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"Must Visit Attractions in Sydney" Created by: Cityseeker 15 Locations Bookmarked Sydney Tower "Sydney's Crowning Glory" by pattyjansen Far above the maddening crowds, Sydney Tower or AMP Tower provides 360-degree views of Sydney’s gorgeous skyline. It takes just 40 seconds for the double-decker lifts to reach the 309-meter (1,014 feet) summit, where visitors can take advantage of guided tours. At 260 meters (853 feet), the glass Skywalk is a must-see for those who love panoramic views. A revolving vantage point that was opened in 2005 goes all the way around the tower, offering both a luxurious and memorable experience, as well as jaw-dropping bird’s eye views of Sydney. The revolving portion of the tower also houses a restaurant, making it a perfect romantic spot for couples to have a quiet meal with an amazing view. 61 2 8273 0000 (Tourist Information) 100 Market Street, Sydney NSW Statue of Jean-Luc Picard "Fascinating Statue" by EnterpriseD crew quarters.jpg: Derek Springer from Los Angeles, CA, USAPatrickStewart200408-03.jpg: Cdt. Patrick Caughey[1]derivative work: Loupeznik (talk) Why would Sydney have a statue of an English actor? Well, who doesn't love Patrick Stewart? This stunning statue of Captain Jean-Luc Picard salutes Patrick Stewart amazing portrayal of a talented Star Fleet Captain in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a heroic pose with one hand pointing to the distance, the statue shows Stewart in his Star Trek uniform and a sly smile. The statue's head is especially shiny since some people rub it for luck. 61 2 6205 0666 (Tourist Information) 33 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW Sea Life Sydney Aquarium "Walk Underwater!" by Sidneiensis 612 8251 7800 Take a journey through Australia's rich and diverse marine ecosystems and discover the world's largest collection of all-Australian aquatic life, with over 12,000 marine animals. Walk underwater and come face to face with dozens of fierce sharks, giant rays, a ferocious saltwater crocodile. For the fainter of heart, watch playful seals, a platypus, and adorable penguins. Sydney Aquarium is home to the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world and interactive touch pools that feel just like being at Sydney's sea-side rock pools. ey/ justask@sydneyaquarium.c 1-5 Wheat Road, Aquarium Pier, Sydney NSW

Wild Life Sydney Zoo "Nature Brought To Darling Harbor" by Saberwyn 61 2 9333 9288 Wild Life Sydney Zoo, offers a peep into the existence of a myriad of flora and fauna found in the rain-forests, bushes, swamps and deserts of Australia. This Wildlife park houses and nurtures over 6000 species of animals, endemic to their respective environs. You would be swept off your feet meandering the various sections with birds, animals and reptiles over here. There are cassowary, koala, kangaroo, bearded dragons, golden orb spiders, butterflies, pythons and the list goes on. This zoo serves as a wildlife conservation park as also offers guided tours as a great treat to the nature lovers. u/ justask@sydneywildlifewor 1-5 Wheat Road, Aquarium Pier, Sydney NSW St Mary's Cathedral "Fascinating Catholic Church" by Chen Hualin 61 2 9220 0400 A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the foundation stones for St Mary's Cathedral were laid by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1821. After a series of architects and religious figures suggested their own versions of the cathedral, the building finally opened in 1900, although work continued until 1928. Wardell's original design had two spires that were never built. After ten years' debate and political fund-raising, the twin spires were finally completed in 2000. Today, St. Mary's Cathedral is heralded as one of the most beautiful buildings in Sydney. Visitors to the cathedral can wander around the beautiful interior, which is lit by ornate stained glass windows. Treasures located in the cathedral include the moving and beautifully sculpted Grave of the Unknown Soldier, a marble replica of Michelangelo's Pieta and many gorgeous religious paintings from the late 19th-Century. www.stmaryscathedral.or au 2 St Mary's Road, Sydney NSW City Centre "A Huge Mix Of Shopping Experiences" by doug 61 2 9265 9333 (Tourist Information) Offering everything from designer fashions and the obligatory Aussie surf gear, to trendy home wares and unusual souvenirs, tourists and locals are spoiled for choice by the huge number of shops, arcades and department stores lining the streets from Circular Quay up to Town Hall. Pitt Street Mall (halfway up Pitt Street) is pedestrianized, and boasts many shopping centers including the Strand Arcade, Mid-City Centre and Sky Garden. The Queen Victoria Building on George Street is notable for both its history and its designer boutiques, whilst David Jones on Elizabeth Street is perhaps one of the most reputable department store names in Australia. Amongst the designer chic and well-known chain stores are several outlets stocking cheap souvenirs and "bargain" goods. There are also endless eateries and restaurants offering everything from fast food to modern Australian cuisine, and pubs, cinemas and theaters for night-time entertainment once the shops have closed. Loosely defined as the city center, the streets stretching from Circular Quay up to Town Hall, offer a plethora of shopping experiences. Encompassing the arcades of Pitt Street and the stately Queen Victoria Building, this is retail therapy at its best. www.cityofsydney.nsw.go council@cityofsydney.nsw. City Center, Wynyard, Sydney NSW

The Royal Botanic Gardens "Majestic Gardens" by Wpcpey 61 2 9231 8111 The Royal Botanic Gardens, a veritable oasis of greenery, boast breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and the city's skyline. The gardens were the first area of land cultivated by Europeans on the Australian continent, though the gardens themselves were not opened to the public until 1816. Visitors can explore the Herb Garden, the Fernery, the Rose Garden, a walled Succulent Garden and the HSBC Oriental Garden. The main pond in the lower garden offers a splendid view of the harbor. Keep an eye out for ibis or cockatoos that call this place home. au Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW Sydney Opera House "Iconic Australian Masterpiece" by Diliff 61 2 9250 7111 The controversial but decidedly beautiful sail-like roofs of Sydney's most recognizable icon glisten against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour. The Sydney Opera House was constructed over a fourteen-year period and caused an opera’s worth of drama that involved differences between the architect Jørn Utzon and the Australian government. The now worldrenowned architectural wonder stands as an unmissable icon of Sydney's cultural landscape. It houses among other small venues, the Joan Sutherland Theatre, the Utzon Room and a grand Concert Hall. It also has an impressive yearly program of contemporary and classical performances, and is a striking cultural sanctuary to take in theater, opera and ballet. Riveting guided tours take visitors behind the scenes and into the establishment’s many interesting rooms. www.sydneyoperahouse.c om infodesk@sydneyoperahou Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout "Syndey Bridge is Standing Tall" by Mitch Ames 61 2 9240 1100 This bit of adventure is a must for all visitors to Sydney. The Pylon lookout at the top Sydney Harbour Bridge is a harrowing 200 steps to the top. But those who brave vertigo and the often windy days are treated to the most amazing views of the city, the harbor, and the Sydney Opera House. Plus, you will touch the very monumental structure itself and have a new understanding of roosting pigeons. Inside the pylon, there is also a museum with displays relating to the construction of the bridge, including some great photographs. pylonlookout@bridgeclimb. com Sydney Harbour Bridge "Beautiful Harbour Bridge" by GoodGuyPaul Stretching over the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is certainly a wonder to behold. The steel through arch bridge was designed and constructed by Dorman Long and Co Ltd back in 1932 and has since become one of Sydney's most iconic tourist attractions. Thanks to its arched shape, many Sydney residents call the bridge "The Coat Hanger", and while this might sound a bit mean-spirited, the bridge is well loved. Standing at 134 meters (440 feet), the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the tallest steel arch bridges in the world. Its incredible height inspired many daredevils to climb across the bridge illegally, which in turn inspired BridgeClimb, a tour that takes visitors up and across the bridge. For visitors who prefer the safety of the ground, the bridge can also be viewed from the south-east pylon, and walkers can Via Cumberland Street, Sydney NSW

traverse it on the bridge's footpath. 61 2 8274 7777 / Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW Luna Park "Old-Fashioned Fun" by Adam.J.W.C. 61 2 9033 7676 Originally opened in 1935 at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park is one of the most popular attractions in the city. However, like many of its roller coasters, the park’s history is a rather bumpy ride. After several accidents, closings, renovations, and re-openings, the currently Luna Park opened in 2004 and has been operating ever since. Visitors to the park are greeted by an enormous smiling face and its flanking towers, which serve as the main entrance to the park. Within the park's borders, visitors will find a menagerie of rides, fun houses, and other amusements. Few of the park’s highlights include the Crystal Palace, the Big Top, and Coney Island, the latter of which is the only functioning 1930s funhouse in the world. Vendors selling snacks and souvenirs are dotted across this amusement park. / grelations@lunaparksydne 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, Sydney NSW Taronga Zoo "Best View & Zoo in the World" by jongjoonmoon 61 2 9969 2777 Opened in 1884, the Taronga Zoo was one of the first public zoos in New South Wales. Over the years, the zoo has undergone extensive renovation and redevelopment. It now features updated exhibits and even a Rainforest Trail, providing a unique insight into the majesty and wonder of the jungle homes of an amazing array of rare wildlife including Asian elephants, silvery gibbons, Francois langurs, Asian turtles, and fishing cats. Visitors must also check out their other fascinating precincts such as Reptile World, African Savannah and the Rainforest Aviary. The Taronga Zoo is continually building and updating its cultural and educational displays and precincts in order to provide the ultimate in family fun as well as wildlife education. Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, Sydney NSW Bondi Beach "Famous Sydney Beach" by flok85 One of the most visited attractions in Australia today, this iconic Sydney beach was established between 1855 and 1877 and officially declared a public beach in 1882. Some investigations into the name Bondi Beach posit that it originated from an Aboriginal word meaning "water breaking over rocks." However, according to the Australian Museum, it more closely translates to "a place where a flight of nullas took place." Either way, this cityside beach is known for its natural blessings, which its moniker no doubt reflects. A stroll between the lush headlands of this roughly onekilometer (0.6-mile) beach or a walk along the bustling promenade is an adored activity here. Between the surrounding eateries, accommodations and shops, there is so much to do at Bondi Beach, even after getting a good share of sun, sand and surf. 61 2 9931 1111 (Tourist Information) each Campbell Parade, Sydney NSW

Shark Dive Xtreme "Into the Blue" by NOAA Ocean Exploration & Research Have you ever wished to encounter the most dangerous predator that lurks at the bottom of the ocean, the shark? Well, then Shark Dive Xtreme is just the thing for you! Part of the activities offered at Oceanworld Manly, this adventurous excursion will take you to the bottom of the aquarium, so you can see, touch and maybe even feed the mammoth sharks. The aquarium is also home to other exotic aquatic animals such as sea turtles and huge stingrays. 61 2 8251 7877 West Esplanade, Oceanworld Manly, Sydney NSW Parramatta Park "Parramatta's Historic Park" by sv1ambo 61 2 8833 5000 To refer to the Parramatta Park as just your regular neighborhood park would be unjust. The existence of the park is entwined with the history of the region as well as the country. Once the home of aboriginal settlers, the park was where the Darug tribe lived, and the proof of this can be found in several artifacts of archeological significance in some pockets of the park. The park is also where Governor Philips founded the second European settlement in New South Wales, and the area served as an essential feeding ground for the settlers on account of the land's rich agricultural potential. The Parramatta Park has been placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List because it is also home to some of the country's oldest buildings, like the Old Government House and the Dairy Cottage. See the website or call to know more about the park. Pitt Street, Macquarie Street, Parramatta NSW JOIN US AT: TERMS & CONDITIONS PRIVACY POLICY API CONTACT US Copyright (C) 2024 CITYSEEKER Powered by TCPDF (

Sydney Tower "Sydney's Crowning Glory" Far above the maddening crowds, Sydney Tower or AMP Tower provides 360-degree views of Sydney's gorgeous skyline. It takes just 40 seconds for the double-decker lifts to reach the 309-meter (1,014 feet) summit, where visitors can take advantage of guided tours. At 260 meters (853

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1 Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Bennelong Point, NSW , Sydney A multi-venue performing arts centre, Sydney Opera House's name is almost synonymous to its city. It will not be wrong to call this as the busiest performing arts centre as it gives a stage to around 1500 performances each year. It provides a venue for majorly four resident .

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Figure 1: Percentage of attractions by attraction category Figure 2: Percentage of visits by attraction category 1 shows the proportion of responding attractions in each category. In 2019, the largest proportion of the 135 responding attractions were Museums/Art Galleries (24%) followed by Country Parks

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Cracknell, P Carlisle : Historic Building Survey and Archaeological Illustration (HBSAI), 2005, 21pp, colour pls, fi gs, refs Work undertaken by: Historic Building Survey and Archaeological Illustration (HBSAI) SMR primary record number: 1593 Archaeological periods represented: PM. Archaeological Investigations Project 2005 Building Survey North West (G.16.2118) {EC17F9C4-61F0-4672-B70D .