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The Effect of Inflation, InterestRates and Exchange Rates onStock Prices of ManufacturingCompanies in Basic andChemical Industrial Sectors onthe Indonesia Stock Exchange(IDX)by Abid DjazuliSubmission date: 11-Jan-2021 10:09AM (UTC 0700)Submission ID: 1485504095File name: 5.pdf (1,014.58K)Word count: 6949Character count: 36056

The Effect of Inflation, Interest Rates and Exchange Rates onStock Prices of Manufacturing Companies in Basic and ChemicalIndustrial Sectors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)ORIGINALITY REPORT21%SIMILARITY INDEX21%23%0%INTERNET SOURCESPUBLICATIONSSTUDENT PAPERSPRIMARY SOURCES12345678worldwidescience.orgInternet Sourceejurnal.ung.ac.idInternet Sourcegaruda.ristekbrin.go.idInternet Source123dok.comInternet Sourceeprints.umpo.ac.idInternet Sourceanzdoc.comInternet Sourcewww.neliti.comInternet SourceChairul Anam. "Study of Internal Factors andExternal Factors of Insurance Companies4%3%2%1%1%1%1%1%

Towards Company Value (Study on IndonesiaStock Exchange)", SHS Web of ac.idInternet Sourcerepository.uinjkt.ac.idInternet Sourceconferences.uin-malang.ac.idInternet SourceHilarius Bambang Winarko, Julius CaesareWahono, Yuniningsih Yuniningsih, Sri TunggulPannindriya. "How Do Inflation Rate, BI Rate,and Balance of Trade Directly Affect IDR toUSD Exchange Rate and Indirectly Affect IDXComposite Index in Initial Stage of Covid-19Outbreak?", Research in World Economy, telkomuniversity.ac.idInternet Sourcemafiadoc.comInternet Sourcearchive.sciendo.comInternet SourceTaranggana Ari Sakti, Sukaris Sukaris, Asep1%1%1%1%

Saepuloh. "The Effect Of Perceived Risk,Consumer Lifestyle And Online Trust On ThePurchase Intention Of Fashion Products InInstagram Social Media", INNOVATIONRESEARCH JOURNAL, 2020Publication17181%www.sahamok.comInternet SourceAdji Prastiantono, Muhammad Fadhil, AmienRahardjo, Fauzan H. Jufri, Faiz Husnayain."Design of Solar Irradiance Measurement BasedOn Analitycal Data Using Microcontroller", 2019IEEE Conference on Energy Conversion(CENCON), 2019PublicationExclude quotesOnExclude bibliographyOffExclude matches 1%1%

akuntansi.unpam.ac.id Internet Source repository.uinjkt.ac.id Internet Source conferences.uin-malang.ac.id Internet Source Hilarius Bambang Winarko, Julius Caesare Wahono, Yuniningsih Yuniningsih, Sri Tunggul Pannindriya. "How Do Inflation Rate, BI Rate, and Balance of Trade Directly Affect IDR to USD Exchange Rate and Indirectly Affect IDX

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