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Tax Year 2014 H&R Block Online Tax Program State FormsAlabama2210AL4040-Sch A40-Sch B and DC40-Sch D40-Sch E40A40ES40V8453OLSch AATCSch NTCSch OCEstimated Tax Penalties – IndividualIndividual Income Tax ReturnItemized DeductionsInterest and Dividends / DonationsNet Profit or LossSupplemental Income and Loss (From Pensions Royalties Partnerships)Individual Income Tax Return – Short FormDeclaration of Estimated TaxElectronic Individual Income Tax Payment VoucherEL – Individual Income Tax Declaration for Online FilingAL Accountability Tax CreditNet Tax CalculationOther CreditsArizona140140-Sch A140A140ES140EZ140NR140NR-Sch A140PTC140PY140PY-Sch A140PYN-Sch A140V2022213013093103213223233403488879Resident Personal Income TaxItemized Deduction AdjustmentsResident Personal Income Tax Short FormIndividual Estimated Tax PaymentResident Personal Tax Return – EZNonresident Personal Income TaxItemized Deductions – NonresidentProperty Tax Refund/Credit ClaimPart Year Resident Personal TaxItemized Deductions – Part YearItemized Deductions – Part YearElectronic Filing Payment VoucherPersonal Exemption AllocationUnderpayment of Estimated Tax – IndividualNonrefundable Credits and RecapCredit for Taxes Paid to Another State or CountryCredit for Solar Energy DevicesContributions to CharitiesCredit for Fees to Public SchoolsSchool Tuition Contribution CreditCredit for Donations to Military Families Relief FundCredit for Contribution to Certified School Tuition OrganizationE-File Signature AuthorizationArkansas1000-Sch AR31000-Sch AR41000ADJ1000CO1000D1000ES1000FItemized Deduction ScheduleInterest/Dividend Income ScheduleSchedule of Other AdjustmentsSchedule of Check-off ContributionsCapital Gains Schedule – IndividualEstimated Tax Payment VouchersIndividual Income Tax Return

DAROINonresident and Part Year Resident Tax ReturnShort Form Individual Income Tax ReturnSchedule of Tax CreditsIndividual Income Tax Return Payment VoucherTuition CreditUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsEX-On-line Declaration for Electronic FilingTax Exemption Certificate for Military SpouseLump Sum Distribution AveragingDirect Deposit InformationOther 885A4803e540540 2EZ540-Sch CA540-Sch D540-Sch D1540-Sch G1540-Sch P540-Sch S540ES540NR-Long540NR-Sch CA540NR-Sch D540NR-Sch P540NR-Short540V58055805 Worksheet5805F592B5938453OL8455SFWFCSchedule W-2Natural Heritage Preservation CreditChild and Dependent Care ExpenseInvestment Interest Expense DeductionCredit Carryover SummaryElectronic Payment VoucherParent's Election to Report Child's Interest and Dividend IncomeAdditional Tax Qualified Ret Plans2D Barcode Data SheetDepreciation and Amortization AdjustmentsHead of Household ScheduleIndividual Income Tax – ResidentResident Income Tax ReturnAdjustments – ResidentsCapital Gain and LossSales of Business PropertyTax on Lump – Sum DistributionsAMT and Credit LimitationsOther State Tax CreditEstimated Tax for IndividualsPart Year / Nonresident Income Tax Return – Long FormAdjustments – NR / PYCapital Gain or Loss AdjustmentAMT and Credit Limitations – NR / PYNR/PY Resident Short FormIndividual Income Tax – Resident VoucherUnderpayment of Estimated TaxUnderpayment of Estimated Tax WorksheetUnderpayment of Estimated Tax – FarmersRes and NR Withholding Tax StatementReal Estate Withholding Remittance StatementOnline E-file Return AuthorizationCalifornia E-file Payment recordSan Francisco Working Families CreditWage and Withholding SummaryColorado104104AMT104CRIndividual Income Tax ReturnAlternative Minimum Tax ScheduleIndividual Credit Schedule

104EP104PN104PTC204DR 0347DR 0617DR 1778DR-0900DR-1316DR-8453Estimated Income Tax VoucherPY/NR Tax Calculation ScheduleProperty Tax / Rent / Heat RebateUnderpayment of Estimated TaxChild Care Expenses Tax CreditInnovative Motor Vehicle CreditE-filer Attachment FormElectronic Payment VoucherColorado Source Capital Gain AffidavitDeclaration for Electronic 0NR-CT-SI1040NR/PY1040V1040WH22102210 - Sch B6251CT-EITCResident Income Tax ReturnConnecticut Electronic Withdrawal Payment RecordPart Year Resident AllocationNonresident Business ApportionEstimated Income Tax PaymentNonresident or PY Resident ScheduleNR / PY Income Tax ReturnElectronic Filing Payment VoucherIncome Tax WithholdingUnderpayment of Estimated TaxSchedule B Interest CalculationAlternative Minimum Tax Return – IndividualsEarned Income Tax 298453OLResident Schedules I, II, IIIIndividual Resident Income TaxNonresident Income Tax ReturnEstimated Tax Worksheet and VouchersDE Nonresident Schedule 1Electronic Payment VoucherUnderpayment of Estimated TaxesSpecial Tax Compensation Lump SumOnline Declaration for E-fileDelaware Resident SchedulesDistrict of ColumbiaD-2210D-40D-40-Sch HD-40-Sch SD-40ED-40ESD-40EZD-40PSch ISch NSch UPenalty for Underpayment of Estimated TaxResident Income Tax Return With WorksheetsHomeowner and Renter Property Tax CreditDependents and additional informationEL – Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingES – Estimated Tax DeclarationIndividual Income Tax ReturnPayment VoucherAdditions and Subtractions from Federal AGINoncustodial Parent EITC CreditAdditional Miscellaneous Credits and Contributions

dual Income Tax ReturnDeclaration of Estimated TaxShort Income Tax ReturnUnderpayment of Estimated TaxElectronic / Telefile Payment VoucherDeclaration of Electronic FilingIndividual Credit h X - N11, N13, N15Schedule AMDSchedule CREstimated Tax Payment VouchersSale of Your HomeRes Individual Income Tax ReturnTax on Lump Sum DistributionsInvestment Interest Expense DeductionIndividual Income Tax PaymentUnderpayment of Estimated TaxTax for Children Under Age 14Tax Credits for ResidentsExplanation of Changes on Amended ReturnSchedule of Tax CreditsIdaho39NR39R4040V4344CGSupplemental Schedule – NR / PYSupplemental Schedule – ResidentIndividual Income Tax ReturnElectronic Payment VoucherPY / NR Income Tax ReturnIdaho Business Income Tax Credits and Credit RecaptureCapital Gains DeductionIllinois10401040-Sch CR1040-Sch G1040-Sch ICR1040-Sch M1040-Sch NR1040ES1040V13102210Sch 1299CIndividual Income Tax ReturnCredit for Tax Paid Other StatesSchedule GIllinois CreditsOther Additions and SubtractionsComputation of Tax – NR / PYEstimated Income Tax VoucherPayment Voucher for IndividualsClaim of Refund Due DeceasedComputation of PenaltiesSubtractions and CreditsIndianaES-40IN-DEPIT-40IT-40 Schedule 1IT-40 Schedule 2Estimated Tax Payment FORMAdditional Dependent Child InformationFull Year Resident Individual ReturnAdd-BacksDeductions

IT-40 Schedule 3 and 4IT-40 Schedule 5IT-40 Schedule 6IT-40 Schedule 7IT-40ESIT-40EZIT-40PNRIT-40PNR Schedule AIT-40PNR Schedule BIT-40PNR Schedule CIT-40PNR Schedule D and EIT-40PNR Schedule FIT-40PNR Schedule GIT-40PNR Schedule HIT-40RNRIT-9PFCSch CC-40Sch CT-40Sch CT-40EZSch CT-40PNRSch IN-2058SPSch IN-529Sch IN-BARSch IN-EDGESch IN-EDGE-RSch IN-EICSch IT-2210ExemptionsCreditsOffset CreditsAdditional Required InformationIndividual Estimated Income Tax VoucherResident Filers With No DependentPart Year or Nonresident ReturnIncome or Loss Proration SectionAdd-BacksDeductionsDeductions and CreditsCreditsOffset CreditsResidency InformationReciprocal Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnApplication for Extension of TimePayment Filing CouponCollege CreditCounty Tax ScheduleCounty Tax Schedule for Indiana ResidentsCounty Tax Schedule for PY / FY NRNonresident Military Spo

540 2EZ Resident Income Tax Return 540-Sch CA Adjustments – Residents 540-Sch D Capital Gain and Loss 540-Sch D1 Sales of Business Property 540-Sch G1 Tax on Lump – Sum Distributions 540-Sch P AMT and Credit Limitations 540-Sch S Other State Tax Credit 540ES Estimated Tax for Individuals

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