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Price Match GuaranteeEveryday SavingsHassle Free ReturnsKnowledgeable ExpertsHARDWARE KITSDetail shot of a Master Body Hardware kit. These kits have all of thehard to find items that are not available anywhere else!AMK Master Body Hardware KitMaster body kits contain just about every piece of hardware toassemble the body of your Chevelle. Each kit contains hardwarefor your battery tray, bumpers, filler panel, filler panel moldings,bumper brackets, cowl vent panel, door latches, emblems,eyebrows, fender braces, fenders, front tie bar, grille, grillebrackets, grille moldings, headlamps, headlamps bezels, hood,hood hinges, hood latch, hood latch support, license plate,mirrors, parking lamps, tail lamps, trunk latch, trunk lid hinges,wheel opening moldings, wheel houses, radiator support andmore! This kit truly has it EB68EB69EB70EB71EB1964 Chevelle. 239.99 kit1965 Chevelle. 227.99 kit1966 Chevelle. 239.99 kit1967 Chevelle. 235.99 kit1968 Chevelle. 244.99 kit1969 Chevelle. 229.99 kit1970 Chevelle. 227.99 kit1971 Chevelle. 227.99 kit1964 El Camino. 263.99 kit1965 El Camino. 265.99 kit1966 El Camino. 274.99 kit1967 El Camino. 259.99 kit1968 El Camino. 262.99 kit1969 El Camino. 244.99 kit1970 El Camino. 244.99 kit1971 El Camino. 255.99 kitEngine Master Hardware KitsThe authentic hardware you need to correctly reassemble theengine components that attach to the long block. Typical kitsinclude fasteners for: air cleaner, carburetor & choke cover, crankpulley & damper, distributor, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe,engine fan, fuel pump plate & plug, heat shield, ignition coil &strap, intake manifold & plug, oil filter valve, oil pan, PCV adapter,PCV hose clamps, timing cover, valve covers, water neck, waterpump.67-Z281967-68 SB (174 pc). 107.99 kit66-SBS1968 SB w/o AC (153 pc). 109.99 kit66-SBA1968 SB w/ AC (164 pc).97.99 kit68-BBH 1968 BB Aluminum Intake (149 pc). 123.99 kit68-BBS1968 BB Cast Iron Intake (159 pc). 108.99 kit69-SB1969-71 SB (170 pc).97.99 kit69-Z281969 SB (162 pc). 109.99 kit69-BBH 1969-72 BB Aluminum Intake (149 pc). 117.99 kit69-BBS1969-72 BB Cast Iron Intake (143 pc).99.99 kit72-SB1972-73 SB (139 pc). 112.99 kit72-Z281972-73 (145 pc). 108.99 kitNo Volume Discount.Master Chassis KitAMK Interior Screw CP68AN-CV69AN-CP69AN-CV70AN-CP70AN-CV1964-65 Chevelle Coupe. 138.99 set1964-65 Chevelle Convertible. 133.99 set1966 Chevelle Coupe. 143.99 set1966 Chevelle Convertible. 130.99 set1967 Chevelle Coupe. 158.99 set1967 Chevelle Convertible. 147.99 set1968 Chevelle Coupe. 163.99 set1968 Chevelle Convertible. 150.99 set1969 Chevelle Coupe. 167.99 set1969 Chevelle Convertible. 159.99 set1970-72 Chevelle Coupe. 195.99 set1970-72 Chevelle Convertible. 185.99 setAC Box Under Hood HardwareAll the hardware related to the AC under the hood on the A-F1964-65.29.99 kit1966.42.99 kit1967.28.99 kit1968.46.99 kit1969.52.99 kit1970-72.40.99 kitTypical kit includes fasteners to attach:accelerator lever & support, axle housing, springs, axle retainerplates, brake booster & hose, brake cables, brake plates, brakehose retainers & brackets, brake valve & pressure switch,calipers & brackets & shields, upper & lower control arms,control arm bushings, differential cover, driveshaft, enginemounts, fuel filler neck cover, fuel hoses, gas tank, greasefittings, idler arm, master cylinder & push rod, parking brakecontrol, pitman arm, radius rod & bracket & bumper, shocks& brackets, stabilizer bar brackets and end links (includesrubber), steering gear & rag joint, steering linkage & ball joints,speedometer cable, trans, suspension bumper, transmissioncrossmember & insulator, wheel cylinders.64AS-SB1964-67 SB Drum Brakes (331 pc). 244.99 kit65AS-BB1965-67 BB Drum Brakes (339 pc). 240.99 kit67AS-DCSB 1967 SB Disc Brakes (340 pc). 260.99 kit67AS-BB1967 BB Disc Brakes (338 pc). 250.99 kit68AS-DRSB 1968 SB Drum Brakes (341 pc). 244.99 kit68AS-DCSB 1968 SB Disc Brakes (346 pc). 273.99 kit68AS-BB1968 BB Disc Brakes (345 pc). 255.99 kit69AS-DRSB 1969 SB Drum Brakes (339 pc). 244.99 kit69AS-DCSB 1969 SB Disc Brakes (337 pc). 270.99 kit69AS-BB1969 BB Disc Brakes (349 pc). 310.99 kit70AS-DRSB 1970 SB Drum Brakes (335 pc). 255.99 kit70AS-DCSB 1970 SB Disc Brakes (333 pc). 289.99 kit70AS-BB1970 BB Disc Brakes (349 pc). 310.99 kit71AS-DRSB 1971-72 SB Drum Brakes (337 pc). 250.99 kit71AS-DCSB 1971-72 SB Disc Brakes (337 pc). 275.99 kit71AS-BB1971-72 BB Disc Brakes (352 pc). 283.99 kitNo Volume Discount.AC On Engine HardwareAll the hardware related to the AC brackets on the 72AA-SB1964-65 SB. 32.99 kit1966-67 SB. 35.99 kit1966 BB. 47.99 kit1967 SB w/ Smog. 36.99 kit1967 BB. 46.99 kit1968 SB. 28.99 kit1968 SB w/ Smog. 31.99 kit1968 BB. 47.99 kit1969 SB. 51.99 kit1969 BB. 39.99 kit1970 SB. 41.99 kit1970-72 BB. 39.99 kit1971 SB. 38.99 kit1972 SB. 40.99 kitAC Box Under Dash HardwareAll the hardware related to the AC under the A-R1964-65. 22.99 kit1966. 26.99 kit1967. 31.99 kit1968. 31.99 kit1969. 32.99 kit1970. 28.99 kit1971. 26.99 kit1972. 26.99 kitOEM Bolts - They Just Make Sense!It makes sense to use new bolts on new or restored parts! From bumper to bumper, we cover your entire vehicle. We have made our name and reputation on providing those hard to find detailing parts thatseparates your classic from the rest. All of our bolts are either original, OEM parts from original GM manufacturers or top quality reproductions. Manufactured with original head markings and correct plating(zinc, black phosphate and oiled, gold cadmium and silver cadmium), these bolts make assembly a breeze! Like our OEM paints, new bolt sets are what make a top flight restoration!866-358-2277SS396.COMChevelle & El Camino CatalogHardware161

Helping Restore Classic American Muscle Since 1990BRB-938HARDWARE KITSBFE-8002Correct bolts/pins for mounting caliper to bracket. Two percaliper.BMP-10001964-72 Single Piston. 2.99 ea.Single piston calipers only.Alternator Lower Attaching IS ANISHROGOver 175 pieces individually bagged!Includes everything you need toassemble your front end!1969-72 SB Bolt. 4.95 ea.1969-72 BB Stud.10.99 ea.DFront End Fastener KitsTBRB-938BN-339BMP-1000Brake Caliper BoltsBN-339UNDRUP PO1964-67 All.55.99 kit1968-72 All.55.99 kitAlternator Spacer BraceAPX-10381969-72 BB.15.95 nator Neg Cable BoltAW-506All. 0.95 ea.TABN-105GRODUCTInterior Screw KitsAlternator Fan NutIS ANISHRUP POBasicISK-64AISK-68AISK-70AISK-64E1964-67 Chevelle.22.95 kit1968-69 Chevelle.23.95 kit1970-72 Chevelle.24.95 kit1964-72 El Camino.21.95 kitOEM 68AN-CP68AN-CV69AN-CP69AN-CV70AN-CP70AN-CV1964-65 Chevelle Coupe.138.99 set1964-65 Chevelle Convertible.133.99 set1966 Chevelle Coupe.143.99 set1966 Chevelle Convertible.130.99 set1967 Chevelle Coupe.158.99 set1967 Chevelle Convertible.147.99 set1968 Chevelle Coupe.163.99 set1968 Chevelle Convertible.150.99 set1969 Chevelle Coupe.167.99 set1969 Chevelle Convertible.159.99 set1970-72 Chevelle Coupe.195.99 set1970-72 Chevelle Convertible.185.99 setUNDHARDWARE PARTSABN-105All. 3.99 ea.IXP-03Arm Rest Pads ScrewsOE style reproduction arm rest pad screws.IXP-03Brake Line ClipsCorrect clips for attaching hard brake lines to frame.(Tabbed clips push into frame holes.)ELC-3163/16” Front. 2.99 ea.ELC-13163/16” w/ Tab. 2.99 ea.ELC-15165/16” Main. 3.99 ea.ELC-5165/16” w/ Tab. 3.99 ea.ELC-038T3/8” w/ Tab*. 3.95 ea.ELC-10PDouble Push In. 3.95 ea.BLC-056Clip Bolt. 0.50 ea.*Use on main line with armor shielding.Attaching Screw. 0.50 ea.NX-281BHP-1645Brake Cable RetainerCorrect clip for all cars (3 required).NX-2811964-72 All. 2.99 ea.BPB-716AWB-1114BHP-0516BPB-716KAlternator Upper Adjustment KitCorrect WB head marked bolt with washers.AWB-11141621964-72 All.5.99 kitHardwareBody Bolt KitBumper BoltsCorrect chrome pan head bumper bolts complete withhardware. 7/16” x 1”.BPB-716BPB-716KAll. 1.95 ea.All (8 pc.).15.95 kitChevelle & El Camino CatalogCorrect black flanged head bolts and washers.BHP-1643BHP-1645BHP-0516BHP-05171964-67 Coupe/El Camino.19.95 kit1964-67 Convertible.21.95 kit1968-72 Coupe/El Camino.22.95 kit1968-72 Convertible.23.95 kit866-358-2277SS396.COM

Price Match GuaranteeEveryday SavingsBCN-716Hassle Free ReturnsKnowledgeable ExpertsBSW-180070Bench Seat WashersThese washers go between the seat and the hinge on all benchseat cars. It keeps the hinge from damaging the seat material.Body Cage NutsBCN-716All 7/16”. 8.95 ea.BSW-180070All.3.99 pr.FBC-799Clutch Pedal Booster Rod & ClipFor use with power disc brakes.FBC-799FBF-606Booster Rod Clip. 6.99 ea.Booster Rod Fork.14.95 ea.BPB-9021RSK-E7BCP-373Bellhouse Attaching KitBPB-90211964-77 All (6 pc.).8.95 kitBed & Tailgate Bolt KitCaliper Backing Plate BoltBCP-373Plate to Spindle. 2.99 ea.Complete kit with all correct bolts and screws for hinges, tailgateand bed floor.RSK-E7NRM-18881968-72 El Camino. 46.95 kitAP-317BBF-13AP-315Carb StudsCorrect carb studs for cowl induction.Bumper Bracket BoltsNew bumper bracket bolts with correct teeth washers and nut.BBF-13AP-315AP-317Holley.12.95 ea.Q-Jet.13.95 ea.Cylinder Head BoltsNRM-18881965-72 BB (32 pc.).69.95 kitAll. 6.99 ea.BAN-516DS-595BAG-D1Control Arm ShimsCoil Bracket ScrewsBAN-516All.1.95 pr.DS-594DS-5951/16”. 2.95 ea.1/8”. 2.95 ea.FPB-103FPB-97Bezel Attaching KitsBasic hardware kit for installation of bezels.BAG-D1BAG-D21964-67 All.5.95 kit1968-72 All.5.95 kitBTE-1475Clutch Pedal Bushing & BumperCorrect nylon bushing used for ease of pedal.ABR-2450FPB-97FPB-103All Bushing. 1.99 ea.All Bumper. 3.95 ea.BPX-0918BMG-0095ABR-9533Battery Retainer KitsABR-2450ABR-95331964-65 All.15.95 kit1966-72 All.3.95 kit866-358-2277SS396.COMCarburetor Attaching KitsControl Arm to Frame BoltsBTE-1475BMG-0095BPX-0918All Q-Jet. 8.95 ea.All Holley. 5.99 ea.Chevelle & El Camino Catalog4 serrated bolts and 4 locking nuts for one car.1964-72 All.18.99 kitHardware163

Helping Restore Classic American Muscle Since 1990BPX-8542IDP-109MAP-64AConvertible Top Alignment PinCorrect chrome alignment pin that mounts to the header bow toguide it in place to the windshield frame.MAP-GUIDE-66MAP-64A1966-67 Alignment Pin Guide . 21.95 pr.1968-72 Pin. 7.95 ea.Door Panel ScrewsCorrect size attaching screw for door panels.IDP-109All. 0.50 ea.RHS-9Control Arm Upper WashersComplete kit to do one car.BPX-8542ACE-14001964-72 All.19.95 kitDistributor Hold DownBPB-1430Correct retaining hardware for distributor.ACE-1400All.4.95 kitControl Arm Bolts-Lower Front & RearBPB-1430BPX-1275All. 7.99 ea.To Frame.6.95 kitTo Transmission. 0.95 ea.EMS Stainless StrikersLMC-36451964-65.39.95 set1966-67.39.95 set1968-72.39.95 setBPX-1225Door Hinge Pin KitsBPX-12251966-67 (12 pc.).14.95 ea.BPX-22251968-72 (12 pc.).13.99 ea.*May require slight modification to hinges.Machined. 47.99 pr.Polished. 53.99 pr.Door Lock Rod Bellcrank Retainer ClipGDB-68-REG1968-72 Small Washer (12 pc.).12.99 kitGDB-68-REG-LRG 1968-72 Large Washer (8 pc.).16.99 kitTwo required to mount one bellcrank to door frame.1969-72 Chevelle. 5.99 ea.IXP-18Door Panel PlugsCowl Hood Screen ScrewsCorrect plugs for attaching door panel clips. Buy the kit andsave!AX-9071970-72.5.95 kitIXP-18KIXP-18164HardwareThis is a set of 8 correct cowl hood screen attaching screws.GDB-68-REGThis bolt kit is used to attach the window regulator, windowtracks, door latch and other internal pieces to the door.RBR-067RBR-067AX-9071964-67 Phillips. 1.99 ea.1964-72 Hex. 1.99 ea.1964-72 Spring. 8.99 ea.Phillips (6) Hex (18).40.60 kitHex (24).40.60 kitDoor Track HardwareComplete set of correct well molding 9BAV-2622KBAV-2623KReplace your plain steel strikers with these attractive EddieMotorsports Chevelle stainless steel door striker bolts. Thesebillet striker bolts are cut with a Torx head and fit most Chevymuscle cars.MS277-20MMS277-20PConvertible Well Molding ClipsCorrect OEM bolts and heavy spring.Correct hinge pins and brass bushings for repairing all 4 of yourdoor hinges.BTE-7939BPC-7000BTE-7939Door Hinge HardwareBPX-1275GM Replacement. 9.99 ea.BPX-1299Reproduction*.11.99 ea.BPX-1299KReproduction Pair.20.38 kit*Correct Allen Head Zinc Plated.MS277-20MCrossmember BoltsBAV-2623BPX-1299Door Strikers w/ WasherBPC-7000BAV-2622Plug Kit (12 pc.).19.10 kitAll Plug. 1.99 ea.Chevelle & El Camino CatalogRRI-11360Door Rod InsulatorsThis is a set of two correct door lock rod insulator shields whichprotect the long door opening rods in the doors.7.99 set1964-72. 7.99 set866-358-2277SS396.COM

Price Match GuaranteeEveryday SavingsGDS-15231Hassle Free ReturnsKnowledgeable ExpertsGDS-1485PRW-069-AAPC-0100Door Glass StopperCorrect front door glass stopper.Door Window Hardware KitThese convenient window hardware kits include all of thenecessary parts to rebuild the rollers, guides and bushings onthe quarter window regulators. Made in 15231GDS-1485P1968-72.13.99 ea.1970-72.11.95 ea.BPX-27921968-69 Door.56.95 kit1970-72 Door.36.95 kit1966-67 1/4 Window.59.95 kit1968-72 1/4 Window.59.95 kitFan and Shroud Attaching KitsCorrect style bolts/studs for attaching fan to water pump.BPX-2792BPX-2791APC-0100Attaching Stud Kit 12 Piece.6.95 kitAttaching Bolt Kit 8 Piece.5.95 kit1968-72 All Lower Shroud Clips.2.95 pr.GGS-761Door Glass Guide ScrewsGGS-7611968-72 (8 pc.).2.99 kitExhaust Stud KitALI-2228Correct studs for mounting exhaust pipe to manifold. Ourkit comes complete with 3 long & 3 short studs and 6 correctlocking nuts.Door Glass Guide PlatesGGP-1485YALI-2228All SB - BB.24.99 kitFuel Tank HardwareBPX-4755Correct OEM bolts and clips.Correct front door glass guide 68-72 Felt Covered Steel. 22.95 pr.1970-72 Plastic. 8.99 ea.1964-67 All.8.95 kit1968-72 All.12.95 kitGGF-557Door Glass Guide FeltsGGF-557(4 pc.). 8.99 setCorrect head marked and colored bolts for mounting exhaustmanifolds to block.Door Glass StabilizersCorrect front door glass stabilizers.GGS-1485QAPB-1382OEM Exhaust Manifold BoltsGGS-1485Q1970-72. 14.95 pr.APB-1382APB-1821APB-3506SB w/ Washers (24 pc.).27.99 kitBB Flanged Head (16 pc.).23.99 kitBB Loose Washer (32 pc.).26.99 kitACE-4867Fuel Pump HardwareAJE-395ACE-9599ACE-4867ACE-9599All Activating Rod.14.95 ea.All SB Plate.10.99 ea.Fuel Pump Bolts.7.95 kitGCS-1485NDoor Glass SupportCorrect front door glass 0381970-72. 11.95 ea.GWR-15365Door Glass WashersGWR-15366Plastic washer that is used to protect the door. Mounts betweenthe glass and the metal fasteners within the door. 1.5 inchdiameter.GWR-15365GWR-15366BPA-51601964-77 w/ Step. 3.99 ea.1964-77. 3.99 ea.866-358-2277SS396.COMMS275-38EMS Stainless Hood AdjustersEddie Motorsports stainless steel hood adjusters are machinedcompletely from stainless steel. They will not rust or corrode.Sold individually.MS275-38MS275-38PMachined.28.99 ea.Polished.29.99 ea.Chevelle & El Camino CatalogFender Front End /16” Bolt w/o Washer. 0.65 ea.5/16” Bolt w/ Washer. 0.55 ea.3/8” x 1” Bolt. 0.65 ea.3/8” x 1-1/2” Bolt. 0.75 ea.Fender J Clip 5/16”. 1.25 ea.Fender J Clip 3/8”. 1.50 ea.Hardware165

Helping Restore Classic American Muscle Since 1990APX-2339RDR-72KRDR-67Hinge Detent RollersCorrect machined detent rollers for lower hinges.RDR-67RDR-72KBIF-64KFrame Bracket Bolt KitFender Inner Bolt KitBIF-64K*5/16” Bolts1964-72 All (56 pc.)*.26.95 ea.APX-23391965-67 All.16.95 kit1968-72 All.26.99 kit1964-88 To Frame.6.95 kitBCX-130Hood Valve Frame ScrewsThis is a set of 6 correct screws to attach the hood valve frame.BCX-130EBB-6911970-72.5.95 kitBPQ-4011BAG-D2Grille Attaching KitsFlex Hose BoltsCorrect OEM brake fluid bolt with hollow center and (2) specialwashers for attaching flex hose to caliper.EBB-6911964-67.5.95 kit1968-72.5.95 kit1964-72 All.9.95 kitHood Stop StudsHarmonic Balancer BoltAll SB w/ Washer.14.99 kitAll BB w/ Washer.13.99 kitNew hood stop studs that mount on cowl firewall. Special headwith “C”. 2 are used per car.BPQ-41-REAR1970-77. 32.95 pr.1970-72.13.99 ea.GGP-706Front Door Glass Glide Plate1970-72.13.99 ea.BCW-51BPQ-BUMPER-REARThese hard to find rubber hood bump stops are finallyavailable! Sold in pairs they slide into a groove on both sides ofthe hood and rest on the cowl when the hood is closed to stopthe hood from shaking.Hood Bumpers 34Front Door Glass Side StopHood Adjustment BoltsBPB-5934All w/ Disc Brakes. 3.99 ea.GDS-707GDS-707BAG-D1BAG-D2LHS-70Headlamp SpringsCorrect spring used for proper adjustment.LHS-64LHS-70LHS-711964-67 All. 2.99 ea.1968-70 All. 1.50 ea.1971-75 All. 2.95 ea.BPQ-BUMPER-REAR1968-72.4.95 pr.BX-1070Hood Door Bracket HardwareLHA-64KFender Cup WashersBCW-511964-72 All Zinc. 3.95 ea.Correct set of four screws for attaching bracket to hood.BX-10701970-72.3.95 kitBPA-381BPB-5116Hood Hinge BoltHeadlamp Adjustment KitBPA-381Plastic nuts and screws for headlamp adjustment. Each kit doesone car.Flywheel Attaching KitBPB-5116BPB-51181964-77 4 Speed.14.99 kit1964-77 Auto.16.99 7K1964-70 All (8 pc.).7.95 kit1971-72 All (4 pc.).5.95 kit1978-79 (6 pc.).11.95 kit1980-81 (6 pc.).17.95 kit1982-87 (6 pc.).15.95 kitChevelle & El Camino Catalog3/8” x 1”. 0.65 ea.ACL-5588Hood Door Attaching KitCorrect shouldered bolts with P head markings with nylonbushings.ACL-55881970-72.8.95 kit866-358-2277SS396.COM

Price Match GuaranteeEveryday SavingsHassle Free ReturnsKnowledgeable ExpertsBPO-1988BPS-3679APB-7057BPS-7432Intake StudsCorrect intake manifold studs for various uses: alternator,solenoid and power brake tube. Includes correct nut.BPS-3679All 3/8” x 3/8” (Zinc). 6.99 ea.(p.s. bracket, alternator mount, etc.)BPS-7432All 5/16” x 3/8” (Black). 3.95 ea.(TCS, P.B. tube, etc.)Oil Drain Bolt w/ WasherBPO-1988All. 6.95 ea.BOP-2001Motor Mount “Thru” Bolt KitCorrect OEM bolts for retaining mount to frame bracket. Comescomplete with special high strength washers and cadmiumplated locking nuts as original.APB-9057APB-70571964-67 All 4.5”.8.95 kit1968-72 All 3.5”.6.95 kitBJ-998BPI-4400BPI-2271Motor Mount Attaching Bolt KitCorrect style bolts for attaching mount to blockBJ-998All (12 pc.).8.95 kitATW-2853Intake Manifold KitsBPI-4400BPI-9140BPI-2271BOP-2001BOP-2002All SB (18 pc.). 9.95 ea.All BB (24 pc.).13.99 ea.BFC-333Pulley Attaching BoltsMotor Mount ClipCorrect clip for attaching positivecable to right side motor mount.ATW-2853Most V8s.19.95 ea.BFC-333BRB-100All Fine (6 pc.).6.95 kitAll Coarse (6 pc.).6.95 kitMHQ-1234Idler Arm BoltsTo Frame.3.95 pr.Power Steering Hardware KitsBHE-1970MT-18201964-65.4.95 kitMHQ-12341966-69.4.95 kitMT-19701970-72.4.95 kitNon-remote mirror.Jack/Tire Retainer KitBSB-1970Our kits feature all correct hardware to attach power steeringbrackets to engine. A MUST!Mirror Mounting KitComplete with bracket, gaskets, & screws.BHE-1970BOP-2002Correct “L” head marked bolts for attaching pan to block.1967-72 SB “M” (12 pc.).16.95 kitBB Cast “M” (16 pc.).21.95 kitBB Alum. “A” (16 pc.).25.99 kitBPX-9873BPX-9873Oil Pan Attaching OEM Bolt KitCPZ-1513BSB-69SBBSB-1969BSB-19701965-68 SS 396.22.95 kit1969-72 All SB.11.99 kit1969 All BB.17.99 kit1970-72 All BB.12.95 kit1964-72 All.11.99 setBSL-516License Plate Attaching KitBPA-53KBPA-53KAll (4 pc.).3.95 kit866-358-2277SS396.COMNuts Self LockingBSL-516BSL-38BSL-716BSL-125/16” Zinc. 0.40 ea.3/8” Zinc. 0.50 ea.7/16” Zinc. 0.75 ea.1/2” Zinc. 0.95 ea.Chevelle & El Camino CatalogBPP-12Push-In PlugsBPP-12BPP-34BPP-10BPP-138BPP-10BPP-341/2” Cowl Top, etc. 0.75 ea.3/4” Wheelhouse. 1.00 ea.1” Trunk Extension. 1.25 ea.1-3/8” Rubber Plug. 1.50 ea.Hardware167

Helping Restore Classic American Muscle Since 1990DSB-12959BPP-8386BRE-2008Pressure Plate BoltsBPP-8386Rear End Cover BoltAll Manual (12 pc.).9.99 kitQuarter Window Roller Tension SpringThis commonly missing spring is used to keep tension on thewindow roller so that the window goes up and down smoothly.Rear Sway Bar WashersCorrect washers used on the nut side so that the nuts do not diginto the arms.DSB-129591964-72 (4 pc.).9.99 kitBV-2072GTS-177GTS-177BRE-2008All Flanged. 0.95 ea.GGS-746Rear 1/4 Window Glass Side StopGGS-746BV-20741968-72.15.99 ea.1968-72. 5.95 ea.BV-2070GGS-15232GGP-707-REARRear Side Glass Glide PlateGGP-707-REARQuarter Window Stop1970-72.13.99 ea.Correct reproduction of the quarter window stop, with thecorrect plastic coated end and correct bolt hole as original.GGS-152323/8” x 1-7/8” Short. 5.99 ea.3/8” x 3-5/8” Long. 4.99 ea.3/8” x 4-11/16” Extra Long. 6.99 ea.GDS-708Rear 1/4 Window Lower StopQuarter Window Roller AssemblyComplete window roller assem

Detail shot of a Master Body Hardware kit. These kits have all of the hard to find items that are not available anywhere else! AMK Master Body Hardware Kit Master body kits contain just about every piece of hardware to assemble the body of your Chevelle. Each kit contains hardware for your battery tray, bumpers, filler panel, filler panel moldings,

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DB Dream Beams ( Ford I-Beams) DJM Complete DJM lowering Kits DS Drop Spindles EH Leaf Spring Eye Hangers EL End Links (for anti sway-bars) FK Complete Flip Kits HS Hanger / Shackle Kits (leaf spring rear ends) K One box complete kits LB Aluminum Lowering Block Kits RK Complete Rear Kits SB Steel Lowering Block Kits SE Shock Extenders SH Leaf .

the Ingathering kits for November 5th. We are sending 48 kits this year: 12 Health Kits, 24 School Kits, 12 Sewing Kits and 12 Layettes. If you would like to help with expenses, I will show you what we have spent and what we still need. (All costs are rounded off) Health Kits – Goal 12 complete kits Item/# Needed Est. Cost Total Cost Status


WIPERS ROD SEALS PISTON SEALS ROD X BORE SIZE . Parker Cylinder Repair Kits 92 - 134 Rexroth Cylinder Repair Kits 136 - 137 Royal Cylinder Repair Kits 138 - 141 . Industrial Kits INDUSTRIAL KIT INDEX. 2 KANSASOKLAHOMA TEXAS PHONE

9.2 Hutch 9700 Suspension Kits 9.2 Hutch 9700 Suspension Kits 9.2.1: HUTCH 9700 SUSPENSION KITS EXPLODED VIEW OF HUTCH 9700 SUSPENSION KIT DETAIL OF HUTCH 9700 SUSPENSION KIT Note: Springs are not included in suspension kits Other kits are available Part Number Type Hanger Type Axle Spring Seat Height Comments

SERIES A, AV, HV; 3/4, 1, 1-1/8" BORE SERIES A, AV, HV MEDIUM DUTY CYLINDERS 3/4, 1, 1-1/8" BORE PARTS LIST AND REPAIR KITS REPAIR KITS Full unit description required followed by -H9010 NOTE: Repair kits include all seals and bushings. SEAL KITS Full unit description required followed by -H9000 NOTE: Seal kits include all seals and backup rings.

Aberdeenshire Council Local Transport Strategy 2012 6 / 28 key partner in the North Sea Commission’s Transport Group. Our successes to date have been recognised externally with the Council receiving National Transport Awards for specific projects, and the accolade of ‘Transport Local Authority of the Year’, in both 2008 and 2009, while