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2018-2019 CATALOG (JANUARY 1,2018 - DECEMBER 31, 2019)Brightwood College9055 Balboa AvenueSan Diego, California 92123Telephone: 858.279.4500Toll-Free: 800.400.8232Fax: 858.279.4885www.brightwood.eduPublication Date: 11/21/20181

TABLE OF CONTENTS2018-2019 Catalog (January 1, 2018 - December 31,2019)1Institution Information4Mission and ObjectivesHistoryEquipmentFacilitiesLearning Resource CenterAccrediting Agencies, Approvals, and MembershipsDisclosure StatementAdministration, Staff, and FacultyOwnershipMain/Branch/Auxiliary Classroom LocationsCatalog CertificationAdmission InformationProvisional EnrollmentAdmission Requirements and ConditionsPolicy for Re-Entry of Withdrawn StudentsApplicants for Single CoursesPrior Learning AssessmentTransfer of Credit between Education Corporation ofAmerica (ECA) campusesStudent Information and ServicesAdvisingStudent ResponsibilitiesStudent Conduct PolicyStudent InteractionPersonal AppearanceIntellectual Property Protection and OwnershipStudent Complaint/Grievance ProcedureState AgenciesNondiscrimination/Nonharassment PolicyCareer DevelopmentStudent Health ServicesStudent HousingTutoringSummary of Delivery SystemTechnology and Equipment Requirements for DigitalInstructionStudent Verification PolicyCrime Awareness and Campus SecurityDrug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness and PreventionFamily Educational Rights and Privacy ActPersonal PropertyAcademic InformationClass SizeHours of OperationDefinition of an Academic YearDefinition of a Unit of CreditOut-of-Class Learning ActivitiesHonors and AwardsRequired Study TimeChanges in Programs or PoliciesEnglish as a Second Language InstructionAttendance/Tardiness PolicyLate Work PolicyPregnancy PolicyStudent Deployment PolicySuspension and DismissalExternship/Practicum, Clinical, or FieldworkDropping or Adding CoursesProgram TransfersCertification, State Board, and National Board ExamsGraduation RequirementsTranscriptsTransfer of Credit to Other SchoolsGraduate Refresher Courses44556678101113141414171718Academic StandardsGrading SystemRepeated CoursesSatisfactory Academic ProgressAppeals Procedure20202021212222232425313333333333Financial InformationStudent Consumer Information - Financial AidFinancial Aid ServicesScholarshipsEnrollment StatusTuition and FeesStudent Tuition Recovery FundRefund PolicyWithdrawal from the InstitutionInstitution Refund PolicyAcademic ProgramsCourse Numbering SystemAssociate's Degree ProgramsMedical Assistant (Associate degree)Program DescriptionCurriculumNursingProgram DescriptionCurriculumDiploma ProgramsDental AssistantProgram DescriptionCurriculumMedical 66666666687474768181818284

Program DescriptionCurriculumMedical Billing and Coding SpecialistProgram DescriptionCurriculumPatient Care TechnicianProgram DescriptionCurriculumVocational NursingProgram DescriptionCurriculumShort CoursesNurse AssistantProgram DescriptionCurriculumOccupational OutcomesACADEMIC 18 Academic Calendar1062018 Holiday Schedule1062018 Dental Assistant1062018 Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, PatientCare Technician1072018 Medical Assistant (Associate degree)1072018 Nurse Assistant1082018 Vocational Nursing - Day1082018 Vocational Nursing - Night1082019 Academic Calendar108Holiday Schedule1082019 Dental Assistant1092019 Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, PatientCare Technician1102018 Medical Assistant (Associate degree)1103

INSTITUTION INFORMATIONMission and ObjectivesBrightwood College is an institution of higher education dedicated to providing quality programs that integrate curriculumwith professional skill development, empowering students to achieve their lifelong personal and professional goals.To accomplish its mission, Brightwood College established the following objectives: programs that are continually assessed by faculty, staff, and members of the business and educationcommunities;Provide intensive and comprehensive instruction that strengthens student academic achievement;Instill in its students the value of lifelong learning by stimulating intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking,and awareness of diversity;Plan and provide facilities and resources that respond to the needs of students, faculty, and staff;Assist students in developing professional attitudes, values, skills, and strategies that will enhance their potential forsuccess in their careers and in life; andProvide the community with individuals who can meet the ever-changing needs of business, government, andindustry now and in the future.Brightwood College recognizes the worth and dignity of all people and is sensitive to the diversity of its student population. Allstudents are encouraged to reach their potential within the framework of their individual needs, interests, and capabilities.Brightwood College employs instructional methods based on adult learning theory and is committed to developing eachstudent's intellectual, analytical, and critical thinking abilities. Teaching techniques encourage active student participationsuch as group discussions and projects, laboratory work, simulations, demonstrations, field trips, guest speakers, and lectures.A strong emphasis is placed on ethics, accountability, professionalism, and the individual's commitment to pursuing lifelongpersonal and professional development and seeking initial employment or career advancement.Brightwood College believes that education should promote the development of positive self-esteem and, to that endBrightwood College provides services supportive of students' efforts to succeed academically, vocationally, and personally.These services include individual advising, academic tutoring, and assistance in locating needed social services.In order to fulfill its mission, Brightwood College strives to provide excellence in education by hiring experienced faculty andstaff; maintaining a facility that fosters educational growth in a pleasant and safe environment; and by providing tutoring andadvising services to help students successfully complete their programs of study.Brightwood College helps students reach their educational goals by teaching the communication skills necessary to worksuccessfully with clients and other professionals, by offering courses designed to prepare students to successfully participatein society, by providing students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in a competitive job market,and by encouraging students to become involved in professional organizations that promote their learning and professionalskills.Brightwood College provides assistance to eligible graduates in obtaining employment. Students attend classes, workshops,and advising sessions that teach and guide them through the process of securing and maintaining employment.HistoryThe College was founded in San Diego in 1976 as Maric College of Medical Careers to provide quality education in response tothe needs of those aspiring toward medical careers and to meet employment demands in allied health occupations.The operation was expanded in September 1984 to the San Marcos Campus, which later moved to Vista.In April 1988, the schools were purchased by Educational Medical, Inc. (EMI), and Maric College of Medical Careers, VistaCampus, was established as an additional location of Maric College of Medical Careers, San Marcos Campus.In 1994, the three Maric Colleges began offering associate's degree programs.In July 1997, the original Vista campus was closed and all students and programs were moved to the current Vista campuslocated at 2022 University Drive and became known as the North County campus. EMI, the parent company, changed its nameto Quest Education Corporation in September 1998.4

In March 1999, Maric College of Medical Careers changed its name to Maric College. Quest was purchased in July 2000 byKaplan, Inc. In December 2002, Quest changed its name to Kaplan Higher Education Corporation.In August 2008, Maric College changed its name to Kaplan College.In September 2015, Kaplan College was acquired by Virginia College, LLC.In February 2016, Kaplan College changed its name to Brightwood College.EquipmentIn keeping with the high standards of the College, students are afforded the opportunity to develop a practical, workingknowledge of the equipment and materials they will likely be using on the job. The Institution provides students with handson instruction using a variety of program and industry related equipment.The Nursing program utilizes labs that simulate a hospital-style patient care unit. The equipment includes hospital type beds,low-fidelity and high-fidelity simulation mannequins (such as infant, child and a birthing simulator), medical charts,medication carts, vital sign equipment, naso-gastric feeding and IV pumps, ambulation equipment, articulated skeletons, andvarious body part models to ensure hands-on learning. The program also includes the use of low-fidelity and high-fidelitysimulation mannequins including infant, child, and a birthing simulator. Computer labs include printers and systems withinstalled software in the areas of keyboarding, word processing, nursing simulations, and medical administration.The Patient Care Technician program utilizes equipment such as an electrocardiograph machine, Holter Monitor,exam/massage tables, jointed and anatomically correct mannequins, infant and adult scales, blood pressure arm, stethoscopes,and teaching stethoscopes. Equipment generally used by patients during the rehabilitation process including hospital beds,wheel chairs and mechanically lit walkers is utilized in teaching appropriate patient care. Computers and printers withinstalled software in the areas of word processing and transcribing are also utilized.The Medical Assistant program provides training in clinical and computer labs. The equipment includes centrifuges,glucometers, microscopes, autoclaves, minor surgical instruments, electrocardiograph machines, ambulatory aids,sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, microhematocrit readers, and support devices. Classroom/lab computers with installedsoftware in the areas of keyboarding, electronic medical records, virtual medical office simulations, and medicaladministration are accessible to students. Printers are readily accessible to students.The Dental Assistant program utilizes dental reference books, typodonts (anatomical models of full mouth dentition), dentaloperatories, tray set ups for dental procedures, hand instruments for training purposes in routine chair side assisting, dentalx-ray units including one digital Scan-X machine, automatic processor, view boxes, amalgamators, light cure units, trimmers, alathe, an autoclave and ultrasonic for sterilization, and computer systems and software programs for dental assisting.The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program provides computers and printers that are readily accessible to students.Computers with installed software in the areas of word processing, billing, and coding are utilized in the program. Clinicalequipment includes blood pressure arm, stethoscopes, teaching stethoscopes, and infant and upright weight scales.The Nurse Assistant program utilizes equipment to simulate a hospital-style patient care unit. The equipment includeshospital type beds, low-fidelity and high-fidelity simulation mannequins, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) charts, vital signequipment, ambulation equipment, articulated skeletons and various body part models to ensure hands-on learning.Ambulatory devices used in the program include canes, gait belts, walkers, crutches, wheelchair and a mechanical patient lift.The Vocational Nursing program utilizes labs to simulate a hospital-style patient care unit. The equipment includes hospitaltype beds, low-fidelity and high-fidelity simulation mannequins (such as infant, child and a birthing simulator), medical charts, medication carts, vital sign equipment, naso-gastric feeding and IV pumps, ambulation equipment, articulated skeletons andvarious body part models to ensure hands-on learning. Computer labs include printers and systems with installed software inthe areas of keyboarding, word processing, nursing simulations, and medical administration.FacilitiesThe Campus is conveniently located to serve the San Diego area. Classes are conducted at 9055 Balboa Avenue, SanDiego, California 92123. The Campus occupies approximately 53,407 square feet of classroom and office space.Each program is taught in specially built classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and computer rooms. All facilities arecompliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.5

Learning Resource CenterEach location maintains and develops information, resources, and services that support the educational goals of students,faculty, and staff. These resources include a collection of books, professional journals and periodicals, audiovisuals, digitalinformation access, computer workstations, and other materials.All students receive an orientation to the Learning Resource Center during orientation. The orientation includes instructionregarding sign-in procedures to obtain access to the Center and use specific resources.Because resource skills are an integral part of a student's academic achievement, students receive instruction in resourceskills and procedures. The development of resource skills is strengthened by research components built into the Institution'scurriculum. Trained support personnel are available to assist students and faculty.Students enrolled in any of the Institution's educational delivery systems are assured access to educational resources andservices through a variety of communication media.Learning Resource Center hours are posted outside of the Learning Resource Center.Accrediting Agencies, Approvals, and MembershipsAccrediting Agencies Brightwood College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to awarddiplomas and associate’s degrees. ACICS is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United StatesDepartment of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. ACICS may becontacted at:Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)750 First St NE, Suite 980Washington, DC 20002-4241202-336-6780 There is no programmatic accreditation for the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, Medical Assistant and PatientCare Technician programs. The Dental Assistant program is not programmatically accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation(CODA).Approvals This is a private institution approved to operate by the:Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400Sacramento, California 95833www.bppe.ca.gov916.431.6959Approval to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth in the California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10,Part 59, Chapter 8.Any questions a student may have regarding this catalog that have not been satisfactorily answered by the institution may bedirected to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400 Sacramento, California,95833, www.bppe.ca.gov, Toll-free telephone number: 888.370.7589 or by fax 916.263.1897.As a prospective student, you are encouraged to review this catalog prior to signing an enrollment agreement. You are alsoencouraged to review the School Performance Fact Sheet, which must be provided to you prior to signing an enrollmentagreement.6

A student or any member of the public may file a complaint about this institution with the Bureau for Private PostsecondaryEducation by calling 1.888.370.7589 or by completing a complaint form, which can be obtained on the bureau's Internetwebsite www.bppe.ca.gov. Approved by the Dental Board of California for Dental Assistant Program, Infection Control, and Pit and FissureSealantsState of CaliforniaDepartment of Consumer AffairsDental Board of California2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1550Sacramento, California 95815www.dbc.ca.gov916.263.2595 The Associate of Science in Nursing program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. This programis not accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). Graduates of the program areeligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nurse in California, however. A degreeprogram that is unaccredited is not recognized for some employment positions, including, but not limited to, positionswith the State of California. Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education units The Vocational Nursing program is approved by the:California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT)2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205Sacramento, California 95833916.263.7800 Approved by the State of California Department of Public Health, Licensing and Certification Program for NurseAssistant and Home Health AideApproved as an Authorized Testing Center for examinations by the National Center for Competency TestingApproved under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code, to train eligible persons and VeteransApproved to train eligible students under the Workforce Investment Board (WIB)Memberships Member of the Better Business BureauMember of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and UniversitiesMember of the California Association of Private Postsecondary SchoolsMember of the San Diego Chamber of CommerceMember of National Student Nurses Association - San Diego ChapterDisclosure StatementThis Institution does not have a pending petition in bankruptcy, is not operating as a debtor in possession, has not filed apetition in bankruptcy within the preceding five years, and has not had a petition in bankruptcy filed against it within thepreceding five years that resulted in reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Sec.1101, et seq.).7

Administration, Staff, and FacultyBrightwood College AdministrationDavid Movsesian, Campus PresidentTammy Esquivel, Academic DeanDeborah Chow, Dean of NursingSheri Saretsky, Dean of Vocational NursingSerica Martinez-Ervin, Director of AdmissionsJaclyn Marquez, Director of Career DevelopmentShawn Toohey, Student Finance SupervisorFacultyCarol Baltazar, LVN, DSDPatient Care Technician/Nurse Assistant InstructorVN Certificate, Kaplan College, San Diego, CAKeshia Banks, RNVocational Nursing InstructorADN, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VABrenda Chiles, RN, BSNVocational Nursing InstructorBSN, National University, La Jolla, CADeborah Chow, RN, DNPDean of AS NursingDoctor of Nursing, American Sentinel University, Aurora, COLinda Delacruz, RN, MSNAS Nursing InstructorMSN, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ ASN, Excelsior College, Albany, NYAnthony DiTomaso, LMT, MSHEAcademic Consultant INurse Assistant/Phlebotomy Program CoordinatorMS Ed, Kaplan University, Davenport, IATracy Frye, RN, MSNAssistant Dean of Nursing/NCLEX CoordinatorAS Nursing InstructorMSN, Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UTStephenie Harris, RMAMedical Assistant InstructorCertificate, Medical Assistant, Maric College, San Diego, CAGregg Henning, LVN, DSDPatient Care Technician InstructorUS Navy, Corpsman "A" SchoolHudson, LVN, BAVocational Nurse InstructorCertificate, Vocational Nursing, Pickens College, Aurora, COLorrie Jackson, RN, MSN8

AS Nursing Instructor (PT)MSN, Grand Canyon University, OnlineRiki Lang, RN, BSNAS Nursing Instructor (FT)University of Phoenix, AZMichael Liganor, LVN, DSDPatient Care Technician/Nurse Assistant Program InstructorCertificate, Vocational Nursing, Maric College, San Diego, CACarol Rose Miller, BSNVocational Nursing InstructorBSN, Rush University, Chicago, ILHeather Moreno, RDADental Assistant InstructorDA Certificate, Cypress College, Cypress, CAEmida Mosqueda, RN, BSNVocational Nursing InstructorBSN, University of Phoenix, San Diego, CATori Muir, MAGeneral Education InstructorMA, English, La Sierra University, Riverside, CAJan Nizic-Bonner, RN, MSNVocational Nursing InstructorMSN, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CAOluwaseun Ogunjimi, RN, MSNAS Nursing InstructorMSN, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PACathy Panlilio, RN, MSNAS Nursing; Assistant InstructorMSN, Purdue University GlobalGlenda Phife, LVN, DSDPatient Care Technician/Nurse Assistant InstructorCertificate, Vocational Nursing, San Diego City College, San Diego, CAMarieta Pilapil, RN, MSNVocational Nursing InstructorMSN, Kaplan University, Chicago, ILSarah Pretanvil, MPHVocational Nursing InstructorMPH, San Diego State University, San Diego, CAMaribel Ramos, RMA, BSOMProgram Director – Medical Assistant ProgramMedical Assistant Senior Program DirectorCertificate, Medical Assistant, Concorde Career Institute, Garden Grove, CABS, OB, National University, Los Angeles, CA9

Lori Rankin, RN, MSN-NEAssistant Dean of NursingMSN-NE, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Chicago, ILAngela Reed, CCMAMedical Assistant InstructorMA Certificate, Regional Occupation Program, Orange County, CAKathleen Roberti, LVNPatient Care Technician/Nurse Assistant InstructorVN Certificate, Grossmont Health Occupation Center, El Cajon, CAMichael Roggelin, RN, BSNVocational Nursing InstructorBSN, Arizona State University, Arizona, CASheri Saretsky, RN, MSN, CNE, DSDDean of Vocational Nursing - Vocational Nursing ProgramMSN, Kaplan University, Chicago, ILSally Saskowski, RN, BSNAS Nursing InstructorBSN, George Mason University, Fairfax, VAAlexandra Simental, RDADental Assistant InstructorCertificate, Pit and Fissure Sealant, J Productions, Sacramento, CACertificate, Ultrasonic Scaling, J Productions, Sacramento, CAKarissa Thomson, RDADental Assistant DirectorCertificate, Dental Assistant, UEI, San Diego, CADisability CoordinatorsPortia Schwefel, Campus AdministratorBrightwood College9055 Balboa AvenueSan Diego, California 92123858.279.4500OwnershipBrightwood College is a private institution of higher education owned by Virginia College, LLC, an Alabama limited liabilitycompany that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Education Corporation of America (ECA), a Delaware corporation. The officersof ECA are Stuart Reed, President and Chief Executive Officer; Christopher Boehm, Executive Vice President, and Treasurer;and Roger L. Swartzwelder, Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary. The directorsof ECA are Avy Stein (Chairman), John Bakalar, Christopher Boehm, Scott Conners, Jerry Dervin, John P. Frazee, Jr., John Kline,Jr., Michael Lavin, Michael Moskow, Stuart Reed, and Denis Suggs.10

Main/Branch/Auxiliary Classroom Locations* Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)CALIFORNIAJY Monk Real Estate School(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)Brightwood College* (Main Campus)Piedmont Center4330 Watt Avenue, Suite 4001375 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd.Sacramento, California 95821Hickory, North Carolina 28602(916) 649-8168(800) 849-0932Brightwood College*JY Monk Real Estate School(Branch of Sacramento)(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)1914 Wible Road6900 Cliffdale RoadBakersfield, California 93304Suite 102(661) 836-6300Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314Brightwood College* (Main Campus) (800) 849-09325172 Kiernan CourtJY Monk Real Estate SchoolSalida, California 95368(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)(209) 543-70001700 East Arlington BoulevardGreenville, North Carolina 27858Brightwood College*(800) 849-0932(Branch of Salida)44 Shaw AvenueJY Monk Real Estate SchoolClovis, California 93612(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)(559) 325-5100770 Tyvola RoadBrightwood College* (Main Campus) Charlotte, North Carolina 28217(800) 849-09329055 Balboa AvenueSan Diego, California 92123OHIO(858) 279-4500Brightwood College* (Main Campus)Brightwood College*2800 E. River Road(Branch of San Diego)Dayton, Ohio 45439Chula Vista Center(937) 294-6155555 Broadway, Suite 144Chula Vista, California 91910-5342 PENNSYLVANIA(619) 498-4100Brightwood Career Institute* (Main Campus)Brightwood College* (Main Campus) Lawrence Park Shopping Center1991 Sproul Road, Suite 422022 University DriveBroomall, Pennsylvania 19008Vista, California 92083(610) 353-7630(760) 630-1555Brightwood College*(Branch of Vista)2475 East Tahquitz Canyon WayPalm Springs, California 92262(760) 778-3540Brightwood Career Institute* (Main Campus)177 Franklin Mills BoulevardPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 19154(215) 612-6600Brightwood Career Institute* (Main Campus)Brightwood College* (Main Campus) 5650 Derry Street15400 West Sherman Way, Suite 101 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111(717) 558-1300Van Nuys, California 91406(818) 754-6000Brightwood Career Institute*(Branch of Harrisburg)Brightwood College*(Branch of Los Angeles (Van Nuys) 3010 Market StreetPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 191044040 Vine StreetRiverside, California 9250711

(951) 781-7400(215) 594-4000Brightwood College(Auxiliary Classroom of Ingram)9055 Balboa AvenueSan Diego, California 92123(800) 636-9517Brightwood Career Institute* (Main Campus)933 Penn AvenuePittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222(412) 338-4770COLORADOBrightwood College(Auxiliary Classroom of Ingram)2200 South Monaco ParkwayUnit RDenver, Colorado 80222(800) 636-9517TENNESSEEBrightwood College* (Main Campus)750 Envious LaneNashville, Tennessee 37212(615) 279-8300TEXASBrightwood College* (Main Campus)711 East Airtex DriveINDIANAHouston, Texas 77073Brightwood College* (Main Campus) (281) 443-89007833 Indianapolis BoulevardBrightwood College*Hammond, Indiana 46324(Branch of Houston)(219) 844-01003208 FM 528Brightwood College*Friendswood, Texas 77546(Branch of Hammond)(281) 648-08804200 South East Street, Suite 7Brightwood College* (Main Campus)Indianapolis, Indiana 4622712005 Ford Road, Suite 100(317) 782-0315Dallas, Texas 75234MARYLAND(972) 385-1446Brightwood College* (Main Campus)1520 South Caton AvenueBaltimore, Maryland 21227(410) 644-6400Brightwood College*(Branch of Dallas)2241 S. Watson RoadArlington, Texas 76010Brightwood College* (Main Campus) (972) 623-47004600 Powder Mill RoadBrightwood College* (Main Campus)Beltsville, Maryland 207058360 Burnham Road, Suite 100(301) 937-8448El Paso, Texas 79907Brightwood College* (Main Campus) (915) 595-1935803 Glen Eagles CourtTowson, Maryland 21286(410) 296-5350MINNESOTABrightwood Career Institute(Auxiliary Classroom of Harrisburg)1295 Bandana Boulevard NorthSt. Paul, Minnesota 55108(800) 636-9517Brightwood Career Institute(Auxiliary Classroom of Harrisburg)Kaplan Professional Schools building2051 Killebrew Dr.Bloomington, Minnesota 55425Brightwood College*(Branch of El Paso)1900 North Expressway, Suite OBrownsville, Texas 78521(956) 547-8200Brightwood College(Auxiliary Classroom of El Paso)1231 Lee TrevinoEl Paso, Texas 79907(915) 595-1935Brightwood College* (Main Campus)7142 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 100San Antonio, Texas 78216(210) 366-550012

(800) 636-9517NEW MEXICOBrightwood College(Auxiliary Classroom of Ingram)8205 Spain Road N.E.Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109(800) 636-9517Brightwood College*(Branch of San Pedro)1500 South Jackson RoadMcAllen, Texas 78503(956) 630-1499Brightwood College*(Branch of San Pedro)South Coast PlazaNEVADA1620 South Padre Island Drive, Suite 600Corpus Christi, Texas 78416Brightwood College* (Main Campus)(361) 852-29003535 W. Sahara AvenueLas Vegas, Nevada 89102Brightwood College*(702) 368-2338(Branch of San Pedro)2001 Beach Street, Suite 201NORTH CAROLINAFort Worth, Texas 76103Brightwood College*(817) 413-2000(Branch of Nashville)Brightwood College* (Main Campus)6070 East Independence Boulevard6441 NW Loop 410Charlotte, North Carolina 28212San Antonio, Texas 78238(704) 567-3700(210) 308-8584JY Monk Real Estate SchoolBrightwood College*(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)(Branch of Ingram)New Hanover Government CenterParkdale MallSuite 426115 Eastex FreewayWilmington, North Carolina 28403Beaumont, Texas 77706(800) 849-0932(409) 347-5900JY Monk Real Estate SchoolBrightwood College*(Auxiliary Classroom of Nashville)(Branch of Ingram)5617 Creedmoor Road6410 McPherson RoadRaleigh, North Carolina 27612Laredo, Texas 78041(800) 849-0932(956) 717-5909Brightwood College(Auxiliary Classroom of Ingram)1900 Ballpark WayArlington, Texas 76006(800) 636-9517Catalog CertificationVirginia College, LLC owns and operates Brightwood College, a nonpublic institution. Virginia College, LLC certifies that theinformation contained in this publication is current and correct, but is subject to change without notice, and does notconstitute a binding agreement on the part of Brightwood College or Virginia College, LLC.While this catalog contains a great deal of information, programmatic Student Handbooks may exist to complement thisinformation, providing specifics on policies and procedures. Programmatic Student Handbooks are received by the student atorientation or can be picked up in the Academic or Student Services Office.13

ADMISSION INFORMATIONProvisional EnrollmentStudents who have submitted all required documentation in a timely manner that is necessary to secure the method ofpayment for their tuition cost and fees will be officially accepted into their program and will only then become eligible for TitleIV federal financial aid and receive credit for their course(s). The Institution will withdraw any student not meeting thecriteria, and such a student will not owe any financial obligation.All new students entering the College for the first time will be enrolled on a provisional basis for the first 21 calendar days oftheir first term (all students who have graduated from one of the College’s programs are ineligible). Provisional students arenot charged tuition and are not eligible to receive federal or state student aid until they become regular active students. Thoseprovisional students who are earning satisfactory grades and posting satis

Brightwood College 9055 Balboa Avenue San Diego, California 92123 Telephone: 858.279.4500 Toll-Free: 800.400.8232 Fax: 858.279.4885 www.brightwood.edu Publication Date: 11/21/2018 2018-2019 CATALOG (JANUARY 1, 2018 - DECEMBER 31, 2019) 2 2018-2019 Catalog (January 1, 2018 - December 31,

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