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Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book I Spark English-Teachers Manual Book II Spark English-Teachers Manual Book III Spark English-Teachers Manual Book IV Spark English-Teachers Manual Book V Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VI Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VII Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VIII Revised Edition, 2017 Shubharambha Publication Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu Nepal 2 10 19 31 45 59 73 87

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual Spark English –Teachers Manual UNIT-1 2. 3. 4. 5. Take help of the poem. Take help of the poem. Take help of the poem. The correct words are: spaghetti, baguette, swallowed, steady, nervous 6. Answer the following. 1. Yeti is a large hairy creature. 2. Betty met the yeti in the mountains of Tibet. 3. Betty cooked spaghetti for the yeti. 4. Betti baked a baguette for the yeti. 5. Yeti said, "Mmmm. The best one yet." 6. The answers may vary. Fun with Grammar he, we, he, she, she Fun with Creative writing The man runs. The boy washes dish. The bird flies. The little cat sleeps. Mac is a dog. UNIT-2 Fun with Reading Story Time: The Quarrel 1. Unscramble the letters. a. settle b. kernel c. settling d. teacher e. belongs 2. Match the words. Quarrel-fight Woods-jungle Shell- hard outer covering of a nut Settle- solve Apt- just, suitable Kernel- the soft fruit inside the nut 3. Correct the following sentences. a. Prem and Jeevan were going home after the school. b. They found a large nut under a tree. c. The teacher divided the nut into two equal parts. d. The boys got none of the nut. 4. The correct order is: a, g, f, b, c, e, d 5. Who said the following expressions? a. Prem b. Jeevan c. Ms Kamala d. Ms Kamala 6. Answer the following questions. a. Prem and Jeevan were good friends. b. They were coming from school. c. They found a nut on the way. d. Prem saw it first. e. Ms Kamala was their teacher. f. The problem between the boys was who did the nut belong to. g. Their teacher solved the problem by dividing it into two equal parts. 7. Possible sentences. Large: We saw a large elephant in Chitwan. Under: The cat slept under the sofa. Run: We must not run in the street. Pick: She picked up an apple. Agree: I agree with your opinion. Poem Time: Betty Met a Yeti 1. Match the following. Mountains- plains Best- worst End- beginning Never- always Fun with Reading Story Time : The Fox and the Little Red Hen 1. Who said the following. a. Mamma Fox b. Papa Fox c. Papa Fox d. Mamma Fox e. Baby Foxes f. Papa Fox 2. Choose the correct words. a. little b. foxes c. woods d. in e. front 3. Match the following words with their meaning. Grab- to hold suddenly Pantry- a small room where food is kept Peep out- look out Quick as a flash- very quicklySnuck up- to move in quietly Woods- land covered with trees 4. Answer the following questions. a. The Little Red Hen live in a little white house. b. The Papa Fox smelled fresh cake and a little red hen. c. The Little Red Hen was eating a cake. 2

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual d. The Papa Fox kept the Little Red Hen into the bag. e. The Little Red Hen found scissors. f. The Little Red Hen put a big stone in the Papa Fox's bag. h. The foxes' family never again tried to catch the little red hen because they were badly burnt by the boiling water. 5. Take help of the story. 6. Make sentences. Want: I want a beautiful cat. Find: I found a pencil under the bench. Run: Suman can run very fast. Smell: I like the smell of the rose. Held: The teacher is holding a duster in her hand. Take: Please, take my book. Stop: Stop making noise. Keep: I always keep my room tidy. Spill: She spilt a glass of milk in the kitchen. Clap: Clap your hands. Poem Time 1. Choose the correct word. a. visit b. go c. came d. That's 2. a. 1st , b. 3rd c. 2nd d. 5th or last e. 4th 3. Take help of the poem. 4. Take help of the poem. 5. Choose the correct words from the list. a. bike b. boat c. sled d. whoa e. grandparents 6. Answer the following questions. a. The boy wants to visit his grandparents. b. No, the boy cannot take a boat to see his grandpa. c. The boy cannot take a sled to see his grandma because there is no snow. d. Yes, the boy loves his grandparents. e. Yes, the boy met his grandparents because they came to see him. Fun with Grammar 2. Underline the nouns in the following sentences and write them in the blank spaces. a) I want to visit dentist. b) I can ride a bicycle. c) The cat is sleeping. d) He goes to school. e) She is a teacher. 3. Match the following nouns according to their groups. A B Vegetables -- - Tomato, Chilli, Peas, Brinjal Animals ------- - cat, dog, snake, tiger, bear Places ----------- Nepal, Pokhara, India, China Birds ------------ dove, pigeon, peacock, eagle People ----------- Jane, Jim, Raju, Hari, Sita 4. Look at the pictures and unscramble the letters to match their names. Eagle Snake Umbrella drum Fun with Creative writing Answers may vary Fun time a. principal b. puppy c. pencil d. present e. piggybank f. pilot UNIT-3 Fun with Reading Story time : The Hen that Laid Golden Eggs 1. 2. 3. Write T for true and F for false statements. a. F b. T c. F d. T e. F Match the words. Greedy- mean Happy- glad Rich- wealthy Bitterly- sadly Rushed- ran towards Find these lines in the story and check the answers. 4. Make sentences. Greedy: We should not be greedy. Golden: I like golden colour. Rich: Ram wants to be rich. Sharp: The whale has sharp teeth. 5. Correct the spelling. greedy, looked, rushed, surprised, special, single, bitterly, stomach 6. Choose the correct verb. a. lived b. became c. decided d. would e. died 7. Answer the following questions. i. There were four members in the farmer's family. ii. One of the hens was laying a golden egg. iii. They kept the hen in the special house. iv. They killed the hen to be wealthy taking out the golden eggs form the hen's stomach. v. No, they did not get any eggs after killing the hen. Poem Time Magic Pencil A. Take the help of the poem to check the answer. 3

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual B. Find the lines in the poem and check the sentences. C. Find the lines in the poem and check the sentences. D. Answer the following. a. The speaker in the poem likes a shiny yellow pencil. b. Yes. c. The speaker likes to draw animals, things and people with his magic pencil. d. They are spaceship, house, bear and ducks. e. His yellow shiny pencil is magical fairy wand. E. Make sentences. Answers may vary. Some possible answers: Like: I like reading books. Rub: I use eraser to rub. Draw: I can draw a ship. Want: My brother wants to play with me. Use: He uses my sharpener. Fairy: The fairy came and blessed her. 7. Answer the following questions. a. Mother duck sat on the eggs to keep her eggs warm. b. The ugly duckling came out of the last egg. c. No, the other ducks did not like him. d. The hen asked the ugly duckling if he could lay egg. e. When the ugly duckling put his head to the water he saw himself a white swan. Poem Time: I Wish It Would Rain 1. Find these lines and in the poem and complete them. 2. The rhyming words are: sky- dry lane- rain tea- see shining- blowing 3. Find these lines and in the poem and arrange them accordingly. 4. Find these lines and in the poem and choose the correct word. 5. Answer the following questions. a. What does the speaker wish? The speaker wishes it would rain. b. Is there cloud in the sky? No, there is not cloud in the sky. c. How is the weather? The weather is dry. d. What does the speaker have? The speaker has an umbrella. e. Why does the speaker wish it would rain? The speaker wishes it would rain to use his umbrella. Fun with Grammar Now complete the following sentences by using these/those. Use these to show the things that are near and those that are far from the speaker. Fun with creative writing Help the students do the exercise using the information they provide. Fun with Grammar he, he, she, he, he, she, it, we Fun with creative writing Help the students do the exercise using the information about them. Fun Time lamp, bird, fridge, water UNIT - 4 Fun with reading Story Time: The Ugly Duckling 1. Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list. a. under b. sat on c. came out d. into e. down to 2. Make sentences. Ugly: I saw two ugly ducklings. Big: She lives in a big house. Walk: Don't walk fast. Swim: Fish swim in water. 4. Find the words in the text. Duckling, Turkey, Splash, Corner, Children, Winter 5. Who said the following? a. The mother duck b. The cat c. The mother duck d. The ugly duckling e. The old woman 6. Punctuate. Find the sentences in the story and correct them. Fun Time Tick the best answer. 1. That apple 3. That 5. Those 2. This apple 4. Those 6. These, that UNIT-5 Fun with Reading Essay Time : My village 1. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps. a. hills b. different jobs c. natural beauty 4

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual d. Sherpas 2. Match the following words to make sentences. A farmer works in the farm. A teacher teaches in a school. A bus driver drives buses. The Hindus celebrate Dashain. The Buddhists follow Buddhism. 3. Give correct answer to the following questions. i. Answer may vary. ii. Dingla is in Bhojpur district. iii. The main occupation of the Dingla people is farming. iv. The writer's closet neighbor is Ramesh. v. Hindus celebrate Dashain and Tihar. 4. Correct spelling errors. a. people/village b. villagers/honest c. other d. lives e. gentle/innocent/behavior 5. Look at the fourth paragraph of the essay and punctuate the text. 6. Make sentences. Work: Farmers work in the field. Engage: The people in village engage in different works. Teach: My father teaches in the school. Flow: The river flows down the hills. Help: We must help the poor. Poem Time: Wayne the Stegosaurus 1. Find the stanza in the poem and check the missing words. 2. Look at the third and fourth stanzas and match the sentences. 3. The correct order is: c, a, d, b 4. Answer the questions. a. Wayne thinks the sky is chocolate brown. b. Wayne a bow tie on his tail. c. Wayne hides covering his eyes while playing hide and seek. d. at night e. Wayne is happy when he is ill. f. There are six stanzas in the poem. g. Tree rhymes with freeze. h. Three words are long, wide and tall. g. Some species of dinosaurs are tyrannosaurus rex, spinosaurus, deinonychus, carnotaurus, allosaurus, etc. 5. Unscramble the words. bananas, brain, freeze Fun with Grammar A. Singular or plural tree, trees chair, chairs lemon, lemons cap, caps apple, apples B. Correct plural form a. Children b. teeth c. mice d. geese e. men f. feet C. Correct plural noun a. pennies b. scars c. dishes d. peaches e. calves f. cherries g. wishes h. pouches i. wolves j. foxes D. Identify singular and plural and keep them in the right box. singular plural guava, banana, pineapple, mangoes, oranges, peach, strawberry, watermelons, sugarcane, fig cucumbers Fun with creative writing Help the students tell about their village. Give them idea about writing a letter. UNIT 6 Fun with Reading Story Time: The Shepherd Boy and a Wolf 1. Correct the spelling. V Running, village, sheep, dropped, tomorrow, attacked, matter, lesson, terrified, tree 2. Match the words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'. Liar ----------------------------a person who tells lies Ignored ----------------------- neglected Grumble ---------------------- complain Pounced --------------------- attached Terrified ---------------------- very afraid 3. Who said the following? a. the boy b. the villagers c. the boy d. the boy e. the boy 4. Answer the following questions. i. The village was near a forest. ii. The boy spent time playing the flute while the sheep were grazing. iii. The villagers stopped their work and ran to help the boy when they heard the boy. iv. The wolf attacked the boy after it had eaten all the sheep. v. Yes, the villagers were angry with the boy. 5. Find the lines in the story and do the necessary correction. 6. Make sentences. 5

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual UNIT 7 Help: I help my father in his work. Hear: I heard a strange noise last night. Call: I call my uncle every day. Spend: I do not like to spend money. Come: Please, come in. Poem Time: Bring Me a Letter 1. Unscramble the letters and make words derived from the poem. Letter, Tomorrow, Fairy, Postman, Garden, Frock 2. Find a rhyming word for each from the poem and supply one from your own. You- do- coo Tea- be -pea None- fun -gun 3. Find the words from the poem. a. tomorrow b. garden c. frock d. fun e. tea 4. Find the lines in the poem and match them. 5. Find the lines and complete them. 6. Answer the following questions. a. The postman brings me a letter. b. The girl will wait at the garden gate for the postman. c. The fairy is going to come to tea. d. She is going to wear a party frock at the party. e. The letter will bring fun to the girl. Fun with Grammar 1. Write a or an. A nest A coin A candle A globe An owl An aeroplane 2. Write a or an. a. a b. a c. an d. the, a e. an f. a Fun with Reading Story Time: Torn Doll 1. Write 'True' or 'False' against the following sentences. a. False b. False c. True d. True e. True 2. Match the following words with their correct meanings. Mend ------------------ - repair Pleasant ------------- - beautiful Effects ---------------- - results Annoy ----------------- - make angry Porch ----------------- - verandah 3. Find the words. Proper places Pretty little girl Pleasant yard Great harm Pet dog Open air Nicest doll Happy time 4. Locate the given lines in the story and find the missing words. 5. Answer the following questions. a. Mary was pretty, but careless girl. b. No, her mother was not happy with her habits. c. She kept her books and playthings where she had used them last. d. Das was the girl's pet dog. The dog tore Mary's doll. e. Mary promised her mother not to be careless in the end. Poem Time: My Phone 1. Choose the correct word. Tons, fifty, store, nifty, 2. Match the lines looking at the poem. 3. Complete the lines looking at the poem. 4. Look at the poem and arrange the lines correctly. 5. Answer the following questions. a. The phone in the poem has one hundred and fifty rings. b. The phone in the poem can download music, take photos, and make videos and movies. c. The speaker's phone can predict the weather. d. People used their phones to talk to people. e. flash- splash, rings- things Fun with Grammar 2. Make sentences for the following pictures as in the given example. Fun with creative writing A cap seller was sleeping under a tree. Monkeys took his caps and climbed the trees. After sometime the man woke up. He saw that the monkeys had taken all his caps. The man thought of an idea to get his caps back. When threw his cap, all the monkeys threw the caps. He collected all his caps. And he walked away happily. Fun time a. sum b. lemon c. gold d. ball e. milk f. cherry 6

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual She is my friend. He is my brother. They are camping. I am flying kite. Fun with Creative Writing Make sensible sentences rearranging the following words. i. I am flying kite. ii. We are good friends. iii. We are playing hide and seek. iv. He is reading a story book. v. It is raining. Answer the following questions. a. Rameshwor is seven years old. b. His brother is Som and sister is Soni. c. Rameshwor and Shyam are good friends. d. Rameshwor and Shyam are active. Now complete the following paragraph giving similar information about your friend. Help the students complete the paragraph with suitable information they like. Fun Time Across 1. mouth 3. towel Down 1. mouse 3. doll iii. iv. v. vi. The hare ran very fast. The tortoise ran slowly and steadily. The hare took a nap. The tortoise won the race. Poem Time: The Rainbow 1. Find the words from the poem that rhyme with these words. One has been done for you. Rainbow know Sky by Sunlight sight Seen green Blue too 2. Arrange the following lines as they appear in the poem. There is a rainbow In the sky Do you know How it came by? 3. Unscramble the letters and make seven colour words found in the rainbow. Red Yellow Indigo Green Violet Blue 4. Look at the poem and number the lines. 5. Look at the poem and find the missing parts. 6. Answer the following questions. i. The rainbow is in the sky. ii. The drops of water and sunlight gave pretty sight. iii. We can see seven colours in the rainbow. iv. I like red among the seven colours. (Answer may vary) Fun with Grammar 1. Write the following, filling each blank space with a noun which pairs with the one given. Man and woman Boy and girl Son and daughter Brother and sister Grandson and grand daughter Father and mother Actor and actress King and queen Uncle and aunt Prince and princess Sir and madam Husband and wife Host and hostess 2. Match the following. Prince- ---------------- Princess Master- -------------- Mistress Monk- ---------------- Nun 2. house 4. loud 2. hell 4. desk Unit 8 Fun with Reading Story Time: The Fastest Animal 1. Complete the following sentences. a. proud b. fastest c. he challenged d. tortoise e. fast f. nap g. tortoise 2. Match the following. Proud- having a feeling of pride Fixed- arranged Crawled- walked Steadily- firmly Nap- a short sleep 3. Spot the letter a. years, fastest, challenged, anyone, laughed, snail, crawled, steadily, towards, congratulation 4. Who said the following? Hare, Hare, Hare, Tortoise, Hare 5. Answer the following questions. i. The hare lived in a forest. ii. The hare thought himself as the fastest animal in the earth. 7

Spark English Reader - Book I Teachers Manual Tiger- ----------------- Tigress Dog ------------------- - Bitch Stag ------------------- - Goose Fun with Creative Writing 1. Let the students collect information themselves and complete the table. 2. Can you tell the name of each? The word in the box will help you. 1. I am a doctor. 2. goalkeeper 3. pilot 4. motorist 5. English 6. artist 7. typist 8. farmer 9. postman 10. guard/ watchman UNIT 9 f. The cricket said to the ant. g. The cricket said to the ant. 6. Make sentences. Answers may vary. Poem Time: I am the Happiest! 1. Find the words from the poem that rhyme with: Care---------------------- - fare Kite ---------------------- - night Run ---------------------- - fun Please ------------------- - ease Toy- ---------------------- joy See- ---------------------- me 2. Find the sentences in the poem and match them. 3. Choose the correct words. gives, shows, give, buy 4. Find the lines in the poem. 5. Read the poem and answer in one word. a. father b. friend c. granny d. sister e. teacher Fun with Grammar 1. Add -ing and make new words like in the examples. Walking Blowing Jumping Cooking Crossing Seeing Smelling Shouting Peeling Visiting Rewrite the given sentences adding -ing to the words given. eating, watching, watering, playing, swimming, standing, crawling Fun with creative writing 1. Hari is eating. Sita is sleeping. Bijaya is throwing a ball. Ritu is cleaning her room. Maya is cooking rice. Janet is jumping. Jim is washing. Rosy is ironing her clothes. 2. mending, fixing, cooking, teaching, playing UNIT-10 Fun with reading Story Time : The Ant and the Cricket 1. Tick the correct sentence from the pairs. a) The ant was very hard working. b) The cricket was very lazy. c) The ant played the flute. d) The winter was coming soon. e) The cricket had no food to eat in winter. f) The cricket was very hungry. g) The ant gave food to the cricket. 2. Complete the sentences. a. an ant b. a cricket c. hardworking, lazy d. ant, cricket e. winter f. The cricket went to ask help from the ant. g. sympathetic 3. Find the opposite words. Lazy- hardworking Summer- winter Stand up- sit down Near- far Nothing- something Inside- outside Stronger- weaker Cold- hot Slow- fast Punishment- reward 4. Answer the following questions. a. The cricket was very lazy. b. The ant was very hard-working. c. The cricket played the flute. d. The winter season was coming soon. e. The ant saved food for the winter. f. The cricket was very hungry. g. The ant helped the cricket. 5. Who said the following expressions and to whom? a. The cricket said to the ant. b. The ant said to the cricket c. The ant said to the cricket. d. The cricket said to the ant. e. The cricket said to the ant. Fun with reading Story Time: The Crow Pitcher 1. Write True or False. a. True b. False c. False d. False 8 and the

Spark English Reader - Book I 2. 3. 4. 5. Teachers Manual e. False Tick the correct option. a. clever b. thirsty c. by dropping pebbles into the jug d. there was very little water in the jug Find the opposite words. Dull- clever Far- near Noisy- quiet Strong- weak Sad- happy Absence- presence Answer the following questions. a. Crow had built his nest on a tree near the village. b. The crow was clever. c. The crow saw a house on the lakeside while he was searching for something to eat. d. The crow felt so thirsty because he flew for a long distance. e. The crow put a lot of pebbles in to the pitcher. So the level of water rose up. Then he became able to drink water. Make sentences. Search: The crow search for water. Curious: I am curious to learn new things. Jump: The monkey jumps on a tree. Sneeze: Do not sneeze without covering your nose. Delighted: My uncle was delighted to see me. Fun with Grammar 1. Change the following sentences into negative. a. They are not running. b. She is not watching T V. c. He is not talking on the telephone. d. I am not riding a bicycle. e. We cannot play chess. f. You will not meet him. g. It is not flying high. h. I shall not call you tomorrow. i. She is not washing clothes. 3. Write in contracted forms. a. doesn't b. didn't c. shan't d. couldn't e. hasn't f. shouldn't Fun with Creative Writing a. Complete the following paragraph about your school. (Answer may vary) My School The name of my school is New Creative English Boarding School. It is in Balaju, Kathmandu. It was established in 2062 B.S. There are 14 classrooms in my school. My school provides education up to grade ten. There are about 300 students in my school. My school has two buildings. There is a big playground. We can play different games during tiffin hours and sport classes. We have a library at school. We can read the books we like in the library. Poem Time: I Lost my Head 1. Find the opposite words. Forward- backward Today- yesterday After- before Last- first Lose- find Happy- sad Up- down Evening- morning Finished- started Under- above 2. Read the poem and find the missing words. 3. Read the poem and match the lines. 4. Read the poem and arrange in order. 5. Correct spelling. 6. a. b. c. d. e. f. b. Write a short paragraph on 'The Dog'. Take help of the following questions. (Answer may vary) The Dog The dog is a pet animal. It is a four- footed animal. It has two ears and two eyes. The dogs are of different colours. Some dogs are very big but some are very small. It has curve tail. it eats different foods as we provide. But it likes meat the most. It has sharp teeth. A dog is very useful for us because it guards our house. They are harmful too. Sometimes they may bite us. I have a small puppy at home. I like to play with it every evening. I like it a lot. Fun Time remove, nightstand, stretch, stumbled, tumbled, shortly Answer the following questions. Each night, the speaker removes his head before he goes to bed. The speaker puts his head back on his neck in the morning. Yesterday, he put his head on backward. No, the speaker did not find his head. No, he will be sad. bed: head gone: on tight, kite, sight, white, knight, height, fright, right, might, night, bright, site, flight, bite, invite, delight, write. 9

Spark English –Teachers Manual

Spark English Reader –Book II Teachers Manual UNIT - 1 Fun with Reading Story Time : Bad Company A. Good or bad activity bad, good, good, bad B. Match the words with their meaning. a. rich- wealthy b. correct- to make right c. company- friends d. happy- pleased e. advice- suggestion C. Complete the following sentences: company, worried, rotten, happy, bad D. bad, bad, good, bad, good E. Answer the following questions. i. The boy was bad. ii. The boy's father planned to set his father right. iii. The man bought some rotten apples. iv. The boy put the apples into the almirah. v. Yes, the boy gave up his bad habits at the end. Poem Time: With A Friend A. Find rhyming words from the box as in example. talk walk chalk play clay stay eat sit beat ride pride bride much such touch near dear hear B. Write any four things that the speaker shares with his friends. Umbrella, bicycle, plaything, tiffin C. Name any four things that you can share with your friends. (Answers may vary) Plaything, tiffin, pencil, book D. Fill in the blanks with appropriate information from the poem. i. his friends ii. He plays with a bicycle. iii. He sometimes disagree with the friend iv. A friend can mean so much to him. E. Supply the missing words in the following verse. You can look back at the poem if you want. I can eat with a friend And compete with a friend And even sometimes Disagree. Fun with Grammar 1. Read the following paragraph and underline names of persons, places and things. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl in 2. Kathmandu. She was called Daisy. She had a brother. His name was Kamal. They had tamed a small white rabbit. It was very clever. Identify the proper and common nouns in the list and rewrite them in the respective columns. proper nouns Pokhara, Rita, Dharhara, India common nouns school, shoes, dog, book, doves, shop Fun with Creative Writing Is doing what? when? What? Who? Why? Fun Time Ask students to find messes themselves. UNIT - 2 Fun with Reading Essay Time: Clever Parrots 1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words or phrases from the list. a. colorful b. Buds, fruits and nuts c. Holes d. Zoo, pet shops and homes e. Naughty 2. See if you can guess the following words. All the words are in the text. colourful, beak, egg, wild 3. Rearrange the following words. a. Parrots are beautiful and intelligent birds. b. They can be taught to speak. c. Parrots are too mischievous. d. We can see parrots in the zoo. 4. Make sentences using the following words. beautiful: Rita is a beautiful girl. break: Parrots can break a hard nut. lay: A hen lays eggs. clever: My dog is very clever. dance: Peacock can dance well. complain: She always complains about her studies. 5. Answer the following questions. a. Yes I have seen a parrot. b. A parrot eats fruits, nuts and buds. c. We can teach them to speak. d. Yes, parrots are found in Nepal. e. Parrots harm the farmers their ripe corns and fruits. Poem Time: I Wonder Why 1. Find words from the poem that rhyme with the following. 11

Spark English Reader –Book II Teachers Manual a. The goat had six children. False b. The wolf had rough voice. True c. The wolf made his paws white and clean. True d. The children ate the wolf. False e. The mother killed the wolf. True f. The mother took out all her children from the wolf's stomach. True 3. You can see a list of words in the box below. Choose the appropriate words and complete the following sentences. a. The old mother goat had seven children. b. She went to the market c. The wolf came there pretending to be the mother goat. d. The wolf swallowed six children. e. The mother goat cut open the wolf's stomach. f. The wolf fell into the well. 4. The following sentences are from the story. They are not in correct order. Read them carefully and number them in the box as they occur in the story. a. The children saw his black and hairy paws and said "No, you are not our mother." 3 b. As soon as the mother goat left, the children started playing. 1 c. The seven kids danced and shouted, "The wolf is dead! The wolf is dead!" 5 d. The wolf crawled out in the yard, laid down under a tree and went to sleep. 4 e. The children recognized the wolf's voice and said, "You are not our mother! Your voice is deep and rough." 2 5. Use the following words in your own sentences. protect: The house protects us from rain and sun. careful: We should be careful while chopping fruits. pretend: The wolf pretended like the mother goat. thirsty : The man was thirsty. swallow : The snake swallows the grog. 6. Answer the following questions. a. The mother goat had seven kids. b. The mother goat went to the market. c. The voice of the wolf was rough. d. No, the wolf did not kill all the kids. He only swallowed them. e. They saw the wolf sleeping under a tree. f. The mother goat cut open the wolf's stomach to take the kids out. g. They were happy because the wolf died. Poem Time: Silver Fish a. Find the words that rhyme with the following words from the poem. Fro--------------- go Glen ------------- then Clay- ------------play rest, green, suppose, sky, found, about Read the poem again and complete the following lines. a. We cannot see the wind. b. Birds build their nests. c. The stars give us light. d. We can see the rainbow in the sky. e. The poet tells the trees to take a rest. 3. Match the words in Column A with the suitable word in Column B. That which cannot be seen - invisible When the moon is not quite round - crescent A person who paints - painter A person who writes poems - poet 4. Answer these questions. i. The grass is green in colour. ii. The birds make nest. iii. The trees take rest. iv. The stars twinkle at night. v. The lightning flashes. Fun with Grammar 2. Look at the following sentences and do the same with the sentences given below. a) The boys are tall. b) The girls are clever. c) Her hands are dirty. d) The trees are big. e) They are naughty Fun with Creative Writing 1. Ask the question to the students and collect their responses. Make them write their responses in a paragraph. 2. Write a few sentences about your favourite bird. You can include its colour, what it eats, whe

2. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book II 10 3. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book III 19 4. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book IV 31 5. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book V 45 6. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VI 59 7. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VII 73 8. Spark English-Teachers Manual Book VIII 87 Revised Edition, 2017

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(d) Reinstall the spark plug. 3. REMOVE SPARK PLUGS 4. VISUALLY INSPECT SPARK PLUGS Check the spark plug for thread damage and insulator dam-age. If abnormal, replace the spark plug. Recommended spark plug: ND PK20R11 NGK BKR6EP11 5. INSPECT ELECTRODE GAP Maximum electrode gap for used spark plug

Here is a tip sheet guide to get you started using Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark Video is a free App that can be accessed either through your Web Browser at ., or, you can download the Spark Video app for any mobile device. To download Adobe Spark to your mobile device, visit your App store and search for “Adobe Spark video”

2.Configuring Hive 3.Configuring Spark & Hive 4.Starting the Spark Service and the Spark Thrift Server 5.Connecting Tableau to Spark SQL 5A. Install Tableau DevBuild 8.2.3 5B. Install the Spark SQL ODBC 5C. Opening a Spark SQL ODBC Connection 6.Appendix: SparkSQL 1.1 Patch Installation Steps 6A. Pre-Requisites: 6B. Apache Hadoop Install .

Steps to invoke Spark Shell: 1. After logging into spark cluster and following the steps mentioned above, type spark-shell at command prompt to start Spark's interactive shell. It will start the shell as shown below. 2. Give command :q or press Ctrl D to exit the spark shell. NOTE: Only commands written in scala would work in spark-shell. To .

erosion rate of unmasked channels machined in borosilicate glass using abrasive jet micro-machining (AJM). Single impact experiments were conducted to quantify the damage due to the individual alumina particles. Based on these observations, analytical model from the an literature was modified and used to predict the roughness and erosion rate. A numerical model was developed to simulate the .