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Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 1Filed 06/02/2009Page 1 of 41Jay Edelson*Rafey Balabanian*2345KAMBEREDELSON LLC350 North LaSalle StreetSuite 1300Chicago, Illinois 60654Tel: (312) 589-6370Fax: (312) 589-6378j n.com6789James E. Smyth, IIKUMMER KAEMPFER BONNER RENSHAW 8 ; FERRARIO3800 Howard Hughes Parkway, Seventh FloorLas Vegas, Nevada 89169Tel: (702) 792-7000Fax: (702) 796-7181)m1011UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT12DISTRICT OF NEVADA13THEODORE TRAPP,on behalf of all othersonhisownbehalf andsimilarly situated,14Plaintiff,15161718192021222324Case No.DEMAND FOR JURY TRIALCLASS ACTIONBIG POPPA'S, LLC, a Nevada limitedliability company d/b/a BADDA BINGMEN'S CLUB; SKY TOP VENDING, INC.,CANa Nevada Corporation d/b/a CANROOM; LA FUENTE, INC., a Nevadacorporation d/b/a CHEETAH'S; C.P. FOODAND BEVERAGE, INC., a Nevadacorporation d/b/a CLUB PARADISE;DI J VU SHOWGIRLS OF LAS VEGAS,LLC, a Nevada limited liability companyd/b/a DI J, VU SHOWGIRLS; PALOMINOCLUB, INC., a Nevada corporation d/b/aPALOMINO CLUB; SHAC, LLC, a Nevadalimited liability company d/b/a SAPPHIRE;K-KEL, INC., a Nevada corporation d/b/aSPEARMINT RHINO; D.2801WESTWOOD, INC., a Nevada corporationd/b/a TREASURES; LITTLE DARLINGS OtCLASS ACTION COMPLAINT UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 HowardLasVegas.Hughes ParkwayNevada89169785541 1.DOC [Client-Matter]Pageof 41

Case ment 1Filed 06/02/2009Page 2 of 41LAS VEGAS, LLC, a Nevada limited liabilitycompany d/b/a LITTLE DARLINGS; O.G.ELIADES, A.D., LLC, a Nevada limitedliability company d/b/a OLYMPICGARDENS; LAS VEGASENTERTAINMENT, LLC, a Nevada limitedliability company d/b/a LARRY FLYNT'SHUSTLER CLUB; MICHAEL A. SALTMANd/b/a MINXX; RICK'S LAS VEGAS; FRIASMANAGEMENT, LLC, a Nevada limitedliability company d/b/a ACE CABCOMPANY and A-NORTH LAS VEGASCAB; WESTERN CAB COMPANY, aNevada corporation d/b/a WESTERN CABCOMPANY and WESTERN LIMOUSINE;NEVADA CHECKER CABCORPORATION, a Nevada corporation d/b/aCHECKER CAB COMPANY; NEVADASTAR CAB CORPORATION, a Nevadacorporation d/b/a STAR CAB COMPANY;NEVADA YELLOW CAB CORPORATIONa Nevada corporation d/b/a YELLOW CABCOMPANY; LUCKY CAB COMPANY OFNEVADA, a Nevada corporation d/b/aLUCKY TRANS; SUN CAB, INC., a Nevadacorporation d/b/a NELLIS CAB COMPANY;CLS NEVADA, LLC, a Nevada limitedliability company d/b/a CLSTRANSPORTATION LAS VEGAS;ON DEMAND SEDAN SERVICES, LLC, aNevada limited liability company d/b/a ODSLIMOUSINE and ODS CHAUFFEUREDTRANSPORTATION; BLS LIMOUSINESERVICE OF LAS VEGAS, INC., a Nevadacorporation d/b/a BLS LIMOUSINESERVICE OF LAS VEGAS; DESERT CAB,INC., a Nevada corporation d/b/a DESERTCAB COMPANY and ODYSSEYLIMOUSINE; BELL TRANS A NEVADACORPORATION, a Nevada corporation d/b/aBELL TRANS; TONY CHONG, anindividual; and DOE EMPLOYEES 1-1000;22Defendants.23241.1.1.1 UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes Pa wayLas Vegas, Nevada 8916978554I I.DOC [Client-Matter]Page2 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 1Filed 06/02/2009Page 3 of 41CLASS ACTION COMPLAINTPlaintiff, Theodore Trapp ("Plaintiff"), brings this class action Complaint against alland hisexperiences, and,acts andownallegesPlaintiffDefendants listed above.including investigationconductedby68theprimary industry9"Entertainmenthis attorneys.1.dining,isonethat fuels the economy in LasCapitaland entertainment.Asresult,fine11types, from corporate executives traveling12It is the13not besubjectedIt iscurrently2.expectationtoVegas.Lasaof visitors to Lasfraud, extortion,("Drivers")Vegasattractsbusiness to familiesonotheramongtransportationto collect16"kickback" for17referred to18as19kickbacks20kickbacks often times reach and exceed 100 per ally beganBecause thispractice22totaling 100,00023(Ordinance 8.20.297),24state laws makeinpervasive,givenweek.theCityof Laspayments of this typesuchanillegalBoulevardtaking placeanforandsometaxi andasor(hereinaftercommonlyknowntime, and while theoften in the amount of five dollars,todayindividual Club often pays out kickbacksOrdinances enactedby Clark County,Vegas (Ordinance 6.06.195),tocitycash paymentor moremostvacation.onvisit theVegasLashas been"tips"toentertainment clubssoisaastravelingto certain adult"Clubs") located offthethegaming, shopping,workerslimousine driversdeliveringasillegal activities.Vegasin Lasknownvisitors of all ages andVegas that they will be ableorpracticecommonLas15asVegas isof the World," and is world renowned for its1021belief,of the foremost vacation destinations in the United States. Tourism isVegas14himselftoasall other matters, upon information andtoaspersonal knowledgeNATURE OF ACTIONLas7follows uponasDriversNevadaand other Nevadaillegal. UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERR RIOSeventh Floor800 HowardLasVegas,Hughes ParkwayNevada89169785541 1DOClClient-Matter]Page3 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-0099514.Due to theDocument 1largeFiled 06/02/2009of money involved, r chosen destinations when such destinations4deliver such customers to the Clubs that5customers.5.6andcoerceroutinely falselyDrivers7substandard, undesirable,8"burned down."9providing tthedivertingkickback forrequestedordestinationssometimesinstances, if certain adult entertainment clubsopinion,aareevennotaresimplyDriver willdestination, irrespective of the customer's requestvisit that destination.14(N.R.S.) §15alsoDrivers, deceiving and/or attempting deliver passengersarequestedlocation isIf the Driver receives706.8846.aviolation of Nevada Revised Statute(N.A.C.) § 706.552.The harm to customers, however, does not end whenpaidthe contrary, to recoup the monies18part with large19or20destruction of property and serious21Morebroadly,22peoplefrom23ensnared inactualsumsphysicalencountersthe aggregate of thisreturninganTheseillegalto LasVegasscheme s, these Clubs forceby fraudulentof money eitherharm.out intopayment for diverting the customer, it isaviolation of Nevada Administrative Code17oroften becomefostersanemployeesenvironment thatthese individuals haveunable to travelfreelyviathreatsorviolent and result inand Clubto customerscustomers tooverchargesconcealedcab. UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLasVegas, Nevada 89169provideClubs, and insteadnot among theareof business, riddled with bullet holescustomers to thatlocations other than the7.visitingdivert customers away fromcash payments in the Driver's1316incentivized, and in fact do,aretell their customers that certain6. With respect to taxis and12andPage 4 of 4178554I I.DOC [Client-Matter]Page4 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-009958.39.ThisFiled 06/02/2009illegalillegalnegatively impactingscheme isPerhapsNevada in5families, who6Vegas since taxi cab drivershave7groups of men, which is thedemographic8clubs where the drivers receive kickbacks.9surreptitiouslyways.numeroushave theaopposedasVegas, Clark County,economic climate, thecity12losingmillions of dollars intax revenues13these enCruciallythegovernment)areincomegenerated bythe instant class actionCorrupt Organizations Act,protectionorparticularly givenmention the federalunreportedmenadult entertainmenttodestination of their choice.from theandsinglecomplaintN.R.S.§laws.PARTIES17Trapp is a resident of California.1811. Plaintiff Theodore1912. On information and20relevant to this21laws of the State of Nevada.22business in Clark2313. On information and24the State ofNon-English speakingPlaintiffInfluencedvarious stateasand stateillegal activity,RacketeerNevada's15Vegas andand the State of Nevada,currentthisis theto the11toprevalentmoreCitystopof Lasmuch greater incentive tofor theamilliongreatest difficulty obtaining the services of taxi cabs in Lasrouted to Clubsof LasCitythemost1010. To putfortyestimatedankickbacks.414Page 5 of 41past year alone, Drivers in Las Vegas have collectedIn thedollars in2Document 1belief, Defendant BIG POPPA'S,action,aCounty,times relevant to thislimitedliabilitycompanyOn information andNevadaasLLCorganizedwasandexistingbelief, BIG POPPA'Saunder theLLC doesBADDA BING MEN'S CLUB.belief, Defendant SKY TOP VENDING, INC. is andaction,at all timesis andcorporation incorporatedandexistingwasatallunder the laws of(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 HowardLasVegas.Hughes Pad wayNevada89169785541 I.DOC[Client-Matter]Page5 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 13business in Clark Count, Nevadarelevant to this action,5State of Nevada.6Clark Count, Nevadaaasof the State of Nevada.existing14SHOWGIRLS15D] J, h,atcorporation incorporatedall timesunder the laws of theINC., does business inandexistingOn information and belief, C.P. FOOD &all times relevant to thisaswasOF LASatunder the lawsBEVERAGE, INC.,CLUB lief, D] J VUcompanyOn information andunder the laws of the State of Nevada.VEGAS, LLC, does business in Clark County, NevadaasVU SHOWGIRLS.17. On information andand18existing19DARLINGS20LITTLE DARLINGS.wasatbelief, Defendantalimitedunder the laws of the State of Nevada.OFLAS18. On information andliabilitycompanyorganizedandOn information and belief, LITTLEVEGAS, LLC does business in Clark County, Nevadabelief, Defendant O.G. ELIADES, A.D., LLC is andthis action,limited22times relevant23the laws of the State of Nevada.24LLC does business in ClarktoVEGAS, LLC isLITTLE DARLINGS OF LASall times relevant to this action,1721atbelief, Defendant DI J VU SHOWGIRLS OF LAS VEGAS,16. On information and1316adoes business in Clark Count, NevadawasexistingandwasCHEETAH' S.9is andFUENTE, INC. is andbelief, Defendant C.P. FOOD & BEVERAGE, INC., is and15. On information and12LAOn information and belief, LA FUENTE,all times relevant to this action,11the CAN CAN ROOM.corporation incorporated810asbelief, Defendant14. On information and47Page 6 of 41On information and belief, SKY TOP VENDING, INC., doesthe State of Nevada.2Filed 06/02/2009aliabilitycompanyOn information andCounty, Nevadaasorganizedandwasexistingatasallunderbelief, O.G. ELIADES, A.D.,OLYMPIC GARDENS. UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh FloorHughes ParkwayLasVegas, Nevada 89169800 Howard785541 1.DOC[Client-Matter]Page6 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 1119. On information and2relevant to this3State of Nevada.4in Clark5Nevada7State of Nevada.8County, Nevada921. On information and10this anizedexistingandatall times relevant tounder the laws of thedoes business in Clarkandexistingwasatall times relevant tounder the laws of the State ofCounty,On information and belief, K-KEL, INC., does business in ClarkasSPEARMINT RHINO.belief, Defendant D.2801 WESTWOOD, INC., isthe State of Nevada.16Nevadaasaction,aD.2801corporation incorporatedWESTWOOD, INC.,andexistingandwasat allunder the laws ofdoes business in ClarkCounty,TREASURES.belief, Defendant LAS VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC is and23. On information andall times relevant to this action,limitedliability18was19existing20VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, does business in Clark21FLYNT'S HUSTLER CLUB.24wasbelief, SHAC, LLCcorporation incorporated1523under the laws of thePALOMINO CLUB.belief, Defendant K-KEL, INC., is andtimes relevant to this22at all timesSAPPHIRE.22. On information andatwasbelief, PALOMINO CLUB, INC., does businessOn information and1417asliabilitylimitedthisacorporation incorporatedbelief, Defendant SHAC, LLC is and20. On information andaction,aOn information and6Page 7 of 41belief, Defendant PALOMINO CLUB, INC., is andaction,County,Filed 06/02/2009aunder the laws of the State of Nevada.24. On information andwho does businessasbelief, Defendant MICHAELcompanyduly organizedandOn information and belief, LASCounty,A. SALTMANNevadaisaasLARRYnatural personMINXX././././ UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 HowardLasHughes parkwayVegas, Nevada 8gt6g785541 1.DOC[Client-Matter]Page7 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-009951Document 125. On information andbelief, Defendant RICK'S LAS2relevant to this action,3State of Nevada.426. On information andapubliclytimes relevant to this action,6the laws of the State of Nevada.7LLC does business in Clark8LAS VEGAS CAB.27. On information andtimes relevant to this action,11the State of Nevada.12business in Clark13LIMOUSINE.aliabilitylimitedCounty,NevadaaOn information andunder the laws of the State of Nevada.17CHECKER18CHECKER CAB COMPANY.andallunderexistingwasat allunder the laws ofbelief, WESTERN CAB COMPANYCAB COMPANYCORPORATIONadoesand WESTERNcorporation incorporatedandexistingOn information and belief, NEVADAbusinessdoesin ClarkCounty,Nevadaas29. On information and belief, Defendant NEVADA STAR CAB CORPORATION is andat all times relevant tothis action,corporation incorporated20was21the laws of the State of Nevada.22CORPORATION does business in Clark County, Nevada24existingandatACE CAB COMPANY and A-NORTHasaction,1623wasbelief, Defendant NEVADA CHECKER CAB CORPORATION isall times relevant to thisCABorganizedcompanyWESTERNasand19at all timeswaslicensed to transact business in thecorporation incorporated15atis andOn information and belief, FRIAS MANAGEMENT,County, Nevada28. On information andwasVEGASbelief, Defendant WESTERN CAB COMANY is and1014corporationtradedPage 8 of 41belief, Defendant FRIAS MANAGEMENT, LLC is and59Filed 06/02/200930. On information andandwasaOn information andandexistingunderbelief, NEVADA STAR CABasSTAR CAB COMPANY.belief, Defendant NEVADA YELLOW CAB CORPORATION isat all times relevant tothis action,acorporation incorporatedandexisting(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLas Vegas, Nevada 89169785541 1DOC[Client-Matter]Page8 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 1Filed 06/02/2009Page 9 of 41information and belief, NEVADAOn1under the laws of the State of Nevada.2YELLOW CAB CORPORATION does business in Clark3CAB COMPANY.4at all times relevant tothis action,was6the laws of the State of Nevada.7OF NEVADA does business in Clark932. On information andtothis10Nevada.11Nevadaaction,aacorporation incorporatedOn information andCounty, Nevadacorporation incorporatedunderLUCKY TRANS.asexistingandexistingandwasat alltimes relevantunder the laws of the State ofCounty,On information and belief, SUN CAB, INC., does business in ClarkNELLIS CAB COMPANY.asbelief, Defendant CLS NEVADA, LLC is and33. On information and13relevant to this14laws of the State of Nevada.15business in Clark1634. On information andaction,aCounty,limitedliabilitycompanyOn information andNevadaasbelief, ting19DEMAND20LIMOUSINE and ODS CHAUFFEURED TRANSPORTATION.aSEDAN SERVICES, LLC does business in Clark23existingwasunder thedoesorganizedandOn information and belief, ONunder the laws of the State of Nevada.INC. is andexistingON DEMAND SEDAN SERVICES, LLC is andall times relevant to this action,22all timesatCLS TRANSPORTATION LAS VEGAS.was35. On information andwasbelief, CLS NEVADA, LLC1721YELLOWasbelief, LUCKY CAB COMPANYbelief, Defendant SUN CAB, INC. is and12atNevadabelief, Defendant LUCKY CAB COMPANY OF NEVADA is and31. On information and58County,County,NevadaasODSbelief, Defendant BLS LIMOUSINE SERVICE OF LAS VEGAS,at all times relevant to thisaction,under the laws of the State of Nevada.acorporation incorporatedandOn information and belief, BLS24 UMMER KAEMPFERBONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLasVegas,Nevada89169785541 1.DOC [Client-Malter]Page9 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995SERVICELIMOUSINE23NevadaDocument 1VEGAS, INC. does business in Clark County,LASOFbelief, Defendant DESERT CAB, INC. is and36. On information andrelevant to this action,5State of Nevada.6ClarkCounty,corporation incorporatedaNevadaall times relevant to this action,9under the laws of the State of Nevada.NEVADA11TRANS.121314CORPORATION,the state of Nevada, and39. The DefendantsDOEaEMPLOYEESignorant16When the true17to namesaid defendants.18hereinDOE EMPLOYEES1940. Foreasebusinessdoesof the truenamesnamesareDefendants"paragraphs22"Defendant Drivers." All Defendants,23as26-38aresofictitious names; the Plaintiff isdesignated bywill beinsomeparagraphsmannertosaid fictitiousamend thecollectivelyreferred toasincluding Chong,names.Complaintdesignatedfor the events herein.12-25 will be"Defendant Clubs."21241-1000responsibleorBELLnatural person, citizen ofPlaintiff believes that each of the Defendantstoasby profession.of use, the Defendants named inthe "Clubadiscovered, Plaintiff will seek leaveareexistingandCounty, Nevadain Clarkof the individuals20ascorporation incorporatedOn information and belief, BELL TRANS Ataxi cab driver15asabelief, TONY CHONG ("Chong"), is38. On information andunder the laws of theBELL TRANS A NEVADA CORPORATION isbelief, Defendantand10at all timesDESERT CAB COMPANY and ODYESSY LIMOUSINE.as8atexistingandwasbelief, DESERT CAB, INC., does business inOn information and37. On information andwasPage 10 of 41BLS LIMOUSINE SERVICE OF LAS VEGAS.as47Filed 06/02/2009collectivelyreferredDefendants namedinthe "Driver Defendants"orThewill becollectivelyreferred tothe "Defendants."/./././'(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLasVegas, Nevada 89169785541 1.DOC[Client-Matter]Page10 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 141. This Court hasoriginal jurisdiction§ 1332(d),overthis action pursuant to the Class Action(a)3Fairness Act, 28 U.S.C.4is5 5,000,000, exclusive of interest and costs, and (c)6subsection78942.acitizen ember of theoneputativeclassthe amount in controversy exceedsof thenoneexceptionsunder thatto the instant action.injunctions sought easilythe cost and value of theexceed 5,000,000,exclusive of interest and costs.43. Venue is proper before this Court under 28 U.S.C.§ 1391(b) and28 U.S.C.§ 1391(c).GENERAL ALLEGATIONScontinuing44. For the past five years, andoperatedoff of thetothe present date, the Defendant Clubs haveStrip.45. As is most often the case, to visit the Defendanttransportationmustusearecurrently providing47. DefendantantheDefendant Clubs thatlargest illegalprovideakickbacks to Defendant Drivers.customerslargestfromtheir chosenKnowingly makingfalsedestinationtothekickbacks.48. Defendant Drivers will attempt to divert customers in thea.ownincentive to deliver customers to those Defendant Clubs thatdivertoftenDriversClubs, individuals without theirthe services of Defendant Drivers.46. Defendant Drivers havefollowingrepresentations regardingtheways:qualityof services andamenities offered at certain Clubs; and2122becausedifferent from Defendants,state1011Page 11 of 41JURISDICTION AND VENUE12Filed 06/02/2009b.Knowingly making(e.g.,23clubs24or eventhatburnedafalserepresentations regardingparticularthe business status of certainclub is closed, shut down, has gone out of business,down).(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLas Ve jas, Nevada 89169785541 1.DOC [Client-MatterlPage11 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-0099549. InprovidePage 12 of 41droptooff customers at locations thatkickbacks to Defendant Drivers.350. Defendant Drivers collect4the Defendant Clubs.51. Defendant Clubs5Filed 06/02/2009instances, Defendant Drivers will refusesomedo not2Document 1estimated 100 for each customer that is divertedanindividuallypaymuchasto one 100,000 per week in kickbacksasofto theDefendant Drivers.6752. As8in953. Aindustryillegalbelieve, Defendant Clubs paysourcesportionpaidof the moneypaid byoutkickbacks is derived from theascustomer at the door ofthe monies11collected from the customers.a13which is then diverted to the Driver14Internal Revenue Service55. To recoup the16a17profit,a.sumsbypaidwhen in fact19lowerprice;b.20"Watering22c.Falsely statingtheyliquordown"lower than what is21thatto customersliquorare24first instance; andcharges,income to theasgoodsorto thetopresumablyto makepractices, including:arelowerand other drinksthe amountcustomer to pay fortheysellingrepresented23reportedDrivers, andin kickbacks to Defendant18notcoverany of the Defendants.Defendant Clubs utilize anti-consumerRepresentinggain admittance)Defendant Clubs fromDefendants, ischarges (e.g.,coverDefendant Club toaby54. On information and belief, the income derived15million dollarskickback per year.1012fortyestimatedout ansellingthemhigh quality, expensivequality liquor,which sells atamuchthat their alcohol concentrationssoarecustomer;actuallyowedservices thattheyby customers,neverreceivedandorforcingtheordered in the(UMMER K EMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLasVegas. Nevada8916978554I I.DOC [Client-Matter]Page12 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Making customers, byd.1Document 12Clubs.356. This kickback scheme isFiled 06/02/2009Page 13 of 41force,turn over moneyforcepervasivesothreat oforChong himself admittedthat it isDefendant5local reporter that it would be unfair to end the6his and his757. In November2008,to8unidentified taxi driver9four guysright,asstripthefollows:"Whenclub will paytakeaThe report found that taxi drivers11concluding12the cabs. It's been this way for years in Lasthat "Clubs that don't pay,Stripped:providesTwentyJordan15way this extortion16dozen dead tourists and Las17behavior."apracticetoorofYearsaperson to theperson toroutinelyondropstrip club,them off.ansay likeIt doesn'tlied and mislead passengers,pay less than what others shell out, don't getVegas.''2Secrets From Inside thewould end will be "withVegasascheme and take money out offull insider's view of this scheme.14oneStrip Club, byJordan worried that thecab,wreckedpileathe national media hot seat for 'our'Brentonlyof half-a-irresponsible3EFFECT ON LAS VEGAS1819we 50usmatter where."58. A bookbrazenly stating''l1013illegalVegas. Indeed,investigative report by George Knapp quotedI-Teamanin Lasthe existence of the scheme,4co-conspirators "pockets."open secret"anto Defendant59.Onlya20illegal21aresmall percentage of taxi and limousine drivers in Lasactions described in thishonest andComplaint.MostVegastransportationareinvolved in theworkers in LasVegasoperate within the law.222324(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & ughes parkwayVegas. Nevada 89169a newsJordan, Stripped: Twenty Years of SecretsSeventh Floor800 Howardcomments appear inreport by Channel 8 Las Vegas Now Eyewitness -9340821&nav menu102785541 1.DOC [Client-Matter]From Inside theStrip Club,1362(SatsuPress2005).Page13 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-0099560. AsDocument 1Filed 06/02/2009Defendants, the entire transportation industry in Lasresult of the actions of theaplaying2Vegas3incentive to take customers to Clubs that4customers5particularly,6during7obtain8does not operatekickback forprovide kickbacks,This hasnegative impactadollars inlldeprives local,12Las13discouragedchargescoverVegasthem.give their drivers less and17the drivers18are19and the Defendant Clubs.20Vegas21/./././22/./././workers in Lastoreported,the Defendant'sto Lasreducingofhave beenatheCitytheycannotof LasVegas.throughfair wage and benefitsAndasanMillions ofand thus not taxed.Finally,revenue.visitors toillegalfraudulent andThisactsareVegas.Complainttheir benefits. Themoneywomenservice but,of customers.alsonegativelyVegas. Taxi and Limousine companiesalready makingaredepriveddeprivedarenot62. The actions of the Defendants described in thistransportationtransportationonstate, and federal government entities from15families andonviaeconomic effectsand kickbackswhostrong4negativescheme also has10Vegasaand at times will not driveunable to because the Defendant Drivers knowtransportingBusinesses that refuse to914areDefendant Drivers havefield.who often need to travel within Lasillegal61. Thislevelaother locations.tocertain hours,aonPage 14 of 41bycompanies justifysmallend uppayingby sayingminorityimportant corollary,ofunscrupulousthatVegasHonest drivers in Laskickbacks.athisaffect honestdriversthe taxi cab unions in Lasseriously undermined.2324 UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIO4practice,Eyewitnessand its effects on women, have m/global/story.asp?S 10147297.ThisSeventh Floor800 Howard HughesLas Vegas, NevadaParkway89169785541 dinaonbystoryChannel 8 LasavailablePageVegasat:14 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995Document 1January 17, 2009, Plaintiff263. Onoraround364. Onoraround that465.6Upon enteringAgain Sam,66. Plaintiff7believing8tolddate, Plaintiff boardedvehicle, Plaintiff toldthelocated at 4120discouragedwasSpringfromthat his chosen destinationhim,"Therearebetter clubs ."I'll take you towasarePlay1668. The17SamorVegas.wasPlayCaesar's Palace.atthe driver his intended destinationVegas,to his chosenitNV 89102.destination,somehow undesirable.andwasSpecifically,misled intothe driverclubs";Sam is kindasketchy";ato divertrepresentationswasanAgain Sam";better at otherAgainattemptitclubs";andbetter club."67. The purpose and intention behind thediverttaxi cabaLasinter alia:a.15Trapp visited the City ofTheodoreMountain Rd. Lastraveling914Page 15 of 41ALLEGATIONS AS TO THE NAMED PLAINTIFF15Filed 06/02/2009foregoingstatements madebeingPlayPlaintiff fromtaken toof the driver deceived the Plaintiff intobythe esirable club.intentionallyomitted to inform Plaintiff of the fact that the driver wouldkickbackdiverting1869. The driver19receive20SPEARMINT RHINO and concealed the fact that the diversion of customers to certain21Defendant Clubs22Clubs.232470. Asaaforwasapervasive practiceresult of the driver's falsedriver to take him toaPlaintiff fromPlayitAgainSamtoDefendantamong Defendant Drivers and Defendantrepresentationsdestination other than theandoneomissions, the Plaintiff allowedtherequested. UMMER K EMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLasVegas, Neva 89169785541 1.DOC[Client-Matter]Page15 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-0099571.Document 1Instead, Plaintiff2RHINO, where,3divertingtaken towasaFiled 06/02/2009Club owned and5a.the Plaintiff fromObtainingoperated byinformation and belief, the driver receivedonPlay it AgainDefendant SPEARMINTasignificantknowinglyfrom Defendant SPEARMINT RHINObelief, approximately 100, whichand for the purpose of:kickbackaof,7Defendant SPEARMINT RHINO would collect from the edlymore11sumDefendant SPEARMINTtipthat would result fromthattakingthe Plaintiff toadesirable destination.larger13ofinducingPlaintiff intopaying14ofdivertingPlaintiffDefendant Club who15which is oftenapplied(a chargeandfavorableto athatRHINO due to the existence of the73. The driver made the statements to the Plaintiff about12chargeincluded the admissionandbyinformationon6inflatedkickback forSam.72. The driver made such statements and omissions4Page 16 of 41aPlayitAgaincab fare and resultantchargesantipincreasedSam for the purposeand for the purposecharge,coverall oftowards the kickback.CLASS CERTIFICATION ALLEGATIONS1674. Plaintiff seeks certification of17aclass("The Class")under Rule23(b)(2),defined18follows:1920All persons who have or will travel to Defendant Clubs via Defendant Drivers, orotherwise has attended such Defendant Clubs in the past or will attend suchDefendant Clubs in the future.21Excluded from the Class22members of their23predecessors,24interest and their currentare1)anyJudgeorMagistrate presidingoverthis action andfamilies; 2) Defendants, Defendants' subsidiaries, parents,and anyentityorin which the Defendantsformeremployees,ortheir parents haveofficers and directors;assuccessors,acontrolling3) persons who UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLas Vegas. Nevada 8916978554I I.DOC[Client-Matter]Page16 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-009951properly2representatives,345Document 1execute and file76. Therearejoinderpredominate7These8(a)over10than the(b)by divertingdirectedbyareattemptingorto the class and suchcommercial establishments;areforin violation of Clarktaxi and limousine drivers for the16to19to20(e)(f)Statutedestination othercustomersdeliveryfrom8.20.297byof customersrespective Clubs;arein violation of LasVegas Ordinance 6.06.195 bycash payments to taxi and limousine drivers for thedeliveryof customersrespective clubs;Whether Defendantsarein violation of Nevada's Consumer Fraud Act, N.R.S.Whether Defendantsarein violation of Nevada's Racketeer Influenced andCorrupt Organizations Act, N.R.S. 207.470;2324theirquestions41.600;2122toWhether Club Defendantsmakingsuch,RevisedCounty Ordinancemakingpaymentsadiverting prospective1518Asin violation of Nevada Administrative Codeare(d)commonin violation of NevadaWhether Club Defendants17legalindividual members.to divert passengers toby accepting cash payments13theirthethe passenger;Whether the Driver ns affecting only1214class;100,000 members of the Class.overareof fact and lawtheonefor exclusion from theof any such excluded persons.Whether the Driver Defendants706.8846Page 17 of 41impracticable.isquestionscommon911assignsbelief, therequestions6timely requestsuccessors or75. On information andindividualaFiled 06/02/20091.1.1.1(UMMER KAEMPFER BONNERRENSHAW & FERRARIOSeventh Floor800 Howard Hughes ParkwayLas Vegas, Nevada 89169785541 1.DOC [Client-Matter]Page17 of 41

Case 2:09-cv-00995(g)Filed 06/02/2009Whether the Plaintiff and the Classentitledare77. Plaintiff's claimsrelief, and thetonature of suchof the claims of other members of the Class,typicalarewrongfulalleged here,conduct4cl

Jun 02, 2009 · CLUB; SKY TOP VENDING, INC., a Nevada Corporation d/b/a CAN ROOM; LA FUENTE, INC., a Nevada corporation d/b/a CHEETAH'S; C.P. FOOD AND BEVERAGE, INC., a . CHECKER CAB CORPORATION, a Nevada corporation d/b/a CHECKER CAB COMPANY; NEVADA STAR CAB CORPORATION, a Nevada corporation d/b/a STAR CAB COMPANY; NEVADA YELLOW

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Passive feedback control structure. and Defining the output of the system to be the input-output transfer function is The poles of the system are located at and zeros at For a system to be PR, the poles on tJ1e jw axis are simple, with real positive residues (Balabanian and Bickart, 1969).

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Daniel García-Peña Michael Frühling José Miguel Vivanco edited by Cynthia J. Arnson. The Peace Process in Colombia with the Autodefensas Unidas de . Dubin, F. Samuel Eberts III, I. Steven Edelson, Mark Epstein, Melvyn J. Estrin, Sim Farar, Susan R. Farber, Roger Felberbaum, Juli

Florida Bandmasters Association Brass & Bass Solo & Ensemble Music List Composer Title Sig. Gr. Code Category Publisher Comments Trumpet Solo Brahms / Dishinger On The Lake 1 TP1001 Trumpet Solo MMP Edelson Sayonara 1 TP1002 Trumpet Solo C&E Ellis At Another Time And Place 1 TP1003 Trumpet Solo EMP Endresen Dancer, The 1 TP1004 Trumpet Solo RU

its classi—cation as a BL Lacertae object (Miller 1975). 3C 371 has been observed to be variable at a variety of wave-lengths: radio (Aller, Aller, & Hughes 1992), ultraviolet (Edelson 1992), optical (Carini, Noble, & M

The Bio-Energy Council Calvin Burwell Oak Ridge National Laboratory Robert Hodam California Energy Commission . John C. Holmes, Publishing Officer . Ernest Dunwoody, Mittlehauser Corp. Ed Edelson, Pacific Northwes

Financial Accounting Working Papers, Robert F. Meigs, Jan R. Williams, Sue Haka, Susan F. Haka, Mark S Bettner, Jun 1, 2000, Business & Economics, 400 pages. . Accounting Chapters 1-14 The Basis for Business Decisions, Robert F. Meigs, Jan R. Williams, Sue Haka, Susan F. Haka, Mark S. Bettner, Sep 1, 1998, Business & Economics, . The Study Guide enables the students to measure their progress .