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DIN Rail Power SupplyAC/DC Switching Power Supplies2020February

Company ProfileEstablished in 1982, MEAN WELL is a leading standard switching power supply manufacturers in the world.MEAN WELL currently operates under five companies in Taiwan, China, USA and Europe and three factories inTaiwan, GuangZhou and SuZhou. The product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters,waterproof LED drivers, adaptors, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers. We have over 10,000 standard modelswidely used in medical, automation, communication, LED lighting, display, and office automation fields.The whole product line of MEAN WELL for DIN rail category has supplied more than 52 series and 165 modelsranging from AC/DC power supply 10 960W, DC/DC Converter 15 480W and several supplementary units,covering inrush current limiter , redundancy module , buffer module and DC UPS functions.MEAN WELL USA1MEAN WELL EUROPE

Besides thorough product categories, another highlight of MEAN WELL products is the complete safety approval,including UL, CUL, TUV, SEMI and GL safety regulations, also passing EN55032 electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) testing for customers to choose.With more than almost 40 years of experience in R&D and production of standard power supplies,MEAN WELL has twelve product categories covering more than 10,000 models, to provide “One StopShopping” power solutions. Every product in the MEAN WELL range is the result of rigid procedures governingdesign, design verification test (DVT), design quality test (DQT), component selection, pilot-run production,and mass production.With more than 200 distributors globally, the MEAN WELL products are distributed to over 80 countriesworldwide. The small size orders can expect delivery within 24 hours without MOQ requirement. If you arelooking for switching power supply with high reliability, good quality, reasonable price and full series productswhich can satisfy your various demands, MEAN WELL, a total solution provider, is definitely your first choice!MEAN WELL SUZHOUMEAN WELL TAIWANMEAN WELL GUANGZHOUTIANHE R&D CENTERMEAN WELL GUANGZHOUHUADU FACTORY2

Reliable QualityThe brand name “MEAN WELL” is defined as “have good intentions”. We strongly believe that theproduct quality is the life of power supply manufacturer. “To become the reliable power partner ” hasbeen the motivation for MEAN WELL to grow continuously.In 1994, MEAN WELL acquired the ISO9001 certification and began to implement the total qualitymanagement (TQM) system, which are audited by TUV annually to continuous review and improvement. InApril 2013, MEAN WELL acquired the ISO14000 certification and obtained the OHSAS18001 system (ESH,environmental safety and health) in 2015, to take the concept of environmental protection into action,and expect to create a safe and healthy life.O HS A S 1 8 0 0 1ISO9001MEAN WELL DIN Rail power supply products comply withUL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE / GL / SEMI certificates, includingUL508, UL1310, UL62368-1, TUV EN62368-1, TUV EN61558-1/-2-16, IEC 62368-1, SEMI F47, GL, EN55011, EN55032.3ISO14000

MEAN WELL has a complete quality management system. To ensure product quality,100% burn-in test, function test and pressure test have been applied in manufacturingprocess, while the MIL-105E sampling method used in IQC, PCBQC (semi-finishedproducts testing) and FQC phases. In the R&D stage, MEAN WELL quality engineerscustomize the “Test Plan” for each product, to complete the verifications of DFMEA,DVT/DQT, ORT, EMC, drop test, vibration test, thermal shock test, and reliability test.In production stage, the product engineers co-work with process engineers to reviewthe pilot run, semi-finished products quality control, process checking, finishedproduct quality control, and the feedback analysis as well as the production problemsoccurred.4

Product RangePage7AC/DC Power Supply 10 960W 1ϕ, 2ϕ, 3ϕ, AC input 5V 48V Class I & II kATelecomPage14DC/DC Converter 15 480W 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1 wide input range 3.3 48V -40 85 o C ultra-wide operating temp. EN50155 railway standard(120W wayPage16Supplementar y Units 16A & 28A AC inrush current limiter 20A & 40A redundancy module 20A & 40A buffer module 40A DC UPS ilwayLEDLED Display

Supplementary UnitsAC Inrush Current LimiterRedundancy ModuleICL SeriesDRDN/ERDN/DR-RDN SeriesAllow more power supplies and large capactive loadson the same circuit breaker.Secure highest reliability and stability in1 1 or 1 N.NN4Circuit Breaker1 N Redundancy : Using 1 more PSU as the redundant unitL3.L24VPSUn 124VPSU24VPSU24VPSU24VPSU24VPSUN NL2N(DIN Rail Type)LCircuit BreakerICL Series(Linear Shape)12.L.ICL SeriesNL1N3DRDN SeriesN4Ln 1DRDN SeriesVoutLDRDN SeriesVoutPower SupplyVoutLoadNote: Fewer circuit branches are required to support the samenumber of power supply installations, reduce system cost.Note: 12V/ 24V/ 48V models are all appliable.Buffer ModuleDC-UPS ModuleDBUF SeriesDR-UPS SeriesExtend system hold up time when AC interruptsUninterruptible power supply with battery provideslong buffer time when AC interrupts or fails.or fails. -)(INPUT()): 100-240VAC 2.6AOUTPUT():“Use copper wire only,Min.75 ”“Maximum surrounding air temperature: 60 ”“Instructions for installation in a pollution degree2 environment”ID 2000000000,MW02 () MADE IN CHINA“Terminal torque9 Lb-in”FGOptionalNL24V PSU DBUF SeriesNote: Buffering with internal electrolytic capacitors instead ofbatteries, saves batteries maintenance cost.Inhibit(LoadReadyR e l a y, L a m p o r S i g n a l-BufferingR e l a y, L a m p o r S i g n a l“Terminal torque 9 Lb-in” 24VBattery- Load -- DR-UPSSeries-24V PSUNote: Buffering with external batteries, can ensure uninterrupted systemoperation when AC or DC power supply stops providing power.6

rialATelecomBuildingAutomationPlastic Case — 15 150W Slim Step ShapeFeatures 2I sola tion c lass Ⅱ 2C o o l i n g b y f ree a i r co n vect i o n 21SU 6 S U narrow widt h 2- 3 0 7 0 C o p er a t i n g tem p er a t u re 285 26 4VAC input (277 VAC o pe r at io nal ) 2DI N r a i l TS- 3 5 / 7. 5 o r 1 5 m o u n t a b l e 2N o load power c ons um pt i o n 0.3 W 2LE D i n d i ca to r f o r p o wer o n 2Pa ss L PS (Limited po we r s o urce ) 2Su i t a b l e f o r b u i l d i n g a u to m a t i o n a n d c o n t ro l of 2D C ou tput voltage ad jus t ableh o u seh o l d a p p l i a n ce 2Prote ctions : Shor t c i rcuit / O ve r load / O ve r vo lt a g e 23 yea r s w a r r a n t y 2Ove r voltage categor y ⅢWHDDimension (WxHxD)15WModel No.UL508UL62368-1EN61558Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.HDR-15-55V, 2.4A 2.0%80mV80%HDR-15-1212V, 1.25A 1.0%120mV85.5%HDR-15-1515V, 1.0A 1.0%120mV86.5%HDR-15-2424V, 0.63A 1.0%150mV88%HDR-15-4848V, 0.32A 1.0%240mV88%UL508UL62368-152. 5( 3SU ) x 9 0 x 5 4 . 5 mmHD R- 10070( 4SU ) x 90 x 5 4 . 5 mmHD R- 150105( 6SU ) x 90 x 5 4. 5 mmR&NEffi.HDR-60-2424V, 2.5A 1.0%150mV90%HDR-60-4848V, 1.25A 1.0%240mV91%100WModel 1212V, 0 7.1A 2%120mV88%HDR-100-12N12V, 0 7.5A 2%120mV88%15V, 0 6.13A 1%120mV89%15V, 0 6.5A 1%120mV89%Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.HDR-100-24HDR-30-55V, 3.0A 2.0%80mV82%HDR-100-24NHDR-30-1212V, 2.0A 1.0%120mV88%HDR-100-48HDR-30-1515V, 2.0A 1.0%120mV89%HDR-100-48NHDR-30-2424V, 1.5A 1.0%150mV89%HDR-30-4848V, 0.75A 1.0%240mV90%H DR-1 0 0: 9 2 W m a x . , p a ss LP SH DR-1 0 0- x x N : 1 0 0W m a x . , n o n - LP S w i t h a w ide outputa d j u st a b l e r a n g e24V, 0 3.83A 1%150mV90%24V, 0 4.2A 1%150mV90%48V, 0 1.92A 1%240mV90%48V, 0 2.1A 1%240mV90%150W60WModel No.735( 2SU ) x 90 x 5 4 . 5 mmHD R- 60Tol.HDR-100-15NEN6155817. 5( 1SU ) x 9 0 x 5 4 . 5 mmHD R- 30OutputHDR-100-1530WHD R- 15UL508UL62368-1Model ol.R&NEffi.R&NEffi.HDR-150-1212V, 11.3A 2%100mV89%HDR-60-55V, 6.5A 2.0%80mV85%HDR-150-1515V, 9.5A 1%120mV89.5%HDR-60-1212V, 4.5A 1.0%120mV88%HDR-150-2424V, 6.25A 1%150mV90.5%HDR-60-1515V, 4.0A 1.0%120mV89%HDR-150-4848V, 3.2A 1%200mV90.5%

MDRSeriesECOAutomateSecurityIndustria lNetworkATelecomPlastic Case — 10 96W Ultra SlimFeatures 2I sola tion c lass I DC O K si g n a l o u t p u t ( MDR- 1 0 / 20 ) ; 85 26 4VAC input N o load power c onsum pt io n 0 .7 5 W ( 1 W f o r M DR-1 0 0 )LE D i n d i ca to r f o r p o wer o n D C output voltage ad j us t able (M D R - 2 0 10 0 ) C a n b e i n st a l l ed o n DI N r a i l T S- 35 / 7 . 5 o r 1 5 Prote ctions: S hor t c ircuit / O ve r load / O ve r vo lt ag e B u i l t- i n a ct i ve P F C a n d o ver tem p . p ro tect i o n ( MD R -1 0 0 ) Cooling by free air co nve ct i o n3 yea r s w a r r a n t y D iv 2 Hazardous Locat i o ns T4 (M D R - 4 0 /6 0 )DC O K rel a y co n t a c t ( MDR- 4 0 / 6 0 / 1 0 0)Dimension (WxHxD)10WM D R- 1022. 5x 9 0x 1 00 mmM D R- 2022. 5x 9 0x 1 00 mmM D R- 4040x 9 0 x 1 0 0 mmM D R- 6040x 9 0 x 1 0 0 mmM D R- 10055x 9 0 x 1 0 0 mm60WUL62368-1OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.5V, 2.0A 5%80mV77%MDR-60-55V, 10.0A 2%80mV78%MDR-10-1212V, 0.84A 3%120mV81%MDR-60-1212V, 5.00A 1%120mV86%MDR-10-1515V, 0.67A 3%120mV81%MDR-60-2424V, 2.50A 1%150mV88%MDR-10-2424V, 0.42A 2%150mV84%MDR-60-4848V, 1.25A 1%200mV87%EN62368-196WOutputTol.R&NEffi.Model 2368-1UL508Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.MDR-20-55V, 3.0A 2%80mV76%MDR-100-1212V, 7.5A 1%120mV83%MDR-20-1212V, 1.67A 1%120mV80%MDR-20-15MDR-100-2424V, 4.0A 1%150mV86%15V, 1.34A 1%120mV81%MDR-20-2424V, 1.00A 1%150mV84%MDR-100-4848V, 2.0A 1%200mV87%40WUL62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.5V, 6.00A 2%80mV78%MDR-40-5UL508EN62368-1MDR-40-1212V, 3.33A 1%120mV86%MDR-40-2424V, 1.70A 1%150mV88%MDR-40-4848V, 0.83A 1%200mV88%HDR vs. MDRDifferenceCaseTypeProtectionClassOver VoltageCategoryWorkingTemp.H DRStep ShapeClass IIOVC III-30 70oCMDRUltra SlimClass I------20 70oCSeries8

EDR/NDRSeriesAutomateIndustria lSecurityNetworkATelecomMetal Case — 75 480W Slim & EconomicalFeatures 90 264VAC input Cooling by free air convection Built-in active PFC function(NDR-240/480) Operating temperature:-20 60 oC(EDR), -20 70 oC(NDR) High efficiency up to 92.5% DC output voltage adjustable Protections: S hort circuit / Overload / Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35 / 7.5 or 15Over voltage / Over temperature 3 years warranty (2 years warranty for EDR) Built-in constant current limiting circuitDimension (WxHxD)Dimension (WxHxD)EDR-150E D R- 7 532x 125. 2x 10 2mmE D R- 1 2040x 125. 2x 113 .5 mm75WUL50840 x 12 5 .2 x 1 1 3. 5m mR&NUL508OutputTol.85.5%NDR-75-1212V, 6.3A87.5%NDR-75-2424V, 3.2ANDR-75-4848V, 1.6ATol.EDR-75-1212V, 6.3A 2.0%80mVEDR-75-2424V, 3.2A 1.0%120mVEDR-75-4848V, 1.6A 1.0%150mV88.5%Effi.120WEN62368-163x 125. 2x 1 1 3 . 5 mm85. 5x 125. 2 x 12 8 . 5 mmEN62368-1R&NEffi. 2.0%80mV85.5% 1.0%150mV88.0% 1.0%240mV89.0%UL508EN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.EDR-120-1212V, 10A 2.0%100mV85.0%NDR-120-1212V, 10A 2.0%100mV85.5%EDR-120-2424V, 5.0A 1.0%120mV87.5%NDR-120-2424V, 5.0A 1.0%120mV88.0%88.5%NDR-120-4848V, 2.5A 1.0%150mV89.0%EDR-120-4848V, 2.5A150WModel No.EDR-150-24 l.24V, 6.5A/5.2A 1.0%R&NEffi.150mV87.0%EDR vs. NDRDifferenceUL508Working Temp.WarrantyEDRClass A-20 60 o C2 yearsNDRClass B-20 70 o C3 yearsEN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.NDR-240-2424V, 10A 1.0%150mV88.5%NDR-240-4848V, 5.0A 1.0%150mV90.0%480WEMISeries9ND R- 240ND R- 480Model No.OutputUL50832x 125. 2x 102m m40x 125. 2x 113. 5m m75WEN62368-1Model No.120WND R- 75ND R- 120UL508EN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.NDR-480-2424V, 20A 1.0%150mV92.5%NDR-480-4848V, 10A 1.0%150mV92.5%

SDRSeriesAutomateSecurityIndustria lNetworkATelecomMarineMetal Case — 75 960W Slim & High PerformanceFeatures 90 26 4VAC input (180 2 6 4 VAC f o r S D R - 96 0 ) B u ilt-in active P FC fu nct io n (S D R - 1 2 0/2 4 0 /48 0 /9 6 0) 130 150% peak load capability by seriesHigh efficiency up to 9 4% Current sharing up to 3840W(7 1 for SDR-480P, 3 1 for SDR-960)Prote ctions: S hor t c ircui t / O ve r load / DC OK relay contact (except for SDR-75)Over vo l t ag e / O ve r te m pe r at ure Complete functions: Comply with GL (SDR-120 480),B u ilt-in c ons tant cur re nt l i m it i ng ci rcui tSEMIF47 (SDR-75 960)Cooling by free air co nve ct i o n -30 70 o C operating te m pe r at ureCa n b e installed on DI N r ai l TS - 35 / 7 .5 o r 1 5DC o u t p u t vo l t a g e a d j u st a b l e3 yea r s w a r r a n t yDimension (WxHxD)SE75WM480W47UL508EN62368-132x 125. 2x 102mmSD R- 12040x 125. 2x 113. 5 mmSD R- 24063x 125. 2x 113. 5 mmSD R- 480 P85. 5x 125. 2x 128 . 5 mmSD R- 960110x 125. 2x 150 mmSEPQIFSD R- 75MPQIF(SDR-480P)47GLMari neUL508EN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.SDR-75-1212V, 6.3A 1.0%100mV88.5%SDR-480 -2424V, 20A 1.2%100mV94.0%SDR-75-2424V, 3.2A 1.0%100mV89.0%SDR-480 -4848V, 10A 1.0%120mV94.0%SDR-75-4848V, 1.6A 1.0%120mV90.0%UL508EN62368-1120WSEMPQIF47GLMari ne b lank, P ; B lank: b asic func tion, P: wi th p aral lel fu n c t ion960WUL508EN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.SDR-120-1212V, 10A 1.0%100mV89.0%SDR-960-2424V, 40A 1.0%180mV94.0%SDR-120-2424V, 5.0A 1.0%100mV91.0%SDR-120-4848V, 2.5A 1.0%120mV90.5%SDR-960-4848V, 20A i neUL508EN62368-1Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.SDR-240-2424V, 10A 1.0%50mV94.0%SDR-240-4848V, 5.0A 1.0%50mV94.0%10

WDR/TDRSeriesAutomateIndustria lSecurityATelecomNetworkMetal Case — 60 480W Slim Wide Input Range / 240 960W Slim 3-phaseFeatures AC in put range: C u r ren t sh a r i n g u p to 3 8 40 W ( 3 1 ) f o r TDR- 9 6 0W DR- 1ϕ and 2ϕ, 18 0 5 50 VAC ult r a- w id e input P ro tec t i o n s: S h o r t c i rc u i t / O ver l oa d /TD R - 3ϕ, 340 550VAC inputO ver vo l t a g e / O ver tem p er a t u re Compac t size, narrow w i d t h C o o l i n g b y f ree a i r c o n vec t i o n B u ilt-in active PFC funct i o n Wo r k i n g tem p er a t u re: -3 0 7 0 o C( e xce p t for W DR -60/1 20 , TD R - 2 4 0 ) B u i l t- i n DC O K rel a y c o n t a ct ( o p t i o n a l f o r TD R -4 8 0 ) High effic iency up to 9 4 .5 % C a n b e i n st a l l ed o n DI N r a i l TS- 3 5 / 7 . 5 o r 1 5 B u ilt-in c onstant c urre nt li m it i ng circuit 3 yea r s w a r r a n t yDimension (WxHxD)Dimension (WxHxD)W D R- 6 032x 125. 2x 102mmWDR-2406 3x 1 2 5 .2 x 1 1 3.5 m mT D R- 24063x 125. 2x 113. 5m mW D R- 1 2040x 125. 2x 113.5 mmWDR-4808 5.5 x 1 2 5 .2 x 1 28. 5m mT D R- 48085. 5x 125. 2x 128. 5m m60WUL61010T D R- 960240WEN61558110x 12 5 . 2 x 1 50 mmUL61010EN61558Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.M o d e l No .Ou tp u tTol.R&NE ffi.WDR-60-55V, 10A 1.5%100mV84.5%TDR-240-2424V, 10A 1.0%100mV92.0%TDR-240-4848V, 5.0A 1.0%120mV92.0%M o d e l No .Ou tp u tTol.R&NE ffi.WDR-60-1212V, 5.0A 1.5%120mV86.5%WDR-60-2424V, 2.5A 1.0%150mV89.0%WDR-60-4848V, 1.25A 1.0%200mV90.5%120WUL508480WUL508Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.TDR-480-2424V, 20A 1.0%150mV92.0%WDR-120-1212V, 10A 1.5%120mV89.5%TDR-480-4848V, 10A 1.0%240mV92.0%WDR-120-2424V, 5.0A 1.0%120mV91.0%WDR-120-4848V, 2.5A 1.0%150mV92.0%M o d e l No .Ou tp u tTol.R&NE ffi.TDR-960-2424V, 40A 1.0%180mV94.0%TDR-960-4848V, 20A 1.0%250mV94.5%240WUL508M ode l No .Out putT ol .R&NEffi.WDR-240-2424V, 10A 1.0%150mV91.0%WDR-240-4848V, 5.0A 1.0%150mV91.0%960WUL508WDR vs. TDRDifference480WUL508SeriesAC Input VoltageM od el No.OutputT ol .R&NEffi.WDR-480-2424V, 20A 1.0%100mV92.0%WDR1ϕ, 2ϕ ; 180 550VACWDR-480-4848V, 10A 1.0%150mV93.0%TDR3ϕ ; 340 550VAC11

DRA/DRCSeries40 100W AC/DC Specific Power Supply40W & 60W OutputCurrent ProgrammableUL62368-1EN62368-1Features 90 26 4VAC input I o ca n be trimmed1 0 1 0 0% by 1 1 0 Vd c,P WM s ignal or res ist ance W 40x H 90 x D 1 0 0mmProte ctions: S hor t c ircuit / O ve r load / O ve r vo lt ag eCooling by free air co nve ct i o n40W-30 70 o C operating te m pe r at ureModel No.OutputPa ss L P SDRA - 4 0-1 2L ED indicator for powe r o nDRA -4 0-2 4Tol.R&NEffi.12V, 3.34A 1.0%120mV85%24V, 1.7A 1.0%150mV87%Ca n b e installed on DI N r ai l TS - 35 / 7 .5 o r 1 560WSu ita ble for machine vis io n i ns pe ct i o n s ys te m an dModel No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.p la n t cultivation appli cat i o nDRA - 6 0-1 212V, 5A 1.0%120mV85%3 ye a r s warrantyDRA - 6 0-2 424V, 2.5A 1.0%150mV87%40 100W Battery Chargerwith UPS Security PowerUL62368-1EN62368-1SecurityFeatures 90 26 4VAC inputSin gle output with bat te r y ch arg e r (U P S f unct i o n)A la rm s ignal for AC O K and bat te r y l o wProte ctions: S hor t c i rcuit / O ve r load / O ve r vo lt ag e /B a t te r y low protec tio n / Bat te r y re ve r s e po lar i t y p rote ction by fuseDimension (WxHxD)Cooling by free air co nve ct io nD RC - 4040x 90 x 1 0 0 mmD RC - 6040x 90 x 1 0 0 mmD RC - 10055x 90 x 1 0 0 mmWor king temperature : - 3 0 7 0 o CPa ss L P S (DRC -40/60 )60WL ED indicator for powe r o nModel No.Ca n b e installed on DI N r ail TS - 35 /7 .5 o r 15DRC-60ASu ita ble for s ecurity appl i cat i o n3 ye a r s warrantyDRC-60B40WModel No.DRC-40ADRC-40BOutputTol.R&NEffi.Max.13.8V, 4.3A 1%120mV86%59W13.8V, 1.5A(Charger)200mV88%59W27.6V, 2.15A 1%27.6V, 0.75A(Charger)OutputTol.R&NEffi.Max. 13.8V, 2.9A 1%120mV86%40W13.8V, 1.0A(Charger)27.6V, 1.45A 1%27.6V, 0.5A(Charger)Model No.DRC-100A13.8V, 7A13.8V, 2.5A200mV87%40WDRC-100B(Charger)27.6V, 3.5A 1%27.6V, 1.25A(Charger)12

40mA & 1280mA Bus Power SupplyFeatures 2EI B / KNX power s upp l y w i t h I nte gr ate d ch o ke 2 C o o l i n g b y f ree a i r co n vect i o n 2Compact s ize with 3SU /4S U w i d t h 2I so l a t i o n c l a ss I 2Sa fe ty extra low volta ge (S ELV) LE D i n d i c a to r f o r n o rm a l o p er a t i o n , b u s reset a nd buso ver l oa d 2180 264VAC input 2N o load power c ons um pt i o n 0.5 W 2O ver vo l t a g e ca teg o r y I I I 2Prote ctions : 2- 3 0 7 0 o C o p er a t i n g tem p er a t u reShor t circ uit / Overload (s h o r t- circuit- pro of ) / C a n b e i n st a l l ed o n DI N r a i l TS- 3 5 / 7 . 5 o r 1 5Ove r vo ltage 2 3 yea r s w a r r a n t yWWHHDDKNX-20E-640W5 2 .5 x H9 0 x D5 4 .5 mmW 72x H90x D5 7 mmKN X-40E-128040W20WV out 2V o ut 2Model No.V out 1(with choke)(without choke)I o ut(I 1 I 2)Model No.V o ut 1(with choke)(without choke)I out(I 1 I 2)KNX-20E-640Bus, 30VDC30VDC640mAKNX-40E-1280 DBus, 30VDC30VDC1280mA: Blank, D ; Blank Basic function, D Diagnostic functionA p p l i c at i o n s13

DDRSeriesAutomateIndustria lNetworkSecurityATelecom15 60W DC/DC ConverterFeatures Compact size with 1SU 3S U w id t h 4 0 0 0V DC I / O i so l a t i o n ( Rei n f o rced i so l a t i o n ) 4:1 wid e input range -4 0 8 5 o C u l t r a - w i d e o p er a t i n g tem p er a t u re Prote ctions: S hor t c ircui t / O ve r load / O ve r vo l t ag e /Input re ve r s e po lar i t y / I nput und e r vo l t a g e Cooling by free air co nve ct i o nDC o u t p u t a d j u st a b l e ( 1 0 %) C a n b e i n st a l l ed o n DI N r a i l T S-35 / 7 . 5 o r 1 5 3 yea r s w a r r a n t yDimension (WxHxD)15WD D R- 1517. 5x 90x 54. 5m mD D R- 3035x 90x 54. 5m mD D R- 6052. 5x 90x 54. 5m m30WModel No.VinVoutIoutR&NEffi.DDR-15G-3.39 36Vdc3.3Vdc3.5A50mV84%DDR-15G-59 36Vdc5Vdc3A50mVDDR-15G-129 36Vdc12Vdc1.25ADDR-15G-159 36Vdc15VdcDDR-15G-249 36VdcDDR-15L-3.3Model No.VinVoutIoutR&NEffi.DDR-30L-518 75Vdc5Vdc6A60mV86%84%DDR-30L-1218 75Vdc12Vdc2.5A75mV89%60mV85%DDR-30L-1518 75Vdc15Vdc2A75mV90%1A75mV85%DDR-30L-2418 75Vdc24Vdc1.25A100mV91%24Vdc0.63A100mV86%18 75Vdc3.3Vdc4.5A50mV84%DDR-15L-518 75Vdc5Vdc3A50mV85%VinVoutIoutR&NEffi.DDR-15L-1218 75Vdc12Vdc1.25A60mV86%DDR-60G-59 36Vdc5Vdc10.8A60mV87.5%DDR-15L-1518 75Vdc15Vdc1A75mV86%DDR-60G-129

MEAN WELL DIN Rail power supply products comply with UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE / GL / SEMI certificates, including UL508, UL1310, UL62368-1, TUV EN62368-1, TUV EN61558-1 /-2-16, IEC 62368-1, SEMI F47, GL, EN55011, EN55032. OHSAS18001 ISO9001 ISO14000 The brand name “MEAN WELL” is defined as “have good intentions”. We strongly believe .

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1 750 V Gr.C 660 V Gr.C NFC DIN UL CSA ACD13-6 ACD23-6 BO3 10x3 mm BO6 15x6 mm SFB1 SFB2 SFB3 RC610 SPBO SPBO R 3 2 1 ACD13-6 (DIN 1 - DIN 3) ACD23-6 (DIN 2 - DIN 3) ACD13-6 (DIN 1 - DIN 3) BO3 BO6 10 x 3 6 x 6 15 x 6 X X X XX XX ACD23-6 (DIN 2 - DIN 3) Rail 35 x 7,5 x 1 PR3.Z2 Rail 35 x 15 x 2,3 PR4 Rail 35 x 15 x 1,5 PR5 Ra

2012-up Honda Fit Double DIN or DIN with Pocket GM5205B 2010-up Chevrolet Cruz Double DIN or DIN with Pocket HA1714B 2012-up Honda CRV Double DIN or DIN with Pocket HA1715B 2011-up Honda Odyssey Double DIN or DIN with Pocket HD7000B 1996-2012 Harley Davidson dash kit and harness CR1293B 2011-up Jeep Cherokee/Dodge Durango Double DIN or DIN with .

The DIN Standards corresponding to the International Standards referred to in clause 2 and in the bibliog-raphy of the EN are as follows: ISO Standard DIN Standard ISO 225 DIN EN 20225 ISO 724 DIN ISO 724 ISO 898-1 DIN EN ISO 898-1 ISO 3269 DIN EN ISO 3269 ISO 3506-1 DIN EN ISO 3506-1 ISO 4042 DIN

SLIP-ON FLANGE ND 10 FOR ISO-PIPE DIN 2576 g. VLAKKE LASFLENS ND 10 VOOR DIN-BUIS DIN 2576 BRIDE PLATE À SOUDER PN 10 POUR TUBE DIN DIN 2576 FLANSCHE, GLATT ZUM SCHWEISSEN ND 10 FÜR DIN ROHR DIN 2576 SLIP-ON FLANGE ND 10 FOR DIN-PIPE DIN 2576 "All models, types, values, rates, dimensions, a.s.o. are subject to change, without notice" 173 6

POWER SUPPLY TDR-480-48 AC-DC Industrial 3 Phase DIN Rail Power Supply Mean Well LRS 50-24 Single Output Switching Power Supply Mean Well LRS50-12 50W Single Output Switching Power Supply MDR-20-12 AC-DC Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply O u r P r o d u c t R a n g e

Bottom rail, mid & top railS Top Rail Mid-Rail Bottom Rail how to measure mid-rail height When measuring the mid-rail height it is important to measure to the center point of where you would like the mid-rail to be placed. As the mid-rail is the same size as an individual louver, it will be placed approximately /- 1” for the specified height.

bolted joints are especially prevalent in early built rail transit systems. C racks are often found to initiate in the area of the first bolt hole and rail head to web fillet (upper fillet) at the rail end among bolted rail joints, which might cause further defects, such as rail breaks or loss of rail running surface P revious

Nom de l'Additif Alimentaire Fonction(s) Technologique(s) 340(iii) Phosphate tripotassique Adjuvant, antiagglomérant, antioxydant, régulateur de l'acidité, agent de rétention de la couleur, émulsifiant, affermissant, exaltateur d'arôme, agent de traitement des farines, humectant, agent de conservation, agent levant, séquestrant, stabilisant et épaississant 341 Phosphates de calcium .