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The Next Kari (and Justin) EllerGlobal Mission Personnel - ELCAFebruary - April, 2015karieller.weebly.comFollow my@justelleronlineDuring these last few months, we have been in planning mode,preparing for our 3rd Home Assignment. Finally, with muchexcitement, we can say.Here we come! We can t wait to see you!May 31!June 7!June 14!June 21!June 28!July 5!!July 12!July 19!July 26!!!!!!!!!!Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church ! !MT Synod Assembly !!!!Pella Lutheran Church ! !!!Prince of Peace Lutheran Church !!Bethlehem Lutheran Church !!!Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church !St.John s Lutheran Church !!!Summer Missionary Conference! !!St.Mark Lutheran Church! !!!1Omaha, NEGreat Falls, MTSidney, MTPhoenix, AZLos Alamos, NMRaleigh, NCSalisbury, NCNaperville, ILWorth, IL

February, 2015 Everette went to Colonia (summer camp)CPD Skype conferences- Global teamJustin traveled to the north of ArgentinaCarnival!Participated in the IELU ParticipatoryStrategic Planning for our congregationStrategic Planning- IELUAll year long, the IELU has been involved in aprocess of strategic planning– performingdiagnostics, working with congregation members todetermine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities andthreats and thinking together with them toward thefuture of thechurch. May16-17, they willsummarize all ofthe results,t h i n k i n gcritically aboutthe church sdirection andfocus for thenext severalyears.Commit your work to the Lord,and your plans will be established.–P roverbs 16:3He learned more about the serious reality of humantrafficking, violence against women, and programsthat feed school-age children daily with the help offour volunteer mothers from the neighborhood.Justin also led various worships and bible studies.Colonia (Summer Camp)!Since school ends in December here in Argentina,but we continue to work, we needed to findsomething productive and fun for Everette to do.(Most families here take two weeks to even an entiremonth and go to the beach!!) Fortunately, wediscovered that we are not the only parents in thissituation and that a fabulous summer camp existsspecifically for this reason. Both January andResistencia, ArgentinaJustin visited the north of Argentina (Chaco andMisiones) to visit IELU projects that mostly focus onwomen and children in various aspects of their lives.February, Everette went to summer camp with other3 and 4 year olds in our neighborhood! They had ablast swimming and playing soccer and basketball.He also participated in special workshops for theater,music, art and of course dancing! He came homeeveryday singing a new song. Our favorite was “ElAuto Feo de Papá” (Dad s Ugly Car)!!2

March, 2015 Justin visits projectsand churches in Chile Everette started schooland PeruCPDSkype EPESconferences- IELCO, CLAI meeting2015 Gathering, Centro ComunitarioGlobal teamLas Cañas–CPD-IELUmeeting Valparaíso Truth and Justice Day IELCH, ILCH and(March 24)CILCH Residency paperwork Huch uy Runa(pic translation) “If we work and makean effort it is because we have placedour hope in the living God.”Las Cañas Community CenterJustin traveled quite a lot inMarch, visiting many projects, oneof which gave him an opportunityto meet with youth leadersaccompanied by EPES working inthe Las Cañas Community Center;the only remaining structure thatturned into a food distribution andshelter for many people lefthomeless by the mega fire inValparaíso earlier in the year.Justin said, “I saw in the youngadult leaders a fighting spiritalways in favor of a dignified life,which is liberating.”“The Day of Remembrance forTruth and Justiceis a public holiday in Argentina,commemorating the victims ofDirty War. It is held on 24 March,the anniversary of the coup d'étatof 1976 that brought the NationalReorganization Process to power.The CPD-IELCO TeamThe Evangelical LutheranChurch of Colombia(IELCO) officially formed alocal team with theEquipping God s PeopleProject (CPD, acronyms inSpanish) and is currently producingin collaboration with other Lutheraneducators in the church, VacationBible School materials usingPopular Education methodology inSpanish. These materials will beshared within the church as well asavailable for download, free ofcharge, from the CPD website lateron in the year!!Katie Andert Kline– ELCA missionaryaccompanying IELCO Christianformation and integral health and youthprevention programsAtahualpha Hernández Miranda–Pastor and director of the LutheranSchool of Theology in ColombiaZulma Ineyda Ojeda Fernández–IELCO Christian Formation andLeadership CoordinatorLast year on the first dayof school, climbing was noteven on Everette s radar!!* of Remembrance for Truth and Justice3

April, 2015 Good Friday Procession inBelgrano Easter workshop with children inCaseros CPD Skype conferences–IELCO, Global team CPD Website work CPD Book translation (fromSpanish to English) Justin traveled to Chile andBolivia for national assemblies Justin traveled to Peru for afollow-up visit A Trip to the Holy Land ThemePark! Residency paperworkBut not so with you; rather thegreatest among you must become likethe youngest, and the leader like onewho serves.churches in Latin America and theCaribbean and with the LutherGood Friday ProcessionEight churches with about 100p a r t i c i p a n t s f r o m d i ff e r e n tdenominations walked in this year s Good Friday Procession throughBelgrano. It was quite a lovelyexperience and when the speakerson truck following us went out,Justin grabbed a stool andpreached from it!IELCH National Assembly“The directive council willcontinueto prioritizeaccompaniment and strengthen theIELCH s internal communion,developing strategic plans toexpress faith and hope throughinclusion, solidarity and propheticactions in context. Also [thecouncil will work to] strengthenconnections with our sisterworld communion, indicatedIzani Buch”, [newly elected PastorPresident of the IELCH].*Translated from LWF source-Luke 22:26is that we left united. The themesof unity, reconciliation, andhealing were apriority of thepreviousIELBDirective Counciland the fruit ofthis work wascelebrated as theassembly was bothopenandparticipatory. Inthis light, newlyelectedleadershaveconfirmedtheir dedication tocontinue working for unity of thechurch on a local, regional andnational level.”*Translated from LWF sourceIELB NationalAssembly“Re-elected PastorPresident EmilioAslla said theassembly was verypositive more thananything because itwas calm, peacefuland the peoplepracticed patienceand understanding.The big advantage4

Prayer requestsWe pray for the planning and preparation of the CPDGathering in 2015; that the Gathering continues to inspirethe development of new Lutheran educational resourcesand give educators an opportunity to connect and supportone another.We pray for peace throughoutthe world knowing that theanswer to our prayer mayrequire that we transform to beactive peacemakers not only inwords, but also in deed. Inbeing agents of peacewherever we are, may weunderstand the power offorgiveness and reconciliation.We continue cry out "how long oh Lord" as we watch andexperience the tensions of race relations in the U.S. whileinjustice continues to prevail.We pray for new and continuing leaders of ELCA scompanion churches in Bolivia, Chile and Peru- that theymay serve wisdom, compassion, and vision.We pray for the synods of the ELCA who are holding theirassemblies. Especially, we give thanks for the 18 years ofdedicated service of Bishop Leonard Bolick of the NCSynod (who is retiring in May, 2015) and that the HolySpirit moves in the synod during this transition.We pray for missionariesaround the world. Especially,we pray for those returning tothe U.S. for home assignment(See the next page for links tofellow missionary websites/blogs!).We pray for our sisters and brothers in Christ affected bythe earthquake in Nepal and the volcano eruption in Chile.Thank you for your support and prayers!! If you know of another congregation or individual interested insupporting us as well, please feel free to share with them the following information.Congregations may include their gift in their remittance to the synod office, clearly marked with our name and 7-digitcode [Kari and Justin Eller (MSG0682)] OR congregations and individuals may write their checks directly to “ELCAGlobal Church Sponsorship” and write our name and 7-digit code in the memo line.Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaELCA Gift Processing CenterP.O. Box 1809Merrifield, VA 22116-8009In addition, sponsors may also arrange for gifts by credit card, or for automatic monthly withdrawals from their bankaccount, by contacting 800-638-3522. Please let us know if you have any questions!Marcos Sastre 2891C1417FYE Buenos AiresRepública ArgentinaThe Next Chapter.Kari

Also, check out the ELCA s Hand-in-Hand newsletter and theGlobal Links newsletter onsorshipIn the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may seeyour good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.-Matthew 5:16Also, be sure to check out fellow global personnel websites/blogs:CameroonElisabeth al AfricanRepublicSusan Smith and Katie Kirsten Fryer a anCaroline auna missions.htmlJerusalemCarrie salemDanae Hudson and Martin and?notif t fbpage fan inviteLiberiaBrian Palmer, West/Central AfricaMorsal Collier vid NigeriaMary Beth Oyebade New GuineaAnn Bradn and Carol Stubbs, Kenya,UgandaJoe and Deborah Troester

June 14! ! Pella Lutheran Church ! ! ! !Sidney, MT June 21! ! Prince of Peace Lutheran Church ! !Phoenix, AZ June 28! ! Bethlehem Lutheran Church ! ! !Los Alamos, NM July 5!! ! Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church !Raleigh, NC July 12! ! St.John s Lutheran Church ! ! !Salisbury, NC July

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Part One: Heir of Ash Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 .

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