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Multi-Day Ride Motorcycle ChecklistCourtesy of BestRest ProductsChecklist Designed for CampingDelete Camping Gear If MotellingMotorcycle Pre-Ride and Condition Checklist(Download complete T-CLOC list here)LineXXXNeededCheck left column if you need that item on this tripCheck right column once it's loaded on the bikeGear You'll Wear On The BikeXXXLoadedBootsCamelbak or hydration pack, filledElectric jacket linerElectric pants linerElectric gear control moduleGlovesGloves (spare set)Goggles if neededHelmet linerNeck scarf or balaclavaRain glovesRaingearRiding jacket with armorRiding pants with armorRiding socks for days123456789101112131415161718192021NeededGear You’ll Wear Off The al pants for daysCasual shirts for daysDown jacket or polar fleeceHat for wearing off the bikeJeans or other pants for daysLong johns for cold weatherMosquito repellent apparel (head net, etc)Shoes or sandalsShorts or pants with zip-off legsSocks for daysStuff sack for dirty clothesSwimming suitT-shirts for days (not made of cotton)Underwear for days (not made of cotton)Loaded

394041424344NeededCargo ManagementLoaded45Cargo net (octopus bungee cord)Freezer bags 1-gallon for keeping things dryGotcha Straps for each bagOrtlieb duffel bag for rear of bikeOrtlieb rack packs for top of panniers (2)Other duffel bag as neededRok Straps for each bagStuffBoxxes for holding gear in panniersStuff sack for dirty clothingStuff sacks for each type of clothingStuff sacks labelled with contentsTrash bags (kitchen sized) for keeping things dryZip-ties for securing loose straps and isc GearLoaded65Bike cover if neededKitchen sink and portable 12v milling machineLanyards for holding cell phoneLanyards for holding GPS onto bikeLanyards for holding satellite trackerLanyards for holding wallet to pocketLock/security cables and padlocksMotorcycle Recovery System for towing or recoveryRam mounts to hold gear on handlebarsRam mount spares (stalks, screws)Tank Bag / tank panniersThermometer – to check ambient avigation Aids858687888990Colored highlighters to mark your routeCompassGPS with maps and tracks loadedMaps of areas you’ll travelTravel guides of the area you’ll visitLoaded

9192939495NeededMaintenance and Tools For The 29130131132133134135136137138139140141142Air filter - extraBrake lever - spareClutch cable spareClutch lever spareChain oil/waxConsumables used by your bike (special bits)Electrical connectorsElectrical volt/ohmmeterElectrical wire - 6 ft, 14 gaugeFriction tape Gear shifting lever spareGloves – mechanic typeGloves – rubber disposableInflator - CyclePumpJB Weld 5-minute epoxy mixJB Weld 5-minute puttyJumper CablesKey(s) for bike and panniersKey(s) spare for above, hiddenMotoSiphon for fuel transferNuts and bolts, assortment 5mm, 6mmNuke Tape duct tape stripsOil filter, extra o-rings, crush washersOilJugs with motor oil and gear lubeOwners ManualSiphon hose – MotoSiphonSpare bulbsSpare fusesSuperGlueTape – aluminumTape – duct tape (Nuke-Tape)Tape - electrical (red and black)Tape - frictionTape – siliconeTire repair kit - CyclePump brand, tubed or tubelessTools – ball peen hammerTools – channel lock pliersTools – cold chiselTools – crescent wrenchesTools – drift punchTools – for front and rear axlesTools – hack saw bladeTools – metric allen wrenchesTools – metric box end wrenchesTools – metric socket setTools – metric torx wrenchesLoaded

Tools – pliers (regular/needle nose)Tools – metal fileTools – safety wireTools – SOG multitool or LeathermanTools – specialty nuts or boltsTools – stock factory toolsTools – tool rollTools – vice gripsTube of greaseVelcro strips, adhesiveVelcro strips, double- sidedWindscreen/faceshield cleanerWindscreen/faceshield ragWire - baling wire or safety wire, small rollZip ties – for tire changes HD Moto-ZippZip ties – various sizes of 6157158159160161162163164165NeededPersonal 181182183184185186187188189190191192193194Bear repellent spray if travelling in bear countryBinoculars if desiredBook for reading in campBusiness cards or rider introduction cardsCamera and accessoriesCamera batteries and filmCash for days Concealed pistol and permit if applicableCredit cards (notify CC companies that you’re travelling)Diary or log bookDriver’s license (exp. date?)Earplugs with sparesEmergency contact numbersInsurance card – bike (exp. date?)Insurance card – healthMedic alert necklace or bracelet if neededMedJet Assist ID cardMembership cards (AAA, AMA, Golden Eagle)Paper and penPassport if traveling international (exp. date?)Phone list of important numbersPhoto of bike stored on your phone, with license plateRegistration for bike (check exp. date)ScissorsStamps for letters and postcardsTickets and passesTravel GuidesLoaded

195196197198NeededToiletry GearLoaded199Allergy pills if neededChapstickCorn starchDental FlossDeodorantEye washHair brush or combMedications for daysReading glassesShampooShaving cremeShaving kit & bladesSoapToilet – DesitinToilet – Hand sanitizerToilet - Monkey Butt or talc powderToilet – VaselineToilet – ziplock bag for all toilet itemsToilet - PaperToilet - Wet 1222223224225226227NeededFirst Aid 43244245246Advil or IbuprofenAllergy meds – benadryl or alleveAntacid – Tums or RolaidsAspirinBandaidsBattle dressing or large bandageBee sting swabsChemical cold packCPR maskFirst Aid Kit pouch to hold all gearMosquito repellentNausea meds – pepto or kaopectate tabsNeosporinOilJugs with medicinal spiritsScrub brush to remove gravel from skinSpace blanketThermometer – oralTourniquetLoaded

Tweezers for sliversTylenol or acetaminophenVisine or eye drops247248249250251252253254255256NeededTire Repair & Tire Changing GearLoaded257BeadBrakR for breaking bead and spooning tiresBeadSetR for seating tubeless tiresCyclePump tire inflatorCyclePump tire repair kitDonorHose for seating tubeless tiresTire Changing Mat for a clean work areaTires – BeadBrakr for changing tiresTires – Bead Buddies for changing tiresTires – front tubeTires – rear tubeTires – replacement tubeless stemTires – spare tire if necessaryTires – spare valve caps and coresTires – talcum powder for tube installationTires – tire repair kit tubed or tubelessTire Irons 3274275276277278279280281282NeededCamping 98Air mattressAir mattress pumpBowl – large, folding plasticBowl – small, silicone squishableCamp axe (doubles as hammer)Camp saw (Sven or similar)Camp shovel or spade (SOG)Camp stoveCamp stove fuel (liquid or cans)Camping grill (Moto-Grill)Can openerCandlesChair – Joey folding chairCigarette lighter for stoveClothes lineLoaded

349350Clothes pinsClothesline cordCoffee making gearCompassCondiments – salt, pepper, etcCooking pots and pansCorkscrewCot – Sleeprite cotCup – tall plastic mugDish soapDishtowelDishwashing padDishwashing soapExtra spoon for cookingFire starting tabletsFishing licenseFishing lineFishing lures and hooksFishing rodFlashlightFrying panGarbage bags (tall kitchen trash bags)HeadlampKnife with sharpening toolKnife, fork, spoonLaundry soap (liquid)Mug for coffee and beerPaper towels or moist towelettesPlate – folding Origami plateRope – for clotheslines, tents, etcSleeping bagSleeping bag padSleeping bag silk linerTentTent ground clothTent pole repair kitTent polesTent stakes and sparesTent rain flyTongs for cookingTowel (microfiber)Water bottleWaterproof matches

351352353354NeededFood and WaterLoaded355Cereal mix for daysCanned fruits (small containers)Coffee (ground or instant)Coffee condiments (sugar, creamer)Dried fruit for daysDried jerky for daysFreeze dried meals for daysFruit bars for daysSnack bars for daysSpices - salt, pepper, seasoningsTrail snacks for daysWater purifier kit (MSR or similar)Water carrier (empty wine box 370371372373374375376377378379380NeededElectronics and Tech 96397398399400401402Chargers for all electronicsGoPro camera and chargerGoPro SD cardsGPS with tracks and maps loadedGPS USB adaptor for data transferHeadphones or earbudsLaptopLaptop charging cablesLaptop specialty accessories.MicroStart battery pack to jumpstart or charge gearPhonePhone chargers 120vPhone chargers 12vRadar detectorSatellite locatorSpare batteries AA, AAA, or otherUSB adaptors for various electronicsSAE to USB power adaptorLoaded


118 Nuke Tape duct tape strips 119 Oil filter, extra o-rings, crush washers 120 OilJugs with motor oil and gear lube 121 Owners Manual 122 Siphon hose – MotoSiphon 123 Spare bulbs 124 Spare fuses 125 SuperGlue 126 Tape – aluminum 127 Tape – duct tape (Nuke-Tape) 128 Tape - electrical (red and black) 129 Tape

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