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NCH SoftwareExpress Accounts AccountingSoftwareThis user guide has been created for use withExpress Accounts Accounting Software Version 9.xx NCH Software

Technical SupportIf you have difficulties using Express Accounts Accounting Software please read the applicabletopic before requesting support. If your problem is not covered in this user guide please viewthe up-to-date Express Accounts Accounting Software Online Technical Support that does not solve your problem, you can contact us using the technical support contactslisted on that page.Software SuggestionsIf you have any suggestions for improvements to Express Accounts Accounting Software, orsuggestions for other related software that you might need, please post it on our Suggestionspage at of our software projects have been undertaken after suggestions from users like you.You get a free upgrade if we follow your suggestion.

Express Accounts AccountingSoftwareContentsNCH Software Suite .Introduction.Software License Terms.8910Getting StartedQuick Start Wizard.13Main Window Reference .Chart of Accounts.Taxes.Customization for Your Business.Register Express Accounts.Shortcut Keys Reference.Guide to Bookkeeping.14171819202123Common TasksCreating Items and Services.24Add New Customers.Customer Statements.Add New Suppliers.Quotes.Sales Orders.Invoicing.Purchase Orders.Accounts Payable .Payments and Purchases.Receive Money .Manual Journal Entries and Edits.Reconcile an Account.Recalculating Customers' Balances .Payroll .Pulling Reports.Preferences .25272829303234353638394042434446GeneralCSV Import Wizard: Select CSV for Import.47CSV Import Wizard: Match Data Fields.CSV Import Wizard: CSV Import Results .4849AdvancedApplication Integration with Inventoria.501

Multiple Businesses .Multiple Currencies .Mail Merge.Data Backup.51525356PreferencesPreferences Business .57Preferences Accounting.Preferences Regional .Preferences Sales Tax.Preferences Inventory.Preferences Page Layout.Preferences Page Styles.Preferences Invoice.Preferences Quote.Preferences Sales Order.Preferences Purchase Order.Preferences Credit Note.Preferences Packing Slip.Preferences Receipt .Preferences Check .Preferences Statements.Preferences Other.Preferences Web Access.5860616263646668697071727374767778Web AccessIntroduction to the Web Access Feature.79Setting up Web Accounts.Configuring your Internet Connection for Web Access.How to Log On to Web Access .Password Management.Web Access Interface Reference.Setting Up Web Access.808182838486Web Access Screen ReferencesSelect Company Profile.87Supplier Additional Info. 88Select Invoice Period. 89Recurring Invoice Schedule. 90Chart of Accounts List .91Invoices List . 92Add/Edit Invoice. 93Select Quotes Period. 95Quotes List. 96Add/Edit Quote.97Select Orders Period.98Sales Orders List.99Add/Edit Sales Order. 100Payments and Purchases. 102Select Payments Period. 1032

Payments List.Apply Payment.Charge Payment.Payment Charge Receipt .Enter Email Details.Items List .Vehicles List.Vehicles Mileage List.Add/Edit Vehicle.Add/Edit Vehicle Mileage.Add/Edit Item.Customers List.Add/Edit Customer .Add/Edit Customer Additional Options .Add/Edit Customer Credit Card .Add/Edit Customer Additional Info .User Account List.Select Journal Period .Journal List .Select Purchase Order Period.Purchase Orders List.New Accounts Payable.Select Accounts Payable Period.Accounts Payable List.Bill Payments List.Select Bill Payment List Period .Check List.New Account Dialog.Invoice Records Log.Select Credit Notes.Credit Notes List.Add/Edit Credit Note.Budget List.Create Budget.Budget Report.Budget Dialog.Journal Entry Web.Reconcile Account Web .Select Account and Bank Statement.Customer Statement Period Web.New/Edit Purchase 35136137138139140141142143144Screen ReferencesRefunds List. 145Web Access Screen ReferencesRecurring Order Schedule. 146Select Customers. 147Select Customers List Period. 148Select Accounts List Period. 1493

Screen ReferencesBudget List.Budget Main.Adjust Row Value.Create Budget.New/Edit Invoice .New/Edit Credit Note.New/Edit Sales Order.New/Edit Purchase Order.New/Edit Accounts Payable.New/Edit Quote.Reconcile Account .Journal Entry.Accounts Payable .Link Purchase Orders.Payments and Purchases.Receipts and Deposits.Report View.Chart of Accounts List .Invoices List .Select Invoice List.Quotes List.Select Quote List.Sales Orders List.Select Sales Orders List .Purchase Orders List.Accounts Payable List.Select Account Payable List .Payments of Accounts Payable.Customers List.Suppliers List.Payments List.Enter New Column Name.Refund.Items List .Vehicle List .Vehicle Mileage List.Print Preview.Recurring Invoices List.Recurring Orders List .Credit Notes List.Salesperson List.View Journal.View Journal - General Ledger Transactions.Checks List.New Account Dialog.Find Key String.Enter New Group Name.Customer Groups List.Non-invoiced Cash Sale .Shipping Label 10

Change Customer Group .Change Salesperson.Browse Transaction File Dialog.Import Transaction.Apply Discount Quote.Apply Discount Order .Apply Discount Credit Note.Apply Discount Cash Sale .Custom Reports.Add/Edit Field Dialog.Add Invoice Item .Add Order Item.Add Quote Item.Add Credit Note Item.Back Up Data.Fax Number .Email Address.Fax Settings.User Account.Print Preview.Details for Exporting to EDI.Apply Discount.Text Attributes.Closed-To-Date.Making Tax Digital for VAT.Submit VAT Returns.Select Period for VAT Return.Payment.Refunds and Returns.Apply Credit Note.Enter Payments of Accounts Payable .Vehicle.Vehicle Mileage.Mileage Reports.

Technical Support If you have difficulties using Express Accounts Accounting Software please read the applicable topic before requesting support.File Size: 2MB

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