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Quarterly LARP Monitoring ReportMarch – May 2017Part 1 of 2: [Pages 1-30]Project Number: Loan 2817-INOINO: Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP)Prepared by Directorate General of Highways for the Asian Development Bank

NOTESThis social monitoring report is a document of the borrower. The views expressedherein do not necessarily represent those of ADB's Board of Directors, Management, orstaff, and may be preliminary in nature. Your attention is directed to the terms of usesection of this website. In preparing any country program or strategy, financing anyproject, or by making any designation of or reference to a particular territory orgeographic area in this document, the Asian Development Bank does not intend tomake any judgments as to the legal or other status of any territory or area.

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017TABLE OF CONTENTSABBREVIATIONS . ii1.2.3.4.INTRODUCTION . 11.1Background. 11.2Timelines . 31.3Land Clearance/Civil Works Schedules . 41.4Funds Availability and Sourcing and Limitations to LARP Implementation . 5GENERAL PROGRESS IN LARP IMPLEMENTATION . 72.1West Kalimantan. 72.2East Java . 112.3Central Java . 11OUT STANDING ISSUES ON RESETTLEMENT, CORRESPONDING PLANOF ACTION AND STATUS. 133.1West Kalimantan. 133.2North Kalimantan . 143.3East Java . 143.4Central Java . 14OTHER CONCERNS AND NOTATIONS . 174.1Internal and External Monitoring . 174.2Disclosure, Consultation, Participation, and Grievance . 174.3Contractor Workforce . 17LISTOF TABLESTable 1Summary of Subprojects - Description by Region and CorrespondingSocial Safeguard Document . 1Table 2Key Time lines Associated with Social Safeguards Imperatives . 3Table 3General Progress in Land Clearance and Civil Works as of May 2017 . 4Table 4LARP Budget and Source of Funds Made Available . 5Table 5Additional AHs along Sta 0 00 to 3 400 . 9Table 6List of AHs, Their Losses and Alternative Compensation (Package:Simanggaris –Serudong (Bts. Negara) . 10Table 7List of AHs, Their Losses and Alternative Compensation (Package :Sp.3 Apas-Simanggaris (Section 1). 10Table 8List of AHs, Their Losses and Alternative Compensation (Package :Sp.3 Apas-Simanggaris (Section 2). 11i

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017LIST OF APPENDICESAppendix 1Project Information Booklet DisclosureAppendix 2Comparison of Compensation Amount Provided by Sambas LG andAmount Indicated in the Approved RPAppendix 3Income Restoration Program Allocated by Sambas LG in 2017Appendix 4List of AHs Compensated by Bulungan District 2014 and 2015Appendix 5List of Local Labor Hired by the ContractorsABBREVIATIONSADD:Anggaran Dana Desa (Allocation of Village Funds)APBN:Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara (National Budget)APBD:Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah (Local GovernmentBudget)IOL:Indentifikasi dan Inventarisasi Obyek Pengadaan Tanah (Inventoryof Losses)JLSS:Jalan Lintas Selatan Selatan (Southern South Corridor)LAC:Panitia Pengadaan Tanah (Land Acquisition Committee )PIB:Booklet Informasi Proyek (Project Information Booklet)P2MKM:Pembangunan Perumahan Masyarakat Kurang Mampu (HousingDevelopment Aid to the Underprivileged Society)PRONA:Proyek Operasi Nasional Agraria (National Agrarian OperationsProject)RKA:Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran (Work Plan and Budgeting)SKPD:Satuan Kerja Pemerintah Daerah (Local Government Unit)SES:Survey Sosial Ekonomi (Socio Economic Survey)ii

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 20171.INTRODUCTION1.The Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP) is being implemented in fourprovinces of Indonesia, namely West and North Kalimantan; Central and East Java,envisaged to address important national or strategic road corridors in northern Kalimantanand southern Java to encourage economic growth in the less developed and poorer areasof Indonesia. The rehabilitation, capacity expansion and new construction of roads willimprove connectivity and access to services. Specifically, improved road infrastructure insouthern Java is necessary for increased economic growth to improve access to marketsand to attract investment in that area. Road network development in Kalimantan will ensurethat economic development will occur in less developed and remote areas.2.The Project is a four-year undertaking by the Director General of Highways (DGH orDitjen Bina Marga) of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (MPWPH) purposelyto rehabilitate, improve or newly construct about 476 km of roads and bridges where of the476 km sub project roads, about 3,860 m will involve rehabilitation or replacement of bridgesand 40 km will be construction of new roads in agricultural areas with existing earthen tracksin some sections.3.Project financing is with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the IslamicDevelopment Bank (IDB) as approved 24 November 2011 by the ADB Board. TheGovernment of Indonesia and ADB signed the loan agreement on 07 May 2012. The ADBfinanced component covers 399 km of road (3,390 of which are bridges) while the IDBfinanced component includes 77 km of road (470 m of which are bridges).1.1Background4.RRDP is divided in to eleven (11) construction packages. Land Acquisition andResettlement Plans (LARP) were prepared in October 2011 and uploaded on to the ADBwebsite (Table 1).Table 1NoSummary of Subprojects - Description by Region and CorrespondingSocial Safeguard DocumentPackage NoProject Name *Length(km)*DistrictType of WorksSafeguardDocumentCENTRAL JAVA1CW-0124-RCP-01Tambakmulya Wawar38.46KebumenWidening, newroad resurfacingand new bridgeconstruction2CW-0224-RCP-02Giriwoyo - Duwet23.75WonogiriNew road,reconstruction,widening andreconstructionbridge3CW-0324-RCP-03Wawar - Congot14.13PurworejoLARP(October 2011)N/A **Widening andresurfacingEASTJAVA4CW-0428-RCP-01AJolosutro - Sendangbiru21.3MalangNew roadconstructionincluding raisinggradeand newbridgeconstructionLARP(October 2011)1

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017NoPackage NoLength(km)*5CW-0530-RCP-01Sosok - TayanTanjung - Batas KotaSanggau79.2Sanggau6CW-0630-RCP-02Singkawang - Tebas29.8Singkawang& SambasSambas Bypass6.1Project Name *DistrictType of WorksSafeguardDocumentWEST KALIMANTAN7CW-0730-RCP-03Tanjung Harapan Galing20.01Sambas - TanjungHarapan (missing link)12.3Reconstructionand resurfacing(direct overlay)LARP(October 2011)Reconstruction,widening andresurfacingLARP(October 2011)Reconstructionand resurfacingRP(February 2017)Reconstructionand resurfacingLARP(October 2011)SambasSp. Tanjung-Galing(Section-1 and 2)40.91Aruk (Bts. Serawak)-Sp.Tanjung11.13SambasNORTH KALIMANTAN8CW-0834-RCP-01Tanjung Selor - Sp.3Tanjung Palas34.82BulunganReconstruction,decreasing gradeand resurfacing65.03BulunganReconstruction, decreasinggrade andresurfacingSp Tanjung - SekatakBuji (Section-1)9CW-0934-RCP-02Sp. 3 Tanjung Palas Sekatak Buji (Section-2)10CW-1034-RCP-03Sp. 3 Apas Simaranggis asing gradeandreconstruction11CW-1134-RCP-04Sp.3 Apas Simaranggis (Section-2)27.15NunukanSimaranggis - BtsNegara (Sendong)20.60Widening,decreasing gradeandreconstructionLARP (October2011)Note:*) For some road sections, the name and length in the LARP document are different (because it wasprepared based on the initial design. In the QLARP the name and length are refer to the contractdocument.**) All of payment have been completed for CW 02 and CW 03 far before the loan signed, no safeguarddocument was prepared. Due diligence report is prepared by CTC in February 2017 to see thecompliance with ADB Safeguard.5.As stipulated in the Loan Agreement:Schedule 5, Para 5: The Borrower shall, and shall cause the ProjectExecuting Agency to ensure that any involuntary resettlement and / oractivities impacting ethnic minorities be carried out in accordance with theagreed LARAPs, ADB Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS), and theBorrower’s relevant laws. In case of differences between Borrower’s lawsand regulations and the SPS, the SPS shall prevail. In case of suchinvoluntary resettlement, the Borrower shall ensure (a) the Project ExecutingAgency shall be responsible for internal monitoring of resettlement activities,including engagement of an external monitoring agency 1 month beforecommencement of the resettlement activities. The internal and externalmonitoring reports shall be submitted to ADB every quarter and uploaded on2

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017DGH's website within 2 weeks of their submission; and such monitoring andreporting activities shall be carried out until resettlement has beencompleted; and (b) the timely provision of counterpart funds for resettlementin order to satisfy the requirements and objectives of resettlement.Schedule 5, Para 8: The Borrower shall, and shall cause the ProjectExecuting Agency to ensure that ADB’s SPS requirements are applied andimplemented for all Project components regardless of financing source.6.As such, internal monitoring reports are prepared to determine the extent the LARPdocuments have been implemented in the field and identify constraints and problemsencountered during the implementation process. Specifically, this report intends to coverthe following concerns: Compensation and/or other entitlements are provided as per Final LARP, withno discrimination according to gender, vulnerability, or any other factor; Livelihood restoration measures are designed and implemented includingmodifications in the programs and provision of additional cash and in-kindassistance to the participating affected households as and when necessary; Public information, public consultation and grievance redress procedures arefollowed as described in the Final LARP; Capacity of AP to re-store/re-establish livelihoods and living standards. Specialattention given to severely affected and vulnerable households. Affected public facilities and infrastructure are restored promptly; and The transition between relocation or site clearing and commencement of civilworks is smooth and that sites are not handed over for civil works until affectedhouseholds have been satisfactorily compensated, assisted and relocated.1.2Timelines7.Key time lines (Table 2) are pertinent to note under social safeguards as Projectmanagement transitions to more relevant and comprehensive documentation offorthcoming monitoring periods.Table 2Year2010Key Time lines Associated with Social Safeguards ImperativesActivity/MilestoneDetailed design of all eleven (11) sub projects completed by DGH in December 2010.Feasibility20115 LARPs preparedLoan approval by ADB Board on 24 November 20112012The Government of Indonesia and ADB signed the loan agreement on 07 May 2012.DGH updated the detailed design completed by Directorate of Technical Affairs (orBintek, DGH) in May 2012.2013External monitoring conducted for all LARPs2014The Core Team Consultant (Renardet) was mobilized on March 20142 Monitoring reports produced20152 Monitoring reports produced; the 2nd being from Dec 2015 – Feb 2016Request for contract addendum in West Kalimantan requiring new LARPs.20165 Monitoring reports produced: edited and resubmitted: Sep - Nov 2015 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report3

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017 20171.3Dec 2015 - Feb 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring ReportMarch - May 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring ReportJune - Aug 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring ReportSep - Nov 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report Dec 2016 - Feb 2017 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report Final LARP for Sambas - Tanjung Harapan (Missing Link) was sent to ADB in Feb2017; and also approved in Feb 2017 Due Diligence on Central Java Packages (Feb 2017)Land Clearance/Civil Works Schedules8.Table 3 provides a summary of affected households as monitored viz-a-viz landclearing within the Civil Works being conducted within the Project sites during themonitoring period.9.As reported in the previous monitoring report, there were several private propertieswithin the existing ROW of Simpang Tanjung - Aruk section in CW-07. CTC need toidentify potentially affected households and prepare a short RP. The number of AHs willbe updated once the short Resettlement Plan for this segment is completed.Table 3General Progress in Land Clearance and Civil Works as of May 2017SectionNo. of Ahs Eligiblefor Compensation/Allowance/Assistance*Dates for Civil WorksRelocatingHouseholdsCENTRAL JAVA1,24031CW-01: TambakmulyoWawar1,23031Date ofContractCommencementof Oct-13EASTJAVA54CW-04:Jolosutro- Sendangbiru54WESTKALIMANTAN702CW-05:Sosok – Tayan.Tanjung – Batas KotaSanggau369CW-06Tebas - SingkawangSambas BypassGaling - TanjungHarapan230Sambas – TanjungHarapan88CW-07Sp. Tanjung-Galing(Section-1 and 2)1515-Jan-1515-Jun-1514 Nov 201328 Aug 201517 Dec 201315 March2017*26-Nov-134-Dec-1310-Apr-1614-Jun-1815 Dec 20165-Jun-17Aruk (Bts. Serawak)-Sp.Tanjung4

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017NORTH KALIMANTANCW-08:Tanjung Selor–Sp 3Tanjung PalasSp. Tanjung – SekatakBuji (Sec-1)CW-09:Sp 3 Tanjung Palas- Sekatak Buji ep-142-Mar-17CW-10:Sp Tiga Apas –Simanggaris (Sec-1)4211-Apr-1410-Jul-1425-Mar-17CW-11:Sp Tiga Apas –Simanggaris (Sec-2)Simanggaris – BatasNegara (Serudong)32111-Apr-141-Oct-1428-Sep-17GRAND TOTAL206934Note :ADB approved in-principle, the inclusion of the road section connecting Sambas-TanjungHarapan (missing link, length 12.8 km) under CW-06. The Resettlement Plan was approved in February2017; and subsequently the Civil Works were formally included under Addendum No. 3 for which ADBNOL was issued on 15 March 2017.1.4Funds Availability and Sourcing and Limitations to LARP Implementation10. Table 4 summarizes availability and source of funds for LARP implementation andthe associated cost. LARP budget is drawn from national budget. In both Kalimantan andJava provinces, timely release of funds was a constraint despite assurances from localgovernments.11. In Central Java Lot 2: CW-02 (Griwoyo-Duwet) is currently experiencing constraintsthat may impinge on progress of civil works in as much as 7 Ahs refuse to accept thecompensation package now kept with the court. One package in West Kalimantan requirethe preparation of short RP as the severe not covered in the original LARPs produced in2011.Table 4LARP Budget and Source of Funds Made AvailablePackage/LocationCW-01: Tambakmulyo-WawarLARP Budget (Rp)32,664,539,141.00CW-02: Griwoyo-DuwetNo AccessCW-03:Wawar–Congot12,248,349,710.00Source of FundingAPBD Central JavaProvince and Kebumen District (2006up to 2012 fiscal year) and APBD2016Fiscal Year of Kebumen District foradditional 26 AHsAPBD of Wonogiri DistrictAPBD of Purworejo District (2005 up to2007 fiscal year)CW-04: Jolosutro–Sendangbiru1,549,500,000.00CW-05: Sosok – Tayan.Tanjung – Batas Kota Sanggau2,741,013,375.00APBD West Kalimantan province ,2012-13 fiscal year3,497,610,375.00APBD of Sambas District 2011 fiscalyearWill be assessedAPBN of DGH 2017 fiscal yearCW-06: Tebas - SingkawangSambas BypassGaling - Tanjung HarapanCW-07: Sp Tanjung – GalingAruk (Bts. Serawak) – Sp TanjungAPBD Malang District start from 2011fiscal year5

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017CW-06 Sambas – Tanjung HarapanCW-08: Tanjung Selor– Sp 3Tanjung Palas, Sp 3Tanjung Palas–Sekatak Buji (Sec-1)2,636,373,3294.00439,648,437.00APBD of Sambas District 20117 fiscalyearAPBD of Bulungan District 2014-2015fiscal yearCW-09: Sp 3 Tanjung Palas – SekatakBuji (Sec-2)CW-10: Sp TigaApas–Simanggaris(Sec-1)No cash compensationCW-11: Sp Tiga Apas – Simanggaris(Sec-2) Simanggaris –Batas Negara(Serudong)Source : LARP 2011, RP 2017 for CW-O6 Sambas – Tj Harapan(missing link) and Due Diligence Report forCentral Java Package 20176

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 20172.GENERAL PROGRESS IN LARP IMPLEMENTATION2.1West Kalimantan12. Monitoring of LARP implementation of road packages in West Kalimantan wasconducted during 5-10 April, 2017.13. Sosok-Tayan; Tanjung – Batas Kota Sanggau. Payment of compensation to theaffected households (AHs) has been implemented by the Government of Sanggau on2013 and 2014. The existing ROW in this road section was 30 m, so no private land willbe affected. The unit cost for stuctures are calculated based on determination of theappraisal team and negotiation with the AHs on August 2012. In the first payment ofcompensation, the LAC applied depreciation of age and structure when calculated thecompensation which this practice was not comply with the entitlement in the approvedresettlement plan. According to the resettlement plan, payment of compensation oraffected asset should be based on the full replacement cost. However in December 2013,the depreciation amount have been paid to AHs by the LAC, to make it comply with theproject policy. The local government have implemented income restoration program tothe affected households. The programs was integrated with the local government’sprograms for economic empowerment delivered since 2013. The CTC will closely monitorthe programs implementation to get clear picture of participation the affected persons inthe program.14. Tebas-Singkawang-Sambas Bypass; Galing - Tanjung Harapan ; Aruk (Bts.Serawak)-Sp. Tanjung. Compensation value of affected asset was determined by theRegent's Decision based on the assessment of Data Collection and Negotiation Team forAwarding Compensation of Provincial and National Roads Improvement. According to theimplementation report, all compensation payment for AHs in Sambas District have beencompleted in 2011, while payment for additional AHs located in Singkawang City waspaid in December 2015 (see QLARP Dec 2015 to February 2016).15. Tanjung Harapan – Sambas (Missing Link). Originally, the road section connectingSambas - Tanjung Harapan in West Kalimantan located between packages CW-06 andCW- 07 was not included under the Project as this was intended to be implementedunder RRDP II. However, to ensure connectivity of the road sections in West Kalimantan,this section was subsequently proposed to be included under the current RRDP. ADBtherefore approved the inclusion of this section under a contract variation of packageCW-06 on 15 June 2016, with condition that the original LARP (produced in October2011) will need to be updated. The Detailed Measurement Survey (DMS) was carried outfrom 2-5 August 2016 by the Core Team Consultant (CTC) safeguard team incollaboration with the Local Government of Sambas District. The updated RP for themissing link was approved by ADB on 28 February 2017, and disclosure to the affectedpersons was conducted in April 2017.16. Disclosure in the form of distribution of PIB was conducted during CTC safeguardfield visit. Prior to the distribution of PIB, the team (DSC, PPK Staff and Contractor) held asocialization visit to the village officials and some AHs in the village office explainedcontent of the PIB in detail. CTC also attended that socialization (see Photo 1 inAppendix 1). Distribution of PIB continued by the contractor to all AHs. The safeguardteam found that compensation payment for affected structures in two villages (Kartiyasaand Sepadu) have been delivered in December 2016, before the RP was approved, andthe backup of payment was given by Dinas Bina Marga and Tata Ruang to the team.According to the backup, compensation amount paid was much lower than the amountindicated in the approved RP. Comparison of the compensation amount provided by theLG and the amount indicated in the approved RP are shown in Appendix 2. The SambasLG/Bappeda also informed that IRP for additional packages have been allocated byseveral agencies in their APBD 2017 (copy of RKA are shown in Appendix 3). Most of7

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017the access concrete bridges to houses have been built by the Contractor as perentitlement in the approved RP.17. Simpang Tanjung - Aruk. As reported in the previous Monitoring Report,considering longer process to get permit or release status of protection forest, the DGHdecided in February 2017 to change it back into 2 lanes and the construction will be donein the existing 14 meters of the ROW.18. According to the initial measurement done by the DSC and the Contractor, it wasreported that there are several assets belong to local people found in the ROW of thesaid segment. Identification of potential affected assets wil be conducted and a shortResettlement Plan will be prepared by the CTC Safeguard Team and will be reported inthe next Quarterly Monitoring Report.2.2.North Kalimantan19. Site visit to all packages in North Kalimantan was carried out by CTC SafeguardTeam on 13-17 March 2017. According to the monitoring there are no significant progressof the pending issues related with the LARP as reported in the previous monitoring report.20. Bulungan. There are 2 packages in Bulungan District specifically CW-08 34-RCP01 and CW-09 34-RCP-02. The LG Bulungan assigned a team from PRONA to the LandCertification Program to provide new Certificates for the AHs as per project loss. Inaccordance with the new regulation, target end of compensation was by end of 2015 afterwhich the project ownership is transferred from DGH to the Local Government. As of thismonitoring period, the team got information from the Secretary of Bappeda Bulungan thatLocal Government of Bulungan District had a budget cut for land certification program,because until the end of 2016, the land ownership data of AHs is still being processed bythe village and sub-district. So, there is no evidence of land ownership which will be usedas the basis of land certification in accordance with applicable provisions.21. Compensation. Compensation for AHs has been completed at a rate of 98.37%.Project impacts revolve around loss of crops and structure, none on land. There are 123AHs and up to the end of 2014, the LG has paid compensation for 80 AHs. By the end ofDecember 2015, the LG paid compensation for 121 AHs (See Appendix 4). Asmentioned in the previous monitoring report,there are 2 AHs have not received the cashcompensation for their affected strucuture, i.e. Mr. Dwi Sugiyanto (location in PancaAgung Village) and Mr. Suryanto (location in Sekatak Bengara Village). As of thismonitoring period (specifically 13-17 March), it was reported that Mr. Dwi Sugiyanto have been agree compensation of affected fuel shop will begiven in the form of backfilling and compacting of his yard to be used as carparking for the guests who coming to his house which now run as a hotel. Partof his house now rented as a hotel. Mr. Suryanto still had not agree with the compensation determined by theCommitte and demanded for more. Therefore according to PPK Staff (Pak Andi)and Contractor, they have made adjustmen of the design on that location, nodrainage was built but the contractor filled both sides of his affected area withembankment so that its surface is level with the road surface. Mr. Suyanto haveagreed with this adjusment.22. Since the letter Issued by Secretary of Bulungan stated compensation to householdsaffected by RRDP have been completed, the AHs along Sta 0 000 to 3 400 which werenot covered by the LG were handled by the Contractor. Based on the consultation, theAHs agreed compensation was given in the form of rebuilding of their affected assets.Table 5 provides the detailed name, location and type of compensation.8

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017Table 5Name of AHsAdditional AHs along Sta 0 00 to 3 400LocationType of CompensationBay TasuSta 0 030 (L)Rebulit access to his houseDengencawSta 0 098 (L)Rebulit access to his houseIhin BalangSta 0 100 (L)Rebulit access to his houseSerka PaneSta 0 175Lirin ImangSta 0 507 (L)Rebulit access to his houseTus O AjangSta 0 816 (L)Rebulit access to his houseMentaniSta 0 025 (R)Rebulit access to his houseDaud ParenSta 0 062 (R)Rebulit access to his houseSurang ApulSta 0 100 (R)Rebulit access to his houseLiet GangSta 1 278 (L)Rebulit access to his houseSimson GaletSta 1 277 (R)Rebulit access to his houseJunaediSta 1 400 (L)Rebulit access to his houseDrs Frankie AranPerminasSta 2 000Sta 3 400 (L)Rebuillt access to his house and assisting demolition ofpartly affected car washBuild foundation of the access road to his houseBuild a retaining wall in front of his house to preventlandslides23. As of this monitoring period, one AH namely Eliezar location in sta 17 000 rejectedtheir land to be used for project (for drainage). Therefore the design was optimized usingthe existing ROW by shifted the road allignment/centre line to the right and theycontstruct unpaved drainage ditch.24. Income Restoration. Secretary Bappeda Bulungan District further explained thatsince they have limitation on budget, the LG will be more focussed to allocate budget fordevelopment infrastructure, and cut budget of program to address income restoration.The safeguard team need to closely communicate with other possible program for theIRP from other Local Government agencies.25. Nunukan. For Nunukan District, there is no compensation for affected land, cropsand structure. Packages CW-10 and CW-11 are almost entirely within Palm OilPlantation. Ownership of these assets are largely corporate and some individualProperty. The road is flanked by palm oil plantation in both sides. Entitlements includeassistance in moving the crops, provision of access road and “Tapak Rumah”. TheContractor assists the AHs to prepare their land in terms of excavation or backfilling soAHs can rebuild their houses or other structures. CTC have been determined cost forTapak Rumah (see QLARPJune-August 2016 para 24) and found these to be more thansatisfactorily addressing compensation rates as demonstrated in the table 6 to table 8below.9

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP), ADB Loan 2817-INOQuarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March – May 2017Table 6List of AHs, Their Losses and Alternative Compensation (Package:Simanggaris –Serudong (Bts. Negara)Table 7List of AHs, Their Losses and Alternative Compensation (Package : Sp.3Apas-Simanggaris (Section 1)Stage 1NO. Name of 14 000 - 14 20014 650 - 14 85021 225 - 21 45033 900 - 33 975RRRRNo ofAffectedOil PalmTrees757322Unit Rate ompensation ofAffected Trees(Rp)AlternativeCompensationLenght(M)Access to Their House1,631,186.691,165,133.35 Access to Their PlantationAccess to Their House1,631,186.69Access to Their House699,080.015,126,586.7475755075Width Depth(M) (M)40202550Volume( M3 ) RateTotal Cost to Build (Rp)( M3/Rp ,000558,797,125.00Balanced ,670,538.26Tahap 3NO. Name of ngDidingAcongStaPosition34 225 - 34 37534 325 - 34 45034 700 - 34 70034 850 - 35 00034 950 - 35 07541 300 - 41 62542 175 - 42 35043 575 - 42 62542 625 - 42 72542 725 - 42 75042 800 - 42 90042 900 - 43 15043 150 - 43 32543 225 - 43 27543 325 - 43 40043 400 - 43 47544 300 - 44 45044 400 - 44 45045 275 - 45 500LLRRLRRLRLLLLRLLRLLNo of

Quarterly LARP Monitoring Report, March - May 2017 4 Dec 2015 - Feb 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report March - May 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report June - Aug 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report Sep - Nov 2016 Quarterly Internal Monitoring Report

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