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2017–2018Bulletin of InformationUniversity of Notre DameGraduate Programs and PoliciesThe University reserves the right tochange its admission, registration,and graduation requirements asnecessary. The course offerings and requirements of the University of NotreDame are continually under examination and revisions are expected.This Bulletin of Information is nota contract; it merely presents theofferings and requirements in effectat the time of publication and in noway guarantees that the offerings andrequirements will remain the same.Every effort will be made to provideadvance information of any changes. 2017 by the University of NotreDame.All rights reserved.Volume 113 Number 3 October 2017


3ContentsAcademic Calendar 2017–2018.5Graduate Studies Directory.7Dean’s Office andAdministration. 7The Graduate SchoolExecutive Committee. 7The Graduate StudiesLeadership Team. 7Graduate School Staff. 7The University.11University Leadership. 11President’s Leadership Council. 11Board of Trustees. 11Trustees Emeriti. 12University Policies. 13Notice of Non-Discrimination. 13Policies on Harassment . 14Campus Security and FireSafety. 14The Spirit of Inclusion atNotre Dame. 14The Graduate School.15The Graduate School: Then andNow. 15Graduate Student Union. 15Graduate Degrees Granted. 16Professional Master’s Degrees. 16Graduate Minors. 16Areas and Fields of Study. 17Academic Regulations. 20Admission to the GraduateSchool. 20Degree Applicants. 20Admission to Multiple Degrees. 20Admission to Joint DegreePrograms. 21Application Requirements. 21Non-Degree Applicants. 22Acceptance. 22Council of Graduate SchoolsPolicy on Accepted Offers ofAdmission. 23Registration. 23Enrollment in the University. 23Assignment of Credit in theGraduate School . 23Full-Time and Part-Time Status.23Residency and Non-ResidencyStatus. 23Continuous Registration. 23Summer RegistrationRequirements. 24Semester of Graduation. 24Maximal Registration. 24Courses. 24Course Numbers. 24Add/Drop Policy. 24Grades. 25Incomplete Coursework . 25Grade Point Average. 25Transfer Credits. 26Graduate Student Status. 26Access to Computing Services. 26Leave of Absence. 26Medical Separation fromAcademic Duties. 26Childbirth and AdoptionAccommodation Policy. 27Withdrawal from the Program. 27Assessment of Student Progress. 27Graduate Student StatusDesignations. 27Dismissal of a Student. 28Academic Integrity. 28Falsification of AcademicCredentials. 29Grievance and AppealProcedures. 29Degree Requirements. 30The Master’s Degree. 30The Doctor of PhilosophyDegree. 31Financial Information. 34Tuition and Expenses. 34Tuition. 34Academic Year Fees. 34Office of Student Accounts. 35Separation from the University. 35Housing. 35Health Insurance. 36Travel Reimbursement. 37Financial Support. 37Categories of Support. 37Financial Aid. 39Office of Financial Aid . 39The Division of Engineering.41Aerospace and MechanicalEngineering. 41Bioengineering. 42Chemical and BiomolecularEngineering. 43Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering and EarthSciences. 44Computer Science andEngineering. 46Electrical Engineering. 47Engineering and LawDual Degree Program. 48The Division of Humanities.49Art, Art History, and Design. 49Classics. 50Early Christian Studies. 51English. 52History. 54History and Philosophy ofScience. 56Italian. 58

4Ph.D. in Literature. 59Medieval Studies. 59Philosophy. 62Romance Languagesand Literatures. 64Sacred Music. 65Spanish. 66Theology. 67The Division of Science.73Applied and ComputationalMathematics and Statistics. 73Biological Sciences. 74Chemistry and Biochemistry. 76Engineering, Science &Technology EntrepreneurshipExcellence Master's Program. 77Integrated Biomedical Sciences. 78Master of Science in GlobalHealth. 78Mathematics. 78M.D./Ph.D. Joint DegreeProgram. 80Physics. 80The Division of Social Sciences.83Anthropology. 83Economics. 84Education. 85Global Affairs. 86Peace Studies. 88Political Science. 90Psychology. 92Sociology. 93Appendix: Graduate School Policies(Full Text).95Appeal Procedure for GraduateStudents. 95Childbirth and AdoptionAccommodation Policy . 96Policy for Pregnant GraduateStudents in Labs. 98Student Procedure Overviews. 98Defense of the DoctoralDissertation. 98Oral Candidacy Examination. 99Index.101

5Academic Calendar 2017–2018Fall Semester 2017Spring Semester 2018Summer Session 2018August22: Classes begin;Mass—formal opening of school year29: Last day for course changesJanuary16: Classes begin23: Last day for course changesJune11: Dissertation and thesis formattingchecks due18: Classes beginOctober14: Mid-term break begins23: Classes resume27: Last day for course discontinuanceNovember1: Application deadline for admissionto the Graduate School for springsemester 20186: Dissertation and thesis formattingchecks due13: Registration for spring semester 2018begins20: Last day for master’s examinationsand Ph.D. dissertation defenses forgraduation in January 201822: Thanksgiving holiday begins27: Classes resume;Last day for presenting completedtheses and dissertations to theGraduate School for January 2018graduationDecember7: Last class day8: Reading days begin11: Final examinations begin18: All grades submitted throughinsideND by 3:45 p.m.January7: Official graduation date (noceremony)February1: Last deadline for applying to theGraduate School for fall semester2018 admission (check individualprogram deadlines athttp://graduateschool.nd.edu)March5: Dissertation and thesis formattingchecks due10: Mid-term break begins19: Classes resume21: Registration for summer session 2018begins23: Last day for course discontinuance30: Easter holiday beginsApril3: Classes resume;Last day for master’s examinationsand Ph.D. dissertation defenses forgraduation in May 20189: Last day for presenting completedtheses and dissertations to the Graduate School for May 2018 graduation19: Registration for fall semester 2018beginsMay2:3:7:14:Last class dayReading days beginFinal examinations beginAll grades submitted throughinsideND by 3:45 p.m.19: Official graduation date andGraduate School CommencementCeremonyJuly2: Last day for master’s examinationsand Ph.D. dissertation defenses forgraduation in August 20189: Last day for presenting completedtheses and dissertations to theGraduate School for August 2018graduation27: Last class dayAugust5: Official graduation date (noceremony)


7Graduate Studies DirectoryDean’s Office andAdministrationLaura Carlson, Ph.D.Vice President and Associate Provost,Dean of the Graduate SchoolProfessor of Psychology(574) 631-8052; lcarlson@nd.eduChristal ColbertDean’s Assistant(574) 631-8052; ccolbert@nd.eduThe Graduate SchoolExecutive CommitteeBrian FlahertyAdvisor and Director of Budget andOperations(574) 631-2705; flaherty.27@nd.edu Budgets – monitoring and administration External fellowship administration Fellowship stewardship Financial policies Operations manager Professional development andrecruiting funds to programsJohn Lubker, Ed.D.Associate Dean for Academic Affairs(574) 631-5778; jlubker1@nd.edu Academic counseling Administration of Graduate Schoolpolicies Graduate student life Oversight of students progress Oversight and coordination ofgraduate student professionaldevelopment Student appealsNyrée McDonald, Ph.D.Associate Dean for Recruitment andAdmissions(574) 631-8421; nmcdonal@nd.edu Graduate School recruitment Support departments and programswith their individual recruitmentefforts and admissions Manage online application andrecruitment systemDemetra SchoenigProgram Director, Strategic Initiatives(574) 631-1713; dsmith30@nd.eduJames Brockmole, Ph.D.Associate Dean for the Social Sciences andResearch, College of Arts and Letters(574) 631-7257; jbrockm1@nd.eduMichael Hildreth, Ph.D.Associate Dean of Research and GraduateStudies, College of Science(574) 631-6458; mhildret@nd.eduPeter Holland, Ph.D.Associate Dean for the Arts,College of Arts and Letters(574) 631-8827; pholland@nd.eduElizabeth Köll, Ph.D.Associate Dean for the Humanities andFaculty Affairs, College of Arts and Letters(574) 631-3756; ekoll@nd.edu Strategic projects Advisory Council Student awards Promoting international andexternal partnershipsThe Graduate StudiesLeadership TeamThe Graduate Studies Leadership Teamis a collaborative group that includesboth the dean and executive committee of the Graduate School, and thefollowing collegiate associate deans:Ted Beatty, Ph.D.Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,Keough School of Global Affairs(574) 631-7038; ebeatty@nd.eduMark McCready, Ph.D.Senior Associate Dean for Research andGraduate Studies, College of Engineering(574) 631-7146; mjm@nd.eduGraduate School StaffFront desk telephone: (574) 631-5536;general email: gradsch@nd.edu.Graduate Student LifeMimi BeckProgram Director, Graduate Student Life(574) 631-1221; mbeck1@nd.edu Liaison between Student Affairsand the Graduate School Quality of life programming andadvocacy

8Graduate Studies Directory Resource and service referrals Assessment and strategic planningfor Graduate Student LifeErik OswaldGraduate Career Consultant(574) 631-4424; eoswald@nd.edu Career exploration and planningProfessional DevelopmentMae KilkerProfessional Development Assistant ProgramDirector(574) 631-7446; mkilker@nd.edu Developing career skills and capabilities Career programming and professional development Networking with alumni andemployers Academic iNDex Professional development programcoordinationGraduate Career ServicesTeam email address: gradcareers@nd.eduLarry WestfallDirector(574) 631-2418; lwestfal@nd.edu Graduate Career Services strategicleadership Campus stakeholder interface Employer and alumni relations andoutreach Career and professional developmentCindi FujaGraduate Career Consultant(574) 631-1892; cfuja@nd.eduGrants and FellowshipsTeam email address: gradgrants@nd.eduSamantha LeeProgram Director(574) 631-2443; slee48@nd.edu Representative for external grantand fellowship programs Oversight and coordination ofgrant and fellowship selectionprocesses Assists students with locating,strategizing for, and winning grantsand fellowshipsHannah BabbiniAssistant Program Director(574) 631-1713; hschulha@nd.edu Fulbright Program Adviser Career exploration and planning Developing career skills and capabilities Assists with grant and fellowshipselection processes Networking with alumni andemployersLisa MichaelsGraduate Career Consultant(574) 631-4056; lmichael@nd.edu Career exploration and planning Developing career skills and capabilities Career programming and professional development Networking with alumni andemployers Produce appointment letters forpostdoctoral scholars and othernon-faculty research appointments Assist with visa questions for arriving postdoctoral scholars Disseminate DS-2019s to appointees for obtaining the proper Visa Maintain institutional data on thepostdoctoral population Facilitate communication betweenthe Office for Postdoctoral Scholarsand academic hiring departmentsRecruitment and AdmissionsAdmissions telephone: (574) 631-7544;team email address: gradapp@nd.eduLinda ChismRecruitment Coordinator(574) 631-4694; lchism@nd.edu Recruitment Slate specialist Assists students with locating andpreparing competitive grant andfellowship applications Career programming and professional developmentDiana DicksonProgram Coordinator(574) 631-8208; ddickson@nd.eduPostdoctoral Scholars Reports (recruitment)Mellisa Crisan(Interim) Admissions Coordinator(574) 631-5489; mcrisan@nd.edu A-L: Applications, admissiondecisions, and immigrationdocumentation A-L: Creation of live studentrecords A-L: Disapproved/rejectedapplicationsTeam email address: postdocs@nd.eduValli SarveswaranAssociate Program Director(574) 631-8109; vsarvesw@nd.edu Mentoring and development Career services Community development Policies and procedures for postdoctoral scholarsShalon McClatcheyAdmissions Coordinator(574) 631-4695; smcclatc@nd.edu M-Z: Applications, admissiondecisions, and immigrationdocumentation M-Z: Creation of live studentrecords M-Z: Disapproved/rejectedapplications Slate specialist

9Graduate Studies Directory Slate: One-on-one training forprogram assistants/coordinators Slate: Manage user accountsStrategic ServicesTeam email addresses: dteditor@nd.edu,gsaudit@nd.edu, and gscomm@nd.eduAaron BellCommunications Specialist(574) 631-9395; aaronbell@nd.edu Social mediaNora KenneyCommunications Asisstanthkenney@nd.edu Writing and editingDawn RizekProgram Manager(574) 631-1704; drizek@nd.edu Commencement Ethics workshop Orientation Slate specialist Technology integration Graphic design Website maintenance Premium content developmentMaureen CollinsProgram Director, Academic Services(574) 631-5926; mcollin5@nd.edu Add/drops, course audits, and gradechanges Application to degree candidacy E-forms Graduation and degree audits Leave of absence Reports (Graduate School) Transfer of creditsKelly DonndelingerFinancial Analyst(574) 631-8422; kdonndel@nd.edu Financial awards processing Health insurance subsidy processing Student Jobs processing (GA stipends, graduate hourly) NSF GRFP coordination Graduate program budget reconciliation and ad hoc reporting Tenure-Tenure Track Reappointment and Promotions cycle (Provost Office)Shari Hill SweetEditor, Webmaster and PublicationsManager(574) 631-7545; shill2@nd.edu Dissertations and theses Editor, annual policy updates(Graduate Bulletin of Information,Academic Code, etc.) ProQuest/UMI liaison SharePoint and website manager


11The UniversityUniversity LeadershipErin Hoffmann HardingVice President for Student AffairsPresident’s LeadershipCouncilRonald D. KraemerVice President for Information Technology & Chief Information and DigitalOfficerRev . John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.PresidentThomas G. BurishCharles and Jill Fischer ProvostJohn F. Affleck-GravesExecutive Vice PresidentDavid C. BaileyVice President for Strategic Planning &Institutional ResearchRev . William M. Lies, C.S.C.Vice President for Mission Engagementand Church AffairsScott C. MalpassVice President and Chief InvestmentOfficerDouglas K. MarshVice President for Facilities Design &Operations and University ArchitectMichael D. SeamonVice President for Campus Safety andEvent ManagementJohn B. Swarbrick JR.Vice President and Director of AthleticsBoard of TrusteesJohn F. Affleck-GravesNotre Dame, IndianaRev. José E. Ahumada F., C.S.C.Peñalolén, ChileCarlos J. BetancourtSăo Paulo, BrazilRobert J. BernhardVice President for ResearchChristine M. MaziarVice President and Senior AssociateProvostJohn J. Brennan (Chair)Valley Forge, PennsylvaniaPaul J. BrowneVice President for Public Affairs andCommunicationsRobert K. McQuadeVice President for Human ResourcesStephen J. BroganWashington, D.C.Louis M. NanniVice President for University RelationsThomas G. BurishNotre Dame, IndianaRev . Hugh R. Page JR.Vice President and Associate ProvostRev. Austin I. Collins, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaMichael E. PippengerVice President and Associate Provost forInternationalizationThomas J. Crotty Jr.Boston, MassachusettsLaura CarlsonVice President and Associate ProvostRev . Austin I. Collins, C.S.C.Religious Superior of Holy Cross Priestsand Brothers at Notre DameMarianne CorrVice President and General CounselShannon B. CullinanVice President for FinanceAnn M. FirthChief of StaffBryan K. RitchieVice President and Associate Provost forInnovationMaura A. RyanVice President and Associate Provost forFaculty AffairsKaren McCartan DeSantisWashington D.C.James J. Dunne IIINew York, New York

12The UniversityJames F. Flaherty IIILos Angeles, CaliforniaRichard A. Nussbaum IISouth Bend, IndianaElizabeth H. TuckerWashington, D.C.Celeste Volz FordPalo Alto, CaliforniaRev. Thomas J. O’Hara, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaSara Martinez TuckerDallas, TexasStephanie A. GalloModesto, CaliforniaRev. Gerard J. Olinger, C.S.C.Portland, OregonJohn B. VeihmeyerNew York, New YorkWilliam M. GoodyearChicago, IllinoisCindy K. ParseghianTucson, ArizonaRoderick K. WestNew Orleans, LouisianaNancy M. HaegelGolden, ColoradoJ. Christopher ReyesRosemont, IllinoisThe Honorable Ann C. WilliamsChicago, IllinoisEnrique Hernandez Jr.Pasadena, CaliforniaKenneth C. RicciCleveland, OhioTrustees EmeritiCarol Hank HoffmannMinnetonka, MinnesotaClare Stack RicherSouthborough, MassachusettsKathleen W. AndrewsKansas City, MissouriRev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaMartin W. RodgersArlington, VirginiaRev. Ernest Bartell, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaJohn W. Jordan IIChicago, IllinoisOlaf RodriguezHaverford, PennsylvaniaRev. E. William Beauchamp, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaRev. Paul V. Kollman, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaJames E. RohrPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaRobert F. BiolchiniTulsa, OklahomaDiana LewisWest Palm Beach, FloridaShayla Keough RumelyAtlanta, GeorgiaRoger E. BirkTequesta, FloridaMonique Y. MacKinnonMendham, New JerseyRev. John J. Ryan, C.S.C.Wilkes-Barre, PennsylvaniaCathleen P. BlackNew York, New YorkThomas G. MaherasNew York, New YorkRev. Timothy R. Scully, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaRev. Thomas E. Blantz, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaAndrew J. McKenna Jr.Chicago, IllinoisChristopher S. SimmsConcord, North CarolinaJohn H. BurgeeSanta Barbara, CaliforniaDanielle W. MerfeldNiskayuna, New YorkByron O. SpruellChicago, IllinoisJohn B. CaronGreenwich, ConnecticutFergal NaughtonCloghran, County Dublin, IrelandPhyllis W. StoneSomersert, New JerseyRobert M. ConwayLondon, United KingdomRichard C. Notebaert(Chair Emeritus)Naples, FloridaTimothy F. SutherlandMiddleburg, VirginiaScott S. CowenNew Orleans, LouisianaAnne E. ThompsonNew York, New YorkArthur J. DecioElkhart, Indiana

13The UniversityAlfred C. DeCrane Jr.Greenwich, ConnecticutFritz L. DudaDallas, TexasAnthony F. EarleyPort Washington, New YorkRev. Carl F. Ebey, C.S.C.Rome, ItalyJosé Enrique FernándezGuaynabo, Puerto RicoW. Douglas FordDowners Grove, IllinoisF. Michael GeddesPhoenix, ArizonaJohn W. Glynn Jr.Menlo Park, CaliforniaPhilip M. HawleyLos Angeles, CaliforniaDouglas Tong HsuTaipei, TaiwanMost Rev. Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C.Peoria, IllinoisJohn A. KanebLynnfield, MassachusettsThomas E. Larkin Jr.Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Honorable George N. LeightonPlymouth, MassachusettsIgnacio E. Lozano Jr.Costa Mesa, CaliforniaRev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaDonald J. MatthewsFar Hills, New JerseyPatrick F. McCartan(Chair Emeritus)Chagrin, OhioTed H. McCourtneyKatonah, New YorkTerrence J. McGlinnWyomissing, PennsylvaniaAndrew J. McKenna Sr.(Chair Emeritus)Morton Grove, IllinoisNewton N. MinowChicago, IllinoisMartin NaughtonDunleer, County Louth, IrelandTimothy O’MearaSouth Bend, IndianaJoseph I. O’Neill IIIMidland, TexasAnita M. PampuschLilydale, MinnesotaJane Cahill PfeifferVero Beach, FloridaPercy A. PierreEast Lansing, MichiganPhilip J. Purcell IIIChicago, IllinoisErnestine M. RaclinSouth Bend, IndianaPhillip B. RooneyChicago, IllinoisShirley W. RyanChicago, IllinoisJohn F. SandnerChicago, IllinoisJohn A. SchneiderGreenwich, ConnecticutWilliam J. ShawPotomac, MarylandKenneth E. StinsonOmaha, NebraskaRev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaArthur R. VelasquezChicago, IllinoisRev. Richard V. Warner, C.S.C.Notre Dame, IndianaWilliam K. Warren Jr.Tulsa, OklahomaRobert J. WelshChesterton, IndianaRobert K. WilmouthBarrington, IllinoisUniversity PoliciesNotice of Non-DiscriminationThe University of Notre Dame doesnot discriminate on the basis of race,color, national or ethnic origin, sex,disability, veteran status, genetic information, or age in the administrationof any of its educational programs,admissions policies, scholarship andloan programs, athletic and otherschool-administered programs, or inemployment.The University has designated theDirector of its Office of InstitutionalEquity to handle all inquiries regarding its efforts to comply with and carryout its responsibilities under Title IXand under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Title IX andSection 504 coordinator may be contacted at equity@nd.edu or as follows:

14The UniversityDirector, Office of InstitutionalEquity100 Grace HallUniversity of Notre DameNotre Dame, IN 46556(574) 631-0444Policies on HarassmentSexual and discriminatory harassmentand harassment in general are prohibited by the University. Definitions andpolicies regarding all forms of harassment and discrimination, as well asconfidential resources for help, andUniversity initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, are posted on theOffice of Institutional Equity websiteat http://equity.nd.edu.It is the student’s responsibility to beaware of these expectations and conduct themselves accordingly as members of the Notre Dame community.Questions regarding the policies andinitiatives overseen by the Office ofInstitutional Equity may be directed toequity@nd.edu.Campus Security and Fire SafetyThe security of all members of thecampus community is of paramountconcern to the University of NotreDame. Each year the University publishes an annual report outlining security and safety information and crimestatistics for campus. This brochureprovides suggestions regarding crimeprevention strategies and importantpolicy information about emergencyprocedures, reporting of crimes, lawenforcement services on campus, andinformation about support services forvictims of sexual assault. The brochurealso contains information about theUniversity’s policy on alcohol andother drugs, the SafeBouND program (formerly known as SafeWalk orO’Snap) and campus shuttle service.You may view the document on theweb at: rly-securityfire-safety-reports/. A printed copy ofthis brochure is available by sending anemail request to ndsp@nd.edu or bywriting to:Office of the Chief of PoliceUniversity Security Police204 Hammes Mowbray HallNotre Dame, IN 46556The Spirit of Inclusion atNotre Dame“Strangers and sojourners no longer.”(Ephesians 2:19)The University of Notre Dame strivesfor a spirit of inclusion among themembers of this community for distinct reasons articulated in our Christian tradition. We prize the uniqueness of all persons as God’s creatures.We welcome all people, regardless ofcolor, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexualorientation, social or economic class,and nationality, for example, preciselybecause of Christ’s calling to treat others as we desire to be treated. We valuegay and lesbian members of this community as we value all members of thiscommunity. We condemn harassmentof any kind, and University policiesproscribe it. We consciously create anenvironment of mutual respect, hospitality and warmth in which none arestrangers and all may flourish.One of the essential tests of socialjustice within any Christian community is its abiding spirit of inclusion.Scriptural accounts of Jesus provide aconstant witness of this inclusiveness.Jesus sought out and welcomed allpeople into the Kingdom of God—the gentile as well as the Jew, womenas well as men, the poor as well asthe wealthy, the slave as well as thefree, the infirm as well as the healthy.The social teachings of the CatholicChurch promote a society founded onjustice and love, in which all personspossess inherent dignity as childrenof God. The individual and collective experiences of Christians havealso provided strong warrants for theinclusion of all persons of good willin their communal living. Christianshave found their life together enrichedby the different qualities of their manymembers, and they have sought to increase this richness by welcoming others who bring additional gifts, talentsand backgrounds to the community.The spirit of inclusion at Notre Dameflows from our character as a community of scholarship, teaching, learningand service founded upon Jesus Christ.As the Word through whom all thingswere made, Christ is the source of theorder of all creation and of the morallaw which is written in our hearts.As the incarnate Word, Christ taughtthe law of love of God and sent theHoly Spirit that we might live lives oflove and receive the gift of eternal life.For Notre Dame, Christ is the law bywhich all other laws are to be judged.As a Catholic institution of higherlearning, in the governance of ourcommon life we look to the teachingof Christ, which is proclaimed in Sacred Scripture and tradition, authoritatively interpreted by Church teaching,articulated in normative understandings of the human person, and continually deepened by the wisdom bornof inquiry and experience. The richheritage of the Catholic faith informsand transforms our search for truthand our understanding of contemporary challenges in higher education.This statement was adopted by theofficers of the University on August27, 1997, in conjunction with anOpen Letter to the Notre Dame community.

15The Graduate SchoolNotre Dame is the world’s pre-eminent Catholic research university, aninstitution with a superb faculty, topgraduate programs, and a commitmentto meaningful research, teaching andservice — all of which combine to offer our graduate students an integratedand ever-widening set of resourcesthat contribute to their formation asthe next generation of academic andprofessional leaders. Students aresupported on their path to successthrough strong faculty mentorshipwithin their programs, a thriving interdisciplinary community of student peers, an advanced professionaldevelopment program, and networkof offices and personnel that focus ongraduate student life outside of theclassroom and laboratory.The Graduate School:Then and NowLocated north of the city of SouthBend, Indiana, the University of NotreDame was founded in 1842 by theRev. Edward F. Sorin, a priest of theCongregation of Holy Cross. The stateof Indiana chartered the University bya special act of the legislature. Combining the style of the French “college”and the seminary where Father Sorinand his congregational fellows studied for the priesthood, Notre Damebegan as both a secondary school and afour-year college offering the baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts. It soonadapted to the style and structure ofthe typical nineteenth-century American university, introducing a sciencecurriculum in 1865, the first AmericanCatholic law school in 1869, an engineering college in 1873, the beginnings of a distinctive graduate programin the early 1900s, and a college ofbusiness in 1921. The North CentralAssociation first accredited the University in 1913. Notre Dame first beganto award advanced degrees in 1918;the Graduate School was instituted in1944.The mission of the Graduate School isto promote a graduate community thatpositions all scholars for success. Webelieve in a holistic training model,and provide services and opportunities that support the development ofthe mind, the body, and the spirit,with the goal of producing scholarswho will serve as forces for good in theworld. The Graduate School is led bythe Dean of the Graduate School, whoalso holds the title of Vice Presidentand Associate Provost. A team ofAssociate Deans and a dedicated staffwork in partnership with the collegesand departments to administer theprograms and resources to assist graduate s

Literature Theology Biblical Studies* Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity—Hebrew Bible and Judaica, New Testament and Early Church Early Christian Studies* History of Christianity—Early Church, Medieval Studies, Reformation Studies, Modern Studies Liturgical Studies Master of Arts (Summer) Moral Theology/Christian Ethics Studies in .

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