice you’ve received: Control what you can control anddon’t worry about the rest.What do you do for work? Run fitness classes (Available onlineif anyone is keen just leave a comment below) and am stillstudying in the hope of becoming a physiotherapist one day.Greatest footy moment before the SANFL: 2018 GVFLPremiership with the Shepparton Football Club.Funniest teammate: Michael Talia.Most annoying teammate to sit next to at team meetings:Xavier Tranfa.Which is the first to watch their highlights after a game:Xavier Tranfa again.Team barracked for as a kid (AFL): Richmond Tigers.Most inspiring movie: Goodwill Hunting.Best concert attended: Electric Avenue in Christchurch, NZ.Favourite Song: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.Three apps you can’t live without:Spotify, Netflix and Snapchat.Instagram or Twitter: Instagram.Favourite café: Pavé.And what do you order:Big Breaky and Banana Breakfast Smoothie.Your passions or interests outside footy: A lot of other sports,love travelling and I’m a novice guitar player.Favourite holiday spot: Queenstown, NZ.Best piece of advice your mum gave you:“Believe in yourself” and “Take care of your things and don’t loseanything”.Image Right. Harry Boyd battles in the ruck against South Adelaide10

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021RESERVESPLAYER PROFILEZAC RICHARDSBest set shot at your club: Peter Bampton.Most underrated SANFL player: Nik Rokahr.My coach often says: Drive your legs through the contest.Best advice you’ve received: Take each contest as it comes.What do you do for work?Primary School PE & Science Teacher.Greatest footy moment before the SANFL:Playing junior footy with close mates in year 7.Funniest teammate: Sam Buckham.Most annoying teammate to sit next to at team meetings:Declan Hamilton.Which is the first to watch their highlights after a game:Jed Spence.Team barracked for as a kid (AFL): Carlton.Most inspiring movie: Remember the Titans.Best concert attended: Rufus.Favourite Song: Jet Black – Anderson .Paak.Three apps you can’t live without:AFL Fantasy, Kayo & Sportsbet.Instagram or Twitter: Instagram.Favourite café: Tell Henry.And what do you order:Almond latte with a Chicken Chipotle Sanga.Your passions or interests outside footy: Golf & Fishing.Favourite holiday spot: Middleton / Port Elliot.Best piece of advice your mum gave you:To enjoy what I’m doing with my life.Image Right. Zac Richards in action against West Adelaide11

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021UNDER 18 PLAYER PROFILETYSON WALLSBest set shot in the team:Damon Pitt - just has a perfect ball drop.Most inspiring movie:Cooper Murley “I have enough highlights to make a movie” .Most underrated teammate:Joseph Cristangic – growls like a dog when getting tackledMy coach often says - James Allan – “I’m a three-time MagareyMedalist” or “has Prospect Oval named a stand after me yet”- Chris O’Connor – “Watch Hudl”.Best concert attended: ACDC.Favourite Song: The Message – Onefour.3 apps you cannot live without: Snapchat, Instagram,Youtube Instagram or TikTok - Instagram.Best advice I have received: Xavier Tranfa – “footy and thenget on the beers” - Alastair Lord – “Just be like me convert onand off the field”.Best piece of advice your mum gave you: Give your personalbest in everything that you do.What would you like to do for work: Go to Uni to studyexercise physiology or get a trade and work in my dad’s kitchenmanufacturing business.First teammate to watch highlights or check stats: Taj Rahui– Calls himself ‘Boggy’ because “I’m in the best players basicallyevery week”.Greatest footy moment before the sanfl:Rostrevor Intercol 2018.Your passions or interest outside of footy:- Fishing.- Playing a round of Golf Favourite holiday spot(Hindmarsh Island).Funniest Teammate: Taj Rahui.Favourite Café: Va Bene – meat lovers and a chocolatemilkshake.Team barracked for as a kid: Hawthorn.Image Below. Tyson Walls in action for Rostrevor College12

2021 PLAYER SPONSORS TEAMPlayer Sponsor’s Night 2021

LADDERSLEAGUE 92158.06282Eagles14104000121085958.48203North Adelaide1486000125191157.86164South 50.37166Port .33128Adelaide14410000883132542.4789Central District14311000864111343.7610West Adelaide14212000847120241.344RESERVES 76662.78242Sturt149500091587951183Central 4.79145West 048.18107North Adelaide14410000896109145.0988South Adelaide14410000758114639.818

LADDERSUNDER 18 65966.01222West 156.0184South Adelaide1385000107696452.75165North 2344.07107Sturt14311000839128339.5468Central District14212000880135939.34LAST ROUND’S RESULTSLEAGUENorwood v Eagles (Coopers Stadium)Eagles 11.15. (81) d Norwood 7.3. (45)RESERVESNorwood v Eagles (Coopers Stadium)Eagles: 9.14. (68) d Norwood 8.5. (53)UNDER 18SNorwood v Eagles ( Maughan Thiem Kia Oval)Norwood: 10.10. (70) d Eagles: 4.13. (37)RUN HOME (LEAGUE)Round 16Saturday August 7Glenelg v Norwood ACH Group Stadium 2:10pmRound 17Friday August 13Norwood v West Adelaide Coopers Stadium 7:40pmRound 18Saturday August 28North Adelaide v Norwood Prospect Oval 2:30pmChannel 7 and 7plusRound 19Saturday September 4Norwood v Adelaide Coopers Stadium 1:10pm

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021FOURLEGSMatthew Panos celebrates a goal against Glenelg in Round one. Photo - Sarah ReedTails are wagging everywhere over the release of Norwood’s new FOURLEGS MERCHANDISE RANGE. Dog Caves, Doggy Bedsand Plain Guernseys’ are the first of the litter, with Doogies (Dog Hoodie), Leashes, Bowls and much more to come, making thisnew range simply pawsome, Woof, Woof!!Fourlegs Dog CaveFourlegs Dog Cave (Front View)20

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021How happy will your best mate be recovering in their Fourlegs Dog Cave after a hard day representing the Norwood FetchballClub (NFC) in their official Fourlegs NFC Guernsey.New Recruits Dusty (Left) and Franky (Right) looking pawsome in their FOURLEGS NFC GUERNSEYWe are proud to announce the latest arrival of the FOURLEGSLitter – The Dog Hoodie, which we named The DOOGIE. It is socool you will get a dog just so you can get a Doogie.Sealed and stained, just add your own comfy mattress andblanket, or a Fourlegs Doggy Bed for a relaxing warm nightafter a long day playing, guarding, scratching, and eating.DoogieDoggy Bed EmbroidedYes, it’s time to spoil your best mate and get them jumping as high as a Paul Puopolo speccie when they get their paws on any ofthe FOURLEGS range.Be a best mate to your best mate now!GET YOUR FOURLEGS GEAR HERE21

REDLEGSRedlegs Review -Round Up August 2021EVENTSPRE-MATCH DINNER:PRE-MATCH DINNER:Round 17 vs West Adelaide Pre-Match DinnerRound 19 vs Adelaide Pre-Match DinnerFriday 12th of August 5:30pmSaturday 4th of September 11:30amNorwood Function Roomat The Wolf Blass Community CentreNorwood Function Roomat The Wolf Blass Community CentreBUSINESS LUNCH:BUSINESS LUNCH:27th of August 1:00pm24th of September 1:00pmNorwood Function Roomat The Wolf Blass Community CentreNorwood Function Roomat The Wolf Blass Community CentreGuest speaker - Craig KellyGuest Speaker (TBA)The Norwood Football Club would like to thank all it’s members and supporters for their patience and understanding throughoutevents in 2021. Pending the situation with COVID the Norwood Football Club aims to continue with such events planned. If anythingchanges the Norwood Football Club will continue to inform members and supporters. Thank you again!23

Last Round’s Results Run Home (League) Fourlegs Events 5-7 10-12 10 11 12 . Dom Barry wearing the 2021 Norwood Football Club Indigenous Guernsey . 5 Redlegs Revie -Round Up August 2021 REDLEGS PRESIDENT’S REPORT Paul Di Iulio As we enter the last month of winter, it is a great opportunity reflect on the season so far, both on and off .

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J.J. STEWART MOTRS LTD J.J. Stewart Motors Ltd; 2239 8th line, Asphodel-Norwood, Township of K0L 2V0; Doug Irvine Automotive Repair Ltd. Doug Irvine; 1416 county rd. 45, P.o Box 529, Asphodel-Norwood, Township of K0L1Y0; Auto Car Care Auto Car Care; 4166 HWY 7 WEST PO BOX 249, Asphodel-Norwood, Township of K0L 2V0; NORWOOD AUTO WRECKERS Norwood .

MACMILLAN READERS INTERMEDIATE LEVEL SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE The Norwood Builder and Other Stories Retold by F H Cornish MACMILLAN. 11 THE NORWOOD BUILDER 1 The Most Unhappy Man The case which I call ‘The Norwood Builder’ began for us

Distance Level West Norwood, Greater London Train - The nearest mainline station is West Norwood. Direct services run from London Victoria and East Croydon. Bus - There are many local services to Knights Hill and Norwood Road. Most run via Brixton or West Croydon bus garages. Car - The ce

The Norwood Neighborhood is bound to the north by Prospect Street, a major east/west connector that connects to downtown and the I70/ I65 interstate exchange It takes only 6 minutes to get to the CJC and Norwood Neighborhood by car from the Prospect Street exit The Indi - ana Department of Transportation reported a daily trip count of 4,831

John’s writing accomplishments include Celebrate Recovery’s The Journey Begins Curriculum, Life’s Healing Choices, the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible (general editor), and The Landing and Celebration Place (coauthor). John’s newest books are Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery The Celebrate and Recovery Devotional (coauthor).

Goal Programming Formulation: The Dewright Company problem includes all three possible types of goals: profit goal is a lower one-sided goal: 12x 1 9x 2 15x 3 125 employment goal is a two-sided goal: 5x 1 3x 2 4x 3 40 investment goal is an upper one-sided goal: 5x 1 7x 2 8x 3 55 Where x 1, x 2, x

judge of goals, and bis decision, as he informed the associa?on, was "no goal," the victory must remain with the Ports, and I have therefore declined, on behalf of my club, to accede to the request to play the match ever again. I am, &c., ED. C. LEMESSURIER Hon. Sec. Port F.C. Saturday 15 July 1882, round 8. Norwood vs Port Adelaide, Alberton Oval.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Business (720 GLH) 601/7157/1 . Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business (1080 GLH) 601/7160/1 . This specification signposts all the other essential documents and support that you need as a centre in order to deliver, assess and administer the qualification, including the staff development required. A summary of all essential .