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OpenTextSolution ExtensionsProduct catalog–January 2021

ContentsOpenText Solution Extensions1. OpenText Content Services4OpenText Document Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite6OpenText Module Suite for Content Suite Platform by AnswerModules7OpenText Beautiful WebForms for Content Suite Platform by AnswerModules8OpenText Document Linking for Content Server by Cad-Capture9OpenText Translator for Content Suite Platform by Cassia10OpenText Extended ECM Enabler for Microsoft DynamicsCustomer Engagement by Contesto11OpenText RFx Center for Content Suite Platform by Counterpoint12OpenText Permissions Manager for Content Suite Platform by Fastman13OpenText Email Filing for eDOCS by Formpipe14OpenText Power Tools for Content Suite Platform by Global Cents15OpenText Web Capture for Capture Center by Image Access16OpenText Application Designer for Content Suite by KineMatik17OpenText Applications for Content Suite by KineMatik18OpenText Form Builder for Content Suite by KineMatik19OpenText Project Management for Content Suite Platform by KineMatik20OpenText Publisher for Content Suite by KineMatik21OpenText Supplier Invoice Management System by Muraai22OpenText Application Retirement for InfoArchive by Platform 323OpenText Content Security and Performance by Reveille24OpenText Content Migrator for eDOCS by SeeUnity25OpenText eDOCS DM Extensions for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity26OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity27OpenText eDOCS Synchronization for Microsoft SharePoint by SeeUnity28OpenText Shinydrive for Content Suite Platform by Shinydocs29OpenText Shinydrive for Documentum by Shinydocs30OpenText Shinydrive High Performance Enterprise Library by Shinydocs31OpenText Shinydrive for Microsoft SharePoint by Shinydocs32OpenText Active Client Management for CommunicationsCenter Enterprise by SoluSoft33OpenText STModules for Intelligent Capture by Stellaris Technologies34OpenText Electronic Common Technical Documentfor Content Suite Platform by Stratesys35OpenText Electronic Trial Master File Managementfor Content Suite Platform by Stratesys36OpenText GxP Document Management Systemfor Content Suite Platform by Stratesys372/52

ContentsOpenText Quality Event Management for Content Suite Platform by Stratesys2. OpenText Experience3839OpenText Marketing & Media Management by Acheron40OpenText Medical Legal Review for Media Management by Acheron41OpenText Creative Review for Media Management by BLUE Software42OpenText Media Management Connector for AdobeExperience Manager by CyanGate43OpenText Media Management Connector for FADEL Rights Cloud by CyanGate 44OpenText Rights Cloud for Media Management by FADEL45OpenText Video Workflow and Tagging for Media Management by IPV46OpenText Content Localization for Media Management by Mediawide47OpenText Interactive Personalized Videos for Exstream by Mediawide48OpenText Video Analytics for Magellan & Media Managementby Hendricks Corp.49OpenText e-Invoicing for Communication Center Enterpriseby Sovos TrustWeaver503. OpenText SecurityOpenText Content Security for EnCase by ReveilleOpenText Solution Extensions51513/52

1. OpenText Content ServicesOpenText Content Services captures information from differentsources into an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid totransform personal productivity, process productivity and control. OpenText Content Suite Platform OpenText eDOCS OpenText OT2 Platform OpenText InfoArchive OpenText Documentum Platform OpenText Capture Center OpenText Extended ECM Platform OpenText Application Content Management OpenText Intelligent CaptureApplicationIntelligentContentManagement CaptureCaptureCenterContent Suite DocumentumeDOCSPlatformPlatformOpenText DocumentCo-Authoring by ActiveWrite OpenText Module Suite forContent Suite Platform byAnswerModules OpenText Beautiful WebFormsfor Content Server by AnswerModules OpenText Document Linking forContent Server by Cad-Capture OpenText Translator for ContentSuite Platform by Cassia OpenText RFx Center for ContentSuite Platform by Counterpoint OpenText PermissionsManager for Content SuitePlatform by Fastman OpenText Email Filing foreDOCS by Formpipe OpenText Power Tools forContent Suite Platformby Global Cents OpenText Application Designerfor Content Suite by KineMatik OpenText Applications forContent Suite by KineMatik OpenText Solution ExtensionsOT2 Platform OpenText Extended ECM Enablerfor Microsoft Dynamics CustomerEngagement by ContestoOpenText Web Capture forCapture Center by Image AccessExtendedInfoArchiveECM Platform 4/52

ApplicationIntelligentContentManagement CaptureCaptureCenterContent Suite DocumentumeDOCSPlatformPlatformOpenText Project Managementfor Content Suite by KineMatik OpenText Publisher forContent Suite by KineMatik OpenText Supplier InvoiceManagement System by Muraai ExtendedInfoArchiveECM Platform OpenText Archon for InfoArchiveby Platform3OpenText Content Securityand Performance by Reveille OpenText Content Migratorfor eDOCS by SeeUnity OpenText eDOCS DMExtensions for MicrosoftSharePoint by SeeUnityOpenText eDOCS Integration forMicrosoft SharePoint by SeeUnity OpenText eDOCSSynchronization for MicrosoftSharePoint by SeeUnity OpenText Shinydrive for ContentServer by Shinydocs OpenText Shinydrive forDocumentum by Shinydocs OpenText Shinydrive HighPerformance EnterpriseLibrary by Shinydocs OpenText Shinydrive forMicrosoft SharePointby Shinydocs OpenText Active ClientManagement forCommunications CenterEnterprise by SoluSoftOpenText STModules forIntelligent Capture byStellaris Technologies OpenText Electronic CommonTechnical Document for ContentSuite Platform by Stratesys OpenText Electronic Trial MasterFile Management for ContentSuite Platform by Stratesys OpenText GxP DocumentManagement System for ContentSuite Platform by Stratesys OpenText Quality EventManagement for ContentSuite Platform by Stratesys OpenText Solution ExtensionsOT2 Platform5/52

OpenText Document Co-Authoringby ActiveWriteOpenText Document Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite is a revolutionarydocument creation system that enables users to truly see who didwhat, where and when. This solution is focused around creating andmanaging content collaboratively, enabling multiple users to work onthe same document and access different parts of the document withdifferent permission levels, all in the same document.Document Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite opens a whole newworld of content control; dynamic content reuse, fluid editingand collaboration and content creation in ways that have neverbeen possible.Partner overviewThe ActiveWrite solution is focused purely on content creationand collaboration. A unique system born out of the frustrationof dealing with the limited collaborative abilities of traditionaldocument editing tools.Product overviewDocument Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite has an easy tounderstand editing history, change control and intuitiveunderstanding of changes within a document. It enables usersto rapidly edit or perform redline editing with multiple users atthe same time.Users can easily share sections of a document, or controlaccess to content within a document, not just at the file level butwithin the document itself. Need to make content in a documentconfidential? Simply do a find and redact.Users can easily reuse content across thousands of documents.For example, if a user updates a policy statement, it will be instantlyupdated across thousands of documents that used that content.Because content can be controlled and manipulated within adocument, auto-updating of templates is also possible—update thetemplate with a new telephone number or logo and all documentsthat use that template get automatically update. Changing one,changes them all.Product highlights Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, see eachother’s editing activity, compare edits and make comments onedits and within the document. Need to figure out who collaborated the most? All the activity istracked and can be summarized and analyzed right down to thelast edit. There is only ever one version of a co-authored document.Never mistakenly edit the wrong document again. Having only one version of the document makes controllingsecurity easy, allowing users to secure the actual content in theActiveWrite document, not just the files containing the content. To make content in a document confidential, simply do a findand redact.Users can see a document at any point in time, from the firstedit to the last, with no need for file versioning. If a user needs acurrent version, they can simply take a snapshot.Value proposition No matter how many users there are or edits performed, thereis always one document with assigned and controlled accessby multiple contributors. Users can assign roles and responsibilities by chapter, sectionor content selection within a document. Multiple users can update a document simultaneously. Users are assigned specific roles; editor, reviewer, reader, approver. Email updates are sent to users if content is changed or anyassignments are changed. Content reused by multiple documents can be easily updatedand will update the documents using that content. All editing activity and content creation is audited, includingredlining, deletion of content, as well as any redaction performed.Key integrations OpenText Content Suite PlatformOpenText Solution Extensions6/52

OpenText Module Suite for Content SuitePlatform by AnswerModulesOpenText Module Suite for Content Suite Platform is a fullyintegrated set of add-on modules that provide the tools necessaryto rapidly deliver tailored solutions and applications on top of thestandard Content Suite and OpenText Extended ECM platforms.Module Suite extends the capabilities of Content Suite andExtended ECM in key areas, such as forms, external integrations,workflows, intelligent automation and Smart View, as well asoverall user experience. For Content Suite Platform Cloud Editioncustomers, this certified add-on will allow them to build tailoredsolutions securely and with extreme flexibility in an otherwiseclosed environmentPartner overviewAnswerModules is an OpenText Solution Extension Provider. As aproduct-oriented company focused on delivering innovative add-ontechnologies, AnswerModules is dedicated to extending andenhancing OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM platforms’capabilities. AnswerModules was the first ISP able to integrate itssolution with Smart View, as well as the first member of the SolExprogram whose solutions were certified to be deployed in theOpenText Cloud. Answer Modules was awarded the 2019 EMEAInnovation/Technology Award.Product overviewThis solution enables businesses to rapidly define and deployfocused applications, tailored processes and new businessscenarios within their Content Suite Platform and Extended ECMPlatform. Its highly efficient approach, coupled with the possibilityof adopting an agile methodology, reduces the time and costassociated with developing and maintaining solutions. Its simplelow-coding interface enables non-technical users to create andmaintain complex applications, while a modern scripting languageallows developers to implement advanced scenarios without theneed to know OScript or any other proprietary language.OpenText Solution ExtensionsProduct highlights Introduce intelligent automation to improve business users’productivity and overall UX Readily interchange data and services with third-party platformsor applications Streamline workflows and extend the capabilities of thestandard workflow engine Tailor and simplify the UI to meet specific business needs Seamlessly integrate with the DocuSign platformValue proposition Safeguard and extend investments made on Content Suiteand Extended ECM platforms Ensure that developers are productive within hours withlow-coding, standard language and agile methodology Increase user satisfaction and productivity with automatedactions, fewer clicks and streamlined interfacesKey integrations OpenText Content Suite Platform DocuSign Signature Platform OpenText Content Suite Platform Cloud Edition OpenText Extended ECM Platform7/52

OpenText Beautiful WebForms forContent Suite Platform by AnswerModulesForms are an integral part of virtually every corporate processin OpenText Content Suite, however they are normally limitedto being used to collect information in a convenient manner.OpenText Beautiful WebForms for Content Suite Platforms byAnswerModules, transforms forms into much more. Forms are nolonger limited to gathering data, they can now act upon that datain intelligent and automated ways.Partner overviewAnswerModules is an OpenText CS Solution Extension Provider.AnswerModules is a product-oriented company focused ondelivering innovative add-on solutions dedicated to extending andenhancing OpenText Content Suite Platform’s capabilities.Value proposition Develop forms for any scenario, form-based process or as anapplication’s front-end UI Deliver powerful and ergonomic forms that are aligned withend-user expectations Allow even non-technical users to create and managetheir forms Surface forms in the SmartUI as TilesKey integrations OpenText Content Suite PlatformProduct overviewBeautiful WebForms for Content Suite Platform enhances theexisting form framework to make forms capable of more thansimple data input. Forms crafted with Beautiful WebForms forContent Suite Platform can be used as the front end for almostany purpose, including document and content manipulation,interactive dashboards, automation of mundane tasks, etc.Beautiful WebForms for Content Suite Platform also introducesenhancements to a form’s functionality by adding dynamic fields,external integrations, strong validations, responsive layouts andmuch more. Furthermore, the tools contained within BeautifulWebForms for Content Suite Platform drastically simplify effortsand reduce the time required to build professional grade forms,even by non-technical users.Product highlights Dynamically display form fields Integrate external data sources within a form Deliver forms to users outside of Content Server Robust client and server-side validations 100% responsive, design once for any device Intuitive visual drag-and-drop form builder Extensive library of ready to use widgets that covervarious requirementsOpenText Solution Extensions8/52

OpenText Document Linking for Content Serverby Cad-CaptureOpenText Document Linking for Content Server by Cad-Capturemakes asset centric navigation a reality. This allows the user tolocate and retrieve drawings, documents and data related to theasset from any system (e.g. ERP, Asset Management or otherECMs). An integral part of this solution is the OpenText Brava! viewer, which facilitates the document linking.The identification and classification of assets is automated basedon pattern recognition, enabling users to retrieve the informationthey need with a single click of a button—whether from otherdocuments in OpenText Content Server, information from SAPor from any other accessible systems.Product highlights Automatic highlighting and hyper-linking of drawingsand documents No changes required to the content-searchable files Compile and validate asset master lists Greater adoption of metadata, using Content Servercategories and attributes to improve searching capabilities Parse through searchable text in drawings and documents,automatically applying HotSpots to the key assets Automatic population of categories and attributes inContent ServerPartner overviewValue propositionCad-Capture has been an OpenText Solution Extension Partnersince 2005, with products on the OpenText price list since 2010.Based in the UK, Cad-Capture was founded in 1991 and is an expertin the capture, control and collaboration of documents and data. Improve end-user adoption of products, such as Content Serverand Brava!Product overviewBy turning drawings and documents into an interactive dashboard,OpenText Document Linking for Content Server by Cad-Capturetakes the time and effort out of navigating through multiple systems,drawings and documents. With some bespoke features leading togreat success in the Oil and Gas industry, the OpenText DocumentLinking for Content Server by Cad-Capture product has beendeveloped with highly regulated and complex use cases in mind.OpenText Solution Extensions Save valuable time in navigating around multiple systems Increase safety standards and improve legislative complianceKey integrations OpenText Content Server 16.2 OpenText Brava! for Content Suite 16.2 OpenText Brava! for Content Suite HTML5 support fromQ2 2019 – v16.6 OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions9/52

OpenText Translator for Content SuitePlatform by CassiaProduct highlightsFor any customer that deals with multiple languages via documentsor users, OpenText Translator for Content Suite Platform by Cassiatakes OpenText Content Server’s multilingual features to the nextlevel by incorporating multilingual attributes, enterprise menu items,assisted search, system messages, news items, translation previewand much more.Partner overviewAs an OpenText Solution Extension Technology member, CassiaContent Management is a software development company thatfocuses on enhancing the feature set of the OpenText ContentSuite of applications. Its success is due to providing modularsolutions that allow customers to extend or add new ContentServer features, streamline their business processes, facilitateuser adoption and maximize their return on investment inOpenText's Content Server software.Product overviewTranslator for Content Suite Platform by Cassia enhances themultilingual capabilities of Content Server. Not only can attributenames and values, LiveReport fields and other items be presented inthe users' language of choice but users can also leverage third-partyAPIs to find and read assets in other languages. Rigor is maintainedthrough a combination of a corporate lexicon and reporting availableto the Knowledge Manager. Translator for Content Suite Platformis also backwards-compatible, helping ensure that any existingproducts/integrations continue working seamlessly. Multilingual metadata provides greater adoption of facets,columns, adding content and integrations Translation-assisted search expands the search andcollaborative capability of Content Server Content previewer feature empowers users to understand allcontent; not just content in their own language Multilingual reports are consolidated into a single global view inthe user’s language Multilingual workflow provides instructions, attributes, stepnames, etc. in the user's languageValue proposition Expanded user self-serve Find assets with content or metadata in other languages Preview documents in language of choice Improved user search and collaboration Increases user independence to find and preview information Leverages automatic translations on search queriesKey integrations OpenText Content Server OpenText Content Suite Platform OpenText Content Server MobileEMLC MultilingualMetadataOpenText Solution Extensions10/52

OpenText Extended ECM Enabler for MicrosoftDynamics Customer Engagement by ContestoConnected workspaces enrich business process flows, facilitateefficient collaboration and enable seamless customer engagementby ensuring that customer-facing teams have 360-degree insightinto business data and a single source of truth for customerinformation. OpenText Extended ECM Enabler for MicrosoftDynamics Customer Engagement by Contesto integratesOpenText Content Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365, securelyand seamlessly delivering content and realtime data to MicrosoftDynamics and Microsoft Teams workspaces.Partner overviewWith more than 17 years of experience as an OpenText partner,Contesto delivers best-in-class solutions for OpenText ContentServices to global organizations. Contesto helps clients integratetheir leadi

OpenText Solution Extensions 6/52 OpenText Document Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite OpenText Document Co-Authoring by ActiveWrite is a revolutionary document creation system that enables users to truly see who did what, where and when. This solution is focused around creating and managing content collaboratively, enabling multiple users to work on

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