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ARBORJETPOCKET GUIDETOP 29 TREATABLE TREESA guide to common insects, diseasesand their treatments.

1Table of contentsPAGECONTENTDESCRIPTION2About ArborjetWho is Arborjet, and what do we do?3The Right Tool for the JobChoosing between the TREE I.V. & QUIK-jet 4The Proper Arborplug PlacementGuidelines to determine the number of plugs to use5Arborjet Injection TipsTips on how to use Arborjet’s products effectively6Arborjet Formulations and EquipmentArborjet’s injectable formulations & injection equipment7 - 16Tree Index and How to Use ItA quick reference guide to common trees, their commonpests, and which Arborjet treatment to use17 - 21Insect & Disease Index andHow to Use ItAn index of all treatable insects and diseases, theircommon tree hosts, & the appropriate Arborjet treatment22 - 38Insect & Disease Detail Pages andHow to Use ThemMore information on your insect or disease, such ashow and when to treat it38Contact and Ordering InformationOrder products from Arborjet or talk to a representativeThis guide is color coded to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. For more information about allof our products, formulations, and services, visit our website, or call us at 781.935.9070.

ABOUT ARBORJETArborjet was designed by arborists for arborists in order to effectivelymanage and control the many exotic and native insect pests and diseasesthreatening our natural and urban forest today. Arborjet’s first prototype wasa modification of the needleless medical injection device used post WorldWar II for mass inoculation. With spraying and soil drenching becoming moreand more controversial, injection’s time has come.Arborjet is one of the few private enterprises in the world committed to theresearch and development of target specifictreatment formulations designed exclusivelyfor trunk injection.Arborjet has its own fully staffedlaboratory and field research teamtirelessly devoted to the discoveryand development of formulationsthat are the most effective available.Proven FAST EFFECTIVE2

TREE I.V. 2 PACK KITThe TREE I.V. is our most versatile injection system,delivering formulations through a high volume, low pressuremethod. It’s great for coniferous and hardwood trees thattake a little extra time in uptake. We recommend theTREE I.V. as the ideal starter kit.QUIK-JET KITThe Right Tool for the Job:Choosing Between the TREE I.V. & QUIK-jet The QUIK-jet is a cost-effective tool designed for lowerdose applications. It can also be used as a diagnostic toolfor someone just getting into trunk injection and a greatcomplementary tool to the TREE I.V. The QUIK-jet is greatfor someone treating palms or smaller trees with only a fewinjection sites required.3

Proper Arborplug PlacementSET CORRECTLY Best protection of the cambium Fastest wound closure (growth over the Arborplug) Fastest rate of uptake Least chance of leakage(WHITE TISSUE)CAMBIUMSET TOOSHALLOWLY Highest chance of leakage Higher chance of barksplitting Least protection of thecambium Slower wound closure(pushes the Arborplug out)BestARborPLUGInjectionZonesSET TOO DEEPLY Slowest rate of uptake Higher chance of leakage Deeper wound thannecessarySEttinG aRBoRPLuGSBelow are guidelines to determine the number ofplugs to use: While using the Tree I.V. (DBH/3) (Diameter atBreast Height) While using the QUIK-jet or Air Hydraulic (DBH/2) Optimal plug locations selected within 18” of soilline Choose healthy tissue, avoid damaged bark and/orcompression wood or flat spots if possible.Arborjet Injection Steps1. DRILLDrill 5/8"- 2" deep into tree xylem (white tissue).* Drillhole perpendicularly, (straight in) not on an angle.2. PLUGInsert and set Arborplug with set tool. The Arborplugsurface should be just into the xylem.3. INJECTInsert needle and inject.* 9/32” bit for #3 Arborplugs or 3/8” bit for #4 Arborplugs4

5ARBORJET INJECTION TIPS Caution! Do not mix any product with wateror any other product unless specified on theproduct label. Poor or incomplete uptake could be an indicationof serious decline, poor treatment conditions orother disease or infestation issues. Injection times will be fastest in the Springand Fall when trees are in leaf and moistureconditions are cool and wet. Avoid exposing formulations and equipment toextreme temperatures, under 40 F and above 90 F. Proper Arborplug setting is essentialfor delivery speed, effectiveness, woundprotection, and closure. Clean your equipment daily with CLEAN-jet.It lubricates and stops build-up of scale andprecipitates. When selecting Arborplug locations, avoidflat spots, dead tissue, wounds or otherdamaged areas where internal vessels maybe compromised. Use a sharp drill bit and drill to proper depth,using a single, straight, smooth motion. To observe uptake rate, momentarily invertpressurized I.V. bottle , introducing an air bubbleinto the injection line. When using the QUIK-jet apply only a moderateamount of pressure. Applying heavier pressuremay cause hand soreness and will not likelyspeed up your injection.

FORMULATIONS AND EQUIPMENTArborjet’s internationally recognized formulations are known for their ability to work with the tree's vascularsystem to achieve exceptional results.We carry a complete line of formulations, from insect and disease control to nutritional supplements. TREE-äge Insecticide IMA-jet Insecticide ACE-jet Insecticide AzaSol Insecticide PHOSPHO-jet Fungicide Alamo Fungicide MIN-jet Iron Nutrition ROOT-jet Iron Nutrition PALM-jet Nutrition Eco-PM Fungicide Eco-Mite Plus Insecticide Arbor-OTC Antibiotic6

7How to use your TREE INDEXTREE INDEXINSECTS & DISEASESPAGETREATMENTName and picture of tree,listed in alphabetical order.If you already know theinsect or disease, and youare looking only to treatit, refer to the Insect andDisease Index for quicktreatment solutions.Most common treatableinsects and diseasesthat are found in thistree. For a completelisting of treatableinsects and diseases,refer to the Insect andDisease Index.Page numbers referto pictures anddescriptions of yourpest to help youidentify and treatyour problem.The Arborjet treatmentthat is recommendedfor your insect ordisease. To be usedwith either theQUIK-jet or TREE I.V.injection systems.APPLETREE INDEXINSECTS & DISEASESPAGETREATMENTApple Scab24PHOSPHO-jetBagworm24AzaSol , ACE-jetFall Webworm29AzaSol, ACE-jetFireblight30PHOSPHO-jet , Arbor-OTC Japanese Beetle31ACE-jet, AzaSolPlant BugACE-jet, AzaSolTent Caterpillar27ACE-jet, AzaSolWinter Moth38ACE-jet, AzaSol*Arbor-OTC only for use on ornamental plants.

TREE INDExINSECTS & DISEASESPAGEAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSol Aphids23IMA-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSolASHAsh YellowsArbor-OTC Clearwing Borers28TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolEmerald Ash Borer29TREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jetLace BugsIMA-jet, ACE-jetBEECHWhiteflyBIRCHTREATMENTIMA-jet, AzaSol, ACE-jetWinter Moth38TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jetLeaf Miner32IMA-jet, TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26PHOSPHO-jetAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jetBronze Birch Borer (Flathead Borer)25TREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSolChlorosis27MIN-jet IronFall Webworm29TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolJapanese Beetle31IMA-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSolLeaf Miner32TREE-äge, ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolStem Cankers26PHOSPHO-jetTent Caterpillar27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSol8

CRAB APPLECitrusCHERRYTREE INDEXInsects & DISEASESPAGETREATMENTCankerworm26ACE-jet, AzaSol Fall Webworm29ACE-jet, AzaSolJapanese Beetle31ACE-jet, AzaSolLeaf Miner32ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolOak Looper (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolPhytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetTent Caterpillar27ACE-jet, AzaSolWinter Moth38ACE-jet, AzaSolAphids23ACE-jet*, IMA-jet* or AzaSolScale (soft)IMA-jet*, AzaSolScale (hard)ACE-jet*, AzaSolIron ChlorosisMIN-jet Iron*Root RotPHOSPHO-jetApple Scab24Bagworm24TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolFall Webworm29TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolPHOSPHO-jet, Alamo *, Arbor-OTC *Fireblight30PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC*Japanese Beetle31ACE-jet, AzaSol, IMA-jet*Tent Caterpillar27TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolWinter Moth38TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolPlant Bug9ACE-jet, AzaSol*For ornamental use only. Fruit are not to be used for human or animal consumption.

TREE INDExInsects & MENTPHOSPHO-jetDogwood Borer (Clearwing Borer)28TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSol Dogwood Phytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetGall MidgeACE-jetScale (soft)36Scale (hard)36ACE-jet, AzaSolThrips37ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolDutch Elm Disease28Alamo Cankerworm26ACE-jet, AzaSolCarpenterworm (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolGall MidgeIMA-jet, AzaSolACE-jetLeaf BeetleACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolLeaf Miner32TREE-äge, ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolSpanworm (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26PHOSPHO-jetRed Gum Lerp Psyllid28IMA-jetEucalyptus Londhorned Beetle26IMA-jet10

FIRTREE INDEXInsects & DISEASESPAGE25Fir Tussock Moth (Caterpillar)27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Coneworm (Caterpillar)27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolWestern Spruce Budworm25TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolApple ScabHAWTHORNACE-jet, AzaSol , TREE-äge *BudwormWhite Pine WeevilHEMLOCKTREATMENTACE-jet, AzaSol24Black SpotFireblight(Western Spruce Budworm only)PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC30Lace BugsPHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTCIMA-jet, ACE-jetMealy BugsACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolPhytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetTent Caterpillar27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolHemlock Elongate Scale36ACE-jetHemlock Woolly Adelgid22IMA-jet, ACE-jetPhytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetSpider Mites33ACE-jet11

LINDENHICKORYTREE INDExPAGETREATMENTCankerworm (Caterpillar)26ACE-jet, AzaSol Eastern Oak Looper (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolInsects & DISEASESGall Midges27TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jet, Alamo Aphids23ACE-jet, IMA-jet, or AzaSolBagworm24TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolJapanese Beetle31Lace BugsIMA-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, IMA-jetLeaf SpotLinden Looper (Caterpillar)LOCUSTACE-jetTussock Moth (Caterpillar)Arbor-OTC 27ACE-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTCBagworm24TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolCarpenterworm (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolCalico Scale (armored)36ACE-jet, AzaSolGall MidgeACE-jetLeafhopperLeaf MinerACE-jet or IMA-jet32Plant BugTussock Moth (Caterpillar)TREE-äge, ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, AzaSol27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSol12

OAKMAPLEMAGNOLIATREE INDEXInsects & DISEASESPAGEAphidsCankersTREATMENTACE-jet, IMA-jet, or AzaSol 26Leaf SpotArbor-OTC , PHOSPHO-jetArbor-OTC, PHOSPHO-jetMagnolia Scale (armored)36ACE-jet, AzaSolAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jet, Alamo Aphids23ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolBagworm24TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolCankerworm (Caterpillar)26ACE-jet, AzaSolCottony Maple Scale (soft)36IMA-jet, AzaSolInterveinal Chlorosis27MIN-jet IronThrips37ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolWinter Moth38TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jetBacterial Leaf ScorchClearwing BorersGypsy MothInterveinal ChlorosisOak Worm (Caterpillar)Oak Leaf CaterpillarOak WiltSudden Oak DeathWinter Moth312727273338Arbor-OTCTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolMIN-jet IronTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, AzaSolAlamoPHOSPHO-jetTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSol13

PEARpalmTREE INDExInsects & DISEASESAphidsBlack Diamond ScaleFrizzle TopLethal YellowsPhytoplasma DiseaseRugose Spiraling WhiteflyTexas Phoenix Palm DeclineAnthracnoseApple ScabBlack SpotStem CankerFireblightTent CaterpillarPINEFall WebwormBagwormBark Beetles** (Certain Species)PAGE232535TREATMENTACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol PHOSPHO-jetPALM-jetArbor-OTC Arbor-OTC263027IMA-jet*, AzaSolArbor-OTCPHOSPHO-jetPHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC*PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC*PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC*PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC*ACE-jet, AzaSol292434ACE-jet, AzaSolTREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolTREE-äge2324Budworm25ACE-jet, AzaSolMites33ACE-jetPine Tip Moth (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Coneworm (Caterpillar)27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Needle Miner (Caterpillar)27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Wilt NematodeTREE-ägeSawflyTREE-äge, ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolScale (hard)36ACE-jet, AzaSolWhite Pine WeevilACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol*For use on ornamental plants only. Fruit not for human or animal consumption.* * Bark Beetles on TREE-äge label include: Ips Engraver Beetle, Mountain Pine Beetle, Southern Pine14Beetle, Spruce Beetle, Western Pine Beetle, Pine Cone Seed Bug, Pine Needle Scale

TREE INDEXInsects & DISEASESSPRUCEPOPLARBagwormPAGE24Cottonwood Twig BorerTREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSol ACE-jet, AzaSolJapanese Beetle31ACE-jet, AzaSolPoplar Tentmaker (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26Arbor-OTC Tent Caterpillar27TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolBagwormBudwormPine Coneworm (Caterpillar)Root Weevil242527TREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, AzaSolTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, AzaSolSpruce BeetleTREE-ägeSpruce Gall Adelgid22ACE-jet, IMA-jetWestern Spruce Budworm25TREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolWhite Pine WeevilSYCAMORETREATMENTACE-jet, AzaSolAnthracnose23PHOSPHO-jet, Alamo Aphids23ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolBacterial Leaf ScorchBagwormArbor-OTC24Lace BugsTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, IMA-jetScale (soft)36IMA-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC15

15WILLOWWALNUTTULIP TREETREE INDExInsects & DISEASESPAGETREATMENTAphids23ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol Scale (soft)36IMA-jet, AzaSolScale (hard)36ACE-jet, AzaSolStem Canker26PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC Anthracnose23PHOSPHO-jetAphids23ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolFall Webworm29ACE-jet, AzaSolPhytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetWalnut Caterpillar27ACE-jet, AzaSolWalnut Lace BugsACE-jet, IMA-jetCarpenterworm (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolPhytophthora (Root Rot)34PHOSPHO-jetPoplar Tent Maker (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSolTussock Moth (Caterpillar)27Willow Leaf BeetleTREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol16

HOW TO USE YOUR Insect AND DISEASE INDEXINSECTS AND DISeASESPAGEName of insect or disease listedin alphabetical order. If you knowthe insect or disease, but not thetree, see our Tree Index for quickidentification.Pages refer to problemsincluding a picture anddetailed descriptions tohelp identify and treatyour insect or disease.TREE PESTSPAGECOMMON TREESListings of the mostcommon host treesfor insect or diseasespecified.17TREATMENTThe Arborjet treatment that isrecommended for your insect ordisease. To be used with eitherthe QUIK-jet or TREE I.V. Injectionsystems. (AzaSol may be sprayed)COMMON TREESTREATMENTAdelgids22Hemlock, Spruce, many other host speciesACE-jet, IMA-jetAnthracnose23Ash, Maple, Beech, Birch, Elm, Linden, Oak, Willow, , Alamo Aphids23Ash, Oak, Maple, Willow, Fruit treesApple Scab24Crabapples; Hawthorne, Ornamental PearAsh YellowsAshACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol PHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC ,Alamo*(Alamo for crabapple only)Arbor-OTCAsian Longhorned BeetleElm, Maple, Birch, Willow, Ash, Poplar, SycamoreIMA-jetBacterial Leaf ScorchElm, Gum, Oak, Oleander, SycamoreArbor-OTCBagworm24Juniper, Arborvitae, Cedars, Pine, Hemlock, Spruce, Locust,Maple, Sycamore, Willow, Linden, Poplar.TREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSolBirch Leaf Miner32Birches: White, Gray, Yellow, European, Cut-leafTREE-äge, IMA-jet, AzaSolBlack SpotCrabapple, Hawthorne, PearPHOSPHO-jetBlack Vine WeevilMany host species (see root weevils)ACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol Boxelder BugBoxelder, Ash, Maple, Fruit treesACE-jet, AzaSol*For ornamental use only. Fruit are not to be used for human or animal consumption.

Tree PestsPAGECOMMON TREESTREATMENTTREE-äge , IMA-jet, ACE-jetBronze Birch Borer (Flathead Borer)25Birches: White , Water, Paper, Yellow, Whitebarked,Himalayan, Gray, SweetBrowntail Moth (Caterpillar)27Oak, Shadbush, Apple, Cherry, Beach Plum, HawthornACE-jet, AzaSol Budworms25Spruce, Fir, Fraser Fir, Tamarack, Pine, HemlockTREE-äge (Western SpruceBudworm Only), ACE-jet,AzaSolCankerworms26Red and White oaks, Maples, Elms, Hickories, Ash, and CherryACE-jet, AzaSolCarpenterworm (Caterpillar)27Red Oak, Black locust, Cottonwood, Elm, Maple, and WillowACE-jet, AzaSolCasebearer (Caterpillar)27Elm, Pecan, Larch, Paper, Gray, White BirchACE-jet, AzaSolChlorosis27Oak, Birch, MapleMIN-jet IronCitrus Collar Rot25Citrus spp.PHOSPHO-jetHardwoodTREE-äge, IMA-jetCitrus Longhorned Beetle(Roundheaded Borer)Citrus Root Rot34Citrus spp.PHOSPHO-jetClearwing Borers28Ash, Linden, many other host speciesTREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolCoconut Bud Rot /Nut FallCoconut (Cocos nucifera)PHOSPHO-jetCottonwood Twig BorerCottonwood, PoplarACE-jet, AzaSolPHOSPHO-jetDogwood Phytophthora (Root Rot)34DogwoodDutch Elm Disease28ElmsAlamo Eastern Oak Looper (Caterpillar)2727Red and White oaks, Maples, Elms, Hickories, Ash, and Cherry.Crabapple, Hawthorn, MapleACE-jet, AzaSolTREE-äge*, ACE-jet, AzaSolElmsACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSol Elm Spanworm (Caterpillar)27ElmsACE-jet, AzaSolEmerald Ash Borer29AshTREE-äge , IMA-jet, ACE-jetEastern Tent CaterpillarElm Leaf Beetle (larvae)*For ornamental use only. Fruit are not to be used for human or animal consumption.18

Tree PestsEucalyptus Longhorned Borer(Roundheaded Borer)Fall CankerwormFall WebwormPAGECOMMON TREESTREATMENT19EucalyptusTREE-äge , IMA-jet, AzaSol26Red and White Oaks, Maples, Elms, Hickories, AshACE-jet, AzaSol 29Crabapple, Birch, Willow, CottonwoodTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolFireblight30Crabapples, Hawthorne, Ornam. Pear, Ornam. ApplePHOSPHO-jet, Arbor-OTC Flathead Borers (Buprestid Borers)28Many SpeciesTREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jetForest Tent CaterpillarFrizzle TopGall Midges27Maples, Aspens, Oaks, Cottonwood, Elms, Willow, Birch, Linden, AshPalmsOak, Willow, Elm, Maple, Walnut, Hickory, Pine, LocustTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPALM-jetACE-jetGypsy Moth31Many Oak Species, white preferredTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolHemlock Woolly Adelgid22HemlockIMA-jet, ACE-jetJapanese Beetle31Maple, Birch, Citrus, Walnut, Apple, Poplar, Oak, Sassafrass, Linden, ElmIMA-jet, ACE-jet, AzaSolSycamore, Oak, Hackberry, Basswood, Hawthorne, Crabapple, Mt.Ash, ShadbushACE-jet, IMA-jetOak, Birch, Beech, Elm, Hawthorn, Holly, LocustTREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jet,AzaSolLeaf Spot DiseasesCrabapples, Apple, Birch, Linden, Magnolia, many other species(Alamo for crabapple only),LeafhoppersLeafrollersMany Host SpeciesMany Host SpeciesACE-jet, IMA-jetACE-jet, AzaSolPalmArbor-OTCLinden, Birch, Hickory, Ash, Elm, Cherry, MapleACE-jet, AzaSolMany Host SpeciesTREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jetMany Host SpeciesPines: Pitch, Virginia, Scotch, Shortleaf, Monterey, LoblollyACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolACE-jet, AzaSolLace BugsLeaf Miners32Lethal YellowsLinden Looper (Caterpillar)Longhorned Borers(Roundheaded Borers)Mealy BugNantucket Pine Tip Moth (Caterpillar)2727*For ornamental use only. Fruit are not to be used for human or animal consumption.PHOSPHO-jet, Alamo *Arbor-OTC

Tree PestsPAGECOMMON TREESTREATMENTOak Wilt33Red & White OaksAlamo Oak Worms (Caterpillar)27Most Species OaksTREE-äge , ACE-jet, AzaSol Phytophthora (Root Rot)34Tan Oak, Coast Live Oak, Black Oak, Crabapples, Hawthorn, PearPHOSPHO-jetPhytophthora Canker (Root Rot)34AvocadoPHOSPHO-jetPine Bark Beetles (Bark Beetlesincluded for TREE-äge: Ips Engraver Beetles,Mountain Pine Beetles, Southern PineBeetle, Spruce Beetle, Western Pine Beetle)34Pines: Loblolly, Lodgepole, Pinyon, Pitch, Ponderosa,Shortleaf, Slash, VirginiaTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Cone Worm (Caterpillar)27Pines: Loblolly, Longleaf, Pond , Sand, Shortleaf, Slash, Virginia.Spruce, Douglas Fir, True FirTREE-äge, ACE-jet, AzaSolPine Needle MinerPines: Pitch, Jack , Scotch , Virginia, Shortleaf, Longleaf,Table Mountain, Ponderosa, LodgepoleACE-jet, IMA-jet, AzaSolPine Sawyer Beetle(Roundheaded Borer)Pines: Austrian, ScotsTREE-äge, IMA-jet, ACE-jet,AzaSolPine Tip Moth (Caterpillar)27Plant Bugs (Lygus)Poplar Tentmaker (Caterpillar)27ACE-jet, AzaSol, IMA-jetScotch, Muhgo, Ponderosa(larvae)Fruit TreesACE-jet, AzaSolPoplar, WillowACE-jet, AzaSolPsyllidsMany Host SpeciesIMA-jet, AzaSolRed Oak BorerRed OaksACE-jet, AzaSolPHOSPHO-jetRoot and Collar Rot34Stone Fruits; Cherries, Peaches, PlumsRoot Rots34Cedars, Chamaecyparis, Firs, HemlockPHOSPHO-jetRoot Weevil (adults)Hemlock, Spruce, Arborvitae, Oaks, Magnoli

Eastern Oak Looper (Caterpillar) 27 ACE-jet, Azasol Gall midges ACE-jet Tussock moth (Caterpillar) 27 TREE-äge , ACE-jet, Azasol Anthracnose 23 PhOsPhO-jet, Alamo Aphids 23 ACE-jet, ImA-jet, or Azasol Bagworm 24 TREE-äge, ACE-jet, Azasol Japanese Beetle 31 ImA-jet, ACE-jet, Azasol Lace Bugs ACE-jet, ImA-jet Leaf spot Arbor-OTC

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