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31200244February 2, 2007Operation andMaintenanceManualTH560B TelehandlerS/N TBP00100 & AfterKeep this manual with machine at all times.

Important Safety InformationMost accidents that involve product operation, maintenance and repair are caused by failure to observebasic safety rules or precautions. An accident can often be avoided by recognizing potentially hazardoussituations before an accident occurs. A person must be alert to potential hazards. This person should alsohave the necessary training, skills and tools to perform these functions properly.Improper operation, lubrication, maintenance or repair of this product can be dangerous andcould result in injury or death.Do not operate or perform any lubrication, maintenance or repair on this product, until you haveread and understood the operation, lubrication, maintenance and repair information.Safety precautions and warnings are provided in this manual and on the product. If these hazard warningsare not heeded, bodily injury or death could occur to you or to other persons.The hazards are identified by the "Safety Alert Symbol" and followed by a "Signal Word" such as"DANGER", "WARNING" or "CAUTION". The Safety Alert "WARNING" label is shown below.The meaning of this safety alert symbol is as follows:Attention! Become Alert! Your Safety is Involved.The message that appears under the warning explains the hazard and can be either written or pictoriallypresented.Operations that may cause product damage are identified by "NOTICE" labels on the product and inthis publication.Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard.The warnings in this publication and on the product are, therefore, not all inclusive. If a tool,procedure, work method or operating technique that is not specifically recommended by Caterpillaris used, you must satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and for others. You should also ensure thatthe product will not be damaged or be made unsafe by the operation, lubrication, maintenance orrepair procedures that you choose.The information, specifications, and illustrations in this publication are on the basis of information that wasavailable at the time that the publication was written. The specifications, torques, pressures,measurements, adjustments, illustrations, and other items can change at any time. These changes canaffect the service that is given to the product. Obtain the complete and most current information before youstart any job. Caterpillar dealers have the most current information available.When replacement parts are required for thisproductCaterpillarrecommendsusingCaterpillar replacement parts or parts withequivalent specifications including, but notlimited to, physical dimensions, type, strengthand material.Failure to heed this warning can lead topremature failures, product damage, personalinjury or death.

EFFECTIVITY PAGEJuly 14, 2006 - A - Original Issue Of ManualFebruary 2, 2007 - B - Added Tier III information. Revised pages 9, 20, 21, 35, 36, 98, 111, 126, 127, 128,129 and 131.31200244i


312002441Table of ContentsTable ofTable of ContentsForewordLiterature Information . 5Safety . 5Operation . 5Maintenance. 5Maintenance Intervals . 5Certified Engine Maintenance . 5Machine Capacity. 5Contact Information . 6Safety SectionSafety Messages. 7Do Not Operate (1). 10Do Not Stand Under the Load (2) . 10No Hands (3). 11Do Not Operate (4). 11Forks (5). 12Do Not Weld On The ROPS/FOPSStructure (6) . 12Crushing Hazard (7). 13No Hands (8). 13Seat Belt (9) . 14Crushing Hazard (10). 14Crushing Hazard (11). 15Engine Coolant (12) . 15Avoid Power Lines (13) . 16Low Bridge (14). 16Jump Start Cables (15) . 17Ether (16) . 17Crushing Hazard (17). 17Crushing Hazard (18). 17Operation (19) . 18Impaling Hazard (20). 18Crushing Hazard (21). 18Entanglement and Flying Objects (22). 18Trap Point (23) . 19Crushing Hazard (24). 19Ether (25) . 19Hand (High Pressure) (26) . 20Universal Warning (27) . 20Additional Messages . 20General Hazard Information . 24Pressurized Air and Water . 24Trapped Pressure . 24Fluid Penetration . 25Containing Fluid Spillage . 25Dispose of Waste Properly. 25Crushing Prevention and Cutting Prevention . 25Burn Prevention . 26Coolant. 26Oils . 26Batteries . 26Fire Prevention and Explosion Prevention . 26Fire Extinguisher . 27Lines, Tubes and Hoses . 27Fire Extinguisher Location. 27Tire Information . 28Electrical Storm Injury Prevention . 28Before Starting Engine.28Engine Starting .29Before Operation.29Operation .29Machine Operating Temperature Range .29Machine Operation .29Travel.30Lifting Capacities .30Work Tools.30Engine Stopping.30Work Tools.31Parking.31Equipment Lowering with Loss of HydraulicPower.31Sound Information and Vibration Information .31Sound Level.31Vibration Level .31Operator Station.32Guards(Operator Protection) .32Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS), FallingObject Protective Structure (FOPS).32Other Guards (If Equipped) .32Product Information SectionGeneral Information .33Lifting Capacities .33Examples of Estimating the Lift Operation fromthe Load Chart .34Specifications.35Intended Use .35Application/Configuration Restrictions .35Identification Information.36Plate Locations and Film Locations .36Serial Number.36Certification.37Sound .37ROPS/FOPS Film .37Machine Security System .37Italian Roading Homologation.38Emissions Certification Film.39Operation SectionBefore Operation.41Mounting and Dismounting .41Alternate Exit .41Daily Inspection .41Machine Operation.43Alternate Exit .43Seat .43Air Suspension (If Equipped) .43Seat Belt .44Operator Controls (Side Console) .46Operator Controls .48Battery Disconnect Switch (If Equipped) .61Boom Cylinder Lock (If Equipped) .61Operation Information .64Work Tools.71Monitoring System .78Backup Alarm .81

31200244Cab Door. 81Engine Starting. 82Engine Starting . 82Starting Below 0 C (32 F). 82Engine and Machine Warm-Up . 83Parking . 83Stopping the Machine . 83Stopping the Engine. 83Stopping the Engine if an Electrical MalfunctionOccurs. 84Leaving the Machine . 84Transportation Information . 84Shipping the Machine. 84Roading the Machine . 84Lifting and Tying Down the Machine . 85Towing Information. 86Towing the Machine . 86Engine Starting (Alternate Methods) . 88Engine Starting with Jump Start Cables. 88Equipment Lowering with Loss of HydraulicPower . 89Maintenance SectionMaintenance Access . 93Access Doors and Covers. 93Tire Inflation Information . 93Tire Inflation with Air. 93Tire Pressure. 94Tire Inflation Pressure Adjustment . 94Tire Damage . 95Tire Replacement. 95Wheel and Tire Installation. 95Lubricant Viscosities and Refill Capacities. 96Lubricant Viscosities . 96Capacities (Refill) . 98SOS Information. 98Maintenance Support . 99Welding on Machines and Engines withElectronic Controls . 99Maintenance Interval Schedule . 99Axle Breathers - Clean/Replace . 101Backup Alarm - Test. 101Battery - Recycle . 101Battery or Battery Cable -Inspect/Replace . 101Belt - Inspect/Replace . 101Inspect . 101Replace . 102Boom Chain - Inspect/ Lubricate . 103Boom Chain Tension -Check/Adjust . 103Check Condition. 103Check and Adjust the Chain Tension. 103Measure the Chain for Wear . 104Boom Cylinder Pin - Lubricate . 105Boom Head Section - Lubricate . 105Boom Pivot Shaft - Lubricate . 105Boom Telescoping Cylinder Air- Purge . 105Boom Wear Pad Clearance -Inspect/Adjust. 106Adjustment . 107Boom and Frame - Inspect. 1082Table of ContentsBraking System - Test.109Service Brake .109Parking Brake .109Cab Air Filter - Clean/Replace .110Primary Cab Air Filter .110Secondary Cab Air Filter.111Circuit Breakers - Test .111Compensating Cylinder Bearing - Lubricate .111Cooling System Coolant - Change.112Cooling System Coolant Level - Check .113Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 1) Obtain .113Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 2) Obtain .114Cooling System Pressure Cap - Clean/Replace 115Cooling System Water Temperature RegulatorReplace.115Differential Oil - Change.116Rear Axle Differential.116Front Axle Differential .116Differential Oil Level - Check .117Rear Axle Differential.117Front Axle Differential .117Differential Oil Sample - Obtain .118Drive Shaft Spline - Lubricate .118Drive Shaft Universal Joint Bolts - Check .119Engine Air Filter Primary Element Clean/Replace .119Cleaning Primary Air Filter Elements.120Inspecting the Primary Air Filter Elements.120Engine Air Filter Primary Element - Replace .121Engine Air Filter Secondary Element - Replace.121Engine Mounts - Inspect .121Engine Oil Level - Check .122Engine Oil Sample - Obtain .122Engine Oil and Filter - Change.122Engine Valve Lash - Check.124Final Drive Oil - Change.124Final Drive Oil Level - Check .125Final Drive Oil Sample - Obtain .125Fork Leveling Cylinder Pin -Lubricate .126Frame Leveling Cylinder Pin -Lubricate.126Fuel System - Prime .126Fuel System Water Separator - Drain.127Fuel System Water Separator Element - Replace(Tier II) .127Fuel System Water Separator Element - Replace(Tier III) .128Fuel Tank Cap - Clean.129Fuel Tank Water and Sediment - Drain .129Fuses and Relays - Replace.130Fuses .130Relays.132Indicators and Gauges - Test.133Longitudinal Stability Indicator - Calibrate.133Longitudinal Stability Indicator -Test .133Initial Test .133Second Test.133Oil Filter - Inspect.134

3Table of ContentsInspect a Used Filter for Debris. 134Parking Brake - Adjust. 134Pulley for Boom Extension Chain - Lubricate. 135Pulley for Boom Retraction Chain - Lubricate . 135Radiator Core - Clean . 135Refrigerant Dryer - Replace . 136Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and FallingObject Protective Structure (FOPS) -Inspect . 136Seat Belt - Inspect . 137Seat Belt - Replace . 137Stabilizer and Cylinder Bearings - Lubricate . 137Tire Inflation - Check . 138Transmission and Hydraulic System Oil Change. 138Transmission and Hydraulic System Oil Filter Replace . 139Transmission and Hydraulic System Oil Level Check . 141Transmission and Hydraulic System Oil Sample Obtain. 141Transmission and Hydraulic System TankBreather - Clean . 142Turbocharger - Inspect . 142Wheel Nut Torque - Check. 142Window Washer Reservoir -Fill . 142Window Wiper -Inspect/Replace . 143Windows - Clean . 143Work Tool - Inspect/Replace . 143Forks . 143Buckets . 145Reference Information SectionApproved Work Tools. 14731200244

312002444Table of Contents

31200244ForewordLiterature InformationThis manual should be stored in the operator'scompartment in the literature holder or seat backliterature storage area.This manual contains safety information, operationinstructions, transportation information, lubricationinformation and maintenance information.Some photographs or illustrations in this publicationshow details or attachments that can be different fromyour machine. Guards and covers might have beenremoved for illustrative purposes.Continuing improvement and advancement of productdesign might have caused changes to your machinewhich are not included in this publication. Read, studyand keep this manual with the machine.Whenever a question arises regarding your machine, orthis publication, please consult your Caterpillar dealerfor the latest available information.SafetyThe safety section lists basic safety precautions. Inaddition, this section identifies the text and locations ofwarning sig

Improper operation, lubrication, maintenance or repair of this product can be dangerous and could result in injury or death. Do not operate or perform any lubrication, maintenance or repair on this product, until you have read and understood the operation, lubrication, maintenance and repair information.