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S L I M & C O M P A Slim design with wide viewing angle makes possible to approach more precision. Huvitz’s state-of-the-art technology presents sensitive design to attract everyone. C T

Fast response and perfect exam always assure the utmost reliable test result. Dual cross cylinder lens Guide assistance for sophisticated tests Dual cross cylinder lens supports fast and convenient astigmatic test. Friendly guides shown on the display panel provide easier processes to perform more sophisticated vision tests such as relative accommodation test or relative convergence test, etc. Automatic occlusion Automatic occlusion function assists precise and comfortable astigmatic test by preventing accommodation while the lens is rotating over 45 degree or test mode is changing. Automatic convergence During presbyopic test or near vision acuity test, automatic convergence function makes an examinee to gaze near vision charts toward the center of refractor lenses assuring precise test. ҭWorking ҭAvailable distance : 35 70cm Near PD : 50 74mm Various kinds of near vision chart Near vision test can be performed better with variously provided near vision charts. LED Near Sight Illumination and Detachable Near Chart Rod Built-in LED illumination for the near sight chart automatically recognizes the near or far sight test and turns the lighting on or off to create the best lighting needed for the test environment. Easy installation and removal of the near chart rod with a magnetic joint gives you more comfort. Accurate rotary prism Precise prism data can be obtained by fine increment (up to 20ў, minimum 0.1 ў increment) and automatic occlusion function is working while the prism is changing directions to assist correct test. Various muscle balance test methods HDR-7000 provides various muscle balance test methods such as Von Graefe Test, Schober Test, Maddox Rod Test, Polar Cross Test, etc. Monocular PD adjustment Many customers have slightly varied monocular PD. HDR-7000 provides independent PD for right and left eyes. Forehead rest indicator A sensor inside of the forehead rest notifies by showing on & off of LED indicator whether an examineeő s forehead is rested on the forehead rest to assure the most precise vertex distance. Fast and silent lens loading Faster lens loading helps to minimize accommodational interference and fatigue of examineeső eyes. Silent operation offers more comfort during the exam process. Illuminated vertex distance check window More accurate test is guaranteed by positioning examineeső eyes in the correct vertex distance through the illuminated vertex distance check window. Easy cleanup The detachable design of the frequently contaminated parts (Forehead Rests, Face Shields, and Lens Windows) helps easier and faster cleanup.

U S E F U L & J O Y F U L User-friendly touch screen interface, jog dial and tact switches provide perfect control on various operations. The swiveling and tilting display can be shown in every direction to make refraction tests more intimate. Feel the comfort with great joyfulness.

Enhance it with various and advanced test methods and powerful networking Various charts and tests Tilting & swivel LCD panel 18 visual acuity test charts, 26 vision test charts, and up to 35 user defined unit test charts support the most advanced eye test process. Tilting & swivel LCD panel makes it possible to share the displayed information in any direction or angle. Touch Screen Global standard chart types HDR - 7000 offers worldwide global standard chart types. Touch screen interface offers intuitive guide with great convenience for operation. Controller Type A Controller Type B Multi-function Jog Dial Multi-function Jog Dial assist fast and convenient lens loading and execution of programs. Controller Type C Controller Type D Test process programming Maximum 10 customized test processes can be programmed and saved with the detailed setting of unit test charts conversion, auxiliary lens inserting, fogging, chart masking, etc. Tact switch Elegant tact switches are wellorganized functionally, and also offer satisfying feeling of touch. User-defined test Built-in printer Maximum 35 user-defined tests can be edited and stored. Built-in printer on the operation panel makes accessing the printer more convenient and replacing paper at one-step process. Real time guide Graphical representation displayed on screen guides test process easier & faster in real time. Displaying the result in tables and graphics Test results are shown in tables and graphics help to understand easier and faster. PRE-TEST EXAM #1 Various image clips Color blindness test, Amsler’s Grid, and many other kinds of near vision charts are provided for more perfect test. Various image clips including progressive lens guide, diagram of an eye & refraction, etc. support better understanding for customers. EXAM #N Easy installation of various interfaces Various chart devices (Projector CCP3100, Dream Chart CDC-4000 & LCD Chart) can be connected in wire/ wireless. PC communication connecting interface can be attached to support customer data management. (Option) Efficient multiple connection of systems The connection of Auto Ref/ Keratometer and Auto Lensmeter is supported. Especially, only one set of connection of Auto Ref / Keratometer and Auto Lensmeter can be shared to multiple Huvitz Digital Refractor systems, thus allowing maximum cost efficiency. Simultaneous data sharing with the connected systems makes it possible to organize and manage refraction test environment efficiently.

SPECIFICATION HDR -7000 DIGITAL REFRACTOR MEASUREMENT RANGE -29.00 26.75D ( Regular) Spherical Lense -19.00 16.75D ( Cross Cylinder or Prism Test) ( 0.12D / 0.25D / 0.5D / 1.0D / 2.0D / 3.0D / 4.0D Increments) Cylinder Lense 0.00 Š8.75D ( 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D Increments) Cylinder Axis ( 1Ņ 180Ņ 0Ņ / 5Ņ/ 15ŅIncrements ) PD 48 80mm ( 0.5 / 1mm Increments ) Near PD 50 74mm ( Near Working Distance : 35 70cm ) Rotary Prism 0 20ў ( 0.1ў/ 0.2ў/ 0.5ў/ 1ў/ 2ў Increments ) Cross Cylinder Š0.25D / Š0.50D / Š0.25D Dual Cross Cylinder ( Split Prism Lens ) Retinoscope 1.5D, 2.0D ( Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm ) AUXILIARY LENSE Pin Hole Lense ܼ2mm Madox Rod Right Eye ( Red, Horizontal ) Left Eye ( Red, Vertical ) Red / Green Filter Right Eye ( Red ), Left Eye ( Green ) Polarizing Filter Right Eye : 135Ņ , 45Ņ/ Left Eye : 45Ņ , 135Ņ Split Prism Right Eye : 6ўBU / Left Eye : 10ўBI ( up to 5ўComplement ) Fixed Cross Cylinder Š0.50D ( Fixed with the axis set at 90Ņ) DIMENSIONS Horopter 361( W ) x 108( D ) x 280( H ) mm / 4.74kg Controller 216( W ) x 246( D ) x 225( H ) mm / 1.89kg ( Printer Inclusion ) Junction Box 251( W ) x 240( D ) x 71( H ) mm / 1.88kg Power Supply AC 100-120V / AC 200-240V 50 / 60Hz Power Consumption 145VA Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement. SYSTEM NETWORKING Huvitz Building 689-3, Geumjeong-dong Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 435-862, Korea Tel : 82 - 31- 442 - 8868 Fax : 82 - 31- 477 - 8617 http : // www.huvitz.com Distributed by

During presbyopic test or near vision acuity test, automatic convergence function makes an examinee to gaze near vision charts toward the center of refractor lenses assuring precise test. Working distance : 35 70cm Available Near PD : 50 74mm Various kinds of near vision chart Near vision test can be performed better with variously provided near

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