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The Basics of ABMThe fundamentals, roadblocks and nuts and boltsrequired to get started and make account-basedmarketing work.

Account-Based Marketing:Why You Should CareThere’s a reason B2B marketers are all talking about AccountBased Marketing. SiriusDecisions reports 92 percent ofcompanies they surveyed recognize the value of ABM, and60 percent of those who have employed ABM for at least ayear say it has driven a revenue increase.More than the next B2B buzzword, ABM is a strategicapproach that focuses sales and marketing efforts on adefined set of target companies (accounts), allowing a morepersonalized, specific approach—not just to individuals, butto multiple decision makers, influencers and champions inthose companies.In this workbook, you’ll learn the fundamentals of ABM,some of the roadblocks and the nuts and bolts required toget started and make it work.We’ve also included two recent case studies of Leadspacecustomers who have built and executed successful ABMcampaigns. You’ll find out about the challenges they faced,the solutions they applied and the results they achieved.

Leadspace for Account-Based MarketingWhat is Account-Based Marketing?Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach that focuses B2B sales and marketing efforts on a defined set ofcompanies (accounts), allowing a more personalized, targeted, holistic approach not just to individuals, but to multipledecision makers, influencers and champions within each company.ABM has real, proven value for B2B ABM has the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic60% of companies using ABM report increased revenue within one year80% of B2B revenue comes from 20% of customersLeadspace solves the biggest problem with ABMLeadspace brings together predictive scoring, B2B data enrichment, and the abilityto identify net new prospects at both the company and individual level, automatically,connecting individuals to accounts, overcoming one of the main ABM roadblocks.How Leadspace Enables Account-Based Marketing1. Account Identification & PrioritizationAutomatically segments and prioritizesyour existing account list and identifiesnew, high-value (“whitespace”)opportunities to target within thoseaccounts.Leadspace allows searching by targeted accountand individual attributes.“We partnered withLeadspace becausetheir predictive analyticsplatform is the best wayto connect people toaccounts and understandthe relationships amongthem. Leadspace’s leadto-account matching helpsovercome one of the mainABM roadblocks createdwhen CRMs separate leadsfrom accounts.”- Jon Miller,Engagio co-founder (andMarketo founder)

“Leadspace systematically helps us find and prioritize the right people in our targetaccounts. We can map our universe—one of the core tenets of our account-basedmarketing strategy at Bloomreach.”- Jason Seeba,Chief Marketing Technologist, BloomReachLeadspace automatically connects an individual to the right account.Leadspace prospecting panel within a Salesforce Lead or Contact record.2. Lead-to-Account MatchingAccurately matches individuals to their respectiveaccounts, making sure both inbound leads and existingleads and contacts in your marketing automation andCRM are assigned to the right accounts (and accountowners).5. Target Account ExpansionIdentifies new opportunities by expanding your existingaccounts, finding new high-value leads based on buyerpersona.3. Persona TargetingUses best-fit persona signals and rich attribute dataat the company and individual level to help youunderstand your prospects and engage with them inthe most effective way.4. Buying SignalsCombines Leadspace proprietary data blended with“intent data” at the company and individual level toidentify unique, actionable buying signals.6. Account-based AnalyticsMeasures, tracks and optimizes your ABM efforts acrossyour entire “leadspace” of key accounts.

BloomReach sources 78% of net-newpipeline with ABM driven by LeadspaceCHALLENGEBloomReach was an early adopter of account-based marketing (ABM) tobetter reach their target audience of leading e-commerce retailers likeNeiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Staples. Chief Marketing TechnologistJason Seeba knew he needed to identify the right people in target accounts.He also needed up-to-date contact information, demographics, andfirmographics to better focus demand gen and sales development efforts.With Leadspace,BloomReach was able to:BloomReach provides organic search, personalized site-search and digitalmarketing and merchandising applications to its customers. Jason and theBloomReach marketing team needed a better way to segment their targetaudience and determine which product was the best fit for each prospect.Segmenting leads by titles or behavior wasn’t going to be enough; theyneeded to understand their prospects on a deeper level. Source 78% of net-newpipelineSOLUTION Maximize theirSalesforce investmentwith better dataJason and his team use Leadspace Prospecting to discover net-new leadswith up-to-date contact information.Built on BloomReach’s unique Ideal Customer Profile, LeadspaceProspecting: identified the best prospect names already in BloomReach’s targetaccount lists,discovered net-new prospect accounts and the most relevant contactsin each,enriched the list with up-to-date contact info and firmographic datalike company revenue. Better understand andoptimize marketing ROI Improve the reach andreturn of new productlaunch campaigns

In launching new BloomReach products, Jason turned to LeadspacePredictive Scoring, which scores leads against each BloomReach product,once again using custom-crafted Ideal Customer Profiles.Predictive Scoring: analyzed each lead’s fit, intent, and behavioral data,scored them against BloomReach’s Ideal Customer Profile to identifythe highest-value prospects most likely to buy,identified which products a BloomReach SDR should pitch to eachtarget based on the prospect’s interest and intent.RESULTS More reliable pipeline: BloomReach’s own analysis of opportunity bylead source shows Leadspace Prospecting provides the names thataccount for 78% of net-new pipeline. Optimized marketing ROI: Leadspace Predictive Scoring showsJason the quality of every lead source, so he can better analyze theROI of programs like tradeshows or webinars the moment they end. More effective engagement: Jason sets SDR priorities by targetaccounts and Leadspace lead scores, so BloomReach can continuallyfocus on quality engagement with the best prospects. Better CRM data: Leadspace connects to Salesforce to automaticallyupdate when prospects move to new companies, so BloomReachcan better focus its campaigns, account management, and outboundprospecting efforts on the right people.LeadspaceProspectingexpanded theBloomReachtarget accountlist and deliveredinformation onthe most relevantpeople.

RingCentral Enables Account-basedMarketing while Reducing Costs and DrivingSignificant Pipeline with Leadspace PlatformOVERVIEWRingCentral, the leading provider of SaaS solutions for businesscommunications, runs one of the most sophisticated demand-generationprograms in B2B. Despite the success of their inbound marketing, thecompany recognized they were missing out on many potentially-valuableopportunities because leads weren’t being aligned to the right accountswith the right information, and sales and marketing activities aligned to bemost effective and relevant to potential customers.In order to improve results and boost RingCentral’s pipeline, the companyimplemented an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Three corecomponents of this strategy were accurate lead and account matching,accurate and actionable account and lead insights and improved routingand prioritization of leads.CHALLENGEMore than 30 percent of inbound leads had missing or inaccurate datain key fields like company employee size. As a result, they couldn’t beautomatically routed to the right sales team and were being ignored.More troublesome from an ABM perspective, 20 percent of inbound leadscouldn’t be matched to accounts. Company (account) information wasoften missing or in a non-standard format.SOLUTIONRingCentral employed Leadspace Enrichment, including Lead-to-AccountMatching via Marketo and Salesforce API. Leadspace Enrichment appendsdata to inbound leads in real time, including company employee countsand unique competitive and buying signals at the individual and companylevel.Since deployment ofLeadspace, more than500,000 leads have beenrouted real-time, resultingin: 2.3x increase inpercentage ofactionable inboundleads 6x increase in lead-toaccount match rate 200,000 unmappedleads rescued 65 hour decrease perquarter, per rep dealingwith lead routing andadministration Major reduction inoperational cost byeliminating inferior datasources Significant net-newpipeline

Leadspace Enrichment also gives RingCentral more accurate contactdata than any data source previously used. Leadspace Lead-to-AccountMatching connects each inbound lead to the correct corporate entity inreal time, identifying an individual’s local office, as well as domestic andglobal headquarters.RESULTSRingCentral’s ABM approach has created dramatic improvements in dataquality. For example, this is how one customer account was representedin their CRM before and after Enrichment and Lead-to-Account matchingwith Leadspace.Before Individuals were classified as both contacts and leads 37 different reps were assigned as account owners The customer company was: classified in every employee size category other than “soleproprietor” listed as 13 different accounts shown as operating in 23 different industriesAfter 371 individuals listed as 371 individuals all records centralized under one account owner company size represented accurately accounts accurately matched to the company one accurate industry classification was appended to all records“With Leadspace, wehave built the nextgeneration of demandgeneration technologyand process. Our toppriority is deliveringgreat leads to our salesteam. Leadspace givesus a huge competitiveadvantage, now and forthe future.”- Eric Lewis, Vice President ofDemand Generation. RingCentral

Find Out More AboutAccount-Based MarketingLeadspace is the only platform that brings together — at boththe company and individual level — predictive lead scoring,best-in-class B2B data enrichment, and the ability to identifynet-new prospects based on social and other buying intentsignals.With more than 120 customers from Microsoft toBloomreach, Leadspace typically serves as the primaryplatform to support account-based marketing, as well asthe primary discovery, enrichment and scoring solution.Our customers see real ROI from Leadspace, including anaverage 41% increase in lead conversions, 50% increases insales rep productivity and increased pipeline between 5Mand 12M for every 100,000 spent.For more information, visit for moreinformation about ABM, including The Clear and CompleteGuide to Account-Based Marketing, published by Leadspacepartner and pioneering ABM platform Engagio. We alsoshare lots of useful information and case studies about ABM,B2B demand generation and predictive analytics at


Leadspace for Account-Based Marketing ABM has real, proven value for B2B ABM has the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic 60% of companies using ABM report increased revenue within one year 80% of B2B revenue comes from 20% of customers Leadspace solves the biggest problem with ABM Leadspace brings together predictive scoring, B2B data enrichment, and the ability

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Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction to ABM Analyzer, ABM, and Discoverer. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 discusses how to use, create, copy, and customize ABM Analyzer workbooks. Chapter 3 Chapter 3 describes the four standard workbooks available in ABM Analyzer. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 explains how to add ABM attribute folders to a worksheet. Chapter 5

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