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ELA TeacherQualificationTrainingTable of ContentsSummer 2018 ELA Course Registration Guide Email Directory and ELA T.Q. Quick Links ELA Teacher Qualification Attendance Policy Teacher Qualification Training Course Guide(pg.2)(pg.2)(pg.3)ELA Courses: ELA 101 (1hr. online course)ELA 102: Foundations (3hrs. online course)ELA 103: The Denver ELA ProgramELA 104: Academic Language in the Content AreasELA 105A: English Language Development OR ELA 105B: Sheltering*ELA 201: Language Acquisition & Cultural UnderstandingELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLsELA 203: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-EELA 204: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-SELA Spanish Writing Workshop(pg. 4)(pg. 4)(pg. 4)(pg. 4)(pg.4)(pg. 4)(pg. 4)(pg. 4-5)(pg. 5)(pg.5)UCD Graduate Courses: Optional Advanced Courses:(For designated ELA-E or ELA-S teachers) UCD 5030 Language Acquisition UCD 5770 Effective Literacy Instruction for ELLs UCD 5070 Linguistic Analysis of English ELA Course Waivers Spanish Language Proficiency (SLP) Exam Information*Descriptions of ELA 105A and ELA 105B can be found on the lower left corner on pg. 31(pg. 5)(pg. 5)(pg. 5)(pg. 6)(pg. 7)

Home PageEmail Directory and ELA T.Q LinksELA Qualification Designation andDeadlinesELA teacherqualification@dpsk12.orgELA Course WaiversELA waiverrequest@dpsk12.orgELA CourseworkELA teacherqualification@dpsk12.orgELA Summer AcademyGeneral Questionsdpssummeracademy@dpsk12.org720- ‐423- ‐3900 orConnect HumanResources@dpsk12.orgELA University Course CreditELA teachertraining@dpsk12.orgSpanish Language Proficiencydps@berlitz.comPDU Information & Requestfor ReimbursementsMark orPDU Team@dpsk12.orgELA TQ Attendance PolicyHow to enroll in an ELA CourseELA Teacher Qualification Frequently AskedQuestions DPS ELA Teacher Qualification PlanningSheet Teacher Qualification TimelinesELA Courses at UCDSpanish Language Proficiency (SLP) Exam2ELA---S Teacher Stipend

Home PageDPS ELA Teacher Qualification Course GuideTotal Contact Hours: ELA-T 39.5 ELA-E 77.5 ELA-S 79.5ELA- ‐T Basic Training 5 Courses ELA 101 (1 hour online course) ELA102: Foundations (3 hour onlineIn addition to ELA-T basic training the followingcourses are required:course) ELA 103: Denver ELA Program (3.5 hourface- ‐to- ‐face course) ELA 104: Academic Language in theContent Areas (16 hour hybrid course 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessions and 5 online sessions) ELA 105A: English Language Development*(16 hour hybrid course 3 face- ‐ to- ‐face sessionsand 5 online sessions)ORELA 105B: Sheltering* (16 hour hybridcourse 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessions and 5 onlinesessions)*ELA 105A is recommended for elementary or secondaryteachers who do teach an English Language Development(ELD) course to English Learners in a specialized, federallyrequired, 45 minute block of time.*ELA 105B is for elementary, secondary or electives/specialsteachers who do not teach English Language Development toEnglish Learners in a specialized, federally required, 45minute block of time.The focus of this course is teachingacademic content and the use of strategies to supportEnglish Learners.ELA- ‐E Advanced Training 8 Courses ELA- ‐S Advanced Training 8 Courses SLP Exam ELA 201: Language Acquisitions andCultural Understanding (16 hour hybridIn addition to ELA-T basic training the followingcourses are required:course 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessions and 5 onlinesessions) course 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessions and 5 onlinesessions)ORUCD 5030: Language AcquisitionORUCD 5030: Language Acquisition(3 graduate credit hours) ELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLs(16 hour hybrid course 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessionsand 5 online sessions) ELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLsORUCD 5770: Literacy Instruction forEnglish Language Learners(3 graduate credit hours)**Transitioning Strategies for ELA-E course is notrequired when both UCD 5030 and UCD 5770 arecompleted.(3 graduate credit hours)(16 hour hybrid course 3 face- ‐to- ‐face sessionsand 5 online sessions)ORUCD 5770: Literacy Instruction forEnglish Language Learners ELA 203: Transitioning Strategies forELA-E (6 hour session)ELA 201: Language Acquisitions andCultural Understanding (16 hour hybrid(3 graduate credit hours) ELA 204: Transitioning Strategies forELA-S (8 hour session)**Transitioning Strategies for ELA-S course is notrequired when both UCD 5030 and UCD 5770 arecompleted.ELA 101 (1 hour online course)ELA Summer Academy: ELA-T Basic Training (Summer Academy Apprentice Teachers who have completed ELA Summer Academy, will receive ELA Teacher Qualification credit forELA 101, ELA 102, ELA 103: Denver ELA Program, ELA 104: Academic Language in the Content Areas and ELA 105A: English Language Development, and are Qualified ELA-T.)UCD Courses: Teachers must be Designated ELA-E or ELA-S and must be Qualified ELA-T before registering for a UCD course.For further information on coursework, designation deadlines, waiver requests or the SLP exam, please go to the following website address: 2.7.20183For further assistance or questions, please contact: ELA

ELA Qualification CoursesSummer 2018Home PageJune-August 2018Basic & Advanced Training: Required for ELA-T, ELA-E & ELA-S:Basic Training: Required for ELA-T:SecCourseDatesDaySarah GrantStartTimeOngoingSarah GrantOngoingOn-goingCopy & Paste link: ion/RmAELA 101: Online Course - Summer '18Will Openin SN on:AELA 102 Foundations: Online Course- Summer '18Will Openin SN on:AELA 103: The Denver ELA Program6/23/18Sat.Marc Rodriguez9:00 AM12:30 PMCastro Elementary Rm. 144BELA 103: The Denver ELA Program7/10/18Tues.Sarah Grant9:00 AM12:30 PMCELA 103: The Denver ELA Program7/28/18Sat.Marc Rodriguez9:00 AM12:30 PMThomas Jefferson HS Rm. 3Shoemaker Elementary Rm.2069:00 AM11:00 AM*Location Subject to ChangeWesterly Creek Elem. Rm.145On-goingCopy & Paste link: 104:Academic Language in Content Areas6/5/186/12/186/26/18Tues.StaceyWilliamsonBELA 104:Academic Language in Content Areas6/9/186/16/186/30/18Sat.TBD9:00 AM11:00 AMCELA 104:Academic Language in Content Areas7/14/187/21/188/4/18Sat.Melissa Carr9:00 AM11:00 AMDELA 104:Academic Language in Content Areas7/18/187/25/188/8/18Wed.Lupe Leece5:00 PM7:00 PMFarrell B Howell Rm. 2067:00 PM*Location Subject to ChangeShoemaker Elementary Rm.206AELA 105A: English Language Development6/7/186/14/186/28/18Thurs.Anne Williamson5:00 PMEmily Griffith Campsu Rm. 1035Castro Elementary Rm. 144*Location Subject to ChangeAELA 105B: Sheltering6/7/186/14/186/28/18Thurs.Cristina Kinz5:00 PM7:00 PMBELA 105B: Sheltering6/9/186/16/186/30/18Sat.Eddie Williamson9:00 AM11:00 AMCELA 105B: Sheltering7/14/187/21/188/4/18Sat.Lindsey Cotter9:00 AM11:00 AMCastro Elementary Rm. 145DELA 105B: Sheltering7/18/187/25/188/8/18Wed.Sarah Grant5:00 PM7:00 PMFarrell B Howell Rm. 207Shoemaker Elem. Rm. 207Emily Griffith Campus Rm. 1135*Location Subject to ChangeELA Advanced Training: Required for ELA-E & ELA-S (To be completed by the second school year):SecABCDDatesCourseELA 201: Language Acquisition and CulturalUnderstandingELA 201: Language Acquisition and CulturalUnderstandingELA 201: Language Acquisition and CulturalUnderstandingELA 201: Language Acquisition and CulturalUnderstandingDayInstructorStartTimeEnd TimeLocation/RmWesterly Creek Elem. Rm.1476/5/186/12/186/26/18Tues.Kathy Kardok9:00 AM11:00 AM6/9/186/16/186/30/18Sat.Sara Hamilton9:00 AM11:00 AM7/14/187/21/188/4/18Sat.Gaye Horne9:00 AM11:00 AMCastro Elementary Rm. 1497/18/187/25/188/8/18Wed.Ana Silva5:00 PM7:00 PMFarrell B Howell Rm. 209Emily Griffith Campus Rm. 735AELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLS 6/5/186/12/186/26/18Tues.Melissa Carr9:00 AM11:00 AMBELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLS 6/7/186/14/186/28/18Thurs.Tanis Humes5:00 PM7:00 PM*Location Subject to ChangeWesterly Creek Elem. Rm.151Shoemaker Elementary Rm.208CELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLS 6/9/186/16/186/30/18Sat.9:00 AM11:00 AMEmily Griffith Campus Rm. 835DELA 202: Literacy Development for ELLS 7/14/187/21/188/4/18Sat.America BatemanRoxanneEllsworth9:00 AM11:00 AMCastro Elementary Rm. 150*Location Subject to ChangeAELA 203: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-E6/23/18Sat.Tanis Humes8:30 AM1:00 PMCastro Elementary Rm. 145BELA 203: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-E7/10/18Tues.Kathy Kardok8:30 AM1:00 PMThomas Jefferson HS Rm. 34

C203: Transitioning Strategies for ELA-E7/28/18Sat.Maggie GuntrenSat.LindsayArmstrongSat.Silvia CurielTorres8:30 AM1:00 PMShoemaker Elementary Rm.207*Location Subject to ChangeA204:Transitioning Strategies for ELA-S6/23/188:30 AM1:00 PMCastro Elementary Rm. 149*Location Subject to ChangeASpanish Writing Workshop5/5/185/26/186/9/189:00 AM12:00 PMNorth HS Rm. B161UCD Course Registration is Through SchoolNet (For teachers who are Designated ELA-E & ELA-S ONLY):SecCourseDatesUCD 5030 Language & LiteracyH50 Acquisition6/13, 6/206/27, 7/11Day7/18/17Tues.InstructorChristineMuldoonStart TimeEnd Time4:30 PM7:30 PM Drop Deadline June 16th, 2017H51UCD 5770 Effective Literacy Instructionfor ELLS7/11, 7/187/25, 8/18/8/17Location/RmEmily Griffith Campus Rm. 1135*Location Subject to ChangeTues.Tania H. &Kathleen H.Emily Griffith Campus Rm. 10354:30 PM7:30 PM Drop Deadline July 14th, 2017*Location Subject to ChangeEmily Griffith Campus Rm. 1035H52UCD 5070 Linguistic Analysis ofEnglish6/15, 6/227/13, 7/208/3/17Thurs.SarahGrimm4:30 PM Drop Deadline June 18th, 20177:30 PM*Location Subject to ChangeIn order to receive free UCD graduate credit: Teachers must be Designated ELA-E, ELA-S or ELA-E/S. Teachers must be Qualified ELA-T before registering for any UCD course. If a teacher is Qualified ELA-E or ELA-S or ELA-E/S, s/he will be wait-listed. If funding and space is available, s/he couldpossibly be eligible to register for a UCD course. Teachers must first complete UCD 5030 and UCD 5770 before registering for the third UCD course. Teachers may take only one course in the fall and spring semesters and up to two courses in the summer semester. DPS will pay the UCD tuition one time for each ELA/UCD course that is completed, with a passing of 70% or higher, aspart of a teacher’s training requirements. If you do not pass the course with a 70% or higher, do not complete the course, ordrop the course after the drop deadline on, you will be responsible for paying the tuition rate of 860.00 for UCD 5330and/or UCD 5770 and/or for UCD 5050, per course (such amount shall be deducted from your paycheck).To receive graduate credit(s), teachers must pass with an 80% or higher.Teachers must submit the UCD Release of Confidential Information Form and the ELA Tuition Memo on the first day of thecourse. Fees accrued as a result of delay are the sole responsibility of the teacher.*UCD training courses are valid for five years from the date of completion for ELA training credit for teachers who take a leave ofabsence and need to be ELA qualified on their return.Please visit the Commons page for more information regarding ELA UCD courses at: Note: Once you receive an approval email from the ELA Teacher Qualification Coordinator for a UCD course, you must alsoregister in the UCD website as well (participants will receive more information on how to register in the UCD website at a later time,before the course starts). Only then, will a participant will considered as an Active Participant of a UCD course.If you have any questions, please email: ELA training@dpsk12.org5

Home PageELA Course WaiversIn some situations, teachers who are required to obtain ELA- ‐E or ELA- ‐S qualifications mayrequest a waiver for some or most of the required ELA Teacher Qualification training. Teachersmay request waivers in the following situations: Teachers who have completed a Master’s degree in ESL/bilingual education and/or hold avalid Colorado LDE (Linguistically Diverse Endorsement) can waive out most required ELAtraining, provided the required documentation is submitted and approved by Denver PublicSchools. Teachers who have a state LDE (Linguistically Diverse Endorsement) from a state other thanColorado may be eligible to waiver out of some or most required ELA training, provided therequired documentation is submitted and approved by Denver Public Schools. Teachers who have taken graduate- ‐level coursework focused on English Language Acquisitionfrom an accredited university may be eligible to waive out of some required ELA trainingprovided the required documentation and supporting justification is submitted and approvedby Denver Public Schools.How to apply for a waiver: Send request for potential ELA Teacher Qualification waiver, including all supportingdocumentation (such as unofficial transcripts) to ELA Requests arenormally processed within 10-15 business days, with some exceptions.6

Home PageSLP Exam InformationSpanish LanguageProficiency (SLP) ExamTeacher candidates applying for Spanish- ‐designated assignments with DPS are required to successfullycomplete a Spanish language proficiency (SLP) exam. The District has partnered with Berlitz Testing, facilitate and proctor this exam. The District will continue to administer the SLP exam for clerical(DAEOP), paraprofessional and special service provider positions (e.g. speech language pathologists,nurses, social workers, audiologists and psychologists). See instructions below if you are a candidate fora Spanish- ‐speaking clerical, paraprofessional, or special service provider role.Registering for the SLP ExamBerlitz has locations worldwide to administer the DPS SLP exam. This exam is a prerequisite for allbilingual (Spanish/English) teacher and special service provider candidates. DPS requires all teachercandidates to successfully complete the DPS SLP exam before being considered for positions designated ELA ‐S. These positions can be identified on the online posting system as ELA- ‐S (English Language Acquisition–Spanish).About the ExamThe (SLP) exam for teachers consists of three components: oral, reading comprehension and writing.Applicants new to DPS or internal teachers who change assignments into ELA- ‐S positions must pass allportions of the SLP Exam to be considered by the Department of Human Resources as Spanish- ‐qualifiedapplicants. However, the following arrangement is allowed:“ for all ELA-S designated teachers, as a condition of employment and as an express condition onformation of this Contract, the teacher shall at his/her sole expense complete and receive a passinggrade on the oral and reading portions of the District-approved Spanish language proficiencyexamination. Employment is further conditioned on the teacher’s receipt of a passing grade on thewriting portion of that examination prior to the deadline established by the District.”If an applicant fails the written and/or reading portions of the exam, he or she is allowed to retake thatportion of the test only two more times within one calendar year.Both the initial exam and any portion that must be retaken can be scheduled at your convenience viathe Berlitz Testing Coordinator and Account Management Team dedicated to DPS. To schedule an SLPexam, submit your completed application in one of the following ways. 7Email: Fax 303- ‐333- ‐1035. Mail Berlitz Languages, Inc., Attn: DPS AccountManager, 55 Madison Street, Suite 175, Denver, CO 80206 USA.If viewing online, click here to register for the SLP. Otherwise, go to ‐development/spanish- ‐language- ‐proficiency- ‐slp- ‐exam/for more details about the SLP exam, qualifications, and possible reimbursement of cost.

Summer 2018 ELA Course Registration Guide (pg.2) (pg.2) Email Directory and ELA T.Q. Quick Links . ELA 103: The Denver ELA Program ELA 104: Academic Language in the Content Areas .

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