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Attachment KIOWA ENERGY CENTERAdvancing Iowa’s Energy Efficiency andRenewable Energy Use Through Research,Demonstration and Education

Overview of the Iowa EnergyCenterFloyd E. BarwigDirector

BackgroundEst. 1990 by the Iowa Energy Efficiency ActFunded by a surcharge on intra-state electric andnatural gas salesWorking with Iowa’s universities, colleges andprivate nonprofit organizationsAdministered by Iowa State UniversityGuided by a 13-member advisory council

BudgetReceive 85 cents from every 1,000 in intrastate electric andnatural gas utility revenues in IowaOperates under salary cap, currently 769,632Fiscal Year 2005 Budget 3.12 Million52%17%20%11%on grant programson collaborative researchemployee salaries and benefitson operations

Focus AreasBuilding & Industry Energy EfficiencyBiomass to Fuels and ChemicalsRenewable Resource AssessmentWind, Solar and BiomassInformation and Education for Energy UsersAlternate Energy Revolving Loan Program

Research Grant OpportunitiesAnnual Competitive Grant ProcessIowa-based groups to conduct energy-relatedresearch, demonstration and education projectsThese projects vary in size and complexityConducted throughout the state with Iowa’suniversities, colleges, community colleges, andprivate nonprofit organizations

Conference & Small DemonstrationGrant OpportunitiesOpen Grant Solicitation ProcessMission-related conference, workshop, seminar,exhibit, demonstration projectMatching funds required up to the maximum grantlimit of 7,500Conducted throughout the state with Iowa’suniversities, colleges, community colleges, andprivate nonprofit organizations

ENERGY RESOURCE STATIONResearching energy performancein buildings with real-time, real-lifesystems.Testing and demonstratingcommercial heating, ventilationand air conditioning, building controls and lighting systems.Saving Iowa building and business owners money and energy byincreasing energy efficiency and through training.

ENERGY RESOURCE STATIONA facility with unequaled capabilitiesFour matched pairs of test rooms are identical in theirconstruction and heating and cooling loads - allowingside-by-side comparison of the systems that control them.

NATIONAL BUILDING CONTROLSINFORMATION PROGRAMEstablished by the Energy Centerwith support from the US EPAFacilitating the adoption ofenergy efficient buildingcontrol products and strategiesTesting, demonstration, education and dissemination ofproduct information

BECONBiomass Energy Conversion FacilityProviding credible,first-hand information onrenewable, biomass-basedfuels and chemicalsInnovation & CollaborationPilot-scale biomass conversion systems

BECONBiodieselAn alternative for diesel fuel isproduced when vegetable oilsand animal fats are mixed withalcohol in this process. Oils fromboth plants and animals - not justsoybeans – can make biodiesel.Alcohol FermentationMicroorganisms convert organicmaterial, such as sweet sorghum orswitchgrass, from one chemical forminto another. The resulting productis purified and used in otherprocesses.

BECONThermal GasificationThis process transforms solidbiomass into gas though partialcombustion in the absence or nearabsence of oxygen. This gas canbe burned in a boiler, internalcombustion engine, fuel cell or anadvanced gas turbine.PyrolysisBiocrude is produced whenbiomass is subject to varyingtemperatures and pressures duringpyrolysis.

BECONBiomass Conversion ProcessesAnaerobic DigestionThe controlled decomposition ofbiomass in an oxygen-freeenvironment produces methane,carbon dioxide and otherchemicals.Supercritical FluidsFluids, when raised to highpressures and temperatures, exhibitunexpected and interestingcapabilities to convert biomass into avariety of chemicals.

BECONMaking a combined biorefinery system possible.The biomass to fuels andchemicals conversionprocesses can becombined to createexciting economicpossibilities for Iowa andenhance operatingefficiencies.

ONLINE RENEWABLE ENERGYRESOURCE ASSESSMENTSWind ManualWind and Solar ToolsResource MapsAssessment Calculators

Wind Energy Manual

IEC Wind Assessment Study

Wind Turbine Calculator Input

Wind Turbine Calculator Output

Iowa’s Solar Resource

SPONSORSHIPS & OUTREACHYouth & Energy Scholarship43 scholarships totaling 70,875to Iowa high school studentssince 1997.ISU Team PrISUmISU E-85 Race CarUNI ElectrathonUNI Energy Poster ContestUNI Solar Boat

INFORMATION AND EDUCATIONProviding balanced, research-basedenergy information and education through:ConferencesSpeaking EngagementsState

Consumer Information

ALTERNATE ENERGY REVOLVINGLOAN PROGRAM (AERLP)Encouraging the Developmentof Alternate EnergyProduction Facilities in Iowa

AERLP Description Created by Iowa legislature in May 1996 1997 Iowa Code, Section 476.46Amendment to the 1990 Iowa Energy Efficiency Act Funded via Iowa’s investor-owned utilities Competitive application process Eligibility All individuals and groups except Iowa’s gas and electric utilitiesthat are not required to be rate regulated Partnered with the banking community Origination and servicing of loansMatching funds Owner reporting requirements

AERLP Program Highlights AERLP Funds Lender Funds up to 50% of the financed matching funds not less 250,000 maximum market rate interest rate 0% interest rate loan term not less thanproject cost 20 year maximum term negotiated repaymentschedule repayments revolved backinto fund for further loansthan AERLPAERLP term repayment collection &distribution to AERLP


AERLP Description Created by Iowa legislature in May 1996 1997 Iowa Code, Section 476.46 Amendment to the 1990 Iowa Energy Efficiency Act Funded via Iowa’s investor-owned utilities Competitive application process Eligibility All individuals and groups except Iowa’s gas and electric utilities that are not required to be rate regulated

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