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END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGMain indexReshaping machine. 4Pre-assembly machines . 5Deburring machines. 6Tube cutting machines. 7Cleaning system. 83

END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGReshaping machineM-WF 385XplusWalform machineTube diameter range .6–42 mmCapacity of oil tank .6 lMaximum hydraulic pressure.650 barDimensions (LxWxH) .990x850x275 mmWeight .290 kgPower requirements .2.8 kWReshaping without internal supportReshaping with internal supportReshaper for WALFORMplus steel St 37.4/52.4Wall Thickness [mm]Tube O.D.[mm]16612 284615 8208612 555615 821615 82210612 557615 823615 824615 825615 82612612 559615 827615 830615 831615 832615 833615 836615 8391.522.533.5456Reference1516615 842615 845615 84818615 850615 853615 85620615 857615 86022615 865615 995615 849615 863615 868615 864615 86925615 870615 873615 876615 87728615 879615 882615 885615 88830615 88935615 878615 892615 895615 89738615 90242615 908615 994615 896615 900615 901615 905615 906615 90756615 911615 9143.54Reshaper for WALFORMplus stainless steel 1.4571Wall Thickness [mm]Tube O.D.[mm]16612 2848612 90310612 904615 91912612 560615 920615 921615 922615 925151.523Reference615 917615 91816615 928615 931615 93418615 935615 938615 94120615 942615 945615 94822615 949615 952615 955615 956615 959615 961615 964615 967252830615 970615 960615 973615 976615 977615 978615 981615 98238615 983615 986615 98942615 9913542.5615 990*

END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGPre-assembly machinesTractopressPre-assembling machine PACE1PRESSCutting ring assembly device w/ autom. pressure adj.Features/Equipment Compact and rugged table-top unit for mobile andflexible use Assembly of most customary single-bite and double-bite cutting rings Proof and leakage-free assembling due to automaticpressure adjustment Integrated cooling for hydraulic oil Short assembling times of only few seconds Short set-up time when changing the tube diameter Light, but extremely powerful. Designed for hydraulicand sprinkler pipes (also High Fog) installations.Easy and simple to use: Socket change and pressureadjustment take just few seconds.Easy to move around with the shoulder strap, that alsoreduces stress on arms.Revolutionary technology protected by several globalpatents.Options Storage box for clear depositing of the tools (assembling connections and counter-support plates)Technical specificationsTechnical DataTube diameter range6–42 mmBattery operatedHydraulics3.7 l/min.Voltage3lWeightCapacity of oil tankMax. hydraulic pressureFeed rate of the pistonDimensions (LxWxH)WeightPower requirement200 barPipe diameter18 V7 kgmin. Ø6 mm, max. Ø42 mm9.3 mm/sec.450x250x450 mmApprox. 50 kg1.1 kW5

END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGDeburring machinesTubograt 48/60Internal and external deburring device for tubesFeatures Compact and rugged table-top unit for mobile andflexible utilisation Special deburring tools made from HSS (high-speed steel)for Tubograt 48/60 Clean internal and external deburring due to the fixedrotation speed of the deburring tools Integrated collecting box for metal chips User-friendly and easy to serviceTubograt 48Technical DataTubograt 48Tubograt 60Tube diameter range6–48 mm20–60 mmTool ration speed180 min.140 min /280 min440x250x310510x265x375Dimensions (WxHxD)Weight, approx.6Tubograt 6021 kg33 kgOperating voltage400V 50Hz 3Ph400V 50Hz 3PhPower requirement0.12kW0.37kW

END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGTube cutting machinesPerfect 250The saws is manufatured to EEC rules, equipped with a ”cooling system”, automatic pump and a ”closed” cooling liquidtank.The machines require limited floor space.Maximum sawing angle 45 .Operating voltage 230/400V 50Hz 3Ph.Recommended used in repair shops and in smaller workshops.TypeMax. O.D. tubeSaw bladeSaw blade speedPower requirementWeightDimensions(LxWxH)P25080 mm250x2x322 speed 52/1041/0.8 kW73 kg700x850x400 mmP27590 mm275x2x322 speed 33/661.3/1.1 kW112 kg850x970x500 mmP300102 mm300x2x322 speed 33/662/1.5 kW135 kg1050x990x500 mmPower requirementWeightDimensions(LxWxH)H250 Compact bench mounted or portable saw for cutting small to medium size tube.Adjustable twin clamping system provides a clean cuteven at 45 Manual quick adjustment of the head when cutting 0 A pump provides a continous flow of coolant from thebase tank (S225 got patented mechanical low-consumption lubrication)Complete protection is provided by the special cover andadjustable devices.Fully equipped with tool bag containing specialtools required for adjustments and maintenance.TypeMax. O.D. tubeSaw bladeSaw blade speedS22570 mm225x2x322 speed 56/1121.2/0.8 kW48 kg650x300x720 mmH25080 mm250x2x402 speed 50/1001.4/1.1 kW70 kg700x420x800 mmH30095 mm315x2.5x402 speed 45/901.4/1.1 kW140 kg750x450x900 mm7

END FORMING MACHINESPRODUCT OFFERINGCleaning systemJet CleanerFor tubes and hosesSystem is based on mechanical cleaning by ”shooting” a polymer foam plug through pipes and hoses with compressed air.The cleaning plugs is approx. 20% larges than the i.d. of thehose/pipe. The compressed plug will rotate, -and absorb, “onit’s way”, dirt and other impurities from the inside walls ontubes/hoses. When repeating this operation twice, a normalcleanliness-requirement is will be achieved.Recommended air pressure: 6-8 bar (dry air)Jetcleaner part no. 201, combined machineJet Tube Kit, incl. 15 pcs. nozzles for pipe, complete with case.Case for hose and pipe nozzles, part no. 204.Table holder, part no. 205.Adaptor for pipe nozzle, part no. 300.Part NoPipe nozzledimensionPart NoPipe nozzledimensionJet-06106x1 mmJet-252525x2.5 mmJet-06156x1.5 mmJet-253025x3 mmJet-08108x1 mmJet-254025x4 mmJet-08158x1.5 mmJet-282028x2 mmJet-101010x1 mmJet-283028x3 mmJet-101510x1.5 mmJet-302030x2 mmJet-102010x2 mmJet-303030x3 mmJet-121512x1.5 mmJet-304030x4 mmJet-122012x2 mmJet-352035x2 mmJet-151515x1.5 mmJet-353035x3 mmJet-152015x2 mmJet-383038x3 mmJet-162016x2 mmJet-384038x4 mmJet-162516x2.5 mmJet-385038x5 mmJet-181518x1.5 mmJet-422042x2 mmJet-182018x2 mmJet-423042x3 mmJet-202020x2 mmJet-424042x4 mmJet-202520x2.5 mmJet-503050x3 mmJet-203020x3 mmJet-505050x5 mmJet-221522x1.5 mmJet-603060x3 mmJet-222022x2 mmJet-605060x5 mmJet-252025x2 mmCleaning Plugs for Pipes/TubesGun part no. 201Capasity pipes – 6–60 mm o.d.A case with 5 nozzles for pipes (6–42 mm)8Plug NoHose i.d. [mm]Standard 50135-6046–5050135-6551–5550



GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping solutions with numerous benefits for a wide variety of demandingapplications. We create value together with our customers by providing innovative fluid transfer solutions which enable safeoperation, reduced environmental impact and lower total cost of ownership. We deliver our piping and hose solutions globallyin more than twenty-five countries through own companies and partners.8990306613 Product Offering End Forming Machines, January 2015GS-Hydro system leak-free reliable highest level of cleanliness small space requirement prefabrication fast and easy on-site installation zero-fire hazard

M-WF 385Xplus Walform machine Tube diameter range Capacity of oil tank . User-friendly and easy to service . Jet-1220 12x2 mm Jet-3520 35x2 mm Jet-1515 15x1.5 mm Jet-3530 35x3 mm Jet-1520 15x2 mm Jet-3830 38x3 mm Jet-1620 16x2 mm Jet-3840 38x4 mm Jet-1625 16x2.5 mm Jet-3850 38x5 mm

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