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When You Need Relief the MostPicture yourself when you don't feel good. Yourstomach is bloated, or you are sneezing and youreyes are watering, or you have itchy skin, orhave a naggingcough and cold, oryour hemorrhoidshave flared upagain.You go to your medicine chest to see ifsomething will help. If you strike out, you go to adrug store. You buy an over-the-countermedication and start taking it in hopes you willfeel better.Does it work?For how long?When do you need it again?What is it you really have done?When you go into adrug store to get anover-the-countermedication, you doso to relievesymptoms that areself-limiting. Thatmeans that in most cases, your pain will go awayin time, your fever will break, your skin itch willfade, cough will go away, or indigestion go awayuntil you do something that brings it on again.The Pharmacist at the drug store is a wealth ofinformation, and may be able to point you to theone remedy in his experience that is the mostreliable.In addition, it may be your doctor who sent you tothe drug store for an over-the-counter remedy.She may explain the signs of when the selflimiting condition progresses and you need tocome back for medical care, like when a coughbecomes pneumonia. At any rate, your conditionis considered not so serious as to need aprescription drug at this point. However, thesymptoms you are experiencing are sufficientlybothersome to seek relief. And they aredegrading your quality of life.How Drugs WorkWhat you may not know is that the over-thecounter medications commonly found in drugstores have an action on the body thatsuppresses the symptoms. This is evident fromthe names starting with “anti”: anti-diarrheal, antibiotic, ant-acid, anti-histamine. They work “anti,”which means against, the symptoms. The onlyway they can work against the symptoms are tosuperficially stop them by working against thephysiological process that produced them. Thisaction is suppressive, meaning the cause is notaddressed, so the imbalance is driven deeper.Pharmacists are highly trained in themechanisms of action of drugs, and theyunderstand when one drug will interact withanother. As they fill prescriptions for people overtime, they see a pattern in which more and moredrugs are prescribed for a person as their healthdeclines. This is because the symptoms whichCheryl Kasdorf, ND, LLC * 928-649-9234 * www.drcherylkasdorf.com * drcheryl@drcherylkasdorf.com

have been suppressedhave to come outsomewhere, and whenthat original route isblocked with a drug’saction, the body choosesanother body system toeliminate through, creating a new symptom. Thisis what Pharmacists are observing with theprescription of a new drug for a new symptom.But health is declining with the onset of moresymptoms. For example, eczema becomesasthma, or stomach ulcers or warts appear,seemingly out of nowhere.This means that whatever condition that isbehind the symptom is driven deeper in the bodyso that you no longer experience it as thatparticular symptom. While you get relief, it maybe temporary or partial, and the bottom line isthat the cause of the symptom has not changed.You can prove this to yourself by avoiding allover-the-counter medications, and see whatsurfaces.The same symptoms you had before?More intense?Something worse?Lisa Long relates this startling story of herexperience when she was serving as a SocialWorker for Hospice:“One of the firstthings our hospicedoctor would dowas to take thepatients off all themedications theywere on. I wasshocked at howmany got better,signed off hospiceand went on to live a healthy life. They were notdying. They were overmedicated.”It was heartbreaking to see them suffering,confused and scared from all the medications. Ihave great admiration to our doctor who had theinsight to take them off all medications.”I am not recommending that you do the samewith prescription medications, since you are notin the same situation. This simply goes to showthe extent of over-medicat

Formulations are homeopathic remedies put together so that they synergize to accomplish what the body is intending. They work with the body to eliminate the toxins and in so doing relieve the symptoms. These Condition-Specific remedies are different than combination homeopathic remedies you might find in the Health Food Store.

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