The FSA ELA: What Every Parent Should Know

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THE FSA ELA:WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOWGlades MiddleRicardo Santana - PrincipalDaniela Fatout - ELA Asst. PrincipalGladys Vega - Literacy CoachChristine McMahon-ELA Curriculum Leader

Intended OutcomesWhat are theFloridaStandards?What are the testformats?What is in theFSA ELA Readingand Writing?What types ofquestions areincluded on theFSA ELA?What are thechanges for the2018-2019school year?What does astudent need tomake learninggains?When willstudents take theFSA ELA?What are somestudent tips forthe FSA ELA?How can you helpour students tosucceed on theFSA ELA?

What are the FloridaStandards? The Florida Standards will prepare students for both collegeand the workplace They emphasize higher-order skills Influenced by internationally-benchmarked standards,ensuring that our students are prepared to be competitive inthe global job market. College-Ready– Ready for credit bearing course work upon entranceinto collegeCareer-Ready–Ready for a job that provides a salary to support afamily of 4 with benefits and opportunity forpromotion (not poverty level job)

Whatdoes theFSA ELAAssess?Assesses the higherexpectations of theFlorida StandardsProvides a basis forcomparing Floridaperformance to that ofother statesEmphasizes analyticalthinkingProvides a moreauthentic assessmentthrough a variety ofitem formatsIncreased complexityof textsCritical reading andwriting infused acrossall curricular areas

2018-2019 Test Formats

Florida Standards AssessmentFormat Paper-based accommodated exams will consist of multiplechoice, multiselect, and gridded-response questions. Computer-based exams will consist of multiple- choice,multiselect, and technology-enhanced questions (usingonline tools and manipulatives).6

FloridaStandardsELAReading A variety of written materialto assess students’ readingcomprehension as definedin the Florida Standards Composed of 6-8 readingpassages with sets of 6-11items based on eachpassage. Two types: Informational(Non-fiction) and Literary(Fiction) Grammar and StandardEnglish conventions

Florida Standards ELA Writing Students read a variety of texts andrespond to a prompt. A rubric is used to score based on theWriting and Language Strands of theELA Standards. For grades 6-10, the prompt will askthe writer to provide an argument orto inform/explain. The sum of the following threedomains is the total score for thewriting reporting category (10 rawscore points:–Purpose, Focus, andOrganization (4 points)–Evidence and Elaboration (4points)–Conventions of StandardEnglish (2 points)

Range of Number of Wordsfor Text or Text Set

Literary vs InformationalTexts by Grade Band

FSA ELA Session Timing The FSA ELA includes the Text-Based WritingComponent, administered separately from the restof FSA ELA to allow time for hand-scoring; will bereported as part of a single ELA score. Headphones are required for all students forGrades 5- 11 ELA listening items (CBT). External keyboards are strongly recommended.11

Timing: Writing

Timing: Reading


What types of questions areon the FSA ELA?

What types of questions areon the FSA ELA?

Text-based Writing (Essay)

Editing Task Item

Text with a Series of Questions

Text with a Series of Questions

Audio Multiple-Choice Item

Multi-Select Items

Two-Part Items

Hot Text Items

Graphic Response Item (GRID)

Open Response Item


Instructional CHANGES Attention to Text Complexity Emphasis on Student Tasks (especially writing) Responsibility for Reading & Writing Instruction- Every Teacher, Every Subject, Every Day!

Middle School Test Design


FSA ELA Writing ComponentGrade Number Numbeof Itemsr ofSessions6781 prompt1 prompt1 prompt111Number Administratio TOTAL Testingof Days n Mode/TestTimeMaterials*111PBTCBTCBT120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes*All students (PBT and CBT) receive a planning sheet.31

FSA ELA Writing ComponentFor responding to text-based prompts: Spell check – NO Bold Italics Underline Remove formatting Insert/remove numbered list Insert/remove bulleted list Decrease indent Cut, copy, paste, undo, redo Insert special character32

FSA ELA Reading ComponentGradeNumberof ItemsNumber Numberofof DaysSessionsAdministrationMode in 2019/ TestMaterialsTOTAL TestingTime656–6622PBT with worksheet170 minutes756–6622CBT with worksheet170 minutes856–6622CBT with worksheet170 minutes3

Learning Gains: If Then

2018-2019 Testing Calendar

Public/FLDOE Assessment Website Portal Practice

Helpful Handouts LAFS Quick Reference Guide Common Distractors for FSA FSA Fast Five Learning Gain Chart GMS FSA Reading Cheat Sheet FSA Writing Rubrics FSA for ELA Technology –Enhanced Items Cheat Sheet

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FSA ELA Session Timing The FSA ELA includes the Text-Based Writing Component, administered separately from the rest of FSA ELA to allow time for hand-scoring; will be reported as part of a single ELA score. Headphones are required for all students for Grades 5- 11 ELA listening items (CBT). External keyboards are strongly recommended. 11

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Table 1 presents session lengths by grade in FSA ELA Reading. Table 2 presents session lengths by grade in FSA Mathematics and EOCassessments. The FSA ELA Writing assessment is one 120-minute session for all grade levels. FSA ELA Reading All FSA ELA Reading as

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Mar 02, 2021 · Students’ Writing FSA score will be embedded into ELA FSA their final ELA FSA score. All 4th and 5th grade students will take the MATH FSA 4th and 5th grade students must score a Level 2 (or higher) in order to meet County Promotion Criteria MATH FSA based

Apr 08, 2015 · FSA ELA Reading Students in Grades 5–10 will take the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) English Language Arts (ELA) Reading test on the computer. There are two sessions for FSA ELA Reading; you will complete the sessions over two days. Grade 5 students will have 80 minute

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