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Contents1. Welcome52. Getting to know your Roger MyLink62.1 Compatibility72.2 Device description72.3 Indicator light93. Getting started14Step 1. Charge your Roger MyLink14Step 2. Detach the neckloop16Step 3. Hang Roger MyLink around the neckand reattach the loop16Step 4. Switch Roger MyLink on17Step 5. Choose how to wear Roger MyLink17Step 6. Turn on your Roger microphone18Step 7. Switch your hearing aid(s) to theT-Coil program18Step 8. Connect Roger MyLink to yourRoger microphone18Step 9. Adjust Roger MyLink’s volume202

4. Using headphonesStep 1. Plug the headphones intoRoger MyLink’s headphone socket2121Step 2. Turn Roger MyLink on21Step 3. Put the headphones on225. More detailed information236. Troubleshooting247. Important information267.1 Hazard warnings267.2 Product safety information287.3 Other important information317.4 International use328. Service and warranty339. Information and explanation of symbols353

1. WelcomeCongratulations on choosing Roger MyLink from Phonak.Roger MyLink is an easy-to-use and affordable Rogerreceiver suitable for use with any hearing aid featuringa T-Coil (from Phonak or any other manufacturer). RogerMyLink is compatible with most Roger microphonesfrom Phonak.Your Roger MyLink is a Swiss premium-quality productdeveloped by Phonak, the world’s leading hearinghealthcare company.Please read this User Guide thoroughly to benefit fromall the possibilities your Roger MyLink offers.If you have any questions, please consult your hearingcare professional or local Phonak support center.Phonak – life is onwww.phonak.com5

2. Getting to know your Roger MyLinkYour hearing system consists of three main elements:Roger MyLink, your hearing aids and a Rogermicrophone, such as Roger Pen.The Roger microphone transmits the speaker’s voicewirelessly to your hearing aids via the Roger MyLink.You only need to activate the T-Coil in your hearingaid(s) to hear the speaker’s voice loud and clear in yourear(s).Hearing aidListenerRoger MyLink6SpeakerRoger microphonesuch as Roger Pen

2.1 CompatibilityYour hearing aids must feature a T-Coil to receivespeech signals from Roger MyLink. Please ask yourhearing care professional if you are unsure whetheror not your hearing aids have a T-Coil.A compatible Roger microphone is also required topick up the voice of the speaker. In this User Guide,Roger Pen is used as an example.2.2 Device descriptiona Fixed side of neckloopb Detachable side of neckloopc Green / orange status indicatoracb7

2. Getting to know your Roger MyLinka Volume controlb On/offaba Charging socketb Headphone socket(2.5 mm)a8b

2.3 Indicator lightGreen lightabcdefOrange lightBattery almost exhaustedBattery completely exhaustedChargingCharging completeVolume control: minimum /maximum positionVolume control: middle positionfabcde9

2. Getting to know your Roger MyLinkGeneralSwitching Roger MyLink onThe green light is visible for 3 secondsBattery statusa)60 seconds3 orange flashes (and 3 beeps), repeated every60 secondsb)10 orange flashes (and 10 beeps)10

MeaningUser actionRoger MyLink has beenswitched on and isready for use.Switch on the Rogermicrophone and set thehearing aids to theT-Coil program.Battery is almost empty.Charge Roger MyLink assoon as possible (withinan hour).*Battery is completelyexhausted. Roger MyLinkcan no longer be usedwithout first beingcharged. Roger MyLinkwill automatically switchoff after ten flashes.Charge Roger MyLinkimmediately (within anhour). ** We recommend you chargeRoger MyLink and yourmicrophone at the same time.11

2. Getting to know your Roger MyLinkChargingc)Green double-flashes every 5 secondsd)The green light is constantly visibleVolume12e)One orange flash (and a double beep)f)One green flash (and a single beep)

MeaningUser actionRoger MyLink is connectedto the charger and isbeing charged.Wait until battery ischarged. Charging acompletely exhaustedbattery takes around twohours. The battery will be80% charged within onehour.Roger MyLink’s battery isfully charged.Unplug the charger. Thegreen light will disappear,meaning Roger MyLink isready for use.The volume control is set to either maximum orminimum position.The volume control is in the middle position.13

3. Getting startedStep 1. Charge your Roger MyLinkFully charge Roger MyLink and your Roger microphonebefore using the system for the first time.An empty Roger MyLink battery is:J 80% charged after one hourJ 100% charged after two hoursPlug the charging unit into an easily accessiblepower socket.Voltage: 7.5 VCurrent: 250 MaOnly use original Phonak charging units.14

Plug the connector from the charger into theRoger MyLink charging socket.J Once fully charged, Roger MyLink can be used for10 or more hours.J Roger MyLink cannot be used when the charger isstill attached.15

3. Getting startedStep 2. Detach the neckloopStep 3. Hang Roger MyLink around the neck andreattach the loop16

Step 4. Switch Roger MyLink onStep 5. Choose how to wear Roger MyLink17

3. Getting startedStep 6. Turn on your Roger microphoneStep 7. Switch your hearing aids to the T-Coil programIt may be necessary to contact your hearing careprofessional to enable the T-Coil program in yourhearing aids.Step 8. Connect Roger MyLink to your Roger microphoneHold Roger MyLink within 10 cm / 4 inches of yourRoger microphone and press Connect on the Rogermicrophone.18

Step 8 is only required the first time you useRoger MyLink. Roger MyLink will then remainconnected with your microphone even afterRoger MyLink has been rebooted.Ready!19

3. Getting startedStep 9. Adjust Roger MyLink’s volumeVolume upVolume downShort button press: The volume will increase / decreaseonly slightly.Long button press: The volume will continue toincrease / decreased until you stop pressing the button.Once you have chosen your preferred volume, RogerMyLink will automatically store this setting for nexttime.If the wirelessly transmitted signal is notstrong enough, increase the volume setting onRoger MyLink.20

4. Using headphonesPeople who do not wear hearing aids can use RogerMyLink with headphones. To benefit from maximumhearing comfort, we recommend using officialRoger MyLink headphones.Step 1. Plug the headphones intoRoger MyLink’s headphone socketStep 2. Turn Roger MyLink on21

4. Using headphonesStep 3. Put the headphones onJ The neckloop is automatically switched off whenthe headphones are attached (to save battery power).J Use Roger MyLink’s volume control to increaseor decrease the volume of the transmitted signal(see page 20).22

5. More detailed informationOperating range: Up to 20 meters  / 66 feetBattery:Rechargeable Lithium-PolymeraccumulatorPower supply:7.5 VDC / 250 mAWireless:2.4 GHz23

6. TroubleshootingThe following is a summary of frequently asked questionsabout Roger MyLink and our answers to them.Most probable causeSolutionThe green light is not visible when Roger MyLink is switched onJ Battery is completelyexhaustedJ Charge Roger MyLinkI cannot hear sound from the Roger microphoneJ Make sure all devices (RogerMyLink, Roger microphone,hearing aids) are turned onand fully operationalJ The T-Coil is not activatedJ Switch your hearing aids tothe T-Coil programJ Roger MyLink is not connectedto your Roger microphoneJ Connect Roger MyLink withyour Roger microphone bypressing ‘Connect’ on yourmicrophone. Note that RogerMyLink needs to be within10cm/4 inches of your RogermicrophoneJ The Roger microphone is mutedJ Unmute the Roger microphone(refer to its User Guide)J Roger MyLink is out of rangeof the Roger microphoneJ Move closer to the Rogermicrophone to move withinits operating range24J One or all devices areswitched off

Most probable causeSolutionThe signal is interrupted during audio streamingJ Roger MyLink is too far awayfrom the Roger microphoneJ Move closer to the Rogermicrophone to move withinits operating rangeJ Roger MyLink is shielded by anobstacle (e.g. human body)J Adjust the device orientationand make sure you are inline of sight to the RogermicrophoneThe sound of Roger MyLink is badJ Electromagnetic fields fromother equipment may createan audible hum through theT-Coil of your hearing aidsJ Move away from electronicequipment until the humstopsJ Roger microphone is not worncorrectlyJ Make sure the Rogermicrophone is worn asindicated in its User GuideThe volume is too loud or too softJ Volume is not correctly setJ Adjust the volume on RogerMyLink until it suits yourpreference25

7. Important informationPlease read the information on the following pagesbefore using your Phonak Roger MyLink.7.1 Hazard warningsPersons with pacemakers or other medical devicesshould ALWAYS consult their physician, themanufacturer of their device BEFORE using theRoger MyLink. The use of Roger MyLink with apacemaker or other medical devices should ALWAYSbe in accordance with the safety recommendationsof the physician responsible for your pacemakeror the pacemaker manufacturer.Keep this device out of reach of children under3 years of age.Switch Roger MyLink off when you enter a roomwith an activated loop system.Do not use water or fluids for cleaning. It isrecommended to use Phonak CleanLine products.Your hearing care professional will be glad toadvise you.26

Opening the Roger MyLink might damage it. Ifproblems occur that cannot be resolved by followingthe guidelines in the Troubleshooting section of thisUser Guide, consult your hearing care professional.Your Roger MyLink should only be repaired by anauthorized service center. Changes or modificationsto this device that were not explicitly approved byPhonak are not permitted.Please dispose of electrical components inaccordance with your local regulations.Do not use your Roger MyLink in areas whereelectronic equipment is prohibited. If in doubt,please ask the person in charge.Roger MyLink should not be used on aircraftsunless specifically permitted by flight personnel.External devices should only be connected if theyhave been tested in accordance with correspondingIECXXXXX standards.27

7. Important informationOnly use accessories that are approved by Phonak AG.When operating machinery, ensure that no parts ofyour Roger MyLink can get caught in the machine.Do not charge Roger MyLink while it is on your body.7.2 Product safety informationProtect the Roger MyLink from excessive moisture(bathing, swimming), heat (radiator, car dashboard),and direct contact with skin when sweating(workout, fitness, sport).X-ray radiation, CT or MRI scans may destroy oradversely affect the correct functioning of theRoger MyLink.Protect the Roger MyLink from excessive shock andvibration.Do not expose your Roger MyLink to temperaturesand humidity outside of the recommended conditionsstated in this User Guide.28

Do not use excessive force when connecting yourRoger MyLink to its different cables.Protect all openings (microphones, audio input andcharger) from dirt and debris.If the Roger MyLink has been dropped or damaged,if it overheats during charging, has a damagedcord or plug, or has been dropped into liquid, stopusing your Roger MyLink and contact your hearingcare professional.Never use a microwave or other heating devices todry the Roger MyLink.Clean the Roger MyLink using a damp cloth. Neveruse household cleaning products (washing powder,soap, etc.) or alcohol to clean the Roger MyLink.Only recharge your Roger MyLink using chargerssupplied by Phonak or by stabilized chargersproviding 7.5 VDC and 250 mA.29

7. Important informationWhen the Roger MyLink is not in use, turn it offand store it safely.The Roger MyLink has a built-in rechargeable battery.This battery can be charged and dischargedhundreds of times but may eventually wear out. Thebattery may then only be replaced by authorizedpersonnel.30

7.3 Other important informationJ High-powered electronic equipment, larger electronicinstallations and metallic structures may impair andsignificantly reduce the Roger MyLink’s operatingrange.J Roger MyLink collects and stores internal technicaldata. This data may be read by a hearing careprofessional in order to check the device, as well as tohelp you use your device correctly.J The digital signal sent from the Roger microphoneto a connected receiver cannot be overheard byother devices which are not in the transmitter’snetwork.J Be aware that wireless transmission from transmitterto receiver may be interrupted due to interferenceor moving out of range, and that words which arethen spoken by the transmitter wearer may not beheard by the receiver wearer.31

7. Important informationJ Avoid exposing the receiver to hair spray or othercosmetic chemicals.J The sensitivity of the hearing aid microphone may bereduced by the use of your Roger MyLink and thereforeenvironmental awareness may be reduced.7.4 International useJ The Roger MyLink is operating in the 2.4GHz ISMBand, which is unlicensed and worldwide available.32

8. Service and warranty8.1 Local warrantyPlease ask the hearing care professional, where youpurchased your Roger MyLink, about the terms of thelocal warranty.8.2 International warrantyPhonak offers a one year limited international warranty,valid as of the date of purchase. This limited warrantycovers manufacturing and material defects. The warrantyis valid only if proof of purchase is shown.The international warranty does not affect any legalrights that you might have under applicable nationallegislation governing sale of consumer goods.33

8. Service and warranty8.3 Warranty limitationThis warranty does not cover damage from improperhandling or care, exposure to chemicals, immersion inwater or undue stress. Damage caused by third partiesor non-authorized service centers renders the warrantynull and void. This warranty does not cover anyservices performed by a hearing care professional inhis/her office.Serial number:Date of purchase:34Authorized hearingcare professional(stamp/signature):

9. Information and explanationof symbolsWith the CE symbol, Phonak AGconfirms that this Phonak productmeets the requirements of theMedical Devices Directive 93/42/EECas well as the R&TTE Directive1999/5/EC on radio andtelecommunications equipment.CE mark applied 2013This symbol indicates that RogerMyLink products meet therequirements of a Type B componentaccording to EN 60601-1.This symbol indicates that it isimportant for the user to read andtake into account the relevantinformation in this user guide.35

9. Information and explanation of symbolsThis symbol indicates that it isimportant for the user to payattention to the relevant warningnotices in these user guides.Important information for handlingand product safety.Australian EMC and Radiocommunications compliance label.Operatingconditions36This device is designed such thatit functions without problems orrestrictions if used as intended,unless otherwise noted in these userguides.

Temperature: –20 to 60 Celsius(–4 to 140 Fahrenheit)Humidity transportation: Up to 90%(non condensing)Humidity storage: 0% to 70%, if notin use.Atmospheric pressure: 500hPA to1100 hPA.37

9. Information and explanation of symbolsThe symbol with the crossed-outgarbage bin is to make you awarethat this device may not be thrownaway as normal household waste.Please dispose of old or unused device,at waste disposal sites intended forelectronic waste, or give your deviceto your hearing care professionalfor disposal. Proper disposal protectsthe environment and health.This product has an embedded, nonreplaceable battery. Do not attemptto open the product or remove thebattery as this may cause injury anddamage the product.Please contact the local recyclingfacility for removal of the battery.38

EU Representative:Phonak GmbHD-70736 er029-0265-02/V2.01/2014-04/visu’l Phonak AG All rights reservedManufacturer:Phonak AGLaubisrütistrasse 28CH-8712 StäfaSwitzerland

2. Getting to know your Roger MyLink 6 2.1Compatibility 7 2.2Device description 7 2.3Indicator light 9 3. Getting started 14 Step 1. Charge your Roger MyLink 14 Step 2. Detach the neckloop 16 Step 3. Hang Roger MyLink around the neck and reattach the loop 16 Step 4. Switch Roger MyLink on 17 Step 5. Choose how to wear Roger MyLink 17 Step 6.

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