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MICROWAVESFRESH FOOD FASTCook fresh – and have more time for your family. It’s possible thanks toadvanced Panasonic Microwaves. With their combination of functions andsmart Inverter technology, you have delicious meals fast. And they cook yourfood gently, preserving vital vitamins and nutrients for healthy eating.EXPERIENCEFRESHUNIQUE PANASONIC mediumlowTIMETIMEOLD HABITSINNOVATIVE SOLUTIONSTURBO STEAMTraditional microwaves heat food at maximum poweroutput without considering the vital nutrients inside.If the meal requires just 600 watts of energy forcooking, the appliance heats the food in intervals –constantly emitting or withholding energy, and resulting in unevenly cooked meals, meaning finecooking control and ideal results are not possible.With inverter technology you can prepare mealsthe gentle way – just like you want to. Becauseinverter technology enables total control of themicrowave power level for more gentle, fine cooking. So rather than stopping and starting at highpower, the cooking runs smoothly at a specificlevel. This preserves valuable nutrients in your food.Powerful steam is injected from the highly efficient boiler, which is housed in the side of the unit,directly into the upper area of the oven, which isdivided by the glass shelf. Healthy steam cookingis quickly achieved while preserving the naturalflavour of the ingredients.22For the precise features for each product, please see the technical specifications.

MICROWAVES1. SELECT THE DESIREDAUTO SENSOR PROGRAMMEJUICERS2. PRESS THE START BUTTONFOOD PROCESSORSYour food is prepared up to 30% faster while beingheated gently. That means you have more time toenjoy the delicious meal. At the same time, theadvanced Inverter technology saves up to 30% inenergy – and even 50% in standby mode – whichis good for the environment and your wallet.BREADMAKERSEach Panasonic Steam Combination and CombinationMicrowave features a range of easy functions wrapped in styleand convenience to complement any kitchen.LESS IS MORESENSOR COOKINGPANA CRUNCHCombination cooking is ideal for a variety of foods.The microwave power cooks the food quickly, whilethe oven, grill or both give the food its traditionalbrowning and crispness. All this happens simul taneously, resulting in most meals being cooked inhalf or even two thirds the time of conventionalcooking methods.Just select the food type and press start: the humidity sensor in the oven detects bursts of steamand adapts the cooking time accordingly. Now you nolonger need to set the power, time or weight of food.Provides crunchy and crispy results every time.It is ideal for a variety of foods such as pizza andquiche.FLATBED DESIGN2-LEVEL COOKINGSWIPE & TOUCHUse dishes of any shape and size thanks to theinnovative Flatbed design, which gives you a cooking area that is 61% bigger when compared toconventional turntable models.Convection lets you cook on two levels simultan eously for more food. An integrated fan circulatesthe hot air throughout the oven producing a quicker,more even result. Ideal for roasting or baking.The Panasonic premium combination microwaveovens feature a new, advanced electrostatic touchpanel with Swipe & Touch functionality – for smartand easy operation just like with your smartphone.23TECHNICAL DATAPERSONAL CARETUMBLE DRYERWASHERSCOMBINATION COOKINGESPRESSO MAKERSTYLISH DESIGNMEETS OWAVES TECHNOLOGY DESIGN

MICROWAVES TECHNOLOGYTHE RIGHT COOKING METHODFOR EVERY MEALWith clever microwaves from Panasonic, you can not only heat up meals especially fast and easily – you canalso grill, bake and steam food too. So you’ll enjoy simply delicious and healthy meals with little effort.Prepare crispy pizza, mouth-watering cake, tasty fish or a juicy roast from now on in your microwave – andsave lots of time and energy compared to conventional ovens.STEAM FUNCTIONPowerful steam from a highly efficientboiler is directly injected into the oven for a fastand healthy way of cooking.CONVECTIONA conventional oven function that incorporates a heating element with a fan makesfor perfect roasting and baking.GRILLThe quartz grill system built into theoven provides fast, efficient cooking for a widevariety of foods such as sausage and toast.24MICRO POWERMicro power penetrates deeply into thefood, heating up its water molecules to cook thefood from the inside out.For the precise features for each product, please see the technical specifications.GRILL CONVECTIONFor cooking or reheating food,with the grill and convection functions workingsimultaneously, you will enjoy extra-crisp food.TURBO DEFROSTUnique to Panasonic, this function usesrandom pulses of power to reduce defrosting timedramatically. At the same time, it eliminates theproblem of partially cooked food with frozen spots.

REFRIGERATORSINTRODUCTIONMICROWAVES PRODUCTSMICROWAVESSTEAM COMBINATION MICROWAVESESPRESSO MAKERJUICERSBREADMAKERSFOOD PROCESSORSThe Turbo Steam function of the Panasonic NN-CS894 Steam Combination Microwave keeps your meals healthierand tastier. There’s no need for an extra water connection – the 650ml water tank is built in at the bottom – and byadding the optional Trim Kit, you can seamlessly integrate the microwave into your kitchen cabinetry.Inverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 1300WFan-assisted convection oven: 1450W (100–230 C)32-litre cavity (non-stick fluoric coating) compact bodyHumidity sensorBottom-hinged doorChild protectionSelf-cleaning rear wallWithout glass turntableFlatbed cooking chamberColour: Stainless steelPERSONAL CARETurbo Steam technologyInverter microwave with convection and grill2-level cookingEasy Touch & Slide controlTrim Kit availableTUMBLE DRYERSteam Combination MicrowaveTECHNICAL DATANN-CS894WASHERSINTEGRATEDWATER TANK25

MICROWAVES PRODUCTSNEWNN-DS596Compact Steam Combination OvenTurbo Steam technologyInverter microwave with top and bottom heaterEasy touch controlNN-CF873Premium Combination OvenInverter microwave with convection and grill32-litre cavity bodyEasy to clean non-stick fluoric coating2-level cooking26Inverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 1200W27-litre cavity compact body, easy-to-clean non-stick fluoric coatingPana Crunch for low-fat grill cookingWide variety of cooking functionsSimultaneous combination cookingTurbo Cook for reduced cooking time23 auto menusBlue-light LCD displayLED oven lampOperation guide with word prompt displayLarge interior thanks to flat cavityColour: Stainless steelInverter microwave: 1000W Quartz grill: 1300WConvection: 1350W (100–230 C)Bottom-hinged doorChild protectionEasy Touch & Slide controlFlatbed cooking chamberWithout glass turntableColour: Stainless steel

NN-DF385Inverter microwave with grill and bake23-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to clean non-stick fluoric coatingFlatbed without glass turntableMICROWAVESCompact Combination OvenInverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 1000W/600WOven with top and bottom heater: 100–220 CSquare grill rackSensor cookingBottom-hinged doorChild protectionDisplay with scrolling textColour: Black/SilverWASHERSESPRESSO MAKERJUICERSBREADMAKERSFOOD CTIONMICROWAVES PRODUCTSNN-CD555TUMBLE DRYERSlimline Combi Microwave OvenInverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 3 Settings (1300W)Fan-assisted convection oven: 100–220 C (1300W)27-litre cavity compact body, Easy to cleanHumidity sensorChild protectionFlatbed without glass turntableColour: Silver/WhitePERSONAL CAREInverter microwave with convection and grillSlimline combi of 520 x 395 x 310mm (W x D x H)Pana crunch (only NN-CD575)TECHNICAL DATANN-CD575/555NN-CD57527

MICROWAVES PRODUCTSNN-CF760NN-CF771/760NN-CF771Flatbed Combi Microwave OvenInverter microwave with convection and grill27-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to clean non-stick fluoric coatingFlatbed without glass turntableSelf-cleaning rear wallInverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 1300WConvection: 1350W (100–250 C)Child protectionPop-out dialsColour: Stainless steel/SilverOptional Trim Kits NN-TKF71S in stainless steelfor NN-CF771 and NN-TKF70M in silver for NN-CF760TRIM KITS FOR THE NN-CF771, NN-CF760 ANDNN-CS894 MICROWAVESThanks to a dedicated Trim Kit, some Panasonic Combi Microwaves can be perfectly integrated into yourkitchen. Optional Trim Kits are available for the following models:MicrowaveNN-CF771NN-CF760NN-CS894Trim HBBHTBCUPBOARDDIMENSIONSTRIMDIMENSIONSBUILT-IN MICROWAVETRIM KITWhen you opt for the Trim Kit, the safety clearance provided in the owner’smanual is no longer valid, as the supply and return air is now led through airways in the cupboard. Thus, the cupboard’s opening must have the adequatedimensions.For some appliances, the owner’s manual states that the microwave’s rightside should have a clearance of 40cm. This solely serves to guarantee that theappliance does not interfere with your radio or TV.28

REFRIGERATORSINTRODUCTIONMICROWAVES PRODUCTSFOOD 371Grill Microwave OvenInverter microwave with grill23-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to cleanGlass turntable of 285mm (diameter)JUICERSInverter microwave: 950WQuartz grill: 1000WGrill power levels: 313 automatic weight programmesPop-out dialsLED cavity lightingColour: Stainless steel/Silver/Black/WhiteNN-GD452NN-GD462Inverter microwave with grillSensor cookGlass turntable of 340mm (diameter)PERSONAL CAREGrill Microwave OvenInverter microwave: 1000WQuartz grill: 1100 WGrill power levels: 3Pana crunchChild protectionChaos/Turbo DefrostColour: Silver/WhiteTECHNICAL DATANN-GD462/452TUMBLE DRYERWASHERSESPRESSO MAKERNN-GD371/361/351/342MICROWAVESGRILL MICROWAVE OVENS31 l29

MICROWAVES PRODUCTSNN-K365/354NN-K354Grill Microwave OvenNN-K365Easy-operation auto menusGlass turntable of 288mm (diameter)11 Automatic programmesNN-J161/151NN-J151Grill Microwave OvenGlas turntable of 255mm (diameter)9 Automatic programmesDigital-Mechanic control panelNN-K121/101NN-J161Microwave: 800WQuartz grill: 1000WGrill power levels: 3Child protectionColour: Silver/WhiteNN-K101Grill Microwave Oven20-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to cleanGlass turntable of 255mm (diameter)Mechanical control panel30Microwave: 800WQuartz grill: 1000WGrill power levels: 2Child protectionColour: Silver/WhiteNN-K121Microwave: 800WQuartz grill: 1000WGrill power level: 1Microwave power levels: 5Combi settings: Microwave and GrillColour: Silver/White

REFRIGERATORSINTRODUCTIONMICROWAVES PRODUCTSNN-SD271Inverter microwave of 1000W6 Microwave power levels32-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to cleanGlass turntable of 340mm (diameter)Touch/DialsChild protectionColour: WhiteInverter microwave of 950W6 Microwave power levels23-litre cavity compact bodyEasy to cleanSolo Microwave OvenGlass turntable of 285mm (diameter)Buttons/DialsChild protectionLED cavitiy lightingColour: Stainless steelJUICERSSolo Microwave OvenEasy to cleanChild protectionGlass turntable of 255mm (diameter)Colour: WhiteNN-E221/201Microwave of 800W5 Microwave power levels20-litre cavity compact bodyPERSONAL CAREMicrowave of 800W5 Microwave power levels20-litre cavity compact bodySolo Microwave OvenNN-E201Solo Microwave OvenEasy to cleanGlass turntable of 255mm (diameter)Mechanical control panelColour: Silver/WhiteTECHNICAL DATANN-S251NN-E221TUMBLE DRYERWASHERSESPRESSO MAKERNN-SD452BREADMAKERSFOOD PROCESSORSMICROWAVESSOLO MICROWAVE OVENS31

MICROWAVESICON GLOSSARYMICROWAVESSTEAM FUNCTIONUnique Turbo Steam technology injects high-densitysteam into the oven for quick and healthy cooking.AUTO PROGRAMMESEasy and fast preparation of meals with the pressof a single button.CONVECTIONHot air can be used for cooking all kinds of mealsthat would normally be cooked in a traditional oven.HUMIDITY SENSORThe humidity sensor enables the oven to calculatethe cooking time automatically.GRILLThe grill can be used for preparing pizza andgrilled chicken.PANA CRUNCHPana Crunch provides crunchy and crispy resultsevery time. It is ideal for a variety of foods suchas pizza and quiche.MICRO POWERThe microwave can be used for simple cookingsuch as heating up a meal.DOUBLE HEATERDouble Heater (top and bottom heater) delivers thesame crispy results you get with a traditional oven.TURBO DEFROSTTurbo Defrost defrosts evenly and dramaticallyreduces defrosting times.FLATBEDThe innovative Flatbed design is easier to cleanand provides more usable space for larger dishware of varying shapes.COMBINATION COOKINGThe combination of microwave and grill powermeans that food cooks quickly and becomes nicelycrisp and browned.LED CAVITY LIGHTINGThe LED light inside the cavity saves power whileproviding more brightness.TURBO COOKINGTurbo Cooking reduces cooking time at the pressof a button during Combination Cooking.32CAVITY CAPACITYThe amount of space inside the microwave,measured in litres.For the precise features for each product, please see the technical specifications.Inverter technology provides constant cookingenergy on medium and low power settings.It provides an even cooking process for your food,preserving full texture and flavour.


Colour: Stainless steel NN-SD271 SOLO MICROWAVE OVENS NN-E221 NN-E201 Easy to clean Child protection Glass turntable of 255mm (diameter) Colour: White Microwave of 800W 5 Microwave power levels 20-litre cavity compact body Microwave of 800W 5 Microwave power levels 20-litre cavity compact body Easy to clean Glass turntable of 255mm (diameter)

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