Please Note This List Is Not Exhaustive And Only Includes .

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Please note this list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the mostcommon models

Browning A‐BoltBrowning A‐Bolt IIIBrowning BARBrowning BAR LongTrac SeriesBrowning BAR ShortTrac series(Except ShortTrac Hog Stalker Realtree Max-1)Browning BAR Stalker SeriesBrowning BL 22Browning BLR SeriesBAR SafariBrowning Semi‐Auto 22Browning T‐Bolt SeriesCZ 527 VarmintDavid Pedersoli 1886Henry .22Henry Pump OctagonMarlin 308 SeriesMarlin 336CMarlin 338 SeriesMarlin 795Marlin 1894Marlin Model Golden 39AMarlin X7 SeriesMarlin XLR SeriesMarlin XT

Mossberg 30‐30Mossberg 702Remington Junior Target 521TLRemington Keene rifleRemington Nylon 66Remington M1903 Springfield rifleRemington Model 5Remington Model 6Remington Model 7Remington Model 14Remington Model 30Remington Model 34Remington Model 40Remington Model 121 FieldmasterRemington Model 141Remington Model 241Remington 270Remington 336Remington Model 504Remington Model 511 ScoremasterRemington Model 512 SportmasterRemington Model 513Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster

Remington Model 600Remington Model 660Remington Model 673Remington Model 700Remington Model 710Remington Model 721Remington Model 722Remington Model 725Remington 760Remington Model 770Remington Model 788Remington Model 798Remington Model 799Remington 7600Remington Modular Sniper RifleRemington XM2010 ESRRemington WoodmasterSavage 11/111 BTH Hunter SeriesSavage 11/111 FCNS Hunter SeriesSavage 12 BTCSS Varmint SeriesSavage 12 BVSS Varmint SeriesSavage 12 FCV Varmint SeriesSavage 12 FLV Varmint SeriesSavage 12 FV Varmint Series

Savage 12 LRPV Left Port Varmint SeriesSavage VLP DBM Varmint SeriesSavage 14/114 American ClassicSavage 14/114 American Classic StainlessSavage 17 Series 93R17 BRJSavage 17 Series 93R17 BSEVSavage 17 Series 93R17 BTVSavage 17 Series 93R17 BTVLSSSavage 17 Series 93R17 BTVSSavage 17 Series 93R17 BVSSSavage 17 Series 93R17 CamoSavage 17 Series 93R17 FSavage 17 Series 93R17 FSSSavage 17 Series 93R17 FVSavage 17 Series 93R17 FVSSSavage 17 Series 93R17 GLVSavage 17 Series 93R17 GVSavage 17 Series 93R17 TRSavage 17 Series 93R17 TRR‐SRSavage 25 Lightweight VarminterSavage 25 Lightweight Varminter‐ TSavage 25 Walking VarminterSavage 64 FSavage 64 FSSSavage 64 G

Savage 93 BRJ Magnum SeriesSavage 93 BSEV Magnum SeriesSavage 93 BTVS Magnum SeriesSavage 93 F Magnum SeriesSavage 93 FSS Magnum SeriesSavage 93 FV Magnum SeriesSavage 93 FVSS Magnum SeriesSavage 93 G Magnum SeriesSavage 93 GL Magnum SeriesSavage Axis 7mmSavage Axis CamoSavage Axis SRSavage Axis StainlessSavage Axis Stainless XPSavage Axis XPSavage Axis XP CamoSavage Axis XP YouthSavage Axis XP Youth CamoSavage Axis XP Youth Muddy GirlSavage Axis YouthSavage Mark II BRJSavage Mark II BSEVSavage Mark II BTVSavage Mark II BTVLSSSavage MARK II BTVSSavage Mark II BVSavage MARK II Camo

Savage Mark II FSavage Mark II FSSSavage Mark II FVSavage Mark II FV‐SRSavage Mark II FVTSavage Mark II GSavage Mark II GLSavage Mark II GLYSavage Mark II GYSavage Mark II TRSavage Mark II TRR‐SRSavage Target Series 12 Bench RestSavage Target Series 12 F ClassSavage Target Series 12 F/TRSavage Target Series 12 Long Range PrecisionSavage Target Series PalmaSavage Weather Series 16/116 FCSSSavage Weather Series 16/116 FHSSSavage Weather Series 16/116 FLHSSSavage Weather Series 16/116 FSSSpringfield 30‐06Uberti 1866 YellowboyWinchester Model 70Winchester Model 71Winchester Model 76Winchester Model 94Winchester Model 1873Winchester Model 1885Winchester Model 1892Winchester 1907

Remington Model 121 Fieldmaster Remington Model 141 Remington Model 241 Remington 270 Remington 336 Remington Model 504 Remington Model 511 Scoremaster Remington Model 512 Sportmaster Remington Model 513 Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster . Remington Model 600 Remington Model 660 Remington Model 673 Remington

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McKesson Horizon Clinicals Outpatient: GE Centricity EMR Med List 1 CCD w/ Med List 1 Med List 1 Med List 2 CCD w/ Med List 2 Med List 2 Business Logic Med List 3 CCD w/ Med List 3 Med List 3 Collaborative Charting. As people of Providence, we will provide a connected experience of care based on a foundation of clinical excellence.

One approach we can use is to play the Am pentatonic scale, but use techniques to alter the C note. For instance, you can bend the C note up to the C# note using a blues bend. In this way, the C note becomes a ‘passing note’ instead of a ‘target note’, since we don’t stay on this C note but use it in a way to get to the C# note.

SOAP Note-Infant SOAP Note-Child SOAP Note-Adolescent SOAP Note-Adult SOAP Note-Geriatric SOAP Note-Obstetric SOAP Note-Gynecologic SOAP Note-Behavior/Psych 3 6 7 . PROCEDURES (required) Procedure Preceptor Initials Date Surgical Gowning/Gloving Surgical Gowning/Gloving Incision and Drainage .

the Country list, the Division list is populated with items specific to the selected division. NOTE: When importing multi-level list items, the full hierarchy of list item codes must be specified. For example, to add an item to the three-level list above, the region, division, and department codes must be provided for each list item row.

–A nonempty list is a pair (element, rest of list) –The element is the head of the list –The pointer is the tailor restof the list .which is itself a list! Thus in math (i.e., inductively) a list is either –The empty list [ ] –Or a pair consisting of an element and a list This recursive structure will come in handy shortly

–A nonempty list is a pair (element, rest of list) –The element is the head of the list –The pointer is the tailor restof the list .which is itself a list! Thus in math (i.e., inductively) a list is either –The empty list [ ] –Or a pair consisting of an element and a list This recursive structure will come in handy shortly