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Certificate Specification NFQ Level 5Business Administration 5M24681. Certificate DetailsTitleBusiness AdministrationTeideal as GaeilgeRiarachán GnóAward TypeMajorCode5M2468Level5Credit Value120PurposeThe purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire theknowledge, skills and competence to work independently and undersupervision in an administrative role in a range of business contextsand or to progress to further and or higher education and training.Statements ofKnowledge, Skilland CompetenceLearners will be able to:KnowledgeBreadthDemonstrate a broad range of specialised knowledgeapplicable to business administration in a range of sectors.KindDemonstrate knowledge of theory, practices and processespertinent to business administration in a variety ofenvironments, with significant depth in specific administrationcontexts.Know How & SkillRangeDemonstrate a broad range of specialised and practical skillsrelevant to business administration in a range of contexts.1

SelectivityEvaluate and use information to plan, develop and determinesolutions to varied problems relating to businessadministration in a variety of contexts.CompetenceContextAct in a range of varied and specific administrative relatedcontexts, by identifying and applying the requiredadministrative skill and knowledge.RoleExercise initiative and take responsibility for carrying outdefined business administration activities both independentlyand within teams or groups.Learning toLearnTake responsibility for own learning in a structuredenvironment.InsightReflect on own role and performance with specific reference toplanning, setting and meeting objectives and timelines, withina business administration context.The learning outcomes associated with this award are outlinedin the associated Component Specifications.AccessTo access programmes leading to this award the learnershould have reached the standards of knowledge, skill andcompetence associated with the preceding level of theNational Framework of Qualifications. This may have beenachieved through a formal qualification or through relevant lifeand work experience.TransferAchievement of this award will enable the learner to transfer toother appropriate programmes leading to awards at the samelevel of the National Framework of Qualifications.ProgressionAchievement of this award will enable the learner to progressto other appropriate programmes leading to awards at the nextor higher levels of the National Framework of Qualifications.ProgressionAwardsLearners who successfully complete this award may progressto a range of different awards.GradingPassMeritDistinctionThe grade achieved will be determined by the grades achievedon the components2. Certificate RequirementsThe total credit value required for this certificate is 120. This will be achieved bycompleting:2

Award CodeTitleLevelCredit Value515All of the following component(s)5N1610Business Administration SkillsA minimum credit value of 15 from the following components5N1348Accounting Manual and Computerised5155N1354Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised515A minimum credit value of 15 from the following components5N1422Text Production5155N1358Word Processing515A minimum credit value of 15 from the following e Thinking5155N0972Customer Service5155N1390Personal Effectiveness5155N1367Teamworking515A minimum credit value of 15 from the following components5N1356Work Experience5155N1433Work Practice515A minimum credit value of 15 from the following components5N1350Applied Economics5155N1549Audio Transcription5155N1351Behavioural Studies5155N2091Business Law5155N0783Database Methods5155N0785Desktop Publishing5155N1383Financial Services5155N1389Information and Administration5155N2427Insurance and Banking Studies5155N1611The 5155N1630Spanish5155N1631Irish5155N1632English as a Second Language5155N1394Legal Practice and Procedures5155N1400Marketing Practice5155N1546Payroll Manual and Computerised5153

5N1407Reception and Frontline Office Skills5155N1977Spreadsheet Methods5155N1550Stage Management and 515The remaining credit value of 30 can be obtained by using relevant component(s) from level5. A maximum of 15 credits may be used from either level 4 or level 6.3. Supporting DocumentationNone4. Specific Validation RequirementsThere are no specific validation requirements for this award5. Europass Certificate SupplementThe Europass Certificate Supplement for this award can be accessed at: www.qqi.ie.6. FET Award StandardsQQI award standards are determined within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ),http://www.nfq-qqi.com. QQI determines standards for the education and training awardsthat it makes itself and that are made by providers to whom it has delegated authority tomake an award. Providers offering programmes leading to QQI awards must have theirprogramme(s) validated in accordance with current validation policy (see www.qqi.ie).Award standards are designed to be consistent with the NFQ’s award classes i.e. major,special purpose, supplemental and minor awards. They are expressed in terms of learningoutcomes i.e. concise statements of what the learner is expected to know or be able to doin order to achieve a particular award. Learning outcomes for QQI awards are containedwithin the associated specifications:AWARD CLASSSTANDARDSAWARDSMajor AwardCertificate SpecificationCertificate (Levels 1 to 5)Advanced Certificate (Level 6)Supplemental AwardSupplemental SpecificationSupplemental Certificate(Level 3 to 6)Special PurposeSpecific Purpose SpecificationSpecific Purpose Certificate(Levels 3 to 6)Minor AwardComponent SpecificationComponent Certificate(Levels 1 to 6)4

Award standards are thresholds, they describe standards of knowledge, skill or competenceto be acquired, and where appropriate, demonstrated, by a learner before an award may bemade.Award standards will be reviewed from time to time as necessary. Minor changes may bemade by the QQI executive outside the review cycle where necessary. Changes tostandards are published on QQI’s website. Providers with validated programmes andproviders with delegated authority to make awards are responsible for monitoring relevantstandards and making necessary responses to changes.7. FET CreditEvery FET certificate and component specification includes an FET credit value (Table 1).FET credit is quantified in multiples of 5 FET credits (up to 50 hours of learner effort).Learner effort is based on the time taken by typical learners at the level of the award toachieve the learning outcomes for the award. It includes all learning time involved including:guided learning hours, self-directed learning and assessment.Table 1: FET Credit ValuesNFQLevelMajor AwardsCredit ValuesDefault CreditValues MinorAwardsOther PermittedMinor AwardCredit ValuesSpecial Purpose andSupplemental AwardCredit Value 05,10,305,10,30 5 and 60 5 and 90 5 and 120 5 and 120Guide to LevelLearning outcomes at this level include a broad range of skills that require some theoreticalunderstanding. The outcomes may relate to engaging in a specific activity, with the capacityto use the instruments and techniques relating to an occupation. They are associated withwork being undertaken independently, subject to general direction.StrandSub-strandNature of learningKnowledgeBreadthBroad range of knowledgeKindSome theoretical concepts and abstract thinking, withsignificant depth in some areas.Some underpinning theoryKnow How &SkillRangeDemonstrate a broad range of specialised skills and toolsSelectivityEvaluate and use information to plan and develop investigativestrategies and to determine solutions to varied unfamiliarproblemsCompetenceContextAct in a range of varied and specific contexts, takingresponsibility for the nature and quality of outputs; identify andapply skill and knowledge to a wide variety of contextsRoleExercise some initiative and independence in carrying outdefined activities; join and function within multiple, complex andheterogeneous groups5

Learning toLearnLearn to take responsibility for own learning within a managedenvironmentInsightAssume full responsibility for consistency of self- understandingand behaviourExtract from 'Determinations for the Outline National Framework of Qualifications': NQAI6

1 Certificate Specification NFQ Level 5 Business Administration 5M2468 1. Certificate Details Title Business Administration Teideal as Gaeilge Riarachán Gnó Award Type Major Code 5M2468 Level 5 Credit Value 120 Purpose The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work independently and under

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