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TABLE OF CONTENTSAcademic Dishonesty.19Academic Freedom and Responsibility.14Adding a Class.49Adding Classes- Procedures and Deadlines.76Assistance for Students.14Auditing.14Bachelor's Degree Worksheet.25California State University .78Changes to Course Delivery due to COVID-19.43Changing Your Grading Basis or Number of Units.69Class Attendance.15College Advisement Offices.6Common Errors with Adding Classes.72Library Hours.18Major Advisement.5Mathematics.34Math GE Requirements For AY 2021-22.33Minicourses and Shortcourses– Spring 2022.42Music.35Nondiscrimination Policy.18Open University Enrollment.18Operational Plans with COVID-19 .43Parking Information for Spring 2022.36Plus/Minus Grading.27Repeat Policy.19Schedule of Classes and Explanation of Code.36Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor.20Confidentiality and Your Student Information.5Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Misconduct Policy.20Continuous Enrollment - Graduate Students with Masters'Degree Objectives.15Smoking Policy.23Spring 2022 Registration.39Continuous Enrollment of Teaching CredentialCandidates.15Spring 2022 Semester Calendar.3Course Syllabi.15Student Account Information.37COVID-19 Immunization Requirement.78Degree Candidates.16Department Placement Exams.33Discrimination/ Harassment/ Title IX/ ADA Complaints.5Dropping a Class.57Dropping Classes- Procedures and Deadlines.77Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).25Fee Payment Deadline (All Students).37Fees and Debts Owed to the Institution.24Final Examination for Spring 2022 .28Financial Aid.38General Education Advisement.5Spring 2022 Titan Registration Appointments.75Student HomePage Fluid Navigation Overview.47Swapping a Class.60Titan Online Registration Instructions.39Titan Registration Payment Due Dates.37Titan Scheduler.41Titan Shops- Bookstore.21Title IX.20Transcripts.21Undergraduate Academic Advisement.5Upper-Division Writing Requirement (Undergraduate).35Veterans.21General Education Requirements.35Violence Prevention Education and Confidential AdvocacyServices .20Grade Options.16Voter Registration Information .14Grading Standards in General Education (GE).27Waitlisting.40Graduate Degree Programs and Advisors.9Withdrawal Unauthorized (WU).24Graduate Studies.5Writing Center.24How Do I Access the Student HomePage?.45Immunization Requirements.78Incomplete Authorized (I).16Independent Study.17Internships and Community Engagement.17Leave of Absence.17Spring 2022 Registration Guide2

SPRING 2022 SEMESTER CALENDARNov. 1- Jan. 21January 21TITAN Registration – Registration andChange of Enrollment Procedures byclass level (see Registration pagesfor appointment times).February 14Deadline to file online graduationcheck application for May 2022master's and doctorate degree.February 22Census date.Last day to submit a Late AddRequest.Last day to register without paying 25 late fee.Last day for departments to approveundergraduates candidacy for May2022. ast day for full refund of resident andLnon-resident mandatory fees.January 22I nstruction begins. Late registration(with 25 late fee) begins throughTITAN Online.Feburary 25Last day for undergraduate studentsto pay 115 graduation fee for May2022.January 22-30No signatures required to add or dropmost classes. Add/Drop is throughTITAN Online. See Registrationpages for details on adding anddropping classes.March 1Deadline to apply for graduation toreceive priority fall 2022 registrationApril 6Last day to receive a pro-rated refundof mandatory fees for completewithdrawal from classes.April 22Final deadline to submit a withdrawalrequest from classes with a grade of"W" for a serious non-medical reason. ll permits issued in week two expireAat midnight; Monday, February 7.May 6Final deadline to submit a withdrawalrequest of "W" for medical reasons.Deadline to apply for graduationthrough the student center for May2022 bachelor's degree candidates.May 13Last day of class instruction.May 14-20Semester examinations.May 27, 2022Grades due by noon.All permits issued in week one expireat midnight; Monday, February 7.January 30Last day students will be enrolledfrom waitlist.Jan. 31- Feb. 7Department-issued registrationpermit to register and add all classes.Registration is through TITAN Online.February 6February 7Last day of late registration with 25late fee. Last day to add most classeswith registration permit through TitanOnline. ast day to declare audit and gradingLbasis. See Registration pages fordetails.Last day to drop classes without agrade of "W." See Registration pagesfor details. ast day for refund if status isLreduced from full-time to part-time (6or fewer units).Effective date of graduation for thosecompleting requirements.Spring 2022 grades available in TitanOnline Student Center, as processed.Deadlines listed are for standard length courses.For non-standard length course deadlines, contact theRegistration Helpline at (657) 278-7601. ll permits issued during the first andAsecond week of classes EXPIRE atmidnight.Last day for Excess Units approvalfor graduating seniors.Spring 2022 Registration Guide3

EVENING STUDENTSThe Registration and Records Service Center in thenorth side of Langsdorf Hall (LH-114) is open Monday- Thursday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m.3 p.m. A drop box is located inside the north entranceof Langsdorf Hall to submit documents, if applicable.Deadlines listed in the semester calendar apply. Eveningstudents, or their proxies, must obtain the requiredapprovals.HOLIDAYSDecember 24, 2021- January 2, 2022. Winter RecessCampus closed. No Classes.January 17, 2022.Martin Luther King Jr. DayCampus closed. No Classes.February 21, 2022.President's Day ObservedCampus Closed. No Classes.March 31, 2022. Cesar Chavez DayCampus closed. No Classes.March 28, 2022- April 3, 2022 . Spring RecessCampus open except on Tuesday, March 31. NoClasses.IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR SPRING 2022Classes that meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays, willmeet on the following dates:IMPORTANT NOTICES TO ALLSTUDENTSCSU FEE DISCLAIMERThe CSU makes every effort to keep student costs toa minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or studentaccounts may need to be increased when public funding isinadequate. Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, evenafter fees are initially charged or initial fee payments aremade, to increase or modify any listed fees. All listed fees,other than mandatory system wide fees, are subject tochange without notice, until the date when instruction fora particular semester or quarter has begun. All CSU listedfees should be regarded as estimates that are subjectto change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, theChancellor, or the Presidents, as appropriate. Changes inmandatory system wide fees will be made in accordancewith the requirements of the Working Families StudentFee Transparency and Accountability Act (Sections 66028- 66028.6 of the Education Code).CAMPUS WIDE IDENTIFICATION NUMBERDue to state laws concerning identity theft, CaliforniaState University, Fullerton assigns all students a campuswide ID number (CWID). All university records andaccounts for the student will be identified with the CWID.Each student needs to become familiar with their CWIDnumber for conducting university business and makingacademic inquiries.EMAIL ADDRESSSpring 2022SaturdaysSundaysJanuary22, 2923, 30February5, 12, 19, 266, 13, 20, 27March5, 12, 19, 266, 13, 20, 27April9, 16, 23, 3010, 17, 24Each student has been issued an email addresswhere university messages will be sent to the student. Foradditional information about your email account, contact(657) 278-8888. Many campus offices are utilizing emailas the primary communication mode to the student. Besure to check your CSUF email account on a regularbasis.May7, 14**1, 8, 15**MAILING ADDRESS** Possible final exam.You are required to keep your mailing address, emailaddress, and phone number current with the universityto ensure that you receive all university communications.Your address can be updated online through your TitanOnline Student Center. Your official address on record willbe used for mailing your parking permit. For additionalinformation about parking permits, visit this Registration Guide was prepared on the basis ofthe best information available at the time, all information includingclass meeting times and locations, faculty, course offeringsand statements of fees is subject to change without notice orobligation. The university does not guarantee the availability of aparticular course or section. Enrollment is permitted only until themaximum number of students in a section has been enrolled. ThisRegistration Guide is published by Registration and Records.Spring 2022 Registration Guide4

DISCRIMINATION/ HARASSMENT/TITLE IX/ ADA COMPLAINTSThe University is committed to maintaining a positivelearning, working and living environment free fromdiscrimination, harassment, or retaliation. The CaliforniaState University's Nondiscrimination Policy and SexualHarassment Policy requires compliance from the entirecampus community. Inquiries concerning compliancewith the Nondiscrimination Policy (page 18), SexualHarassment Policy (page 20), or implementing campusprocedures should be directed to the appropriateadministrators that can assist in resolving complaints.For inquiries about discrimination, harassment, andretaliation based on sex, gender, gender expression, orsexual orientation, please contact Sarah Bauer, Title IXCoordinator, CSUF, College Park, Suite 205, (657) 2782121 or visit inquiries about employee-related discrimination,harassment, and retaliation based on a disability ormedical condition, please contact Griselda Marquez,Manager, Workers' Compensation, ADA & Leaves, CSUF,College Park, Suite 700, (657) 278-5187.For student referrals and complaints related to Section504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, please contact LoriPalmerton, Director, Disability Support Services, CSUF,Gordon Hall, Suite 101, (657) 278-3112, inquiries about discrimination, harassment, andretaliation based on a disability or medical condition,please contact Blair Miles, DHR Administrator, CSUF,College Park, Suite 700, (657) 278-4933; or; or U.S Department of Education,Office for Civil Rights, San Francisco Office, 50 BealeStreet, Suite 7200, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-4865555, Fax 415-486-5570, TDD 877-521-2172, of the above policies and student grievanceprocedures are available in the offices of the President(CP-1000), Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs(CP-1000), Vice President for Student Affairs (LH-805),Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion (CP-700),Disability Support Services (GH-101), University PoliceDepartment (UPD-139), College Deans, Office of StudentLife (TSU- 247), Titan Athletics (Titan House), UniversityLibrary Reference Desk (PLN) and WoMen's & AdultReentry Center (GH-205).DISABILITY ACCESSContact the Disability Support Services Office (GH101) if you experience a disability-related barrier withregistration. For additional information, call DSS at (657)278-3112.CONFIDENTIALITY AND YOURSTUDENT INFORMATIONThere have been significant changes to the FamilyEducational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regardingstudents' rights with respect to their educational records.Please refer to pages 25-26 for FERPA information.GRADUATE STUDIESCal State Fullerton offers outstanding opportunitiesfor students to pursue a graduate degree. CSUF offersgraduate degrees, including two doctoral programs, aswell as nine programs entirely online. Please visit for more information and a list ofprograms.UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMICADVISEMENTThe university encourages all students to seekadvisement each semester well in advance of registration.Advisors in each major department and in the AcademicAdvising Center (GH-123B) assist students in makingappropriate course selections and in planning a courseof study. Students have the responsibility for takingadvantage of opportunities for academic advisementprovided by the various university offices and programs.GENERAL EDUCATION ADVISEMENTAcademic Advising is the academic home of theundeclared student. All undergraduate students mayobtain information about the CSUF general educationcurriculum and degree requirements by visiting theAcademic Advising Center in (GH-123B). Advising isoffered on a walk-in and virtual basis Monday throughFriday and all students must run a current copy of theirTitan Degree Audit (TDA) to meet with an academicadvisor.MAJOR ADVISEMENTStudents who have declared a major should consulttheir departmental advisor well in advance of registration.Students who wish to explore the majors offered by aspecific college should contact the appropriate advisementoffice.Spring 2022 Registration Guide5

COLLEGE ADVISEMENT OFFICESCOLLEGE OF THE ARTSDr. Arnold Holland, DeanVA-199(657) 278-3256Dr. Dave Mickey, Associate DeanVA-199(657) 278-3256Dr. Maricela Alvarado, Assistant DeanVA-280A(657) 278-4108Dr. Sridhar Sundaram, DeanSGMH 3100G(657) 278-8274Dr. Jenny Zhang, Associate Dean, Academic Programs and StudentSuccessSGMH-3100F(657) 278-4841Dr. Chris Swarat, Associate Dean, Community EngagementSGMH-3100J(657) 278-7381Dr. Sunil Thomas, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and FacultyDevelopmentSGMH-3100E(657) 278-4652Dr. Diane Mazzey, Director, Business Advising CenterSGMH-1201(657) 278-2417Ms. Emeline Yong, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsSGMH-1507(657) 278-4577Business Advising CenterSGMH-1201(657) 278-2211Office of the DeanCP-450(657) 278-3355Dr. Bey-Ling Sha, DeanCP-450-01(657) 278-3355Dr. Deanna Leone, Associate DeanCP-450-02(657) 278-2097Dr. Robert Flores, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsCP-210-06(657) 278-7315College of Communications Student Success CenterCP-210(657) 278-4926COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICSCOLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONSSpring 2022 Registration Guide6

COLLEGE ADVISEMENT OFFICESCOLLEGE OF EDUCATIONDr. Lisa Kirtman, DeanCP-500(657) 278-3411Dr. Kim Case, Associate DeanCP-500(657) 278-3411Ms. Dianna Lopez, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsCP-500(657) 278-4871Ms. Aimee Nelson, Director, Center for Careers in TeachingEC-379(657) 278-7130CS-502(657) 278-3362EC(657) 278-3311Dr. Katherine E. Bono, Associate DeanEC-624(657) 278-4376Dr. Kavin Tsang, Associate DeanEC-612(657) 278-7970Ms. Lillybeth Sasis, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsEC-606(657) 278-4881Department of Child and Adolescent StudiesEC-503(657) 278-8458Department of Kinesiology Advising CenterKHS-193(657) 278-3292Department of Public Health Advising CenterKHS-193(657) 278-3292Department of Human Services AdvisingEC-479(657) 278-5472School of Nursing Advising CenterEC-199(657) 278-3336COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCEOffice of the DeanDr. Susamma Barua, DeanDr. Sang June Oh, Associate DeanMs. Shannen Allado, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsCOLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENTOffice of the DeanDr. Cindy Greenberg, DeanSpring 2022 Registration Guide7

COLLEGE ADVISEMENT OFFICESCOLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCESOffice of the DeanH-211(657) 278-3528Dr. Patricia Perez, Associate Dean of Faculty RelationsH-211(657) 278 3528Dr. Jessica Stern, Associate Dean of Student RelationsH-211(657) 278-3528Dr. Connie Moreno Yamashiro, Assistant Dean, Student AffairsGH-211B(657) 278-2647Ms. Brittney Swanson, Assistant Dean, Student Academic ServicesH-112(657) 278-2594Dr. Marie Johnson, DeanMH-166(657) 278-2638Dr. Sean Walker, Associate DeanMH-166(657) 278-2638Ms. Tatiana Pedroza, Assistant DeanMH-488(657) 278-4158Ms. Suzanne Batista, Open University Advisor .GH-23B(657) 278-4280Ms. Margaret Luzzi,Open University AdvisorT Hall-1123(657) 278-7644GH-123B(657) 278-3606Dr. Sheryl Fontaine, DeanCOLLEGE OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICSOPEN UNIVERSITY (STUDENTS NOT ADMITTED TO CSUF)www.ou.fullerton.eduUNDECLARED MAJORSAcademic Advising 2022 Registration Guide8

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVISORSPROGRAMSDIRECTORYADVISORROOMEMAIL AND PROGRAM WEBSITEArea (657)Accountancy, M.S.278-5496278-2105278-3114Walied KeshkContact A-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie YoungbloodSGMH- 4210SGMH- 4210SGMH- counting andFinance, M.S.278-3987278-2105278-3114Advisor: James GongContact A-L: Katelyn RawingsContact M-Z: Cherie n.eduAmerican Studies,M.A.278-3438Adam, 3278-5764Barbra EricksonJohn PattonCarl, M.F.A., M.A.278-7633278-7753Christina SmithContact: Laura GarciaVA-144AVA-102AAthletic Training, M.S.278-8540Jason, M.S.278-3614Paul StappContact: Karen n, M.B.A.278-4841278-2105278-3114Jenny ZhangContact A-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie ateChemistry, M.A., M.S.278-3594Nicholas chemistry-overviewCivil Engineering,M.S.278-2805278-4268Uksun KimContact: Jennifer ons, M.A. 278-5434278-3518Andi SteinContact: Cristina tionStudies, M.A.278-4197Summer, M.A.278-5307Ying-Chiao .fullerton.eduComputerEngineering, M.S.278-3375Pradeep INE program (note: Software Engineering & Statistics also have a face-to-face version)Spring 2022 Registration Guide9

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVISORSPROGRAMSDIRECTORYADVISORROOMEMAIL AND PROGRAM WEBSITEArea (657)Computer Science,M.S.278-7304278-3119Mikhail GofmanContact: Sandra seling, M.S.278-3327278-3042David ShepardContact: Ginamarie el/Economics, M.A.278-2387278-8237278-2105278-3114Gabriela BestAdmissions: Kellee CarterContact A-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie, ElementaryCurriculum &Instruction *278-4731Michelle Vander Velt BryeContact: ttp:// Admin*278-4023Quintin RobinsonContact: Steven LopezCP-520Higher Education278-4023Quintin RobinsonContact: Steven, M.S.Literacy & Reading *278-5951278-3497Joyce Gomez-NajarroContact: Patty ParkCP-570-27CP-570-02Secondary Ed.*278-5186Alison DoverCP-600-3Special Ed. *278-4196278-5176Adrian Woo JungAdmissions: Lisa du/spedhttp://ed.fullerton.eduEducation Leadership,Ed.D.Community CollegePre K-12 Leadership278-8059278-3903Meri BeckhamDaniel echnology,M.S. *278-4731Michelle Vander Velt BryeContact: Jennifer gutierrez@fullerton.eduElectrical Engineering,M.S.278-7140278-3017Jidong HuangContact: Stephanie erton.edu*ONLINE program (note: Software Engineering & Statistics also have a face-to-face version)Spring 2022 Registration Guide 10

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVISORSPROGRAMSDIRECTORYADVISORROOMEMAIL AND PROGRAM WEBSITEArea (657)EngineeringManagement, M.S.7259Hakob, M.A278-3214David grad program/index.aspxEnvironmentalEngineering,M.S. *278-8079278-2196Garrett StruckhoContact: Camille nmentalStudies, M.S.278-2713Nicole SeymourGH-322enst Engineering& Risk Management278-3754Jeff, M.A.278-3161Jonathan gy, M.S.278-2043James, M.S.278-7057Karen du/gerontology/History, M.A.278-7463278-4339278-3475Stephen NeufeldAllison VarzallyContact: Rachael Systems,M.S.278-3714278-2105278-3114Dawit ZeromContact A-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie rmation-systems.htmlInformationTechnology, M.S.278-3173278-2105278-3114Pramod PandyaContactA-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie nline-program.htmlInstructional DesignTech, M.S. *278-3639278-2842Cynthia GautreauContact:, M.S.278-3433Do Kyeong*ONLINE program (note: Software Engineering & Statistics also have a face-to-face version)Spring 2022 Registration Guide 11

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVISORSPROGRAMSDIRECTORYADVISORROOMEMAIL AND PROGRAM WEBSITE278-3479Patricia grad program/278-2726278-3633278-4685278-3633Charles H. LeeContact: Renee BennettArmando Martinez-CruzContact: Renee ngineering, M.S.278-3014278-4267Chean Chin NgoContact: Nathin sters.phpMusic, M.A., M.M.278-7685John grad student.phpNursing, dnpcrna@fullerton.eduNursing, D.N.P278-7536278-8615Sadeeka Al-Majid (M.S.)Contact: Rachel Wiedemann(M.S.)Rachel McClanahan (D.N.P)Contact: Katie DuongPhysics, M.S.278-3366Ionel Science, M.A.278-3414Alexei, M.A.,M.S.278-2553278-3566278-3589David Gerkens (MA)Jack Mearns (MS)Contact: Linda Administration,M.P.A.278-5064Justin TuckerAdmissions: M.J. fullerton.eduhttp://mpa.fullerton.eduPublic Health, M.P.H.278-3822Archana ing, M.F.A.278-5796278-4389Robert EngelsContact: Tanis a.phpArea (657)Linguistics, M.A.Mathematics, tp://*ONLINE program (note: Software Engineering & Statistics also have a face-to-face version)Spring 2022 Registration Guide 12

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS AND ADVISORSPROGRAMSDIRECTORYADVISORROOMEMAIL AND PROGRAM WEBSITEArea (657)Social Work, M.S.W.278-2584278-8452278-3116Duan TranContact: Jeanie WeirAdmissions: Kelly, M.A.278-7634Chris edu/sociology/Software Engineering,M.S. *278-7257278-3123278-7255278-2196James Choi (face to face)Contact: Veronica MartinezChang-Hyun Jo (Online)Contact: Camille JohnsonCS-427T panish, M.A.278-2272Eric, M.S. *278-2398278-3633Mori JamshidianContact: Renee asterstats.phpTaxation, M.S.278-7742278-2105278-3114Barry GershenovitzContact A-L: Katelyn RawlingsContact M-Z: Cherie eduTESOL, M.S.278-4410278-2562278-2268Nathan CarrJuan Carlos GallegoDan ego@fullerton.edudrueckert@fullerto

Spring 2022 Registration Guide 3 SPRING 2022 SEMESTER CALENDAR Nov. 1- Jan. 21 TITAN Registration - Registration and Change of Enrollment Procedures by class level (see Registration pages for appointment times). January 21 Last day to register without paying 25 late fee. Last day for full refund of resident and non-resident mandatory fees.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Registration Step 1: Prepare for Registration Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for enrolling. Check the Registration Timeline to ensure registration is open. Note the following: Registration and Payments All registration and payments must be done online using the steps below. Plan Ahead:

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State University Police to enforce all laws at Humboldt State University. vii. California Education Code 89701 and 89701.5 provides statutory authority for California State University parking fees and their use. viii. California State University Coded Memorandum BF95-09 transferred parking programs to the campuses of the California State .

practice law in California belong to the State Bar of California (State Bar). Supported primarily by member fees from its more than 260,000 members, the State Bar licenses and regulates individuals practicing law in California. State law requires the State Bar to contract with the California State Auditor to audit the State Bar’s

Updated: 10/2019 FHA Connection Registration Procedures - 2 FHA Connection Guide FHA Connection Registration Procedures 2. The table on the Registering to Use the FHA Connection page (Figure 2) organizes registration forms and their related information by Type of User.The Registration column associated with each Type of User provides registration information and links to the appropriate forms.

7 University of California, Santa Barbara 8 University of California, San Diego 9 Institute for Energy Efficiency, University of California, Santa Barbara 10 University of California, Irvine 11 Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Irvine 12 Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University .

accounting items are presumed in law to give a true and fair view. 8 There is no explicit requirement in the Companies Act 2006 or FRS 102 for companies entitled to prepare accounts in accordance with the small companies regime to report on the going concern basis of accounting and material uncertainties. However, directors of small companies are required to make such disclosures that are .