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Annual Report2010-11 to 2016-17 and 2017-18Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority

Table of ContentSL 252627282930313233343536ParticularsHighlights of Bangladesh InsuranceMessage of ChairmanChairman, Members and Other OfficersWorld Insurance ScenarioBangladesh Insurance in the Global ScenarioAn Overview of Bangladesh Insurance IndustryLife InsurancePremiumNew Business and Renewal Premium in Life Insurance BusinessMarket Share in Life Insurance BusinessRetention of PremiumNumber of Policy in Life insurance BusinessLife FundAssetsInvestmentManagement ExpensesClaim SettlementNumber of Insurance ClaimsNet Policy holder Liability and Actuarial SurplusPaid-Up CapitalFinancial AssociateBranches of Life InsurersStaffTax and VATNon-Life InsurancePremiumNet Premium and Retention RatioGross premium and Net Premium of SBCMarket ShareNumber of PolicyManagement Expenses and Management Expenses RatioCombined RatioAssetsInvestmentInvestment IncomeClaim SettlementiPage 14143454647495152555859

SL 616263646566676869707172ParticularsNumber of ClaimsBranchAgentStaffPaid-Up CapitalStamp DutyTax and VATActivities of Insurance Development and Regulatory AuthorityFormation of Authority:Life Insurance Products ApprovalNon-Life Insurance Products ApprovalCoordination meetingFormulation of Rules and RegulationInspectionsImposing FinesSignificant steps taken by IDRASignificant steps taken in non-life insurance SectorSignificant steps taken in Life Insurance SectorInnovation TeamBangladesh Insurance Sector Development ProjectArrangement of Insurance FairDigital World FairDevelopment Fairs Held at All District and Upazila LevelSteps To Prevent Money LaunderingImplementation of National Integrity StrategyConduct Bengali Language at All LevelsAccepting Memberships of IAIS and AFIFramework of the Third Capital Market Development Program(CMDP III)Unified Messaging Platform (UMP)SeminarsMeetings Regarding Settlement of Insurance ClaimsFinancial Stability ReportCollection of Financial DataAppointment of CEO and Branch OpeningIncome and Expenditure of IDRAAnnexureiiPage 7474757575757576767676767779

VisionTo bring general public under the coverage of insurance step by step by tacklingthe economic risk of life, health and assets thereby ensuring social and economicsecurity as one the human rights.MissionTo bring hundred percent risk of life and assets of the country under insurancecoverage.iii

Abbreviations for Life Insurance CompaniesInsurance Company Full NameAnnual Report Purpose CompanyLabels1234Alpha Islami Life Insurance LtdBaira Life Insurance company LtdBest Life Insurance LtdChartered Life Insurance company LtdAlphaBairaBestChartered5678Delta Life Insurance company LtdDiamond Life Insurance company LtdFareast Islami Life Insurance company LtdGolden Life Insurance LtdDeltaDiamondFareastGolden91011Guardian Life Insurance LtdHomeland Life Insurance company LtdJamuna Life Insurance company LtdGuardianHomelandJamuna12131415Jiban Bima CorporationLife insurance Corporation of Bangladesh LtdMeghna Life Insurance company LtdMercantile Islami Life Insurance company LtdJBCLICMeghnaMercantile16171819MetLife (American Life Insurance Company)National Life Insurance company LtdNRB Global Life Insurance company LtdPadma Islami Life Insurance LtdMetLifeNationalNRB GlobalPadma2021222324Popular Life Insurance company LtdPragati Life Insurance LtdPrime Islami Life Insurance LtdProgressive Life Insurance company LtdProtective Islami Life Insurance company 829Rupali Life Insurance company LtdSandhani Life Insurance company LtdSonali Life Insurance company LtdSunflower Life Insurance company LtdSunlife Life Insurance company sh Life Insurance company LtdTrust Islami Life Insurance LtdZenith islami Life Insurance LtdSwadeshTrustZenithiv

Abbreviations for Non-Life Insurance CompaniesSLInsurance Company Full NameAnnual Report Purpose CompanyLabels1Agrani insurance Company ltdAgrani2Asia Insurance Company Ltd3Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Ltd4Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd5Bangladesh General Insurance Company LtdBD General6Bangladesh National Insurance Company LtdBD National7Central Insurance Company Ltd8City General Insurance Company LtdCity General9Continental Insurance Company LtdContinental10Crystal Insurance Company Ltd11Desh General insurance ltd12Dhaka Insurance Company LtdDhaka13Eastern Insurance Company LtdEastern14Eastland Insurance Company LtdEastland15Express Insurance LtdExpress16Federal Insurance Company LtdFederal17Global Insurance LtdGlobal18Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd19Islami Commercial Insurance Company LtdIslami Commercial20Islami Insurance BD Insurance Company LtdIslami Insurance BD21Janata Insurance Company Ltd22Karnaphuli Insurance Company Ltd23Meghna Insurance Company Ltd24Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd25Nitol Insurance Company Ltd26Northern General Insurance Company Ltd27Paramount Insurance Company Ltd28Peoples Insurance Company LtdPeoples29Phonix Insurance Company LtdPhonix30Pioneer Insurance Company LtdPioneer31Pragati Insurance LtdPragatiAsiaAsia PacificBD Co-operativeCentralCrystalDesh GeneralGreen DeltaJanataKarnaphuliMeghnaMercantileNitolNorthern GeneralParamountv

SLInsurance Company Full NameAnnual Report Purpose CompanyLabels32Prime Insurance Company LtdPrime33Provati Insurance Company LtdProvati34Purubi General Insurance Company LtdPurubi35Reliance Insurance LtdReliance36Republic Insurance Company LtdRepublic37Rupali Insurance Company Ltd38Sadharan Bima corporation39Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Ltd40Sikder Insurance Company Ltd41Sonar Bangla Insurance Ltd42South Asia Insurance Company LtdSouth Asia43Standard Insurance LtdStandard44Takaful Islami Insurance Company Ltd45Union Insurance Company LtdUnion46United Insurance Company LtdUnitedRupaliSBCSena KalyanSikderSonar BanglaTakaful IslamiList of Abbreviations and AccronymsGross Domestic ProductGDPFixed Deposit AccountFDRInsurance Development and Regulatory AuthorityIDRAAlliance for Financial InclusionAFIInternational Association of Insurance SupervisorsIAISTax Deduct at SourceTDSVAT Deduct at SourceVDSKnow your CustomerKYCCentral Rating CommitteeCRCCentral Eastern EuropeCEEvi

Editorial TeamSLNameDesignation1Khalil Ahmed, Executive Director (Joint secretary), IDRA2Kamrul Huq Maruf, Director (Deputy Secretary), IDRAMember3Md. Enayet Ali Khan, Consultant, IDRAMember4Md. Abu Mahmud, Officer, IDRAMember5Md. Ikhtiar Hasan Khan, Officer, IDRAMember6MD. Shamsul Alam Khan,Officer, IDRAmember7Shohel Rana, Junior Officer, IDRAMember8Hamed Bin Hasan, Junior Officer, IDRAMember9Md. Shafiqul Islam, Junior Officer, IDRAMemberviiEditorial Head

Table and AnnexureSLSubjectPage NoTable 1Total Real Premium Growth Rate (Inflation Adjusted) 20179Table 2Region-Wise Life and Non-Life Insurance premium 201710Table 3Insurance Penetration and Density in Selected Country 201711Table 4Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Premium Income &Penetration in Bangladesh (2009-17)11Table 5Population and Density of Insurance12Table 6Premium Income & Growth Rate of the Insurance Industry13Table 7Gross Premium category-wise in Life Insurance Business16Table 8First Year (New Business) and Renewal Premium in LifeInsurance Business18Table 9First Year, Second Year and Third & Above Year PremiumGrowth Rate( % ) (2009-2017)19Table 10Company - wise Gross Premium and Market share - Lifeinsurance Business20Table 11Gross Premium, Net Premium and Retention ratio in LifeInsurance Business (BDT Crore)21Table 12Number of Policy in Life Insurance Business22Table 13Concentration of Assets as at 31st December 2015 -2017 - LifeInsurance Business25Table 14Breakup of Investment - Life Insurance Business29Table 15Management Expenses and Growth in Excess ManagementExpenses31Table 16Amount of incurred Claim in different Categories (2009-2017)33Table 17Claim amount settled (BDT Crore) and percentage of claimsettlement (2009-2017)33Table 18Number of Claims in Life Insurance Business36Table 19Number of Claims and Settled (%)36Table 20Net Policy holder Liability and Actuarial Surplus37Table 21Paid-Up Capital in Life Insurance Business37Table 22Number of Financial Associate (Agent) and Employer of Agentin Life Insurance Business38Table 23Branches in Life Insurance Business (2009-17)39Table 24Number of Staff in Life Insurance Business39viii

SLSubjectPage NoTable 25Tax and VAT collection by Life Insurer (2009-2017)40Table 26Amount of Gross Premium and Growth Rate in Non-LifeInsurance Business41Table 27Direct Gross Premium Earned by SBC (BDT Crore) (2009-2017)42Table 28Category-wise Net Premium in Non-Life Insurance (withoutSBC)44Table 29Category-wise Retention (%) in Non-Life Insurance (withoutSBC)44Table 30Gross Premium and Gross Premium (with reinsurancePremium) Earned by SBC (BDT Crore)45Table 31Reinsurance Premium Paid by SBC45Table 32Company - wise Gross Premium and Market Share - GeneralInsurance Business (2017)47Table 33Number of Fire, Marine, Motor and Miscellaneous InsurancePolicy (2009-17)48Table 34Excess Management Expense from allowable limit and itschange49Table 35Management Expense Ratio (%) in Non-Life insurance Business50Table 36Premium, Management Expenses, Commission and CombinedRatio (%)52Table 37Concentration of Assets as at 31st December 2016 and -2017 –Non-Life Insurance Business53Table 38Investment (BDT Crore) and Concertation of Investment inNon-Life Insurance Business56Table 39Simple rate of Return on Investment in Non-Life insuranceBusiness (2009-2017)59Table 40Claim Ratios (%) of Different Category in Non-Life insuranceBusiness (2009-2017)60Table 41Gross Claim Amount Incurred in Non-Life Insurance Business61Table 42Gross Claim Amount Paid in Non-Life Insurance Business62Table 43Percentage of Gross Claim Amount settled by Subclasses inNon-Life Insurance Business62Table 44Number of Incurred Claim by Category in Non-Life InsuranceBusiness (2009-2017)63Table 45Number of Claim Settlement and Percentage of claimSettlement (2009-2017)64ix

SLSubjectPage NoTable 46Number of Staff in Non-Life Insurance Business66Table 47Amount of Paid Up Capital in Non-Life Insurance Business(2009-2017) (BDT Crore)66Table 48Stamp Duty Paid by Non-Life Insurers (2009-2017)66Table 49Tax and VAT paid by Non-life insurers (2009-2017)67Table 50Registration and renewal of registration fees received by IDRA(2009-17)68Table 51Surveyor Registration License and Renewal Fees (2009-2017)69Table 52Agent Fee collected by IDRA from 2009-2017 (BDT Million)69Table 53Inspection by IDRA in the various insurance companies during2011-201871Table 54Statement of Fine imposed by IDRA (2010-11 to 2017-18)72Table 55Income and Expenditure Statement of IDRA (2010-11 to 201718)77AnnexureAnnexure 01List of Licensed Life Insurers and Listed with Stock exchanges79Annexure 02List of Licensed Non-Life Insurers and Listed with Stockexchanges80Annexure 03Life Insurance policies approved after formation of IDRA81Annexure 04Non-Life Insurance Products are approvedafter formation ofIDRA86Annexure 05List of Acts, Rules & Regulations relating to Insurance ofBangladesh87Annexure 06Gross Premium collection by the Life insurers (2009-2017)88Annexure 07Asset Position of Life insurers (2009-2017)89Annexure 08Gross Premium collection by the Non-Life insurers (2009-2017)90Annexure 09Asset Position of Non-Life insurers (2009-2017)91x

List of ChartSLChart 1Chart 2.Chart 3Chart 4Chart 5Chart 6Chart 7Chart 8Chart 9Chart 10Chart 11Chart 12Chart 13Chart 14Chart 15Chart 16Chart 17Chart 18SubjectInsurance Penetration (Percentage Share of Gross Premium toGDP)Insurance Density of Bangladesh (Per Capita Gross premium)Premium Income & Growth Rate of the Insurance IndustryTotal Asset and Asset Growth Rate of Insurance Industry inBangladeshTotal Investment and Investment Growth Rate of InsuranceIndustry in BangladeshCategory -wise Gross Premium Share (%) in Life insuranceBusiness (2009-2017)Gross Premium and Growth Rate in Life Insurance BusinessFirst Year (New Business), Second Year and Third & Above YearPremium Share (%)Growth Rate of First, Second and Third and Above Year Premium(2009-17)Market share of Top Ten and Other contributors to GrossPremium (2014-2017Number of Policies from 2009 to 2017 - Life Insurance BusinessNumber of Lapsed Policies from 2009 to 2017 - Life InsuranceBusinessLife Fund and Growth of Life Fund in Life Insurance BusinessLife Fund Yield in PercentageConcentration of Assets as at 31st December 2015 -2017- LifeInsurance BusinessAmount of Asset and Asset Growth in Life Insurance business(2009-2017)Share of Asset of Top Ten insurer and other Insurers in LifeInsurance Business (2009-2017)Amount of Investment and Investment Growth in Life InsuranceBusiness (2009-2017)Page No111213141516171819212323242426262728Chart 19Concentration of Investment in Life insurance Business28Chart 20Chart 21Chart 22Chart 23Contribution to Investment of Top Six insurer and othersInvestment Income in Life insurance BusinessSimple rate of Investment Return (%) in Life Insurance BusinessExcess Management Expense in Life Insurance Business (20092017)Management Expense Ratio in life Insurance Business (20092017)29303031Chart 24xi32

SLChart 25Chart 26Chart 27Chart 28Chart 29Chart 30Chart 31Chart 32Chart 33Chart 34Chart 35Chart 36Chart 37Chart 38Chart 39Chart 40Chart 41Chart 42Chart 43Chart 44Chart 45Chart 46Chart 47Chart 48SubjectPercentage Share of different Type of Claim Amount in Lifeinsurance Business (2009-2017)Claim Amount Settlement by Sub-classes from 2009-2017Claim Amount Settlement in life Insurance BusinessGross premium Growth in Non-Life Insurance BusinessSub-Class Wise Growth Rate of Gross premium In Non-Lifeinsurance Business (2010-2017)Sub-Class Wise Gross Premium Share in Non-Life InsuranceBusiness (2009-2017)Sub-Class Wise Retention (%) in Non-Life Business (without SBC)Market Share of Top Ten and other Insurers Contribute to GrossPremiumGrowth rate of Non-Life Insurance PolicyPercentage Share of Policy in Non-Life Insurance by Subclasses(2009-17)Change in Excess Management Expense from AllowableManagement Expense (2009-2017)Management Expense Ratio in Non-Life Insurance businessConcentration of Assets of Non-Life Insurance Business (2014 2017)Total Asset and Growth of Asset in Non-Life Insurance Business(2009-2017)Share of Asset of Top Ten Insurers in Non-Life Insurance business(2015-2017)Concentration of Investment in Non-Life insurance Business(2015-2017)Investment and Investment growth in Non-Life InsuranceBusinessPercentage of Investment Share of Non-Life InsurerAsset investment Ratio in Non-Life Business (2009-2017)Subclass-wise Claim Ratio in Non-Life Insurance Business (20092017)Gross Claim Amount Incurred In Non-Life Insurance Business(2009-2017)Number of Incurred Claim by Subclasses in Non-Life InsuranceBusiness (2009-2017)Number of Branches in Non-life insurance BusinessNumber of Agent and Percentage of Change in Non-Life InsuranceBusinessxiiPage No343435424243454648495051545455565757586061636465

Highlights of Bangladesh Insurance78 Insurance Companies32 Life Insurance companies (One State-owned)46 Non-Life Insurance companies (One State-owned)137 Insurance Surveyors17 Million Insurance Coverage (2017)Performance of Insurance IndustrySL1ParticularsGross Premium (Life) (BDT crore)20178198.462Gross Premium (Non-Life) (BDT crore)2981.433Number of In-force Policy (Life)109519204Number of Policy (Non-Life)24186305Asset (Life) (BDT crore)37052.366Asset (Non-Life) (BDT crore)11124.297Investment (Life) (BDT crore)29934.398Investment (Non-Life) (BDT crore)5854.939Claim Amount (Life) (BDT crore)6803.4110Claim Amount (Non-Life) (BDT crore)2713.5411Claim Settled (Life) (%)81.5912Claim settled (Non-Life) (%)35.7513Agent (Life)14Agent (Non-Life)258115Branch (Life)655116Branch (Non-Life)135217Staff (Life)2253018Staff (Non-Life)169983818391


Message of ChairmanOn behalf of the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA), I am pleased topresent the Annual Reports combinedly for the financial year 2017-18 and 2010-11 to 2016-17.On our journey to be the benchmark insurance regulator in South Asia, we were able to move upto another progressive level during this year despite the challenges. One of the biggestchallenges faced was building the confidence level of the general people of Bangladeshregarding the claim settlements. We have compelled the companies to settle the claims at about81.52 percent in life sector during the year of 2017 and we hope claim settlement in life sectorwill be more than 90% in future.Despite the challenging environment, the insurance sector recorded a positive growth both inLife and Non-Life insurance businesses during the year 2017. It was able to achieve an overallGross Premium of BDT 10,361.33 crore (2016) from both Life and Non-Life business operationsrecording an increase of around BDT 11,179.89 crore (2017), in absolute terms and a growth of7.9%. Similarly, there was a significant increase in the total assets of the insurance industry,including the assets belonging to Life and Non-Life insurance companies.The computed value of total assets at the end of 2017 was BDT 48,177 crore and recorded agrowth of 7.65 % compared to the previous year. It’s really encouraging that growth rate in assetand investment was positive but at decreasing rate but in 2017 the trend of growth wasincreasing. The industry has experienced a notable positive transformation during the last fewyears due to the regulatory changes introduced by the Insurance Development and RegulatoryAuthority.As Bangladesh is moving forward to become a developing country, with a corresponding increasein GDP and Human Assets Index (HAI) and decrease in Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI), it isimperative that the insurance sector, being one of the pillars of the financial sector of thiscountry, rises to meet the challenges of the future. Through numerous promotional activitieslaunched by the industry and the market development activities conducted by the IDRA, weexpect that the public will be well-informed and educated about the concept of insurance andthe importance of being insured. This will undoubtedly facilitate the creation of a demand-driveninsurance industry in the future. IDRA has already taken some initiatives to enhance insurancepenetration in the country. The Digital insurance scheme by different insurance companies isexpected to reach a considerable number of people in the middle income segments. Insurancecompanies can also play a leading role in filling the protection gap of women who representsaround 50% of the population. Women can also play an important role in marketing and sellinginsurance products across different customer segments, and especially to women. This willcreate a new customer base. I therefore wish to reiterate that the industry must reassess itscapabilities to identify the insurance needs of different segments of the population and developappropriate financial products to meet their demand.The IDRA will be a beneficiary of two foreign funded projects under the Capital MarketDevelopment Program (CMDP) funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the BangladeshInsurance Sector Development Project (BISDP) jointly funded by World Bank (WB) andBangladesh Government. From the WB project, which has several components to improve the3

financial sector in the country, we expect financial and technical assistance for strengthening theregulatory capacity of the IDRA and also to develop the infrastructure and to automate thewhole insurance sector of Bangladesh. Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority, JibonBima Corporation, Shadharon Bima Corporartion and Bangladesh Insurance Academy will bestrengthened by different components of this project. The ADB is looking after the preparationof some important regulations formulated by IDRA. We are hopeful that these reforms will behelpful for the Regulator to achieve vision and mission, and thereby create a more conduciveenvironment for the industry.The process of setting up a state-of-the-art technology platform called Unified MessagingPlatform (UMP) for bring insurance sector under the digitization of has been initiated in theoffice of the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority. It will be possible to monitor theall premium collection activities of insurer by the Authority through this UPM process.We need to declare a day as the ‘National Insurance Day’. We need to separate the policyholderaccount and shareholder account immediately for the protection of policyholder. We intend toformulate the Solvency Margin Rule in order to address the protection of policyholder. In orderto increase the penetration and density of premium we will have to introduce the Bacassurancesystem as a distribution channel and we are working on it. We are giving more emphasis toincrease the number of policyholders.In conclusion, I wish to place on record my appreciation for the generous support and valuablecontribution made by my colleagues in the Authority, whose commitment in various policymeasures that affect the insurance industry remains one of the greatest strengths of theRegulator. I also wish to thank the industry stakeholders Bangladesh Insurance Association,Bangladesh Insurance Forum and Surveyor Association for their excellent cooperation andcordial relationship that they continue to maintain with us.I also wish to recognize and appreciate the commitment of the Members, Executive Directors,Directors and other staff of IDRA for their dedication and resilience in achieving the objectives ofthe IDRA. I am confident and positive that the team will continue to execute the strategies of theIDRA fulfilling its vision and mission in the years to come.(Md. Shafiqur Rahman Patwari)Chairman4

Chairman of IDRASL1.2.NameM.Shefaque Ahmed, ActuaryMd. Fazlul Karim3.Md. Quddus Khan4.5.M. Shefaque Ahmed, ActuaryGokul Chand Das6.Md. Shafiqur Rahman man(in-charge)ChairmanChairman(Current Charge)ChairmanFrom27 January 201129 January 2014To26 January 20143 March 20144 March 20148 April 20149 April 20149 April 20178 April 201722 August 201723 August 2017Members of IDRASL1.NameAdministration WingMd. Nurul Islam Molla2.Md. Quddus KhanMember27 February 20143.Gokul Chand DasLife WingDr. Md. Ziaul Haque MamunMember1 March 2017Member30 January 2011MemberMemberMember29 April 20124 March 20144 April 2018MemberMember30 January 20114 March 201429 January 20143 March 20171.2.Sayed Ahmed KhanSultan-ul-Abedine MollaDr. M. Mosharraf Hossain, FCANon-Life WingNaba Gopal BonikZuber Ahmed khanLaw WingMd. Fazlul KarimMd. Murshid AlamMemberMember3 April 201413 September20173.Borhan Uddin AhmedMember4 April 201114 September20142 October 20171. March 201111 December201326 February201731 December201128 April 20133 March 2017Executive DirectorSL1.NameDr. Md. Sk. Rezaul Islam2.Kazi Monower HossainDesignationExecutive Director(Additional Secretary)Executive Director(Joint Secretary)5From4 December 201716 July 2017To

SL3.NameKhalil Ahmed4.Md. Husnul MahmudKhanDesignationExecutive Director(Joint Secretary)Executive Director(Joint Secretary)From4 June 2017To-30 May 20174 July 2017DirectorSLNameDesignationFromTo1.Md. Siddiqur RahmanDirector(Joint Secretary)22 May 20192.Dr. Md. Bashirul AlamDirector(Joint Secretary)10 August 201724 March 20193.Farooq AhmedDirector(Joint Secretary)12 August 201722 May 20194.Md. Shah AlamDirector(Deputy Secretary)02 July 20175.Abul Kasem MohammadFazlul HaqueDirector(Deputy Secretary)11 July 20176.Kamrul Hoque MarufDirector(Deputy Secretary)11 June 20177.S. M. TariqueDirector(Deputy Secretary)11 June 201713 July 2017StaffAdministration WingSLNameDesignationFrom1.Kazi Abdul ZahidExecutive Officer2.Jinia AktherOfficer2 May 20123.Tania AfrinOfficer7 May 20124.Md. Abul HasnathOfficer26 August 20125.Md. Ikhtiar Hasan KhanOfficer14 May 20146.Syed Shariful HaqueOfficer (PS to Chairman)22 May 20147.Quazi Shabnam FerdousiOfficer25 January 20158.Mirza Abu YosufOfficer30 December 20159.Md. Shahedul IslamOfficer30 December 201510Tahmina AkterJunior Officer61 September 2001*1 August 2011To

SLNameDesignationFrom11. Md. Mostofa Al MamunJunior Officer3 January 201212. Ala UddinJunior Officer2 May 201213. Amit MajumderJunior Officer2 May 201214. Shusmoy MondalJunior Officer23 ugust 2012ToLife WingSLNameDesignationFrom1.Md. Shamsul Alam KhanOfficer2 May 20122.Md. Abu MahmudOfficer26 August 20123.Ruksana Asad BannaJunior Officer2 May 20124.Md. Shuhel RanaJunior Officer2 May 20125.Tanjid-Ul-IslamJunior Officer2 May 20126.Amdadul HaqueOffice Assistant2 May 2012ToNon-Life WingSLNameDesignationFrom2 May 1994*1.Md Murshedul MuslimSenior Executive Officer2.Delowar Hussain BhuyanExecutive Officer1 November 2001*3.Md. Rashidul Ahsan HabibOfficer4 September 20114.Md. Shafiqul IslamJunior Officer24 February 2003*5.Kazi Sadia ArabiJunior Officer3 January 20126.Sameer Chandra SarkerJunior Officer3 January 20127.Samia Ara ChowdhuryJunior Officer2 May 20128.Hamed Bin HasanJunior Officer2 May 20129.Farjana KhaledJunior Officer22 August 2012ToLaw WingSLNameDesignationFrom1.Rumana ZamanOfficer9 November 20142.Fahamida SharwarJunior Officer3 January 20123.Md. Shamsul AlamJunior Officer2 May 20124.Sufia AkterOffice Assistant2 May 2012*Appointment by the CRC7To

World Insurance ScenarioGlobal Economic GrowthThe economic environment improved in 2017. Global real gross domestic product (GDP)accelerated significantly, at 3.3% over the year, up from 2.6% in 2016. A synchronized upswing inboth advanced and emerging markets and acceleration in global trade were the driving forces forthe development. GDP growth was substantially above the 2007‒2016 average of 2.5%, whichwas weakened by the 2008/2009 recession. GDP in advanced markets rose 2.3%, up from 1.7%in 2016, while growth in emerging markets increased from 4.0% to 4.8%, slightly below the longterm average (Swiss Re sigma No 3/2018).World Insurance ScenarioAccording to the ‘World Insurance in 2017’ report published by reinsurance major, Swiss Re, theglobal economy improved considerably in 2017, with real gross domestic product (GDP) rising3.3%. Advanced markets, except for the UK, experienced a broad-based cyclical upswing. Inemerging markets, the improvement in commodity exporting countries, continued expansion ofChina and robust growth in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) contributed positively as well.Inflation began to rise in advanced markets and largely remained within central bank targets,while easin in most emerging markets. Long term interest rates remain low by historicalstandards, but approaches to monetary policy have diverged.The expansion of total direct inurance premiums cooled to 1.5% in real terms in 2017, (2016:2.2%). Both the non-life and life sector slowed, but falling life premiums in advanced marketswere the main cause of drag on overall global premium growth. While the life segment amongadvanced markets continues to underperform since the financial crisis, the non-life segment isfollowing the recovery of the overall economy quite closely.Global life premiums increased only marginally by 0.5% to USD 2657 billion in 2017 (2016: 1.4%).The slowdown was primarily driven by advanced markets, which declined 2.7% in 2017 (2016: 1.9%) as all regions experienced negative growth mostly due to low interest rates that continuedto adversely affect the supply and demand for savings products. In emerging markets, lifepremium growth remained strong at 14%, mainly driven by China. In other emerging markets,the expansion was much slower at 5.8%. The main cause was the weak performance of LatinAmerica, while other emerging market in Asia and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) developedfavorably.Global non-life insurance premiums increased 2.8% to USD 2234 billion in 2017, down from 3.3%in 2016, but remained slightly above the 10-year average. The slowdown was mainly due tolower growth in emerging markets, while growth in advanced markets was roughly steady.Growth trends diverged in advanced markets.North America and Western Europe showed improvements, while growth in all advanced Asiamarkets except Taiwan deteriorated. The slowdown in emerging market growth was largelydriven by China, where the speed of expansion halved to a still robust 10%, about the same asother emerging Asia. The moderate pace in CEE continued, but premiums continued to decline inLatin America and the Caribbean.8

Profitability continues to be under pressure in both the life and non-life sectors. In the lifesegment, low interest rates are affecting investment returns, while competition and regulatorychanges have increased the pressure on profitability as well. On the other hand, ROE of the nonlife sector declined for the third consecutive year as the industry experienced underwritinglosses due to heavy losses from natural catastrophes as well as continuing price pressure.Overall, the insurance sector covered USD 138 billion of losses from natural catastrophes andUSD 6 billion from man-made disasters in 2017. The biggest insured losses were related to thethree hurricanes-Harvey, Irma and Maria-which together accounted for an estimated USD 92billion.Bangladesh Insurance in the Global ScenarioGlobally, Bangladesh’s share in global insurance market was 0.03 percent during 2017. However,during 2017, the total insurance premium in Bangladesh increased by -3.7 percent (inflationadjusted) whereas global total insurance premium increased by 1.5 percent (inflation adjusted)(Table1). Globally, the share of life insurance business in total premium was 54.32 percent.However, the share of life insurance business for Bangl

4 Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd BD Co-operative . 7 Central Insurance Company Ltd Central 8 City General Insurance Company Ltd City General 9 Continental Insurance Company Ltd Continental 10 Crystal Insurance Company Ltd Crystal 11 Desh General insurance ltd Desh General 12 Dhaka Insurance Company Ltd Dhaka .

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