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Advance Ship Notice(856) Transaction SetEDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDEX12 VERSION 4010May 21, 2003

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Document StatusDocument NumberKB toys 856 4010 IG 2 4Version2.4File NameAdvance Ship Notice 856 – EDI ImplementationGuideIssue DateMay 21, 2003OwnerCathy CovellDescriptionAn EDI Implementation Guide for KB toys AdvanceShip Notice.Document Revision HistoryVersion #DateAuthor’s NameRevisions Made2.0March 07, 2003C. CovellAdded new requirements2.1April 03, 2003C. CovellAdded notes to V1 segment andchanged requirements2.2April 14, 2003C. CovellAdded notes to TSD & R4 segment.2.3April 22, 2003C. CovellCorrected code in TD3 segment.TD310 code of OOOO to 0000.2.4May 21, 2003C. CovellEliminated TSD segment.Changed the following elementsfrom mandatory to optional:TD310 Equipment TypeTD109 VolumeTD110 UOM CodeKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/20032

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010This ASN implementation guide has been updated to include the new fields requested on all ASN files to KBtoys. Below is a summary of the new segments and elements:SegmentDescriptionTD1Comments / Valid CodesAdditional ElementsTD109TD110Carrier Details(Quantity & Weight)VolumeVolume unit of measureTD504Carrier Details(Routing Sequence / Transit Time)Transportation Method / Type CodeTD302TD303TD310Carrier Details (Equipment)Equipment InitialEquipment NumberEquipment TypeTD5TD3REFREF01REF03‘CF’ cubic feet‘CR’ cubic meterVessel IdentificationV102Additional codes added:‘R’ Rail‘S' OceanNew Segment22GP - 20' Standard Dry42GP - 40' Standard DryL2GP - 45’ Standard DryM2GP - 48’ Standard DryP2GP - 53’ Standard Dry45GP - 40' High Cube DryL5GP - 45' High Cube Dry45RE - 40' High Cube Reefer42HR - 40' Non Operating ReeferM2G4 - 48’ TrailerP2G4 - 53’ Trailer0000 - Unspecified (Air, LTL)New Segment‘ZZ’ Mutually Defined‘LTL’ Less than full Trailer/Container‘FTL’ Full Trailer/ContainerNew SegmentReference IdentificationRef ID QualifierContainer load typeV1Additional CodesVessel NameR4Port or TerminalNew SegmentR401R402Port or Terminal Function CodeLocation QualifierR403Location IdentifierKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide‘O’ Origin‘UN’ United Nations Location Code(UNLOCODE)United Nations Location Code for the point oforigin.If you do not have a UNLOC code for the point oforigin, please email the KB Logistics departmentat [email protected] for instructions.6/18/20033

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010The Advance Ship Notice (Ship Notice / Manifest)The use of the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) provides KB toys with advance data on shipments to ourwarehouses so workloads and receipt processing can be better planned, and so that discrepanciesbetween orders and shipments can be corrected prior to the arrival of merchandise. The key word is“advance”. The latest that vendors must send the Ship Notice is at the time the truck leaves the shippingdock. In practice the ship notice must arrive at KB toys before the shipment.KB toys will only accept a shortened version of the standard carton pack structure for the (856) ASN.The Standard Carton Pack ASN layout has been modified and simplified to save network transmission costsfor you and KB toys, as well as facilitate trading with KB toys.KB toys has identified three hierarchical levels for use within the ASN transaction set. Only theShipment, Order, and Item levels will be accepted in the Detail section of the ASN.NameCodeDescriptionSHIPMENTSData that applies to the whole shipment, such as bill oflading number, lading quantity, vendor code, etc.ORDEROData related to the sender’s order and the associatedreceiver’s original purchase order.ITEMISKU identification data. If identical SKUs are packed usingunidentifiable inner packs (i.e. four six-packs to a case) thiscan be related at this level. The pack information shouldbe sent within this level (PO4 segment).When the Pack level is not sent, the following segments must be sent on the Item level.o PO4 (Number of Inner Packs and Item Quantity in each Inner)o TD1 (Number of Cartons for the Item)The 856 hierarchical structure code (BSN05) must identify the alternative standard carton layout. Thevalue should be a “0004”.The Universal Product Code (UPC) will be optional (LIN04/LIN05).This format will allow you to send the best information possible to KB toys in the most cost-efficient manner.Thank you for you continued cooperation. If you have any questions please contact the EDI staff:KB [email protected] - (413) 499-5232 Ext. 305.KB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/20034

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010KB toys ASN Processing Requirements & Implementation ProceduresIt is a KB toys business requirement that vendors must notify the DCs prior to receipt ofmerchandise. The options are to fax notification, or to implement the EDI 856 transaction set.If you wish to fax, a blank form is available on page 6 of the Domestic Shipping Policies &Procedure and Routing Guide.The 856 ASN must meet ANSI X12 standards, follow VICS conventions as closely as possible,and KB toys EDI Transaction Set Mappings.During the testing/parallel phase, the following data-related errors will be checked and candelay the move into production:PO Already Received (late ASN), Over Shipment, No Open PO Quantity, PO Cancelled,Invalid PO Number, Invalid Pack, Invalid Item (Catalog Buyers Number).Three consecutive EDI transactions must be received and processed without error. Thisarrangement may be modified at KB toys' discretion based on the specific circumstances of thetesting period. If the vendor cannot meet KB’s requirements within a reasonable time frame, orwithin a reasonable number of transactions, KB toys may terminate the EDI implementationprocess and require the vendor to continue faxing.The 856 ASN must be sent from the vendor's application to their VAN shortly after the carrier'sdeparture to ensure that the ASN arrives at KB toys before the physical shipment.The 856 ASN is only required on shipments to KB toys warehouse locations. A listing isavailable on page 12 of the Domestic Shipping Policies & Procedure and Routing Guide. Dropship orders to individual stores as well as LC (foreign) orders do not require an ASN and willnot be accepted on-going.The 856 ASN Number (BSN02) must be a unique number (even if the same ASN has to betransmitted multiple times due to errors). We recommend that the Purchase Order number isNOT used as the BSN02 value.If problems or errors arise in the vendor’s EDI transactions while in test or parallel status, thevendor will be notified and expected to take corrective action immediately.All Vendor Compliance related questions should be addressed to the KB Vendor Relationscontact. A listing is available on page 10 of the Domestic Shipping Policies & Procedure andRouting GuideOnce KB toys confirms that the vendor can move to production with the EDI ASN, the fax copy can bediscontinued. Also, the ISA15 test indicator should be changed to "P" (Production) unless otherwisenotified by KB toys EDI personnel.NOTE: If problems or errors arise in your EDI transactions AFTER you are moved to productionstatus, you will be notified and expected to take corrective action immediately. You will benotified of errors by the Manager of Vendor Compliance and may be responsible for chargebacks payable to KB toys.KB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/20035

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Advance Ship Notice (856) Transaction SetANSI X12 - Version 004010Alternative Standard Carton Pack Structure - Short ASNThe following pages will cover the segments and elements necessary to send an EDI Advance ShipNotice to KB toys.Header AreaSegment IDSTBSNLoopSegment NameStart of Advance Ship Notice Transaction SetASN Number, Date, Time, and Hierarchical StructureCodeDetail AreaShipment LevelLoopHLTD1TD5TD3REFREFREFDTMDTMFOBN1 ------------ N1 ------------ N4 ------------ V1 ------------ R4 ------------ Segment NameStart of Shipment LevelTransportation Packaging, Weight, and Total CartonsCarrier Details (Routing Sequence & Transit Time)Carrier Details (Equipment)Bill of Lading NumberCarrier Reference Number (PRO Number)Container Load TypeSupplier's Ship DateSupplier's Estimated Shipment Arrival DateShipment Method of PaymentShip-to Distribution Center or Store NumberShip-from Vendor NameOrder LevelHLPRFREFSegment NameStart of Order LevelPurchase Order NumberShip-from Vendor NumberKB toys - EDI Implementation GuideLoopCity, State, Zip Code, and Country of OriginVessel IdentificationPort or Terminal6/18/20036

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Item LevelLoopHLLIN ----------- SN1 PO4 TD1 TD5 ---------- Segment NameStart of Item LevelKB toys MFG/Stock and UPC CodeItem Quantity Shipped and Original Order QuantityNumber of Inner Packs, Quantity in Each Inner PackTransportation Packaging and Total CartonsShipment/Order Status CodeSummary AreaSegment IDCTTSEKB toys - EDI Implementation GuideLoopSegment NameTransaction TotalsTransaction Set Trailer6/18/20037

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Advance Ship Notice (856) Transaction Set (V004010)Header SegmentsSegmentID / ElemRef#NameANSI X12StandardKB ToysRequirementsComments / CodesSTST01ST02143329Transaction Set HeaderTransaction Set IdTransaction Set Ctl. No.MM IDM AN03/0304/09MMM'856'Sequential Control NumberBSNBSN01353MM nning SegmentTransaction Set PurposeCodeShipment IdentificationShip Notice DateShip Notice TimeHierarchical Structure CodeMMMOANDTTMID02/3008/0804/0804/04M AN 7/25MM TM 04/04MOriginalShip Notice Number'0004' Shipment, Order,ItemDetail Segments - Shipment LevelHLHL01HL03628735Hierarchical LevelHierarchical ID NumberHierarchical Level CodeMM ANM 110103080187081355183355Carrier DetailsPackaging CodeLading QuantityWeight QualifierWeightUnit of Measure CodeVolumeUnit of Measure MMMOOANN0IDRIDRIDShipment level is '1''S' Shipment'CTN25' Corrugated CartonTotal cartons in TD101'G' Gross Weight'LB'Pounds“CF” Cubic Feet“CR” Cubic MeterNote:The TD109 and TD110 are optional, but conditional on one another if you send them. The TD109 cannot besent without the TD110.KB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/20038

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segments - Shipment Level (continued)SegmentID / ElemRef#NameANSI X12StandardKB ToysRequirementsTD5TD502066Carrier DetailsIdentification Code QualifierOC ID01/02MMTD503TD504067091Identification CodeTransportationMethod/Type CodeC ANC ID02/8001/02M AN 02/04M ID 01/01TD510732Transit Time Direction QualO ID02/02OTD511733Transit TimeC R01/04CTD3TD302TD303TD31020620724Carrier Details (Equipment)Equipment InitialEquipment NumberEquipment TypeOO ANC ANC ID01/0401/1004/04MMMOComments / Codes'2" Standard Carrier AlphaCodeSCAC Code'A' Air'L' Contract Carrier‘M’ Motor Carrier‘R’ Rail'S' Ocean'CD' Calendar Days'HO' Hours22GP - 20' Standard Dry42GP - 40' Standard DryL2GP - 45’ Standard DryM2GP - 48’ Standard DryP2GP - 53’ Standard Dry45GP - 40' High Cube DryL5GP - 45' High Cube Dry45RE - 40' High CubeReefer42HR - 40' Non OperatingReeferM2G4 - 48’ TrailerP2G4 - 53’ Trailer0000 - Unspecified (Air, LTL)Note:For LTL shipments the value in the TD302 should be “Air” or “LTL”, the value in the TD303 should be“Shipment”, and the value in the TD310 should be “0000” to indicate unspecified (Air, LTL).KB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/20039

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segments - Shipment Level (continued)SegmentID / ElemRef#NameANSI X12StandardKB ToysRequirementsComments / CodesReference NumbersOOREFREF01128Ref. No. QualifierM ID02/03M ID 02/02'BM' Bill of Lading No.REF02127Reference NumberC AN01/30M AN 01/30Note:The Bill of Lading number should be sent for FTL shipments. We must receive either the Bill of Lading numberor the PRO number.REFREF01128Reference NumbersRef. No. QualifierOM ID02/03OM ID 02/02'CN'Carrier's ReferenceNumber(PRO Number)REF02127Reference NumberC AN01/30M AN 01/30Note:The PRO Number should be sent for LTL shipments. We must receive either the PRO number or Bill of Ladingnumber.128352Reference NumbersRef. No. QualifierDescriptionOM IDC ANDTMDTM01DTM02DTM03374373337Date/Time Ref.Date Time 2/0301/80MM ID 02/02M AN 01/03OM IDC DTC TM03/0308/0804/08MMMO TM 04/04Date/Time Ref.Date Time QualifierOM ID03/03OMDateC DT08/08MKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/2003'ZZ' Mutually Defined‘LTL’ Less than fullTrailer / Container‘FTL’ Full Trailer / Container'011'Date Shipped'067'Current ScheduleDelivery10

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segments - Shipment Level (continued)SegmentID / ElemFOBFOB01Ref#NameANSI X12StandardKB ToysRequirements146F.O.B. Related InstructionsShipment Method ofPaymentOM IDMM02/02Comments / Codes'CC''CF''PC''PP'CollectCollect, FreightCredited Back toCustomerPrepaid but Chargedto CustomerPrepaid (by Seller)N1N101N102N103N104098093066067NameEntity ID CodeNameID Code QualID CodeOMCCCIDANIDAN02/0301/6001/0202/80MM ID 02/02OMM N0 04/04N1N101N102098093NameEntity ID CodeNameOM IDC AN02/3001/60MM ID 02/02M'SF' Ship FromVendor NameN4N401N402N403N404019156116026Geographic LocationCity NameState or Prov. CodePostal CodeCountry CodeOCOOOANIDIDID02/3002/0203/1502/03MM AN 02/19MM ID 04/09O ID 02/02Ship From City NameShip From StateShip From Zip CodeShip From Country CodeV1V102182Vessel IdentificationPort or Terminal FunctionCodeMC AN02/28MMVessel Name'ST' Ship ToKB toys DC Location'92' Assigned by BuyerKB toys DC Number (SeeKB toys ImplementationGuide)Note:For Domestic shipments please send the word “Domestic” in the V102, and use the R4 segment to send theUnited Nations Location CodeKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/200311

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segments - Shipment Level (continued)SegmentID / ElemRef#NameANSI X12StandardOM ID01/01MMC ID01/02MC AN01/30MR4R401115R402309Port or TerminalPort or Terminal FunctionCodeLocation QualifierR403310Location IdentifierKB ToysRequirementsComments / Codes'O' Origin‘UN’ United Nations LocationCode (UNLOCODE)United Nations LocationCode for the point of origin.Note:The code in the R403 should be 5 characters, with no spaces in between the country and city code. Forexample USFFS.Detail Segments - Order LevelHierarchical LevelMMHLHL01628Hierarchical ID NumberM AN01/12MSee NoteHL02734Hierarchical Parent ID No.O AN01/12MSee NoteHL03735Hierarchical Level CodeM ID01/02M'O' OrderNotes:(1) HL01 - The value assigned to the first HL segment (Shipment level) will be "1", and is incremented by onefor each subsequent HL segment within the transaction set.(2) HL02 - Identifies the hierarchical ID number of the HL segment to which the current HL segment issubordinate (child of).324Purchase Order ReferencePurchase Order NumberOM AN01/22MM AN 07/07REFREF01128Reference NumbersRef. No. QualifierOM ID02/03MM ID 02/02REF02127Reference NumberC AN01/30M AN 04/04PRFPRF01KB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/2003'IAInternal VendorNumberKB toys Internal Vendor No.(See KB toysImplementation Guide)12

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segments - Item LevelHierarchicalMMHLHL01628Hierarchical ID NumberM AN01/12MSee NoteHL02734Hierarchical Parent ID No.O AN01/12MSee NoteHL03735Hierarchical Level CodeM ID01/02M'I' ItemNotes:(1) HL01 - The value assigned to the first HL segment (Shipment level) will be "1", and is incremented by onefor each subsequent HL segment within the transaction set.(2) HL02 - Identifies the hierarchical ID number of the HL segment to which the current HL segment issubordinate (child of).350Item IdentificationAssigned IdentificationOO AN01/20MO AN 04/04LIN02235Product ID QualifierM ID02/02MLIN03LIN04234235Product IDProduct ID QualifierM ANC ID01/4802/02M N0 10/10OLIN05234Product IDC AN01/48O AN 01/12SN1SN102SN103382355Item DetailNumber of Units ShippedUnit of Measure CodeOM RM ID01/1002/02MM R 01/9MSN105SN106330355Quantity OrderedUnit of Measure CodeC RC ID01/1502/02C R 01/09CLINLIN01Original Purchase OrderLine Item Number'CB' Buyer's Catalog No.(KB toys MFG/Stock)'UP'Universal ProductCode (UPC)Number of Units Shipped'PC' Pieces'EA' EachOriginal PO Order Quantity'PC' Pieces'EA' EachNote:SN106 - value required if Original Order Quantity (SN105) is sent.PO4PO401PO402PO403356Item Physical DetailsPackOO N001/06MM357355SizeUnit of Measure CodeC RC ID01/0802/02MMKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/2003Quantity of SKUs in theInner PackNumber of Inner Packs'PC' Pieces'EA' Each13

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010Detail Segment - Item Level (continued)SegmentID/ElRef#NameANSI X12KB ToysTD1TD101103Carrier DetailsPackaging CodeOO AN03/05MMTD102080Lading QuantityC N001/07MComments / Codes'CTN25' CorrugatedCartonTotal cartons in TD101 forthe ItemNote:The TD1 will reflect how many cartons are present for each item.TD5TD506368Carrier DetailsOrder Status CodeOC ID02/02OM'BK''BP'BackBack Order fromPrevious OrderShipment Partial,Order to Follow'CC' Shipment Complete'CM' Shipment Completewith AdditionalQuantity'CP' Partial Shipment. NoBackorder'CS' Shipment Completewith Substitution'DE' Deleted Order'IC' Item Canceled'IS' Substitution fromOriginal Order'PR' Partial Shipment'SS' Split ShipmentNote:Only one occurrence of the TD5 should be sent per item.Summary SegmentsCTTCTT01354SESE01096Transaction TotalsNumber of Line ItemsOM N001/06MMTransaction Set TrailerNumber of IncludedSegmentsMM N001/10MMKB toys - EDI Implementation Guide6/18/2003Number of HL Segments inthe 856 transactionNumber of Segments in the856 transaction14

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010SE02329Transaction Set Control No.KB toys - EDI Implementation GuideM AN04/096/18/2003MControl Number from ST0215

EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010 Document Status Document Number KB toys 856 4010 IG 2_4 Version 2.4 File Name Advance Ship Notice 856 – EDI Implementation Guide Issue Date May 21, 2003 Owner Cathy Covell Description An EDI Implementation Guide for KB toys Advance Ship Notice. Document Revision History