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THE U LT I M AT E S O U RC E FO R DETA ILING A ND R ESTO R AT IO N PA RTS SI N C E 1 9 9 0S636Flexi-Rod Shift ActuatorS530S105BThis is a new Flexi-Rod shift actuator that will replace the originalGM stamped spring-steel actuator found in 1968-72 Novas withautomatic transmission and factory console shifters. Unlike theoriginal which usually breaks over the years, this one is flexible.The bottom tangs are both hardened for years of use!S6361968-72.57.95 ea.FKR-666Kickdown CableS105-DAOverdrive Conversion KitsThis kit allows the use of your factory shifter with a TH700-R4 orTH200 4R transmission. Includes new laser cut and hardeneddetent, indicator plate, all hardware and all brackets to allow theuse of your factory cable. You can barely tell it isn’t factory!S1041Correct kickdown cable for all Novas with TH350.S530All TH350. 20.95 ea.Upper TransmissionKickdown Linkage RodSatin plated, exact reproduction comes complete with rod andswivel, from carburetor lever to bellhousing bellcrank.FSC-39148011965-67 All*.59.95 kitFKR-666FKR-667Complete KitsS105-DA1968-72 2 to 3 Speed Conversion .174.95 kitS105-DB1968-72 3 to 4 Speed Conversion.174.95 kit*It is recommended to use a longer rod when installing anoverdrive transmission (# SW431). 49.95 kitS105AFSC-3895290Steering Column Lockout / BellcrankFSC-3895290FSC-39148011965-67 All 3 Speed.59.95 kit1965-67 All 4 Speed.59.95 kitFTB-13433Column ShiftTransmission BracketCorrect column shift transmission bracket which mounts on allcolumn shift GM cars from 1969-1979.FTB-134331969-79. 11.99 ea.SW435Kickdown BracketStainless Steel Kickdown CablesCorrect kickdown bracket for all small blocks.S530KITS530S531All Cable and Bracket Kit. 32.31 kitAll Cable . 20.95 ea.All Bracket . 14.95 ea.Lower TransmissionKickdown RodGCS-S6053 TH350. 41.99 ea.GCS-S6051 TH700-R4. 44.99 ea.Note: For carburetor applications only.EBC-22FKR-62Used on all 1967-72 Novas with V8 engine and Powerglide. Thismounts between the trans case kickdown arm and bellhousingmounted kickdown actuator arm.FKR-62Show quality look with more adjustability than your factory cable.All V8 w/ Powerglide. 39.95 ea.Shifter Cable ClipCorrect gold clip for mounting cable.EBC-22Mounting Clip. 2.99 ea.FTH-049SW431All TH.65.95 kitShifter Handle SpringS501Correct spring which mountsunder the shifter handle for proper operation.781968-72 GM. 25.95 ea.!1968-72 Repro.28.95 ea.GCS-S6053Brand new rod linkage for your turbo hydramatic transmission.S501FTH-973FTH-973RS531TH Rod LinkageSW435Original GM or high quality reproduction shifter cables for floormounted TH shifter.Powerglide. 49.95 ea.TH350/TH400. 49.95 ea.Turbo Hydramatic Shifter Conversion KitS1031S1041FTH-973RShifter CablesCorrect 1969-1972 Nova steering column lockout.Also fits 1968 Nova as a column shift bellcrank.Perfect for installing a TH350 or TH400 in your early Nova! Nowyou can use your factory automatic floor shifter with a newer 3 or4 speed automatic transmission! This kit retains the rod linkageand includes a new laser cut and hardened detent for proper stopsand gear selection, a new matching transmission shift lever, allnecessary hardware and instructions.1967-72 All with 2bbl.32.99 ea.1967-70 All with 4bbl.32.99 ea.All. 7.95 ea.TransmissionRod Linkage Swivel KitWhen changing from a stock transmission to an overdrive unit,it is recommended that you use this longer rod.Shifter Cable ClipSW427SW418FTH-0491965-67 w/ PG or TH.49.95 kitUniversal 18”. 49.95 setNova CatalogCorrect push-on clip which mounts to shifter.Push-on Clip (to shifter). 8.99 ea.866-358-2277SS396.COM

FSA-ZRLOSTransmission Cooler LinesColumn Shift Linkage and Lockout SwivelAssemblyCorrect swivel assembly for automatic column shift linkageand lockout.FSA-ZRLOS1968-72. 19.95 ea.FCB-1210OE style reproduction transmission cooling lines with flared ends and correct nuts.OMSSXTC67NN1962-67 700-R4 w/ Large Radiator. 46.99 ea. 129.99 ea.XTC66011966-67 Powerglide w/o Spacer at Radiator. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC66031966-67 Powerglide, 3” Spacer at Radiator. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC68031968-72 All Automatic w/ 12” Span. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC70011968-72 All Automatic w/ 8” Span. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC74011974 V8, TH350. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC75011975 V8, TH350. 46.99 ea. 77.99 ea.XTC76031976-78 V8, TH350. 60.99 ea. 77.99 ea.Ships OversizeTransmission Vacuum LinesOE style reproduction transmission vacuum lines with flared ends and correct nuts.OMSSFTV67011967-69 Powerglide.30.99 ea. 41.99 ea.FTV67031967-68 TH350 LH Modulator.30.99 ea. 41.99 ea.FTV67051967 TH400.30.99 ea. 41.99 ea.FTV69031969-70 TH350 RH Modulator.30.99 ea. 41.99 ea.XTV68051968-72 TH400.29.99 ea. 40.99 ea.XTV74011974 TH350.29.99 ea. 40.99 ea.XTV75011975 TH350.30.99 ea. 30.99 ea.Ships OversizeFCB-220GCS-S5047Cable Mounting BracketTransmission Cooler Hose KitFCB-1210FCB-220GCS-S5047All Universal . 119.99 kit48” hose length.Correct bracket for mounting cable to tranny.1968-72 TH350. 16.99 ea.1968-72 TH400. 21.99 ea.These flexible braided stainless steel transmission cooler hoses fit either single or dualpass cooler set ups. Includes fittings.FTH-050FCB-222FCM-RCNV-350GForce Transmission CrossmembersWhether you need extra exhaust clearance, or just want to make your car handle better, these crossmembers are for you!FCB-322Shifter Cable Lever BracketsCorrect cable lever brackets which mountto transmission.FCB-322FCB-222FTH-0501968-72 1st Design.19.99 ea.1972-79 2nd Design .24.95 ea.Mounting Stud (to bracket).9.99 ea.FCR-3920215FCM-RCNV-3501962-67 Coupe TH350, Muncie, PowerGlide, T10, Saginaw.235.99 ea.FCM-RCNV-4001962-67 Coupe 200R4, TH400 Short Tail.235.99 ea.FCM-RCNV-7001962-67 Coupe 700R4, 4L60, Early 4L60E.232.99 ea.FCM-RCF1-3501968-74 TH350, TH200, Muncie, PowerGlide, T10, Saginaw .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF1-4001968-74 200R4, TH400 Short Tail .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF1-7001968-74 700R4, 4L60, Early 4L60E .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF1-4L801968-74 4L800E, 4L85E .290.99 ea.FCM-RCF1-T561968-74 GM T-56 (from a 93-97 F-body).235.99 ea.FCM-RCF2L-3501975-79 TH350, TH200, Muncie, PowerGlide, T10, Saginaw .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF2L-4001975-79 200R4, TH400 Short Tail .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF2L-7001975-79 700R4, 4L60, Early 4L60E .235.99 ea.FCM-RCF2L-4L801975-79 4L800E, 4L85E.290.99 ea.FCM-RCF2L-T561975-79 GM T-56 (from a 93-97 F-body).235.99 ea.Note: Energy Suspension mounts are required with all GForce crossmembers. No Volume Discount.FCM-85Steering Column R-3895294FCR-3939743FCR-39148051968-72 Upper PG. 19.95 ea.1968-72 Upper TH350/TH400. 19.95 ea.1968-72 Lower TH350. 19.95 ea.1968-72 Lower TH400. 19.95 ea.1968 Lower PG. 18.95 ea.1969-72 Lower PG. 19.95 ea.866-358-2277SS396.COMTransmission CrossmemberOE style reproduction crossmembers for mounting your transmission.FCM-851968-74 BB* TH400. 59.95 ea.FCM-85B41968-74 BB/4 Speed. 139.95 ea.FCM-85M1968-74 TH350/4 Speed. 79.95 ea.BPC-70001968 Bolt Kit (16 pc). 6.95 kit*Must be used with 69-72 big block motor mounts and frame stands.Nova CatalogTransmission79

THE U LT I M AT E S O U RC E FO R DETA ILING A ND R ESTO R AT IO N PA RTS SI N C E 1 9 9 0IS ANISHIBP-4047IBP-2065GRODUCTTFMCK-67SUNDRUP POIHQ-0191IBP-40471Pedal PadsOE style reproduction pedal pads.IBP-2065IBP-4047IHQ-0191IBP-404711962-67 Brake/Clutch Pad. 5.99 ea.1962-67 Brake/Clutch. 6.99 ea.1968-74 Brake/Clutch Pad. 4.95 ea.1962-67 All Power Brake w/ Manual Shift. 9.95 ea.FPB-97Manual Transmission Conversion KitPlanning on swapping from automatic to a 4 speed manual? This kit will take the headache out of the switch by providing you with allof the parts needed to make your conversion simple! This complete kit includes the brake/clutch pedals, Z bar, rods, boots, cross shaftkit, springs, bracket and all K-67BFMCK-67B-HDFMCK-69BNo Volume Discount1968 All SB.176.64 kit1968 SB w/ Headers.171.51 kit1969-74 All SB.193.45 kit1969-74 SB w/ Headers.188.62 kit1968 All BB.186.84 kit1968 BB w/ Headers.174.96 kit1969-74 All BB.203.05 kitFPB-103Clutch Pedal Bushing & BumperCorrect nylon bushing used for ease of pedal.FPB-97FPB-103All Bushing.1.99 ea.All Bumper.3.95 ea.FBF-606FBF-606Clutch Pedal Booster Rod & ClipFor use with power disc brakes.FBC-799FBF-606FCA-5051FCI-1966Booster Rod Clip. 6.99 ea.Booster Rod Fork. 14.95 ea.NTR-235Transmission MountsNPG-100NTR-235NTR-225BTE-7939All Powerglide.11.95 ea.All TH350/Manual.13.95 ea.All TH400.13.95 ea.Mounting Bolt.0.95 ea.3-1108GClutch Linkage KitIf you're looking to freshen up your original linkage but don’tneed the pedals, this is perfect!Clutch & Brake Pedal ly Transmission -74 SB. 123.85 kit1968-74 SB w/ Headers. 119.02 kit1968-74 BB. 133.45 kit1968-74 BB w/ Headers. 127.82 kitTransmissionComplete reproduction brake/clutch pedals.1962-65 All.94.99 ea.1966-67 All.94.99 ea.1968-74 All.99.99 ea.Nova CatalogPoly mounts outlast OEM mounts and are able to absorb mostdriveline vibrations.1968-79 All Black. 34.99 ea.1968-79 All Red. 34.99 ea.866-358-2277SS396.COM

UCTTIS ANISHGFCK-258DROUNDRUP POFBH-621SUPERKIT621 Bellhousing KitComplete kit with reproduction “621” bellhousing, clutch fork, fork boot, throw-out bearing, boltsand inspection cover. Fits cars with 11” clutch.FBH-621SUPERKITFBH-621KFBH-621Complete Kit.261.31 kitBellhousing & Cover.174.93 kitBellhousing Only. 169.95 ea.Heavy Duty Clutch KitsHD clutch kits include clutch disc, pressure plate, throw outbearing, pilot bushing, alignment tool and grease pack.FCK-25811” 10 Spline BB. 210.95 kitFCK-26011” 26 Spline BB. 219.95 kitFCK-10510.5” 10 Spline SB. 199.95 kitFCK-10810.5” 26 Spline SB. 199.95 kitNo Volume DiscountFPB-66ROLLERPilot BushingFTE-3943Correct GM needle bearings for input shaft.FPB-ROLLERFPB-667Flywheel Inspection CoversAll Roller. 21.99 ea.All Brass OE Style. 13.95 ea.OE style reproduction flywheel nual 11”. 24.95 ea.Manual 10.5”. 23.99 ea.All Powerglide. 32.95 ea.All TH350. 34.95 ea.All TH400. 93.99 ea.Bolts 4 pc.1.95 kitFTO-641Throw Out BearingOriginal OEM throw out bearing.FTO-641All.44.95 ea.BPB-9021Bellhousing HardwareBPB-9021BTE-307Bellhousing to Block 6pc. 8.95 kitBellhousing to Trans 4pc 4 Speed. 8.95 kitFTE-9000-ADJFTE-9000Clutch Fork BallClutch fork mounting ball for inside of bellhousing.FTE-9000FTE-9000-ADJFFW-105All.13.95 ea.Adjustable.29.95 ea.FlywheelsFKW-4999Original GM flywheels.FFW-10510.5” w/o 454. 279.99 ea.HAYS-10-010 168t 57-85 SBC 65-70 BBC*. 97.99 ea.HAYS-10-020 168t 70-90 SBC BBC**. 91.99 ea.BPB-51161962-79 Flywheel to Crank Bolts 12pc. 15.99 kitBPB-51181962-79 Flex Plate to Crank Bolts 12pc. 18.99 kitBPP-83861962-79 Flywheel to Pressure Plate Bolts 12pc. 10.99 kitNo Volume Discount. *Internally balanced.**Externally balanced.866-358-2277SS396.COMClutch Fork BootOriginal clutch fork dust boot.FKW-4999FKW-11LWNova Catalog1968-74 All.8.95 ea.For Lakewood Scatter Shield Bellhousing. 31.99 ea.Transmission81

THE U LT I M AT E S O U RC E FO R DETA ILING A ND R ESTO R AT IO N PA RTS SI N C E 1 9 9 0Centerforce Clutches & FlywheelsWhether you are building a street cruiser or a high powered drag race car, Centerforce clutches and flywheels will get you down the road reliably. With kits ranging from your basic entry-level performanceclutch, to their radical twin disc kits, Centerforce offers the kit for you.Steel FlywheelsCenterforce steel flywheels are manufactured from high quality billet steel and match closely tothe original equipment flywheel weight. Please make sure to double check application beforeordering.70012011” 168 Tooth, Internally Balanced Engines 454 BB 33 in/oz.

80 Transmission 866-3582277 SS396.COM Nov Catalog THE ULTIMATE SOURCE FOR DETAILING AND RESTORATION PARTS SINCE 1990 Nova Catalog 866-358-2277 SS396.COM T H I S I S A N G R O UND U P P R O D U C T Manual Transmission Conversion Kit

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid