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Lucas Diesel SystemsINDEXLUCAS DIESEL SYSTEMSTimeline of innovation4Lucas Diesel Systems in the world6Product range REMAN8Production system10Packaging system11Product range COMPONENTS12Product range MULTIBRAND TEST en spirit22Lucas Academy24AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICAL TRAINING IN LASTEST DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES26E-LEARNING28TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE323

4Lucas Diesel SystemsTimeline of innovationTimeline of innovation1900 - 1920The productrange grows1940 - 1960The product range extendedto include accessories forbicycles, motorcycles andcars, oil, acetylene andelectric lamps. Lucas grew byidentifying and developingwhat car manufacturers reallyneeded. The acquisition ofThomson-Bennet Ltd. providedmagneto capability forthe electrical portfolio andrevolutionised nighttime drivingin the 20s.18701900The new brakingbusinessIn 1943, it acquired theGirling brakes business,adding hydraulic braking tothe company’s product portfolio.In 1951, different distributionsubsidiaries were established.Milestones reached in terms ofnew pro ducts included the firstdisc brake fitted to a productioncar and the introduction of theDPA rotary fuel injection pump.192019401870 - 19001920 - 1940Joseph Lucas (Birmingham, 1834)began in 1860 as a dealer inparaffin oil for domestic lampsand soon expanded into thetransport market. In 1875 heopened a small workshop withfive employees. In 1880, he builta factory at the iconic location onGreat King Street.With the acquisition of C.A.Vandervell & Co. Ltd andRotax Ltd., Lucas became thelargest supplier of electricalequipment to the majority ofBritish vehicles and the largestacce ssories manufacturer.In 1930 it incorporatedelectrical equipment for heavyduty vehicles, fuel injectionpu mps for diesel engines andbroke into the aviation sectorwith the establishment ofLucas Aerospace.Establishmentof the companyIn 1897, Joseph Lucas Ltd.achieved a leading position inits market and moved into thegrowing automotive parts andaccessories sector.The largest supplier ofelectrical equipment

Timeline of innovationMeeting the needsof the marketLucas adds green to itscorporate brandingBuilding on a heritage of over140 years in the automotive industry,Lucas is a thriving globally renownedbusiness, now boasting marketleading vehicle parc coverage fora wide range of Electrical productsincluding Batteries, Bulbs, EngineManagement, Lighting & Mirror,Starters & Alternators Switchgearand Window Regulators as wellas non-Electrical producttechnologies such as Engine Drive,Filters and Turbochargers.The group was renamed in1974 as Lucas Indus tries andadded green to its corporatebranding as well as the Lucasdiagonal, well-known iconsthroughout the world.En 1988, Lucas Automotivebegan with the pro ductionof high-technology enginemanagement and brakingsystems for the automotiveindustry around the world.19701960 - 1970Expansionacross EuropeLucas expands throughoutEurope with the openingof brake manufacturingplants in France andGermany, dieselpartnerships in Fran ceand Spain and the growthof its after-sales network.Lucas Service becamea global company,exporting to over 130markets with 4,000authorised outlets.52000 - 20161970 - 19901960Lucas Diesel Systems1990201620001990 - 20002016The merger to createLucas Varity in 1996resulted in the emergenceof one of the world’s topten suppliers of car parts.This was followed bythe acquisition by TRW in1999, a global marketleader in automotive safety.The iconic brand burstsinto the international marketthrough the Lucas DieselSystems brand. At the 2016Automechanika show inFrankfurt, the launch of theLucas Diesel Systems productrange was a sucessfulachievement based on thedevelop of new productswhose innovation, qualityand reliability have alwayssupported the brand.One of the top 10manufacturers inthe worldLucas Diesel Systemsreturns to theinternational market

6Lucas Diesel SystemsLucas Diesel Systems in the worldLucas Diesel Systems in the worldLUCAS TODAYThe Lucas brand has been offering topquality automotive products throughout theworld for over 140 years. Its internationalsuccess and reputation are based onproviding the widest range of productsthat offer exceptional technology andinnovation. Lucas currently operatesthroughout the world, and is continuouslydeveloping new market opportunities.LUCAS DIESEL SYSTEMSOur top quality diesel injection productrange includes over 2,000 itemsof remanufactured products and over10,000 diesel components.In order for today’s workshops to offerthe best professional service, LucasDiesel Systems offers the market’s mostcomprehensive solution: spare parts,testing equipment, comprehensivetraining and technical support andassistance.Our confidence in and commitment to theLucas brand, is of unparalleled quality,tradition and global recognition, mergedwith our extensive experience in thediesel sector.As a result we already have severalproduction centres and regionalheadquarters at different internationallocations. And we are continuing with ourconstant expansion by gradually openingup new Lucas dealers who alreadyoperate with our diesel product range atvarious points across the world.

Lucas Diesel Systems in the worldProduction centres(UK, Spain, Italy, Brazil)Regional headquarters(UK, Spain, Italy, USA, Panama, Brazil)Lucas Diesel Systems7

8Lucas Diesel SystemsProduct range REMANProduct rangeREMANFuel Injection PumpsCommon Rail PumpsCommon Rail InjectorsWe have been covering the wholeauto market of v ehicles since the 80s,offering the widest range of dieselpumps in the market.Since its introduction into the market in1997, it continues to be the system mostcommonly used by car manufacturers.Lucas gives us access to all of the brands that are currently being sold.Lucas offers the possibility ofaccessing 93% of the CR injectorsin the market.Unit InjectorsDiesel Fuel InjectorsAlthough cars are no longer manufacturedwith Unit Injectors, they are still among themost sold diesel products. Lucas suppliesthe full range for the VAG group.Although they have not been assembledin vehicles for years now, the current fleetof vehicles continue to make use of them.Lucas offers them within its rangeof products.Commercial Unit Injectors& Commercial Unit PumpsAs a leader in this sector, we incorporateUnit Injectors and Unit Pumps for dieselcommercial vehicles in order to meet allof the market demand.

Product range REMANLucas Diesel SystemsReferencesFuel InjectionPumpsCommon RailPumpsCommon RailInjectorsUnit InjectorsDiesel FuelInjectorsCommercial Unit Injectors& Commercial Unit PumpsBosch VEBosch CP1Bosch CRI1Bosch UIS - PDE-P1LucasBosch UIS - PDEBosch VE-EDCBosch CP1H3Bosch CRI2Bosch UIS - PDE-P1.1BoschBosch UPS - PLDBosch VP 29/30Bosch CP3Bosch CRINBosch UIS - PDE-P1.3DelphiDelphi EUIBosch VP 44Bosch CP4BoschPiezoelectricBosch UIS - PDE-P1.4DensoCaterpillar GPLucas DPCDelphi DFP1Delphi DFI 1.2Bosch UIS - PDE-P1.5Lucas DPC-NDelphi DFP3Delphi DFI 1.3Bosch UIS - PDE-P2Denso VEDenso HP2Delphi DFI 1.4Denso ECDDenso HP3Denso X1Zexel NP-VEDenso HP4Denso X2Siemens VDO CRDenso G2Siemens VDO CR9

10Lucas Diesel SystemsProduction systemProduction systemThe quality of a product is directlylinked to the level of organisationat the production centre.developed our own system, whichis implemented in all of our plantsthroughout the world in order toguarantee identical levels of productivityand quality control in all of our products,regardless of their production site.To increase the productivity and thequality of our products, we have1Checking of pumpsand injectors2External treatmentof the product6Heat treatmentof the product710Quality control11Substitution ofdamaged productsLabelling with a QR code3Dismantling andtechnical verification812Assembly ofthe productPackaging4Internal cleaningof the product9135ProductinspectionChecking ontest benchDelivery to the client

Packaging system Lucas Diesel Systems11Packaging systemAt Lucas Diesel Systems we areconvinced that an excellent productcan be achieved by establishing the bestquality standards in each of the processeswe carry out; and when we deliver ourproducts to our clients too.Our packaging system is perfectlydesigned, developed and manufacturedto supply products with the highest levelof safety, protection, guarantee andimage possible. Our green boxes, of different sizesadapted to their contents, are the iconsthat identify us from our productionplants to our clients’ shelves. Our labels, produced specifically foreach part include technical details,a QR traceability code and a brandquality hologram.Our labels, producedspecifically for each partinclude technical details,a QR traceability codeand a brand qualityhologram. The interior, taking care of the detailsin all aspects, includes additionalinformation with technical specifications. Our packaging is manufacturedand prepared using the best materials,and adapted to the technicalrequirements and dimensions thateach product requires.12345761Lucas item andan image of thetype of product2Originalreferenceof the product3Description ofthe product in6 languages4Monitoring oftraceability usingthe QR code5Product referencein barcode6Authenticityhologram ofthe Lucas brand7Guaranteeseal

12Lucas Diesel SystemsProduct range COMPONENTSProduct rangeCOMPONENTSLucas Diesel Systems offers the sectorthe widest range of parts for all thereferences of diesel pumps and injectorson the market.CR Injector ValvesFlow Regulating ValvesPump Repair KitsInjector Repair Kits& Unit injectorsElectric SolenoidsHead RotorsCR Pump PlungersNozzlesPlungers & Delivery Valves

Product range COMPONENTSLucas Diesel SystemsReferencesCR Injector ValvesFlow Regulating ValvesPump Repair KitsInjector Repair Kits& Unit injectorsElectric SolenoidsBosch CRI1Bosch CP1H3Bosch CP1Bosch CRI1Bosch VEBosch CRI2Bosch CP3Bosch CP1H3Bosch CRI2Bosch VE-EDCBosch CRINBosch CP4Bosch CP3Bosch CRINLucas DPCDelphi DFI 1.2Denso HP2Bosch CP4Bosch PiezoelectricLucas DPC-NDelphi DFI 1.3Denso HP3Delphi DFP1Delphi DFI 1.2Denso VEDelphi DFI 1.4Denso HP4Delphi DFP3Delphi DFI 1.3Denso ECDDenso X1Siemens - VDO CRDenso HP2Delphi DFI 1.4VE ZexelDenso X2Denso HP3Denso X1Denso G2Denso HP4Denso X2Siemens - VDO CRDenso G2Bosch VESiemens - VDO CRBosch VE-EDCBosch - ConventionalBosch VP 29/30Lucas - ConventionalBosch VP 44Bosch UIS - PDE-P1Lucas DPCBosch UIS - PDE-P1.1Lucas DPC-NBosch UIS - PDE-P1.3Denso VEBosch UIS - PDE-P1.4Denso ECDBosch UIS - PDE-P1.5Zexel NP-VEBosch UIS - PDE-P2In - line pumpHead RotorsCR Pump PlungersNozzlesPlungers & Delivery ValvesBosch VEBosch CP1Bosch Type DLBosch Type PBosch VE-EDCBosch CP1H3Bosch Type DLLBosch Type MLucas DPCDelphi DFP3Bosch Type DLLABosch Type ALucas DPC-NDenso HP3Bosch Type DSLABosch Type HECD DensoSiemens - VDO CRBosch Type DNVE ZexelLucas - ConventionalDelphi CRDenso CRSiemens - VDO CR13

14Lucas Diesel SystemsProduct range MULTIBRAND TEST EQUIPMENTProduct rangeMULTIBRAND TEST EQUIPMENTUNIVERSAL TEST BENCH FOR ALL BRANDS - DIESEL COMPONENTSEDT 100 / 101 Common Rail Pumps Common Rail Injectors Common Rail Piezo Injectors Pump Injector SystemsSPECIALIZED TEST BENCHES FOR ALL BRANDS - COMMON RAILEDT 200 Common RailPumpsEDT 300 / 301 Common RailInjectors Common RailPiezo Injectors(4 units)EDT 310EDT 315EDT 320 Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail Common RailInjectorsPiezo Injectors(1 unit)InjectorsPiezo InjectorsInjectorsPiezo Injectors(Semi-automatic)SPECIALIZED TEST BENCHES - HEUI SYSTEMSEDT 316 HEUI DieselInjectorsCALIBRATION ROBOTS FOR ALL BRANDS - DIESEL INJECTORSEDR 700EDR 710EDR 720 Common Common Common Common Rail Common Rail Common Rail HEUI Injectors HEUI Injectors (Semi- HEUI InjectorsRail InjectorsPiezo Injectors(Automatic robot)Rail InjectorsPiezo Injectorsautomatic mini robot)Rail InjectorsPiezo Injectors

Product range MULTIBRAND TEST EQUIPMENTSUITABLE FOREACH TYPEOF GARAGE Plug & Play Automatic, semi-automaticand/or manualwork programmes Easy UseLucas Diesel Systems Maximum quality and precision Approved tests15 Permanentupdating onlineEquipment composition*EDT 100 - LDFT0001LDFT0097EUI-PDE-EUP-EMD-UPS Cam BoxLDFT0099Piezo adaptorLDFT0098Full kit of Management Software for uis-pld Injectors bip (Beginning Injection Point) Dual CoilLDFT1162Full CR Pumps KitLDFT1163Cam Box KitEDT 101 - LDFT0002LDFT0002Configuration for CR InjectorsLDFT1162Full CR Pumps kitLDFT1164Full CR Injectors kitEDT 200 - LDFT0007EDT 300 - LDFT0003 / EDT 301 - LDFT0004 / EDT 310 - LDFT0005 / EDT 315 - LDFT1188 / EDT 320 - LDFT0006Same family type CR Pumps Kit:Injectors Kit:Bosch CP1 0 445 020 002CR CRI BoschBosch CP3 0 445 010 699CR DelphiDelphi DFP1 R9044Z013ACR CRI DensoDelphi DFP3 9421A000ACR SiemensDenso HP3 22100-0G010CR Piezo BoschSiemens PSA 5WS40018EDT 316 - LDFT1192LDFT1193Injector adapter for HEUI CAT C7 - C9LDFT1194Injector adapter for HEUI CAT (Ø 7 - Ø 8.5)LDFT1195Plexiglass protectionEDR 700 - LDFT0010EDR 710 - LDFT0011EDR 720 - LDFT0374SimulatorLDFT1132 SoftwareLDFT1129 App for Bosch Cri & Crin InjectorsJoystickLDFT0375 App for Denso Cri & Crin InjectorsLDFT0377 App for Ford HEUI C7 - C9 CAT InjectorsLDFT1151 SoftwareLDFT1126Air pressure regulator filterLDFT1127Adaptor exhibitorLDFT1128Calibration Adaptor: KD-022LDFT1129App for Bosch Cri & Crin InjectorsLDFT1130PC USB connection cableLDFT1131Power supply cable* The references that appear correspond to the standard equipment. There is a wide range of additional accessories for each test bench.

16Lucas Diesel SystemsTraceabilityTraceabilityTHE BEST TRACEABILITY SYSTEMFOR OUR PRODUCTSAll of our products are identified with anoriginal Lucas label, which includesa QR code.This code is linked to our traceabilitysystem, by means of which our clientscan check the results of the tests and theoriginal technical bulletins that enablethem to ensure, in addition, the correctmanner of assembling the product.

TraceabilityThe simplest way of accessingthe information of each product,by scanning the QR code.Always innovating and making it easier for you.Easy to useTransparency of the productComplete informationTotal control of the productLucas Diesel SystemsVIEW TECHNICALINFORMATIONONLINE17

18Lucas Diesel Systemse-Cataloguee-CatalogueAT YOURFINGERTIPSWelcome to the Lucas Diesel SystemsOnline Catalogue; a complete andcomprehensive catalogue of Lucas DieselSystems products for diesel systems.You will be able to easily and quicklysearch our products by reference,vehicle, or range; access detailedinformation about each of them, chatwith our Costumer Service representativesand resolve any queries you may have bymeans of our technical support all at theclick of a button.SIMPLE SEARCHESFind our products by Vehicle makeand model, Reference and ProductFamily, quickly and intuitively.COMPLETE INFORMATIONDownload or print thedetailed technical informationwe offer for each product.

e-CatalogueLucas Diesel SystemsYou can find the online LucasDiesel Systems catalogue on ourcompany website:www.lucasdiesel.comSimply log in to accessits full content.TECHNICAL SUPPORTEmail our professionalsand ask them any technicalquestion you have.CUSTOMER SERVICEMonitors all your questionsregarding our products, throughthe online chat and offline support.19

20Lucas Diesel SystemsQualityQualityOUR CORE VALUE IN THEAPPLICATION OF EXCELLENCEWe have a clear essential objective:to satisfy the demands of our customersby meeting their expectations of quality,price and availability.To achieve this, Lucas Diesel Systemsapplies a series of principles,rigorously followed by its entire teamof professionals:Total qualityGuaranteeProduction systemOffering the highest quality is essential forLucas Diesel Systems and all its suppliers.Lucas has over 140 years of history andthat speaks volumes. Clients from allcorners of the world have trusted andcontinue to trust in our brand’s valuesevery day.The quality of a product is directly linkedto the level of organisation at its production centre. In order to improve theproductivity and quality of the products,Lucas Diesel Systems has developed itsown production system, which is appliedin all of its plants across the world.There is no room for error or risk.We take pride in this and it is somethingthat we work towards to offer the marketproducts of the best quality, always underour own strict production standards andprocesses.In this manner, we can guarantee thesame levels of quality and reliability in allof our products, regardless of where theyhave been manufactured.

QualityLucas Diesel Systems21R D departmentApproval of suppliersInvolvement of employeesThanks to the three Lucas Diesel SystemsR D departments located in the UnitedKingdom, Spain and Brazil, we manageto continuously develop all of ourproduc tion processes, and launch andmanage new projects and products onan ongoing basis.Thanks to the perfect relationship we havewith all of our suppliers, we manage towork with the same objectives towardsshared success. This partnership enablesus to innovate, increase our productivityjointly and to offer ongoing improvementin quality.Each employee, regardless of theirposition, plays a fundamental role inthe quality and fine-tuning of processeson a daily basis. Consequently, wework to recognise what their skills areand strengthen them within the ongoingimprovement of our production processes.This aspect is key to keep on growingand extending new lines of business tonew markets.In addition, at Lucas Diesel Systems wehave a limited number of suppliers, whowe consider key partners in achie vingour successes.All of the employees are also invitedto participate actively in the proposalof elements of improvement for theirdaily work and for the optimal growthof the company.

22Lucas Diesel SystemsGreen spiritGreen spiritFAVOURABLE FORTHE ENVIRONMENTRemanufacturing is an industrial processthat consists of the reuse of a product orpart that has reached the end of its usefullife and whose remanufacturing offers alevel of performance and quality equalto or greater than that of the newOEM products.The use of remanufactured productsgreatly reduces the impact on the environment compared to newly manufactured products, therefore significantlyreducing the production emissions gasesand the generation of waste.During the remanufacturing process thedamaged elements are replaced and theremaining components that are in specification are reused.It is our responsibility, as manufacturerstoo, to take care of the environment byimplementing processes that avoid anytype of contamination. And to make themost of the natural resources used in saidmanufacturing system.OPTIMAL FORBUSINESSESAccess to reman productsBetter quality standardsLower costThe client has access to remanproducts, which are more economicaland sustainable than newlymanufactured products.The quality standards are the same oreven better than those of a new OEMproduct, as we apply the most advancedtreatments to offer the highest levelof quality.The consumer has access to productsof the highest level of quality at the mostcompetitive prices.

Green spirit111kg.During the process ofmanufacturing of a conventional engine, 111 kg of CO2is released into the atmosphereLucas Diesel Systems234 kg.In contrast, theremanufacturing processof the same equipmentonly produces 4 kg of CO2

24Lucas Academy Excellence Through Training & Technical AssistanceLucas AcademyEXCELLENCE THROUGHTRAINING & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCELucas Academy is a global companygeared towards training in automotivetechnology. Its central office is in EastSussex and has another four additionalfully operating locations in the UnitedKingdom: London, Manchester,Birmingham and Glasgow.Our objective is to increase and improvethe range of services offered to ourcustomers all over the world.Our state-of-the-art facilities include fullyequipped classrooms and portabledevices to provide our courses whereour customers require them. This makesour network an international one thatoffers personalised and a la carte trainingprogrammes.Customised, in-person,practical and onlinetraining, adapted to theneeds of each client.

Excellence Through Training & Technical Assistance Lucas AcademyHigh level trainingexperienceImmediate and professionaltechnical supportThe engine industry is developingat a faster rate now than it ever hasthroughout its history and the systems andtechnology in this regard are increasinglycomplex and demanding. Because ofthis, we are committed to creating andproviding the most specific and up-todate courses, both in person and online.The customer and the workshop mayencounter numerous technical problemsin their daily work and, to resolve them,they do not always have the necessaryknowledge of all car brands.A large group of professionalswho are specialised and qualifiedin the automotive sector will takecare of training for each participantdepending on their needs and personalrequirements.Lucas Academy offers learningexperiences of the highest quality.Our courses have been developedby qualified instructors with extensiveexperience in the automotive industry.Their extensive background and highcapacity to share their knowledge in aclear and structured manner ensure anexceptional training experience.We can help them by offering themassistance and directly providing themwith fast and accurate answers directly.AUTOMOTIVETECHNICAL TRAININGE-LEARNINGTECHNICALASSISTANCE25

26Lucas AcademyAutomotive Technical Training in lastest Diesel TechnologiesAUTOMOTIVETRAININGTECHNICAL TRAINING IN TECHNICALLATEST DIESEL TECHNOLOGIESIN LATEST DIESEL TECHNOLOGIESCOURSE SUMMARYLevel 1SPECIALIST IN DIESEL EXHAUST SYSTEMS AND ANTIPOLLUTIONDiesel Exhaust Systems and AntipollutionDES01Diagnosis of Exhaust Smoke and Antipollution in DieselOnce all the training courses regarding “Diesel Exhaust Systems and Antipollution” have been completed, you will gain the certificate of Specialist in DieselExhaust Systems and Antipollution.

Automotive Technical TrainingLucas AcademyCOURSE SUMMARYLevel 2SPECIALIST IN DIESEL INJECTION SYSTEMSDiesel InjectionCRT01Common Rail Systems: Bosch, Delphi, Siemens-VDO,Denso - TheoryUISDP01UIS Delphi Systems (comercial vehicles and cars) RepairingCRBI01Bosch Diesel Injection Common Rail 1st Gen.(CP1) - RepairingCHH01Caterpillar HEUI C7/C9 Hydraulic Systems RepairingCRBI02Bosch Diesel Injection Common Rail 2nd Gen.(CP1H3, CP3) - RepairingCHH02Caterpillar HEUI Navistar Hydraulic Systems RepairingCRBI03Bosch Diesel Injection Common Rail 3rd Gen.(CP4 pumps and piezoelectric injectors) - RepairingCRCP01Caterpillar Common Rail Systems C6.6 – C6.4 /Perkins - RepairingCRSI01Siemens-VDO Diesel Injection Common Rail(SID 802) - RepairingUISDT01UIS-EUI Detroit Diesel Electronic Systems - RepairingCCE01Celect Cummins Electronic Systems - RepairingCRDPI01Delphi Diesel Injection Common Rail(FP1, FP3) - RepairingCRDSI01Denso Diesel Injection Common Rail(HP2, HP3, HP4) - RepairingUISB01UIS/UPS Bosch Systems(comercial vehicles and cars) - RepairingDiesel Exhaust Systems and AntipollutionDES01Diagnosis of Exhaust Smoke and Antipollution in DieselOnce all the training courses regarding “Diesel Injection” and “Diesel Exhaust Systems and Antipollution”; have been completed you will gain the certificateof Specialist in Diesel Injection Systems.27

28Lucas Academye-LearningE-LEARNINGLucas Academy offers professionalslearning experiences of the highestquality, featuring the most innovativecontent. They therefore reflect not onlywhere the automotive industry standsat the moment but also where it will bein the future.All of our e-Learning courses have beendesigned and developed by expertinstructors with extensive experience inthe automotive industry. Their detailedexpertise in the practical environmentand their ability to share their knowledgein structured and up-to-date programmesensures a fruitful and satisfactory trainingexperience.We have state of the art platforms andresources to adequately complete ouronline training, with the help of videos,3D infographs and cutting edgemultimedia material.Lucas Academy canprovide its e-Learningtraining around the world,anywhere, anytime.

e-Learning3D multimedia videosDetailed high definition picturesLucas AcademyFully explanation of the functioningof each componentMotion graphics & visual effectsWe have the latest generationplatform in order to assist onlinetraining using videos and 3Dinfographs. We can accessanywhere around the world.Interactive diagrams29

30Lucas Academye-Learning100He-Learning CoursesDURATIONDBCR01Diagnosis of Bosch’s Common Rail SystemsOBJECTIVESTo have detailed knowledge of Bosch’s electronic Common Rail injection system. Interpreting thefuntioning of the systems in order to diagnose any issues using the multimeter, oscilloscope andpressure tester.Compare the functioning among different generations of injection systems. Differences betweenpumps, injectors and electrical components. Most common breakdowns among different injectionsystems. Diagnosis of high and low fuel pressure circuits.

e-LearningLucas Academy31100He-Learning CoursesDURATIONDMAS02Diagnosis and Maintenance of Diesel Antipollution SystemsOBJECTIVESTo find out about the elements that make up the diesel antipollution systems, the procedures fordiagnosis, maintenance and repair of both diesel engines.Methods for reducing polluting gases. Fault diagnosis of the elements for reducing of pollutinggases before the combustion chamber (EGR, mixture control, Lambda probe, catalysts, FAP, DPF,SCR). Checking the wear points and common failures.

32Lucas AcademyTechnical assistanceTECHNICAL ASSISTANCEHANDLING OF TECHNICAL SUPPORTThe client and the workshop mayencounter many technical problemsbut do not always have the necessaryknowledge about each of the systems ofall of the cars in the market.We can assist them by providing thatinformation or directly offering them ananswer as to how to resolve the problem.By calling our Technical AssistanceDepartment by telephone and theprocess could be handled via twodifferent ways:TROUBLESHOOTINGComprehensive technicaladvice for problem resolution.DATABASEProvision of technical information. 45099%incoming calls answeredevery dayof the calls answeredin the first call2,000helplines managed93%of the problemsposed solved17technical experts availablewith over 10 years of experiencein the automotive sector

Technical assistanceLucas AcademyHELPLINEHANDLING OF TECHNICAL INCIDENTS1. Technical issue2. Incidence analysisCustomer calls thetechnical support helplineDetailed information is collectedto diagnose of the KCasessolvedTechnicians formultibrand garagesand dealershipsSolutions% Technical consultationsProceduresData- Assembly- Schemes- Dismantling- Tightening torques- Reset service- Repair times- Maintenance plan47.3% Fuel systems2.8% AC systems- Localisation of components- Bulletins21.3% Guided diagnosis9.2% EOBD7.1% Repair times4.5% Hybrid3.2% LPG8.7% Tightening torques5.3% Electric schemes1.5% Fuel reservesE-mailPhone33

34Lucas AcademyTechnical assistanceTROUBLESHOOTINGCase study 1MERCEDES CLASSE B 180 CDI1. ProblemThe oil level/oil pressurewarning light is illuminated.2. WorkshopCheck the entire systemlubrication (oil pump, filter.)and everything is in order, butthe problem persists.3. Technical AnalysisAnalysis and collection ofinformation by technicalsupport.TECHNICAL SOLUTIONCheck the particulate filter for correct regeneration operation as it is not automatically being done andthe amount of diesel used for this purpose does not burn completely and ends up contaminating theengine oil. Perform a test on the DPF system and carry out a forced regeneration. Recheck values andeverything should be in order.

Technical assistanceLucas AcademyCase study 2VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV TDI 1301. ProblemThe oil light is illuminatedwhen the engine is running.2. WorkshopCheck the oil level andeverything is correct.3. Technical AnalysisAnalysis and collectionof information by technical support.TECHNICAL SOLUTIONEffectively, the oil level is correct. Our technical information indicates that the bonnet switch isat fault, which is normally on the right side. You are prompted to check for continuity of the switchand the switch was discovered to be causing this error.35

36Lucas AcademyTechnical assistanceDATABASEOur database is an online tool thatprovides quick and easy access toa wide and comprehensive range oftechnical information.Comprehensive coverageData provided directly by themanufacturers themselves. (80% ofinformation is obtained by vehiclemanufacturers).Time-savingInteractive illustrations of the locationof components enable us to obtain theaccessible information quickly and easily.It saves recent searches to make it easyto switch from one procedure to anotherand to be able to restart the work fromthe point you left off.It saves you time searching by offeringaccess to all of the required technicalinformation on a single screen.Increased businessperformanceDesigned as an aid to assist professionalswith the workflow in the workshop,therefore reducing down time.Less time spent on searches equals anincrease in efficiency.Generate revision checklists andprofessional quotes. Attend to morevehicles and increase the level ofcustomer satisfaction.Multimedia sectionAccess to the videos about the product,which show how Autodata works: fromaccess to the best review programmesto the use of interactive images to locatethe location of each component.29,000vehicle modelsworldwide 85,000schemes and illustrations500,000step-by-step procedures

Technical assistanceLucas AcademyKEY FEATURESReview guidelines with built-in data:Interactive pages components locationPanel of recent activity:All technical data and illustrations areincorporated directly to save time.Look for components, see images anda

Bosch UIS - PDE-P1.4 Denso Caterpillar GP Lucas DPC Delphi DFP1 Delphi DFI 1.2 Bosch UIS - PDE-P1.5 Lucas DPC-N Delphi DFP3 Delphi DFI 1.3 Bosch UIS - PDE-P2 Denso VE Denso HP2 Delphi DFI 1.4 Denso ECD Denso HP3 Denso X1 Zexel NP-VE Denso HP4 Denso X2 Siemens - VDO CR Denso G2 Siemens - VDO CR Fuel

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SAFETY DATA SHEET Diesel Fuel . 1. IDENTIFICATION. Product Identifier Synonyms: Intended use of the product: Contact: Contact Information: Diesel Fuel Diesel Fuel, Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel, Dyed Diesel, * DieselOne , * DieselOne w/Platinum Plus DFX, Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD), Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Fuel Bottini Fuel 2785 West Main St

common rail tdi (turbo diesel intercooler) 2.4 dohc mivec common rail tdi (turbo diesel intercooler) tipo de combustible diesel diesel diesel diesel diesel cilindrada (cc) 2.442 2.442 2.442 2.442 2.442 potencia (hp / rp

The LUCAS 3 device is for use as an adjunct to manual CPR when effective manual CPR is not possible (e.g., transport, extended CPR, fatigue, insufficient personnel). (US Only) Contraindications Do NOT use the LUCAS Chest Compression System in these cases: § If it is not possible to position the LUCAS device safely or correctly on the

SAFETY DATA SHEET Diesel Fuel Page 1 of 11 June 2019 1. IDENTIFICATION Product Identifier Diesel Fuel Synonyms: Diesel Fuel, Motor Vehicle Diesel Fuel, Dyed Diesel, * DieselOne , * DieselOne w/Platinum Plus DFX, Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD), Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Intended use of the product: Fuel Contact: Global Companies LLC

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