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HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 118001.04.119001.04.120001.04.125Aprašas (Eng)Rebate planer 620WSmooth short plane 48mmDouble cornice plane 30mmSurform planeChisel w.punch cap 6mmChisel w.punch cap 10mmChisel w.punch cap 16mmChisel w.punch cap 20mmChisel w.punch cap 26mmChisel w.wood handle 6mmChisel w.wood handle 8mmChisel w.wood handle 10mmChisel w.wood handle 12mmChisel w.wood handle 16mmChisel w.wood handle 20mmChisel w.wood handle 25mmChisel w.wood handle 28mmChisel w.wood handle 30mmChisel w.wood handle 35mmChisel set 6-prt.Multi-purp.lifting leverSpare blade for carpet knifeSpare break-off bladeAll-purp.knife w.break-off bl.Joiner's mallet 140mmCircular hand saw 1400WPlunge saw w.guide track 240VPlunge saw 240VGuide rail 1400mmMAKITA GUIDE RAIL CLAMP SETHandsaw 450mmFine-tooth.saw foldable 250mmPull saw w.rattan handle 265mmSPARE BLADE F.PULL SAW 265MMHacksaw 250mmSpare blade for hacksawSpecial hacksaw 250mmMetal hacksaw 430mmMetal spare bladePendulum jigsaw E LED 720WCordless pendulum jigsaw 18VCordless dry building saw 18VFlip over mitre saw 240v/260mmJigsaw bl.wood 91mm/sp2,5mmJigsaw blade Multibox 5x5Jigsaw bl.hardwd. 75mm/sp2,5mmJigsaw bl.wood 75mm/sp4,0mmJigsaw bl.wood 75mm/sp4,0mmJigsaw blade met. 50mm/sp1,2mmJigsaw blade wood 75mm/sp4,0mmJigsaw blade wood 91mm/sp2,5mmJigsaw bl.wood 105mm/sp3,0mmJigsaw bl.wood 105mm/sp4,0mmJigsaw blade wood 60mm/sp1,9mmSabre saw blade 150mm/sp4,0mmSabre saw 1200WForst.dril.bit set 5pc.15-35mmForstner drill bit HW 12mmForstner drill bit HW 15mmForstner drill bit HW 18mmForstner drill bit HW 19mmForstner drill bit HW 20mmForstner drill bit HW 25mmMat. vnt.Kaina(su PVM)EANKeičiasi 934514150400093451416701731639

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 417001.24.434001.24.454001.25.010Aprašas (Eng)Forstner drill bit HW 26mmForstner drill bit HW 30mmForstner drill bit HW 35mmForstner drill bit HW 50mmForst.dril.bit-set 15-35mmnot translatedForstner drill bit HW 15mmForstner drill bit HW 20mmForstner drill bit HW 25mmForstner drill bit HW 30mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 12mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 15mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 18mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 20mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 25mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 26mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 30mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 35mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 40mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 12mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 15mmMulti-spur drill bit HM 35mmTwist drill bit HM 3mmTwist drill bit HM 5mmTwist drill bit HM 8mmTwist drill bit HM 10mmWood twist drill HSS G 8mm l.400mmWood twist drill HSS G 12mm l.250mmWood twist drill HSS G 8/10/12mmWood twist drill HSS G 8/10/12mmWood twist drill HSS G 8mm l.460mmWood twist drill HSS G 10mm l.460mmWood twist drill HSS 4mmWood twist drill HSS 5mmWood twist drill HSS 6mmWood twist drill HSS 7mmWood twist drill HSS 8mmWood twist drill HSS 10mmWood twist drill HSS 12mmWood twist drill HSS 13mmWood twist drill HSS 14mmWood twist drill HSS 15mmWood twist drill HSS 11mm Gl. 250mmTwist drill set 5-pcs. 4-10mmTwist drill set 25-pcs. 1-13mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 3mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 4mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 5mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 6mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 8mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 10mmWood twist drill HS 1/4" 12mmStep drill HS 5/7/10mmStep drill HS 4/5/8,3mmStep drill HS 5/7/10mmStep drill for door spy HSSPRING SHELF SUPP. STEP DRILL 8/15MM RHDrill bit for SP 15/8/5 LXDrill Rafix 19 F HW r. 20mmDr.bit Rafix 19F 1/4"HW r.20mmDr.bit Variantool-N HW r. 5mmDrill bit Tab-V 1/4"HW r. 18mmDrilling aid Minifix 24/34Mat. vnt.Kaina(su 009349033434000934983550Keičiasi į

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 606001.26.610001.26.700001.26.710Aprašas (Eng)Drill.guide Minifix 12 W 24mmDrill.guide Minifix 12 W 34mmDrill.guide connector d 20mmDrill.guide connector d 18mmDrill.guide conc.hinge d 26mmDrill.guide conc.hinge d 35mmDrill.guide System 32Adj.stop plate Unitool MultiDepth gauge Minifix B 24mmDepth gauge Minifix B 34mmDepth gauge RafixDepth gauge TABDrillingaid f. loox switch a. cable ductDrillingaid f.Ixconnect SC 8/60Base drilling frame Red JigDri.guid.ho.ser.37/60 Red JigDrill.guide Rafix 20 Red JigDri.guide Maxifix 55/35Red JigDri.guide Minifix 12/15Red JigDri.guide f.cup hg.d 35/52/5,2Red JigDri.guide f.cup hg.d 35/48/6Red JigDri.guide f.cup hg.d 35/49/9,5 Red JigDrill.bush 8mm Red JigDrill.bush 10mm Red JigDrill.bush Red Jig 11mmDrill.bush 5mm Red JigRig pin 3/5mm Red JigDepth gauge 15 Red JigDepth gauge 32 Red JigDepth gauge 48 Red JigDrilling extension 3mmDrilling extension 5mmSupplement set Rafix 20 RedJigSup.cup hi.dr.52/5,5/13Red JigSup.cup hi.dri.48/6/13Red JigSup.cup hi.dri.45/9,5/13RedJigDrill Red Jig Variantool 5mmD.gauge w.drill 15/5/13 RedJigD.gauge w.drill 15/8/13 RedJigD.gauge w.drill m.Tab 32/18/15,3 Red JigDepth gauge w.drill 32/20/14,3Depth gauge w.drill 48/35/13Depth gauge w.drill 48/35/15,5Basic drilling set Red JigSupplementary set Minifix 15 Red JigSupplementary set Minifix 12 Red JigSupplementary set Tab 18 Red JigSupplementary set Maxifix Red JigRed Jig systainerCountersink drill bit 16mmCountersink 16mmCountersink bit HS 1/4" 12,4mmCountersink bit HS 1/4" 16,5mmDrilling jig Clamex SDrill.jig Clamex P14, P10Cabineo tool with handleCabineo hexagon bit 1/4" SW 4Cabineo drill bit 15mm with short tipDrilling jig Rasto BasicDivario P-18 insertion toolDivario P-18 marking gauge w.drill bitMat. vnt.Kaina(su 4087579Keičiasi į01573564

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 266001.41.275001.41.284001.41.293Aprašas (Eng)Drill.jig Variantool Red-JigDrill.jig Variantool Red-Jig 563mmLocating ruler 800mmDepth stop pivotableDepth gaugePlug-on countersink bit 4mmPlug-on countersink bit 5mmPlug-on countersink bit 6mmDr.counters.bit w.depth stopDepth gauge for dr.bit d 3-5mmDepth gauge f.dr.bit d 15-20mmDrilling jig VariantInsertion tool Tab VOne-way insertion tool Tab VDoor stop setDrill bit f.stop set HSS d 8mmDrill bit f.stop s. HSS d 10mmDrill bit f.stop s. HM d 35mmGlue jig for Grazila-ClipCRISTALLO glu.templ. indiv.transf.templ.Drilling jigDrilling jig for Space CornerDrilling jig f. CristalloDrilling jig Ecodrill 45/9,5Act.set Ecodrill with hingeDrilling jig mounting platesDrilling jig Inserta/ExpandoUniversal marking gaugeAdjust.jig f.TIP-ON BLUMOTION f.TB.Mounting jig f. hinge systemsClamping leverBearing setConversion set for ECODRILLBearing setDovel drill rh. 8x85mmHinge location cutter rh. 35x86,2mmBeam 2200 mmTransfer templ. f.mount.jig f.hinge sys.Carc.gauge with 4 elem.Carc.gauge with 4 elem.Drilling jig, for connectorsProfessional handle drill.jigExtension f.handle drill.jigTwist drill HSS 1,0mmTwist drill HSS 1,5mmTwist drill HSS 2,0mmTwist drill HSS 2,5mmTwist drill HSS 3,0mmTwist drill HS 3,2mmTwist drill HSS 3,5mmTwist drill HSS 4,0mmTwist drill HSS 4,5mmTwist drill HSS 5,0mmTwist drill HSS 5,5mmTwist drill HSS 6,0mmTwist drill HSS 6,5mmTwist drill HSS 7,0mmTwist drill HSS 7,5mmTwist drill HSS 8,0mmTwist drill HSS 8,5mmTwist drill HSS 9,0mmTwist drill HSS 9,5mmTWIST DRILLBIT HSS DIA 10MMMat. vnt.Kaina(su PVM)EANKeičiasi 0662901573662

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 564001.66.565001.66.710001.66.711Aprašas (Eng)Twist drill HSS 10,5mmTwist drill HSS 11,0mmTwist drill HSS 11,5mmTwist drill HSS 12,0mmTwist drill HSS 13,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 1,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 1,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 2,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 2,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 3,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 3,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 4,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 4,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 5,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 5,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 6,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 6,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 7,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 7,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 8,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 8,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 9,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 9,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 10,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 10,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 11,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 11,5mmTwist drill HSS GP 12,0mmTwist drill HSS GP 13,0mmTwist drill-box HSS 19prtTwist drill-box HSS 25-prtTwi.drill bit set HSS -GP Din 338 19pcs.Twist drill-box HS-CO 19-prtMetal drill bit set HSS-G 29pcDrill stop 2,5mmCentering drill HS 2,7mmDrill bit HS 2,7mm for centre drill bitStop ring for drill bit 6mmWedge connector profile cutter HW, Ø8mmCordl.screw driver GSR 12V /2x2,0AhFixtainer emptyFixtainer SXElectronic drill 530WImpact drill E 720WHammer drill 800WHammer drill E 780WMulti-purpose tool 230VSet of Tools 120 pcsBox system MAKPAC size 4 isolatedCordless driver drill 18V 3,0AhBattery impact drill 18V 3.0AhMakita accu 10,8VPower Source Kit 4Ah 18VLithium-ionic batt.14,4V/3,0AHCharger f.Makita Akkus 10,8V 4,0Ah.Makita recharg.li-ion batt.10.8V 4.0Ah.Makita recharg.li-ion batt. 12V 4.0Ah.Cordl.multifunctional device 12,0VCordless driver drill 12,0V 2,0AhCordless driver drill 12,0V 2,0AhCordless driver drill 12,0V 2,0AhCordless light 18VCordless light 18VMat. vnt.Kaina(su 43409734Keičiasi į

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 980001.66.981001.66.982001.67.010Aprašas (Eng)Re.battery pack 18V 4AhBattery charger 12 VRe.battery pack 18V 5AhBattery charger 14.4–18VRe.batt.pack f.18.0 V 2x5.0Ah chargerRe.batt.pack f.18.0 V 2x5.0Ah chargerCordl.biscuit jointer 18VCordl.driv.drill 2-gear 14,4VCordl.hammer drill SDS 18V w/o batteryCordl.circular saw 18V w/o batteryCordl.impact driver BL 18V w/o batt.Power Source Kit 12.0 V , 4.0 AhCordl.angle grinder 18V w/o batteryCordl.vacuum cleaner 18V w/o batt.Cordl.vacuum cleaner 18V 7,5l w/o batt.Cordl.circular saw 2x18V w/o batteriesCordl.driver drill BL 18VPower Source Kit 10.8 V , 4.0 AhCordl.orbital action jigsaw 90mm / 12VCordl.reciprocating saw 12,0VCordl.driver drill BL 18V/5.0 AhCordl.driver drill BL 18V/5.0 AhCordl.reciprocating saw 18V w/o batt.Cordl.reciprocating saw 2x18V w/o batt.Cordl. chainsaw 2x18V w/o batteriesCordl.driver drill BL 18VCordl.driver drill BL 18VCordl.hammer drill driver BL 18VCordl.angle drill BL 18VCordl.comb.hammer SDS 18VCordl.ham.drill SDS 28mm2x18V w/o batt.Cordl.sli.comp.mitr.saw 2x18V w/o batt.Crosscut and mitre saw 1510WCordl.driver drill BL 18V/5.0 AhSDS MAX 1100W combination hammer drillPower drill 750 WAngle grinder 125 mm 720 WAngle grinder set 125 mm / 230mmRebate planer 82mmPlunge router 1100 WPlunge router 2300 WBiscuit jointer 700 WCircular saw 1050 WCrosscut and mitre saw 1400WCircular table saw 1650WOrbital sander 330 WRandom orbit sander 125mmBelt sander 1010 W / 100 mmCordl.plunge saw 18V / 56 mmCordl.plunge saw 18V / 56 mm with BTCordl.router/trimmer 18V w/o batteriesPush stick woodAkku-Tauchsaege 18V / 56mm SetCordl.driver drill BL 18V/5.0 AhCordl.sli.comp.mitr.saw 18V w/o batt.Cordl.vacuum cleaner 18V w/o batt.Cordl.hammer drill SDS 2x18V w/o batt.Cordl.angle grinder BL 230mm, 2x18VCordl.driver drill BL 12V w/o batteryCordl.hammer drill SDS 12V w/o batteryCordl.universal scissors 10,8V w/o bat.Cordl.vacuum cleaner 10,8V w/o batt.Spare hard metal knife HMMat. vnt.Kaina(su ičiasi į

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 011001.70.014001.70.017001.70.110Aprašas (Eng)Hole cutter HM/HSS 40-125mmHole-cutting set HM 10-partHole-cutting set HM 8-partHole-cutting HM 45mmHole-cutting HM 50mmHole-cutting HM 57mmHole-cutting HM 60mmHole-cutting HM 65mmHole-cutting HMHole-cutting HMHole countersink 68mmShaft ejector setSingle adapterCentre drill HSS 6mm GL 93mmCentre drill HM 6mm GL 93mmHole cutter 30-163mmSpare parts f.depth stopMortice jig DBB fl.-mt.doorsMortice jig DBB offsetShaft st.rout.dpt.90mm/l 285mmShaft st.rout.dpt100mm/l 220mmShaft st.rout.dpt180mm/l 298mmDepth stopAdapterDrill bit 10/950mmDrill bit 10/1250mmRouting cutter HM 16,2mmRouting cutter HM 17,5mmRouting cutter HM 19,0mmRouting cutter HM 20,0mmRouting cutter HM 20,6mmRouting cutter HM 22,2mmRouting cutter HM 23,0mmRouting cutter HM 24,0mmRouting cutter HM 25,4mmRouting cutter HM 27,0mmRouting cutter HM 28,6mmRouting cutter HM 31,8mmUniversal drill WC d 6,0mmUniversal drill WC d 8,0mmUniversal drill WC d 10,0mmUniversal drill WC d 12,0mmUniversal drill WC d 3,0mmUniversal drill WC d 4,0mmUniversal drill set WC 4-pcs.Masonry drill bit HW 6,0mmMasonry drill bit HW 8,0mmMasonry drill bit HW 10,0mmTile drill set w.WZS 5-prtTile drill 6mmTile drill 8mmTile drill 10mmWater supply system for tile drillHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 6,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 6,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 6,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 8,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 8,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 8,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 10,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 12,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 14,0mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 6mmMat. vnt.Kaina(su 40009342245614000934245399Keičiasi į

HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštisnuo 2021 05 17Tiekėjo prekės 059001.96.060001.96.061001.96.062Aprašas (Eng)Hamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 6mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 8mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 8mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 10mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 12mmHamm.dr.bit SDS-Plus HW 12mmHamm.dr.bit set SDS-plus HW 5-pcs.Hand drill.gear Elecdrill 220VElecdrill EVO HW drill bit ri. 3mmElecdrill EVO HW drill bit le. 3mmElecdrill EVO HW drill bit ri. 5mmElecdrill EVO HW drill bit le. 5mmDrill./insert mach.Minipress PDrill./ins.mach.MinidrillBasic rule f.MINIDRILL / MINIPRESSProtectionProtectionMINIDRILL/MINIPRESS chuck w.cover leftMINIDRILL/MINIPRESS chuck w.cover rightMINIDR./MINIPR.chuck w.cover left rightMINIDRILL/MINIPRESS chuck with coverBase router f.LEGRABOX w.rout.bit 1.05kwHold down clamp for MINIPRESSMINIPRESS M hing.drill. insert.mach.230VHold down clamp, pneumatic f.MINIPRESS PMINIPRESS P hing.drill. insert.mach.400VMINIPRESS P hing.drill. insert.mach.230VMINIPRESS PRO hing.drill. ins.mach.400VShlf.MINIPRESS PRO/CENTER f.dr.head rul.Work table for MINIPRESS MWork table for MINIPRESS PROPosition indicator for MINIPRESS PMINIDRILL/PRESS keyless chuck leftMINIDRILL/PRESS keyless chuck rightPRO-CENTER keyless chuck leftPRO-CENTER keyless chuck rightCoupling for MZK.1900/8800LeverDrill.head MINIPR.M/MINIPR.P keyl.chuckMINIPRESS PRO/CENTER drill. depth stopDrill.head MINIPRESS PRO/CENTER insert.Drill.head MINIPRESS PRO/CENTER insert.Dril.head PRO-CENTER/MINIPR.PRO cab.run.Drill.head MINIPRESS PRO/CENTER insert.Dril.head PRO-CENTER wood.dow. 3 spindl.Dril.head PRO-CENTER/MINIPR.PRO s.d.hol.Dril.head PRO-CENTER ser.dr.hol.17spind.Drill.head MINIPRESS M/MINIPR.P cab.run.Revers. ruler PRO-CENTER scale 0-850mmHorizont. ruler PRO-CENTER 850mm le/riLine ruler MINIPRESS/PRO-CENTER le/riExtension ruler PRO-CENTER le/riExtension ruler PRO-CENTER leftCentre marking stop f. PRO-CENTERCentre marking stop laser f. MINIPRESS PCentre marking stop laser f. MINIPRESS PCtre.marking stop laser f. MINIPRESS PROMINISTICK for MINIDRILL / MINIPRESSSwiv.stop w.clamp.lever MINIP/PRO-CEN.leSwiv.stop w.clamp.lever MINIP/PRO-CEN.riWidth stop for BOXFIX MExten.ruler-support MINIPRESS/PRO-CENSet of toolsMat. vnt.Kaina(su 437897134015643789737401564

001.25.762 Drill.bush Red Jig 11mm VNT 10.53 4000934044862 001.25.763 Drill.bush 5mm Red Jig VNT 9.97 4000934144883 001.25.766 Rig pin 3/5mm Red Jig VNT 15.78 4000934868406 001.25.770 Depth gauge 15 Red Jig VNT 94.8 4000934868413. HAFELE užsakomų prekių kainoraštis nuo 2021 05 17 Tiekėjo prekės nr. Aprašas (Eng) Mat. vnt.