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Ashley Road DepotCommunity EngagementNov 2021adWatermead Wayk RoelocHavorth)oad (NRwiePark VHarrisAcademyadett RoParkViewRoad(West)DowsdoayRhleAsCarew RoadDown Lane ParkTransforming the Ashley Road Depot siteA big ‘thank you!’ to everyone who gave their feedback toour first round of engagement with the community aboutour proposals for an exciting new housing and green spacedevelopment on the current site of the Ashley Road Depot.Haringey Council is proposing to build 275 new homes,including 138 new council homes for local residents. We willalso demolish the Depot’s boundary wall, where possible.Wider pavements will be created along with new walkingand cycling routes to Down Lane Park, and plant new treesand grassy play spaces, drawing the park into the site.We are very grateful for all your feedback: we receivedhundreds of individual comments. On pages 4 and 5, youwill see how your views are helping to shape the future ofthese plans. We are now keen to get your specific opinionson one of the key issues raised by residents: the proposednew green spaces and safer streets, please see pages 5and 6 for more information. But we also want to hear anyfurther thoughts you have on these proposals. Please makesure you send us your views by Tuesday 4 January 2022.1

Building more council homes for the local communityFor many of those in greatest need, a councilrent home offers the only real chance ofputting down roots in our community. HaringeyCouncil is committed to building new councilhomes to help tackle the borough’s housingcrisis, especially as we have more than2,800 households currently in temporaryaccommodation with no permanent home.At Ashley Road Depot, we propose building275 new homes, including 138 new councilhomes. The development will include greenerstreets, play areas, and create new links toDown Lane Park.The new council homes will be a mixture of one,two, three and four bedrooms, enabling largerfamilies to find appropriate-sized homes.The new council homes will compriseapproximately 60% of the habitable roomsin the development homes. The incomegenerated from the sale of the private homeson the site will be used to fund the building ofthe council homes on Ashley Road Depot andelsewhere across Haringey.All the new homes will be well-insulated,helping cut residents’ energy bills and reducecarbon emissions.There will be 13 buildings on the site, with mostbetween 4 and 7 storeys height. Two buildingsimmediately facing the park on Ashley Road willbe 10 and 13 storeys respectively.elocHav4AB77Carew RoadDown Lane Park210Phase 1 ofengagement doneOctober 2021Current phase 2:Detailed design/public engagementPlanning submissionEarly 2022 Retain mature trees on the edgeof the site and plant more treesalong new streets and spacesImprove and enhance localbiodiversity and ecology throughlandscaped streets and spacesthat connect directly into DownLane ParkPlay spaces will be provided forchildren, and green spaces for allresidents to meet and sitNew homes Parking provisionadRoey74413hlAsParkViewRoad(West)adett Ro4CHarrisAcademy3Watermead Wayadk RoDows52LandscapeFollowing resident feedback, heightsalong Park View Road North havebeen reduced from 5 to 4 storeys tominimise the impact to the 2 storeysterraced houses.)rthad (NooRwiePark V41Key facts: Ashley Road Depot proposalYou can find more details about our homebuilding programme view showing proposed building heights5Project summaryWe have increased the height in themiddle section of Block C which isset back a fair distance away fromexisting two storey homes. 41 car parking bays including eightfor blue badge usersUnder our proposals new residentswithout an allocated parking baywill not be allowed a permit for thenearby controlled parking zone. Thiswill prevent parking pressure beingplaced on the surrounding areaSecure cycle parking for residentsand additional visitor cycle parkingon the new streetsUp to 275 homes are proposed aspart of the redevelopment of thedepotThis will include 138 council renthomes for local residents onHaringey Council’s housing waitinglist. The remaining homes will beavailable for sale with the incomegenerated used to build new councilhomes on the site and acrossHaringeyA new cafe, shop or space forcommunity use could also beprovided on the developmentSustainable development The development will beconstructed to ensure it meetsHaringey Council’s zero carbontargetsThis will mean low heating bills forall new homesSustainable urban drainagesolutions along the streets toreduce flood risk3

You said, we are listening14How will people walk and cyclethrough the scheme?As part of the proposals, we will demolish the Depot’s wallwhere appropriate, widen the pavement on Park View Road,and create new pedestrian and cycle routes through the site toDown Lane Park. This was a key ask from the community and wewill ensure it is delivered!2I live next to the site; how willthis affect me?What are the proposals forDown Lane Park?6Haringey Council is building new council homes to help tacklethe borough’s housing crisis: we have over 11,000 householdson our Housing Register. At Ashley Road Depot site, we areproposing some taller buildings, but we have put these furthestfrom Park View Road to minimise their impact on neighbouringstreets. A total of 275 new homes, including 138 new councilhomes are proposed. For more, see:www.ashleyroaddepot.commonplace.is23In response to community feedback, Haringey Council willbe launching the next stage of work on the Down Lane Parkimprovements as a flag-ship co-design project, starting in theNew Year. This will involve the active participation of the localcommunity to shape the design of the park, which is centralto the community and change taking place across TottenhamHale, including the Ashley Road Depot site development. Forinformation and updates please register ne-parkimprovement-project2811 CBA526Is the underpass going to be improved?7The road junction of Havelock Road andPark View Road is dangerous;how will you change that?As part of the Ashley Road Depot development, this junctionwill be re-designed to make it safer and easier for pedestriansand cyclists.43Please explain the parking provision andissues related to air quality?New residents will not be allowed CPZ permits for thesurrounding streets, as the council’s policy is to reduce car useand promote sustainable travel options. There will be securecycle stores for residents and visitors, following feedback weunderstand that more cycle storage is a key demand from thecommunity. We will be seeking to increase cycle storageas a result!7Following the first consultation event, we have reduced theheights, from 5 to 4 storeys, along Park View Road North,north of block B. This will minimise the impact to the 2 storeysterraced houses. To compensate this, we have increased theheights from 4 to 5 storeys along Park View Road North, northof block C. This building is set further back from the road andadjacent to Harris Academy. We are also closely examining thetypes of materials and other aspects of the building to ensure itfits in with the local character of the area. You can see more at:www.ashleyroaddepot.commonplace.is4Do the buildings have to be that tall?Do we need so many homes in this area?5We received a lot of feedback about improving the underpassnear the Ashley Road Depot site. As part of the proposals,we are creating new, greener and more accessible linksbetween Down Lane Park and Park View Road, linking upwith the Council’s Colour Way project to connect onwardsto Tottenham Marshes. The Colour Way will improve theunderpass and its approaches through physical works andcolourful artworks to assist wayfinding. For more informationvisit: www.parkviewunderpass.commonplace.isWill the new scheme cause‘rat-running’?8No, the new streets will not be through routes for cars; onlypedestrians and cyclists will be able to cross and walk throughthe site. Instead, there will be controlled access (bollards) forresident car parking and for other service vehicles.5

We want your views on our green space and safer street plansNew and safe entrance to park3Dowsett RoadImproved access to Down Lane Parkt)Wesd(2Park LanePark21ViewRoaAn entrance square is proposed to create a safe and attractivespace. Places to sit, additional low level planting, cycle parkingand a possible cafe spill out area are proposed for this space.Ashley Road North3(North)Residential LanePark View RoadSafe spaces and courtyards for children to play in4DownLane ParkStreets and courtyards will be designed to create naturaland formal play areas for a range of age groups.4Ashley Road SouthAshley Road1Residents told us they wanted more detailon our green spaces and safer street plans.What do you think of these proposals?Could they be improved or enhanced?Let us know your thoughts(see back page for details).A shared surface Park Lane will provide easier access andconnections for pedestrians and cyclists into the park.Homes and their front gardens will open onto this street.6This is a street designed for pedestrians and cyclists and willnot be a through route for cars. There will be controlled access(bollards) for resident car parking and for other service vehicles.7

Have your say.We want your views!You are invited to attend our secondin-person community engagement eventSaturday 4 December, from 10am to 2pm atLiving Under One Sun Community Café and Hub.Bowling Green and PavilionDown Lane Park, Park View RoadLondon, N17 9EXWe are also holding two online engagement events, where thearchitects and project team will outline the proposals and take questions.Online event 1:Wednesday 8 December from 1pmOnline event 2:Monday 13 December from 6pmTeams link: link: your viewsYou can also find information and provideyour feedback at:www.ashleyroaddepot.commonplace.isIf you require further information, contactour team using the details below.020 8489 ensure we receive your feedbackby Tuesday 4 January 2022.8We want to hear your views about ourproposals. We will consider all your commentsand feedback prior to submitting a planningapplication to the Local Planning Authority atthe London Borough of Haringey in early 2022.The community engagement period runsfrom Monday 29 November 2021 to Tuesday4 January 2021. We are holding severalengagement events, both online and in-person.You can find out more details aboutthe proposals and leave comments at:www.ashleyroaddepot.commonplace.isor by sending back the attached questionnairein the pre-paid reply envelope, enclosed.

The new council homes will be a mixture of one, two, three and four bedrooms, enabling larger families to find appropriate-sized homes. The new council homes will comprise approximately 60% of the habitable rooms in the development homes. The income generated from the sale of the private homes on the site will be used to fund the building of

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