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2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"May 30, 2019Activities Subject to Change200 Longwood Lake Mary RdLake Mary, FL 32746407-333-8901February 27, 2019Dear Families,Summer is coming .Can you believe it? We are looking forward to all of the great field trips that we will begoing on, along with some super fun on-campus activities! We have several exciting and unique trips planned this yearin an effort to make this a very memorable summer for your child.We want parents to be aware that, for a limited time, existing students have a priority to reserve Summer Campand/or our new Summer Success Program spots before they open up to everyone else. To reserve a spot for your childplease complete and turn in the Summer 2019 rules, guidelines, and attendance confirmation forms. Your account willbe charged a 30 non-refundable pre-registration fee. On Monday, March 18, 2019 the remaining spots will be open tothe public and based on previous years enrollment we expect to fill up quickly. Please review our rates if you have anyquestions please do not hesitate to ask anyone at the front desk; please see the program hand-outs for complete details!Rates include field trips/In House activities for both Juniors and Seniors:2019 Junior Campers tuition is 185 per week (StarChild Academy Lake Mary K thru 2nd, All students Age 5– through1st grade).2019 Senior Campers tuition is 190 per week (StarChild Academy Lake Mary grades 3rd thru 5th, all otherstudents 2nd grade– Age 12).Thank you,Ms. LoranActivities Director

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"DayDateGroupMondayJune 3Seniors10:00am-5:00pm Bowling/Cheddars/ParkJuniorsIn HouseTuesdayJune 4Wednesday June 5ThursdayJune 6Seniors In HouseJuneMondayTuesdayJune 7June 10June 11Wednesday June 12ThursdayJune 13June 14Bring/WearYellow T-Shirt/Tennis ShoesSummer Intro/ArtSummer Into/Jersey DayWear you favorite teams jersey to camp10:00am-5:00pm Chili’s/Planet Obstacle/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Tennis Shoes/WAIVERMUST BE SIGNEDSeniors10:00am-5:00pm Semoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/SocksJuniorsIn HouseSeniors In HouseWacky Hair Day/Jersey dayWear you favorite teams jersey to campGame Truck10:00am-5:30pm Movies/Duffy’s/ParkSeniors 9:00am-5:00pmPlanet Obstacle/Chili’s/Par kJuniorsIn HouseBounce House/Ice Cream PartySeniors9:00am-5:00pmOlive Garden/MGA Gymnastics/ParkJuniorsIn HouseBricks 4 KidzYellow T-ShirtYellow T-Shirt/WAIVER MUST BESIGNEDYellow T-Shirt/Tennis Shoes/WAIVER MUST BE SIGNEDSeniors In HouseTaco Tuesday/Bounce HouseJuniors9:00am-5:00pmCrayola Experience/ParkYellow T-ShirtSeniors9:00am-5:30pmFun Spot/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsIn HouseFathers Day Craft/Breakfast BuffetSeniors In ay 30, 2019Activities Subject to Change10:00am-5:00pmFathers Day Craft/Huey MagoosBowling/Gators Dockside/ParkYellow T-Shirts/ Tennis ShoesSeniors 10:00am-5:30pmMovies/Duffy’s/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsWater Day/Donuts with dadCome dressed in bathing suits with achange of clothing (labeled with child'sfirst and last name). Donuts with dad willIn Housebe in the café from une 17June 18June 19June 20June 21Seniors 10:00am-5:00pmSleuths Dinner Show/ParkJuniorsMagic ShowIn HouseYellow T-ShirtSeniors In HouseMad ScienceJuniors 10:00am-5:00pmSemoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Long SocksSeniors10:00am-5:00pmFamily Fun Town/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Bottle Water/Bag LunchJuniorsIn HouseGame TruckSeniors In HouseCrazy Hair Day/Breakfast BuffetJuniors 9:30am-4:30pmMedieval Times/ParkEVERYONE9:00am-5:00pmMASCOT GAMESYellow T-ShirtsYellow T-Shirt/Bag Lunch/Bottle WaterSENIORS WILL BE TAKING THESUN RAIL!!!

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"DayDateGroupMondayJune 24 Seniors nesdayScience Fun/Super Hero Dress Up DayMGA Gymnastics/Cici’s/ParkSea WorldYellow T-Shirt/WAIVER MUST BESIGNEDYellow T-Shirt/Bag Lunch/BottleWaterDessert Delight/Art10:00am-5:00pmChuck-E-Cheese/ParkYellow T-ShirtFeeding Children Everywhere/GoldenCorral/ParkYellow T-ShirtJune 28 Seniors 10:00am-5:00pmJuly 1July 2July 3JulyFridayArtIn HouseJuly 5ThursdayYellow T-Shirt/Bathing Suits/Changeof clothesJune 27 SeniorsFridayWednesdaySplash Pad/Cici’s/ParkMenchies/Disney Character DayJuly 4TuesdayBring/WearIn am-5:00pmJune 26 Seniors 7:45am-5:45pmJuniorsFridayIn HouseJune 25 Seniors In HouseJuniorsWednesdayTimeMay 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeJuly 8July 9July 10July 11July 12In HouseRoyal BallSeniors 10:00am-5:00pmMain Event/ParkJuniorsOutside PaintingIn HouseYellow T-ShirtSeniors In House4th of July craft and activitiesJuniorsMovies/Duffy’s/ParkYellow T-ShirtSeniors 10:00am-4:30pmChuck-E-Cheese/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniors4th of July craft and activities10:00am-5:30pmIn HouseCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDSeniors 10:00am-5:30pmMovies/Duffy’s/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsWater DayCome dressed in bathing suits with achange of clothing (labeled withchild's first and last name).Seniors 10:00am-5:00pmWiner Wench/Olive Gar den/Par kYellow T-ShirtJuniorsBounce House/BBQ BuffetIn HouseIn HouseSeniors In HouseGame TruckJuniors10:00am-5:00pmSemoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Long SocksSeniors 10:00am-5:00pmSemoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Long SocksJuniorsIn HouseGame TruckSeniorsIn HouseWater DayCome dressed in bathing suits with achange of clothing (labeled withchild's first and last name).Juniors7:45am-5:45pmSea WorldYellow T-Shirt/Bag Lunch/BottleWaterSeniors 8:30am-5:00pmWild Florida/ParkJuniorsStuffed Animal Day/Wendy’s for LunchYellow T-Shirt/Bag Lunch/BottleWaterIn House

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"DayDateGroupMondayJuly 15TuesdayWednesdayJuly 16July 17ProgramBring/WearSeniors 10:00am-5:00pmRDV Ice Skating/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Long SocksJuniorsMinute to Win It Game uly 18July 19July 22July 23July 24July 25July 26In HouseSeniors In HouseBricks for KidsJuniorsCentral Florida Zoo and Splash PadYellow T-Shirt/Bathing Suits/BagLunchPlanet Obstacle/Gators Dockside/ParkYellow T-Shirt/WAIVER MUST BESIGNED10:00am-5:00pmSeniors 10:00am-5:00pmJuniorsThursdayTimeMay 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeIn House80’s Dance PartySeniors In HouseCharacter Training/Bounce House/MenchiesJuniorsKennedy Space CenterYellow T-Shirt/Bag Lunch/BottleWaterSeniors 9:30am-4:30pmMedieval Times/ParkYellow T-ShirtsJuniorsPetting Zoo/Farm Day7:45am-5:45pmIn niorsIn HouseMad ScienceSeniorsIn HouseMad ScienceJuniors9:00am-5:00pmMGA Gymnastics/Olive Garden/ParkSeniors9:00am-5:30pmFun SpotJuniorsIn HouseDessert Delight/ArtSeniorsIn HouseChallenge DayJuniors9:00am-5:30pmGatorland/(Splash Park)Yellow T-Shirt/Bathing Suits/BagLunchSeniors 9:00am-5:00pmInternational SpeedwayYellow T-Shirt/ Bag LunchJuniorsCarnival DayIn HouseYellow T-Shirt/Tennis ShoesYellow T-Shirt/ WAIVER MUST BESIGNEDYellow T-Shirt/Bottled Water

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"DayDateGroupMondayJuly yWednesdayThursdayFridayJuly 30July 31August 1August 2August 5August 6August 7August 8August 9TimeMay 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeProgramBring/WearSeniors 9:00am-5:00pmWonderworks/Par kYellow T-Shirt/Bag LunchJuniorsSuper Hero DayDress like your favorite Super Hero!In HouseSeniors In HouseGame TruckJuniorsChuck-E-Cheese/ParkYellow T-Shirt/SocksSemoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Socks10:00am-5:00pmSeniors 10:00am-5:00pmJuniorsIn HouseSeniorsIn HouseBounce House/BBQ BuffetJuniors10:00am-5:00pmSemoran Skateway/Wild Wings/ParkYellow T-Shirt/SocksSeniors10:00am-5:00pmDave N Busters/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsIn HouseWater Day/WendysCome dressed in bathing suits witha change of clothing (labeled withchild's first and last name).Seniors 10:00am-4:00pmTop Golf/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsBricks 4 KidsIn HousePaleontologist DaySeniors In HousePajama Day/Ice Cream PartyJuniorsMonkey Joes/ParkYellow T-Shirt/Socks/WAIVERMUST BE SIGNEDSeniors 10:00am-4:00pmRDV Ice Skating/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsPajama Day/Ice Cream Party10:00am-4:30pmIn HouseSeniors In HouseEnd of Summer low T-ShirtSeniors 10:00am-5:30pmMovies/Duffy’s/ParkYellow T-ShirtJuniorsEnd of Summer PartyIn HousePlease review important information at the end of the document

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"May 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeGENERAL INFORMATION Park* Mellon ParkPark*- Green Wood Lakes ParkPark*-Sylvan ParkPark*-Merrill ParkPark*-Gemini SpringsPark*-KewanneeMore parks to come.Parents must sign a StarChild Academy "Field Trip General Permission Agreement", form for thesefield trips.Please do not send your child(ren) to StarChild Academy with pocket money.StarChild Academy will not be responsible for any personal items brought to school (i.e. DS, CellPhones, Toys, etc).We recommend applying sunscreen or insect repellent to your child before arriving to school,however, if you would like our teachers to apply sunscreen or insect repellent, please complete an"Diaper/Sun Block Medication Form" form at the Front Desk. A new form must be filled out everymonth.The school will be open for campers from 6am-7pm daily (Except for holiday hours).If times are indicated on the schedule, the children will be away from StarChild Academy on a fieldtrip during those hours.TUITIONWeekly Tuition (Includes All Field Trips)- Juniors: 185 Seniors 190Students Enrolled in the Enrichment Programs during Cyber Kids Weeks 225(Lego Robotics-Battle Bots, Fortnite Physics, YouTube Wizard and UltimateTech Camp Mash Up)For families with 2 or more children you will receive a 10% discount on your oldest child. For thosefamilies with 3 or more children you will receive a 10% discount on the second oldest sibling and a 15%discount for you third oldest child.Returning Campers .Registration Fee per Child 30 (valid through May 31, 2020).New Campers . Registration Fee per Child 100 (valid through May 31, 2020).Campers enrolled in the 2019-2020 StarChild Academy Lake Mary Private Elementary School.No Fee.DCF License No. C18SE0196StarChild Academy - 200 Longwood Lake Mary Road - Lake Mary, FL 32746Phone: (407) 333-8901Fax: (407) 333-8902StarChildAcademy.come-mail: info@StarchildLakeMary.ComDCF License No. C18SE0196

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"May 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeSummer Camp Rules & Guidelines Please check your child IN and OUT with the teacher in the room when dropping off and picking up. This is for thesafety of the children as well as it will help keep our attendance sheets accurate. Please dress children in yellow StarChild Academy T-Shirts on days marked “StarChild Academy T-Shirt”. This willhelp our teachers identify our children at field trip locations where other children are present. If your child arrivesat StarChild Academy without a T-Shirt, we will provide one to your child and charge your account 15. Lunch must be sent in a 100% disposable package (i.e. brown bag, disposable drink can/box). No food items will bebrought back to the school. If a lunch is not sent one will be provided by StarChild Academy and your account willbe charged 10.00. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to field trip departure time. Arrival time is extremely important in order to run thesafest camp possible. Preparation for each field trip involves: taking attendance, preparing field trip payment, rollcall, lining up and loading the bus, and seat belt checks. Because this is a lengthy process we cannot makeexceptions to this arrival time. We must be punctual to each field trip destination or our venues will not allow us tore-book our trips with them. NO flip flops at any time are permitted. Please send your child with closed toed shoes and socks. For Splash dayssend your child dressed in swim clothes with a complete change of clothing including shoes, towels, etc. Be sureall items are labeled with your child’s name. Students MUST wear water shoes, NO EXCEPTIONS We recommend applying sunscreen or insect repellent to your child before arriving to school, however, if youwould like our teachers to apply sunscreen a doctors note will need to be provided. NO child may be dropped off or picked up at a field trip location.PLEASE INITIAL Please do not allow your child(ren) to bring any movies that are not “G” rated. StarChild Academy is notresponsible for any personal items brought to school ( i.e. DS, Cell Phones , Toys, IPODS/PADS, CD’s or DVD’s ,etc.). These items are the responsibility of your child. The school, it’s teachers and staff assume no responsibilityfor these items.PLEASE INITIALBEHAVIOR No profanity, bullying, disrespectfulness or misbehavior will be tolerated. Students are required to adhere to the StarChild Academy bus rules and wear seat belts at all times that the bus isin motion. Failure to follow these rules may result in field trip privileges being revoked. StarChild Academy reserves the right to revoke field trip/activity privileges based on behavior & discipline issues atour discretion without prior notification to parent/guardian. Daily care will still be available at StarChild Academy.PLEASE INITIALNameParent SignatureDateThis form must be signed and returned to StarChild Academy in order for your space in Summer Camp 2019 to bereserved.I have read, understand and discussed these rules with my child(ren) regarding the above Summer Camp Rules &Guidelines.

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM"Where Your Child Is a STAR!"May 30, 2019Activities Subject to ChangeFIELD TRIP GENERAL PERMISSION AGREEMENTI, , agree for my child(ren), , toride on the bus or SUV provided by StarChild Academy to attend field trips. The dates, times and locations of field trips will be posted at the StarChild Academy Parent Information Center. StarChild Academy reserves the right to change dates, times and locations of field trips based on weather conditions oravailability of space at the destination.I also give StarChild Academy permission to seek medical attention for my child in the event of any emergency if I cannot bereached.Parent’s Signature EmailDate:Phone :Weekly Attendance ConfirmationPlease checkthe weeks your child(ren) WILL BE ATTENDING each program.Child’s Name :Age: K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5thCircle grade entering in 2019-20 school yearWEEKSUMMERCAMPK4 Camp(4’s turing 5 bySept 1st)6thKINDER ENRICHCAMPMENTJUNE 3-7Child’s Name :Age: K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5thCircle grade entering in 2019-20 school yearWEEKK4 Camp(4’s turing 5 bySept 1st)KINDERENCAMP RICHMENTJUNE 3-7JUNE 10-14JUNE 10-14JUNE 17-21JUNE 17-21JUNE 24-28JUNE 24-28JULY 1-5N/AJULY 1-5JULY 8-12JULY 8-12JULY 15-19JULY 15-19N/AJULY 22-26JULY 22-26JULY 29– AUG2JULY 29– AUG 2AUG 5 - AUG 9SUMMERCAMP6thN/AN/AAUG 5 - AUG 9N/AN/AINITIALSField Trips — Kindercamp : THURSDAY’sINITIALSI authorize my child listed above to view PG-13 movies on field trips and/or In-House daysINITIALSFor Y2019, we will allow parents to select which weeks their chid(ren) will be attending. No tuitionwill be charged for the weeks that your child(ren) will not attend. However, if you select a week and do not show upwithout a 2 week notification, a charge of half the weekly rate (rates differ per program) will be applied to your account.To cancel a week, please fax or email a note of the week you would like to change (at least 2 weeks in advance). NOPHONE CANCELLATIONS will be allowed.Please remember your Yellow StarChild Academy T-shirt for ALL Field Trips and check the Summer Campschedule for the trip information. In order to receive text messages please provide:CELL PHONE NUMBER: PROVIDER:StarChild Academy - 200 Longwood Lake Mary Road - Lake Mary, FL 32746Phone: (407) 333-8901Fax: (407) 333-8902StarChildAcademy.come-mail: info@StarchildLakeMary.Com

2019 SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM "Where Your Child Is a STAR!" May 30, 2019 Activities Subject to Change GENERAL INFORMATION Park* Mellon Park Park*-Green Wood Lakes Park Park*-Sylvan Park Park*-Merrill Park Park*-Gemini Springs Park*-Kewannee More parks to come. Parents must sign a StarChild Academy "Field Trip General Permission Agreement", form for these

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