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9/6/2012Agile Samurai PrinciplesAgile Development1

9/6/2012Deliver Value Every Iteration Break big problems into smaller onesFocus on most important issuesDeliver something that worksLots of customer feedbackChange course when necessaryYou are accountableAgile Planning2

9/6/2012Agile PlanningAgile Planning3

9/6/2012Agile LifecycleAgile Team Blurred instead of fixed roles Characteristics of successful teams– Co-located, at least for initial meetings– Engaged customer– Self-organizing instead of top-down– Accountable and empowered– Cross-functional4

9/6/2012What if I don’t have an engagedcustomer? Build credibility– Find a problem and make it goaway– Show you are a fierce executorthat will get things done andcan help them– Might take a few iterations butthey will see your valueThe Agile Customer5

9/6/2012Agile Development TeamAgile Analyst6

9/6/2012Agile ProgrammerAgile Tester7

9/6/2012Agile ManagerAgile Usability Designer8

9/6/2012Kicking off a project The Inception Deck– Ten questions you’d be crazy not to ask beforestarting any software project– Gets everyone pointing in the same direction Shared goals, vision, contextInception Deck Collectively fill out a slide on to get a prettygood idea about what the project is, what itisn’t, and what it’s going to take to deliver Need to get customer/stakeholders involved It’s a living document9

9/6/2012 Your project name Your sponsors Why are we here? Important reason #1 Important reason #2 Important reason #3 #1 reason for doing this project 10

9/6/2012The elevator pitch For [target customer]who [statement of need or opportunity]the [project name]is a [product category]that [key benefit, compelling reason to buy].Unlike [primary competitive alternative]our project [statement of primarydifferentiation].Product box product name fun picture slogan benefit #1 benefit #2 benefit #3 11

9/6/2012The NOT listOUTINUNRESOLVEDYour project community community#3 team#2 Your core team group#1 Everyone else !. is always bigger than you think!12

9/6/2012Technical solutionTechnologies:- language - libraries - tools - technology Danger!Out ofscopeWhat keeps us up at night scary thing #1 scary thing #2 scary thing #3 13

9/6/2012Don’t overdo itThe table with just-in-time analysis.Likes to test.Comfortable with rapid iterative development.2DevelopersC#, MVC.NET, jQuery, SQLUnit testing, refactoring, TDD, continuous integration0.5Project managerResponsible for outward facing communicationStatus reports, scope, budget, and reporting upwards14

9/6/2012How big is this thing?Ship it!ConstructionUATTraining 3months1 wk1 wkThis is a guess. Not a commitment.Risk vs. TimeThe risk of project failure increases over time – think small15

9/6/2012The TestThe Test16

9/6/2012Trade-off slidersThe classic fourONOFFFeature completeness (scope)ONOFFONOFFStay within budget (budget)Deliver project on time (time)ONOFFHigh quality, low defects (quality)Other important thingsONOFFEase of useONOFFONOFFONOFFCommunity of usersDetailed audits (log everything) insert yours The first releaseShip it!ConstructionUATTraining 3months1 wk1 wk3 people, 3 ½ months, 250K17

The Agile Customer . 9/6/2012 6 Agile Development Team Agile Analyst . 9/6/2012 7 Agile Programmer Agile Tester . 9/6/2012 8 Agile Manager Agile Usability Designer . 9/6/2012 9 Kicking off a project The Inception Deck –Ten questions you’d be crazy not to ask before starting any

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The Agile Customer. 9/4/2013 6 Agile Development Team Agile Analyst. 9/4/2013 7 Agile Programmer Agile Tester. 9/4/2013 8 Agile Manager Agile Usability Designer. 9/4/2013 9 Kicking off a project The Inception Deck –Ten questions you’d be crazy not to ask before starting any software

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Agile Manifesto (Agile Principles) The Agile Manifesto is the foundation of most Agile Software Development methods. It has 4 core values supplemented by 12 Principles. The document was developed in 2001 by a group of 17 pioneer software engineers ( Agile Software Development Methods Agile Software .

Aug 31, 2013 · The Bushido Code: The Eight Virtues of the Samurai Tim Clark A Brief History of the Samurai The word samurai ofnoblebirth assigned to guard members of the Imperial Court. This service ethic spawned the roots of

Python allows you to split your program into modules that can be reused in other Python programs. It comes with a large collection of standard modules that you can use as the basis of your programs. The Python Standard Library consists of different modules for handling file I/O, basic mathematics, etc.